iPhone-Tricks.com http://iphone-tricks.com iPhone Tips & Tricks + Secret iOS Settings and Functions Thu, 28 Sep 2017 12:44:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.2 iPhone X: Battery Capacity And Internal Memory Revealed http://iphone-tricks.com/news/8759-iphone-x-battery-capacity-and-internal-memory-revealed Thu, 28 Sep 2017 12:44:18 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8759 Apple did not yet reveal exact specifications about the iPhone X’s battery capacity and internal memory. However, the Chinese telecommunication authority Tenaa claims to know some interesting details. Apple’s new flagship is said to have a battery capacity of 2716 mAh and 3 GB internal memory.

In comparison to various Android smartphones, the 3 GB RAM is not that big.  The battery capacity does also not outdo its competitors: It’s only marginally bigger than iPhone 8 Plus’ 2691 mAh battery. However, according to Apple, it should last about two hours longer than the iPhone 7’s.

iPhone X will be available for pre-order on October 27 and will launch on November 3. Due to its high demand in relation to its low quantity, the delivery time is expected to amount to several weeks.

Apple Releases iOS 11.1 Beta http://iphone-tricks.com/news/8756-apple-releases-ios-11-1-beta Thu, 28 Sep 2017 07:47:04 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8756 About one week after the release of iOS 11, Apple publishes the first iOS 11.1 beta version. The beta is currently only available for paying developers. However, a Public Beta is said to be available within the next days.

To no surprise, this beta comes along with bug fixes and improvements for the iPhone and iPad. As usual, Apple does not reveal any new features included in iOS 11.1’s beta. We will inform you about any news as soon as we learn them.

Before downloading the new beta version you should backup all your data since the update might cause a total loss. Do not use an iOS device you use daily as beta versions usually run less steady and reliable in comparison to official software versions.

How To Get Animated Text On Instagram Stories http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8741-how-to-get-animated-text-on-instagram-stories Wed, 27 Sep 2017 10:10:15 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8741 How To Hide Inappropriate Comments On InstagramIn 2016 Instagram introduced “Stories”. Since then millions of users use the feature daily. Images or short videos can be tuned with filters, stickers and the painting tool. Meanwhile, the feature is so popular that many find it hard to make their own story even more interesting than all the others. We show you the app “Hype Type” which allows you to animate text in your stories.

“Hype Type” is available for free on the App Store. You can get the full version without watermark and all features unlocked for $ 2.99 (status: September 2017).

The app is structured the same way as Instagram’s story feature which makes it very easy to use. You can take new shots in the app or import from your gallery by swiping upwards. Click on the example animation and enter your text to add writing to your picture. In case you have nothing in mind, the app inspires you with preformed phrases by clicking on the green icon.

You can choose several designs and colors in the bottom menu. However, you will have to be satisfied with what you see as there is no way to add your own styles. “Hype Type” does not only enable you to animate and color text but also gives you the chance to combine your shot with music. Just click on “Add Music” and choose a song from your iPhone music library.

Click on the blue checkmark on the bottom right to save your animation. You will find it as an easy to post video in your gallery when you open Instagram.

“Hype Type” is the perfect app for Instagrammers. It’s easy to use and provides a wide range of designs. “Hype Type” is a brilliant tip for everyone wanting to make Instagram stories even more interesting and individual.

Hype Type Animated Text Videos (Free+, App Store) →

iOS 11.0.1: First Update Fixes Compatibility Issues http://iphone-tricks.com/news/8735-ios-11-0-1-first-update-fixes-compatibility-issues Wed, 27 Sep 2017 08:15:34 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8735 One week after the nearly trouble-free release of iOS 11, Apple brings out the first update – iOS 11.0.1. The lack of any recognizable changes leads to the suggestion that the update only fixes smaller issues. Don’t see the update yet? Maybe you are still taking part in the public or developers beta program. To update you will need to delete your beta profile under Settings – General – Profiles.

Better compatibility with Microsoft Applications

From Apple’s official support document we can learn that compatibility problems with Outlook.com, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange occurring with iOS 11 for the first time were fixed. Those of you who had problems with those programs will probably be happy about the update. In case you discuss the update with your colleagues and wonder why you downloaded a different Build: Don’t worry! iPhone 8 users are getting a different Build than the other iPhone users. If you download iOS 11.0.1 on iPhone 8 you will get Build 15A403 instead of 15A402 like the others.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 – Which One Is Right For You? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8707-iphone-8-vs-samsung-galaxy-s8-which-one-is-right-for-you Tue, 26 Sep 2017 13:43:07 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8707 Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 8 are among today’s top smartphone models. Both provide an excellent camera and overall performance and new features such as wireless charging. One thing is for sure: Making the right choice is not easy! In this comparison, we will show you which smartphone is the right one to choose.

