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7 Handy iPhone Gadgets For Your Next Camping Trip

Most iPhone users don’t want to go on a camping trip without the beloved smartphone. It can bring us to our destination safe and sound by using the GPS and gives us heads up for on the weather situation. We found seven handy iPhone gadgets for tent & Co, in case you cannot stay a night under the open sky without your iPhone.

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Solar Panel

A solar panel like the Nomad 7 by Goal Zero is a must-have for every camper. It collects the energy of the sun inside the solar module and saves it to a connected power bank or directly to the iPhone.

The solar gadget comes with a magnetic stand that allows the panel to face the sun in a 45° angle. The stand serves as a bag at the same time. You can store an adapter, smartphones and other small devices in the bag. There are also two little carabiners included in the pack. This helps for example if you need to attach the panel to the tent.

Waterproof iPhone Case

To protect your iPhone against sudden rain showers, we recommend using a waterproof phone case. The transparent case by JOTO is IPX8 certified and provides a protection for your smartphone with a screen diagonal of up to 6 inches.

If you are heading to the beach or making a boat tour, you can also wrap up other documents and money in this case. So you will keep the most important things dry. An extra safety feature is the band, which can be used to put the phone bag around the neck.

iPhone Stand

A flexible iPhone stand is another useful gadget for camping fans. It can be used as an iPhone tripod on a table, wrapped around a pole, or hanging on a tree. It will guarantee blur-free photos in every position.

The gadget has a Bluetooth remote, by which you can control your iPhone camera from a distance. If you want to show your friends some videos, you can also use the iPhone stand so that you don’t have to hold the smartphone in your hands and everybody can see the screen.

iPhone Car Mount

In order to get to your campground as fast and safe as possible, it’s a must to use a car mount for your iPhone. This will be attached to the air vent of the car and fits every iPhone securely.

Avolare’s mount is 360 degrees rotatable and has adjustable side-grip arms, which adapt to the width of the device. It is made of an non-skid material that leaves no scratches on the precious iPhone.

USB Car Charger

Just as important as the iPhone mount is the car charger. The tizi Turbolader has three USB ports that run with the 12V cigarette lighter socket of the car. It can charge iPhones, iPads, and other USB devices with up to 7.2A.

The gadget consists of an aluminum head with heat dissipation, a free-swinging rocker for secure fixing, and a high-quality ground spring. In addition, it has a protection against overtemperture and overcurrent.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker by CRDC serves with the suitable musical sonication on your camping trip. The gadget is splashproof and dustproof thanks to the IP65 certificate. The surface is made of silicone rubber and protects the box from bounces, scratches, dirt, and wearings. Thanks to the comfortable haptic, the speaker fits in the hand well.

Dual 5W driver provides a powerful bass, no matter if inside or outside. The additional AUX port makes it possible to connect other devices, such as CD player or MP3 player as well. The integrated 2500mAh battery lasts for up to eight hours.


It can get super hot in a tent in summer and that’s why we had to include the USB fan into our favorite camping gadgets. iEGrow designed a fan that is foldable and thanks to the metal clip, you can attach it to a bed, table or tent.

The USB fan has an integrated lithium-ion battery, which is chargeable via microUSB port. It takes around four to five hours to charge and lasts for two to eight hours depending on the chosen speed.

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