Table of Content

Design & Display

The biggest difference between the two smartphones can probably be seen in the design. The Galaxy S8’s display is an almost edge-to-edge display with no physical home button. It provides HD resolution with 1440 x 2560 pixels. However, due to its enlarged surface, the picture size is a little wider than before (5:9 instead of 16:9). Despite its aluminum case, the smartphone weighs 155 grams. In terms of contrast and colors, the Galaxy S8 reached top numbers. It is available in Midnight Black, Arctic Silver and Orchid Grey.

The iPhone 8 comes along with a much smaller 4.7-inch display with a lower resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S8 the iPhone’s display has wider borders. The iPhone is built out of tempered glass which makes it quite shock-resistant. It weighs 148 grams. The iPhone 8, as well as the Galaxy S8, are protected against water and dust. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S8 reaches a higher protection class concerning its resistance. The iPhone 8 is available in Gold, Silver and Space Grey.


Chip & Storage

Both smartphones provide top performances thanks to their processors. The iPhone 8 benefits from Apple’s A11 Bionic chip which runs much faster than its predecessor – the A10 Fusion chip. The Galaxy S8’s powerful Octa-core processor also guarantees a strong performance. Like its predecessors, the iPhone 8 foregoes any space for an SD card but has an internal storage of 64 GB or rather 256 GB. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is only available with 64 GB data capacity but has, in contrast to the iPhone, space for a micro SD card which enables an additional capacity of up to 256 GB.


The Galaxy S8’s camera is a Dual Pixel 12MP camera with instant autofocus and F1.7 aperture which guarantees amazing shots even with poor light conditions. In comparison to the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8’s shots stand out due to better details, less color noise and higher saturation. The iPhone 8 provides a 12MP dual camera, digital zoom up to 5x, a portrait mode and 4K video recording at 60 fps. Both cameras provide an excellent image quality and are just as good as the other.


In terms of its battery, the iPhone 8 is again exceeded by the Galaxy S8. In the comparison test, Samsung’s smartphone reaches about 10 hours of battery while the iPhone 8 only achieves about the same as its predecessor: 9 hours. Both smartphones enable fast and wireless charging, however, the respective Qi loading station has to be purchased separately.


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 8 are both high-class smartphones being almost equally good in terms of camera and overall performance. Advantages of the Galaxy S8 are the longer battery life and the lower price. Even if the Galaxy S8’s display is a real eye-catcher, you will have to decide if you prefer iOS or Android in the end. With the launch of the iPhone X Apple users will finally get their first edge-to-edge display.

iPhone 8 Reset: New Shortcut http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8696-iphone-8-reset-new-shortcut Mon, 25 Sep 2017 12:38:19 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8696 The iPhone 8 looks very similar to the iPhone 7. However, users should be prepared for several new features. One of them is a new shortcut to reset the iPhone in case the interface freezes completely. We show you how to force your iPhone to Hard Reset in three easy steps.

iPhone 8 Reset

To reset your iPhone 8 quickly press the volume up button and then the volume down button. Afterwards, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds.

The Hard Reset is often the quickest and easiest solution in case your iPhone has frozen. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus could be reset by simply holding the standby button and the volume down button. This does not work for iPhone 8. The old reset combo now sets an emergency call. If your display has not frozen, you can find the reset function under Settings – General. Simply click on Reset.

How To Avoid Asymmetric Shots With Your iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8682-how-to-avoid-asymmetric-shots-with-your-iphone Mon, 25 Sep 2017 09:15:04 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8682 Among iOS 11‘s new features there are several improvements in the camera app. The new virtual level facilitates photography and guarantees more precise shots than ever before. We show you how to find this new feature and make the most of it!

How to find the level

In order to use the level, you need to activate the camera grid. It can be found under SettingsCamera. Swipe to activate the Grid.

When opening the camera app again the viewfinder is divided into nine sections. If the iPhone is facing the ground the display shows two reticles. Make sure these two overlap each other to shoot precisely. Otherwise, you will need to move the iPhone a little until the setting is correct. This way you can avoid asymmetric shots very easily.

The level does not only work when facing the ground but also when pointing upwards. This is extremely convenient when you want to take a picture of the sky. Unfortunately, there is no compatible feature for the standard view. We think this trick is perfect for Instagram shots.

Do you want to perfect your photography skills? We show you how!

iOS 11: How To Create An App Store Wishlist http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8674-ios-11-how-to-create-an-app-store-wishlist Fri, 22 Sep 2017 09:40:28 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8674 With iOS 11 Apple redesigned the App Store once again. That’s fine but we are missing one important feature: The Wishlist. This feature was popular among iPhone users to collect interesting apps and fall back on them later. Now many users are upset about the loss of their entries. Luckily there is an easy way to create your own Wishlist.

Create your own Wishlist via Notes

Click on the app you want to put on your Wishlist. You can now click on the three little dots next to the icon and choose “Add to Notes”.

Now open your notes to find a link to the app you recently saved. If you want to add other apps to your Wishlist you can choose the existing note when clicking on “Add to Notes” and then on “Choose Note: New Note”.

The trick’s handicap is that you can no longer compare the apps’ prices with one view and you have to open each one of them manually. However, the created Wishlist serves as a good alternative to the old App Store list.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 – Is It Worth The Upgrade? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8659-iphone-8-vs-iphone-7-is-it-worth-the-upgrade Fri, 22 Sep 2017 08:41:30 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8659 With the iPhone 8, Apple revealed the direct successor to the popular iPhone 7. Instead of launching an S model, as usual, Apple decided to directly launch a new model line. Many iPhone 7 users now ask themselves if it is worth an upgrade. We inform you about the new features iPhone 8 comes along with and if it is worth a purchase.

Table of Content:


Those of you who expected the iPhone 8 to be completely redesigned were probably disappointed as the new iPhone looks very similar to the iPhone 7, 6s and 6. There is only a little difference when it comes to its weight: Due to its glass exterior which is the only big visual difference compared to the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is about 0.35 ounces (10 grams) heavier than its predecessor.

Like the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is available with a 4.7-inch display. While the iPhone 7 is available in rose gold, gold, silver, black and jet black, Apple offers the iPhone 8 only in gold, silver and space grey. Differences can also be seen in terms of capacity. The iPhone 8 is available in 64GB and 256GB while the iPhone 7 is only available in 32GB and 128GB.


Apple integrated a particularly powerful and efficient processor with iPhone 8’s new A11 Bionic chip. The new chip is up to 70 percent faster than its predecessor A10 included in the older devices. Thanks to the new chip with 64-bit architecture and the embedded M11 motion coprocessor, augmented reality apps and games do no longer pose a problem. This alone does not justify a purchase but is definitely an advantage to consider.


At first glance, there are no big differences between the cameras. Both iPhones have a 12-megapixel camera and each Plus version a dual objective. Again included are known features as optical image stabilization, autofocus, illumination sensor and self-timer function.

Small differences can only be noticed while recording a video. While the iPhone 7 records 4k videos with 30 fps, iPhone 8 gives you the choice between 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps. That’s it. Videographers may benefit from the upgrade. All others can stay with the iPhone 7.

Battery & Wireless Charging

Considering its charging technology iPhone 8 is clearly ahead. It does not only support Quick Charge which enables going from 0 to 50% charge in 30 minutes but also supports wireless charging via Qi technology. Those of you who hoped for a larger battery will be disappointed: Both iPhones last about the same.


Redesigned finish, wireless charging, faster chip: These facts clearly favor the iPhone 8 and an upgrade from the iPhone 7. Those who were happy with their iPhone 7 will certainly stay happy in the future. However, if you would like to benefit from a considerably higher power you will love iPhone 8.

How To Deactivate Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On Your iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8649-how-to-deactivate-wi-fi-and-bluetooth-on-your-iphone Thu, 21 Sep 2017 12:06:36 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8649 You disconnected the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone and wonder why AirDrop and AirPlay still work? With iOS 11 Apple changed the function of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons in the control center. They do no longer deactivate the complete function but only the current connection. We show you how to deactivate the connection completely.

To deactivate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi open your settings app and click on the respective buttons. As soon as you turn the switch all connections are disconnected.

You can recognize all deactivated functions by their appearance in the settings app: they are crossed out with a grey background. If this is not the case they are still active.

As of now, there is no other way to completely deactivate Wi-Fi or Bluetooth outside of the settings app.

How To Quick Charge Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8622-how-to-quick-charge-your-iphone-8-or-iphone-x Thu, 21 Sep 2017 11:00:29 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8622 The new iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X support fast charging. According to Apple, you can go from 0 to 50% charge in 30 minutes but you need the correspondingly expensive gadgets. We show you how to charge the new iPhones fast and affordable.

Those of you who use their iPhone all day long will certainly appreciate the new fast-charging feature. Apple, however, conceals that you have to invest in expensive gadgets to benefit from it.  In fact, you cannot use the provided 5W power adapter and the Lightning to USB-A cable to quick charge your iPhone. Fast charging requires a USB-C charging combination or a Qi charging station.

Quick Charge via USB

The easiest way to quick charge your iPhone is via the classic power supply unit. Apple sells 29W, 61W and 87W variants of its USB-C power adapters. Prices range from $49 to $79. According to Apple, only these support the quick charge feature. Additionally, an appropriate Lightning cable with USB-C is needed. If you are already in possession of a Macbook you only have to purchase the Lightning cable as the MacBook’s power adapters support the quick charge feature.

If other cheaper USB-C power adapters will support quick charging for iPhone 8 or iPhone X in the future remains to be seen.

Quick Charge via Qi

Even though Qi’s wireless charging system does not offer quick charge for iPhones, it does indeed charge your smartphone noticeably faster than the classic power supply unit. Electric energy is sent to the iPhone through an electromagnetic field without producing any heat. You only have to place your iPhone on the charging station and it starts charging instantly. A quick charge feature – if you want to call it that – is only possible up to 15 Watt. Reason for that is the Qi standard 1.2 which simply does not allow quick charging for iPhone.

Some charging stations are already commercially available like Belkin’s wireless charger BoostUp. It enables wirelessly charging your iPhone with a 15 Watt line which is three-times faster than Apple’s standard power supply units.

By the way: Thanks to useful gadgets older iPhones can also be charged without an annoying cable. We show you how you are able to charge every iPhone wirelessly.

Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Updates In iOS 11 http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8639-wi-fi-and-bluetooth-updates-in-ios-11 Thu, 21 Sep 2017 10:36:22 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8639 iOS 11 revealed many new iPhone features. Among these is a completely new control center. It does not only show important settings well-organized on one page but can also be individualized. However, Apple concealed one thing: The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons do no longer deactivate the whole function but only the current connection.

AirDrop and AirPlay still work

This supposed problem is, in fact, no bug but an intended new setting Apple even dedicated an own support page to. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supposed to stay active to enable the usage of important services such as AirDrop, AirPlay, Handoff, Instant Hotspot and location services. Apple also wants to ensure a steady connection to the Apple Watch and the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro.

If you want to deactivate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth completely you have to do so via the settings app. We show you how!

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Which One Is Right For You? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8590-iphone-x-vs-iphone-8-which-one-is-right-for-you Thu, 21 Sep 2017 09:00:40 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8590 At its keynote in September 2017, Apple did not only reveal one but even two completely different new iPhones: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Like its predecessors, the iPhone 8 will be available in its regular and in a plus size while the iPhone X is a complete redesign. You should not be blinded by the different looks but also consider the different functionalities of the two iPhones if you are not yet certain which one to choose. We state the main differences between the two new models and explain the advantages and disadvantages they come along with.

Table of Content:


The most apparent difference is obviously the design of both iPhones. While we recognize the classic design with its upper and lower frame on the iPhone 8, the iPhone X is a complete redesign. The premium smartphone’s most striking element might be the display recess in the middle of the upper end where earcup, sensors and 3D camera find space. The new edge-to-edge OLED super retina display features a clearly sharper resolution than all other iPhones and therefore differs extremely from iPhone 8. Those of you who enjoy watching movies or gaming will definitely have more fun with iPhone X’s display.

Thanks to its IP67 certification, both models are protected against dust and splash water, support Quick Charge and wireless charging via induction.

Size & Weight

The two iPhones hardly differ in size and weight. The iPhone 8 is equipped with a 4.7-inch (diagonal) widescreen and weighs 5.22 ounces (148 grams) while the plus version features a 5.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen at o 7.13 ounces (202 grams). The iPhone X is only a little bigger and heavier as the iPhone 8. However, due to its edge-to-edge display, it has, in fact, a 5.8-inch (diagonal) widescreen making it the iPhone with the biggest display to date.

Users with smaller hands could face difficulties handling the big iPhone Plus. Those who like it smaller and handier will be happier with the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

Touch ID vs Face ID

Face ID is iPhone X’s big innovation. The facial recognition scans the user’s face instantly and thus enables a secure unlocking. Users will now have to do without Touch ID as the display leaves no space for it. Those who appreciate the good old home button should more likely choose the iPhone 8.


One of the bigger differences between the two models can be found in their cameras. The 12-megapixel dual camera which allows for better portraits than ever before is only included in the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The regular iPhone 8 has to do without this impressive innovation. Both models, however, perform better in low light conditions than their predecessors.

iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera replaces the FaceTime camera and arouses enthusiasm amongst all selfie fans. The 7-megapixel front camera allows for portrait mode photos as well as HDR- and HD videos. Photo-Fans will get their money’s worth with both iPhones. However, if you want to get more out of your shots you should choose the iPhone X.


iPhone 8’s battery lasts about as long as iPhone 7’s. The iPhone X is equipped with a much bigger battery running up to two hours longer. The bigger battery especially shows when in standby mode, playing audio and in terms of talk time. In comparison to the iPhone 8, iPhone X allows for up to seven hours more talk time.


Those of you who straddle between iPhone 8 and iPhone X should evaluate whether the better display, camera and Face ID justify the extra charge for the iPhone X. Which model you prefer in the end is a matter of taste and should particularly be directed to the type of use. iPhone X’s bigger display is more convenient when watching a movie, reading or gaming. Those who like it more compact are better advised to choose the iPhone 8. All in all the decision stays a subjective matter.

Will Your iPhone Support iOS 11? We Let You Know! http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8580-will-your-iphone-support-ios-11-we-let-you-know Wed, 20 Sep 2017 10:32:52 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8580 The next-generation of iOS comes along with various design changes while introducing many new features. However, not every iPhone user will be able to enjoy these new features. You don’t even know if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 11? We tell you which iPhones support iOS 11.

iOS 11’s new features

iOS 11’s most significant change is its customizable control center.  Bye, bye multi page control center! With the new iOS version, Apple decided to display all settings options at one glance. You will now be able to add new widgets such as screen recording or home-kit control to the control center from the settings app.

With iOS 11 Siri will be even more clever and provocative than before. We especially like the new translator feature which enables Siri to translate several languages.

Among other innovations, you will find new effects for live photos, a completely revised app store and the ARKit which enables app developers to combine real and digital elements for the first time.

iOS 11 will be provided to the public on Tuesday, September 19.

Compatible iPhone models

iOS 11 will be supported by these devices:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s

Those of you who own older iPhones will have to make do with older software systems.

How To Set iPhone The Video Quality For Mobile Data Use And Wi-Fi http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8561-how-to-set-iphone-the-video-quality-for-mobile-data-use-and-wi-fi Mon, 18 Sep 2017 14:22:55 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8561 Everyone is online nowadays. However, our mobile data volume is hardly ever enough. We waste most of our data volume by watching videos. It could all be easier if we were able to set the video quality individually on our iPhone. We show you how!

It is possible to set the playback quality distinguishing whether having a steady Wi-Fi connection or using mobile data. This way you can easily save data volume when being on the way. Please note this only relates to Apple’s pre-installed video app. You will have to set the video quality in the respective app if you use other services such as YouTube.

Set video quality for mobile data use

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to the “Videos” option. You now have the possibility to choose your desired playback quality. We recommend setting the playback quality when using mobile data to “Good” to save data volume. Because of the lower resolution, you will also benefit from shorter loading times while watching a video. Of course, you should set the playback quality when having Wi-Fi access on “Best Available” as it does not affect your data volume.

Does It Always Have To Be Expensive? Fitness Trackers For Less Than $50 in Comparison http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8527-does-it-always-have-to-be-expensive-fitness-trackers-for-less-than-50-in-comparison Thu, 14 Sep 2017 13:14:43 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8527 There is a booming market for wearables. Nowadays, fitness trackers can be found in all price categories. They are not only able to measure your pulse and count your steps but also control a variety of apps on your iPhone. We asked ourselves if the affordable ones are able to compete with more expensive brand articles such as Fitbit, Polar and Misfit and tested them!

Table of Content:

Fitness bracelet by Mpow

In addition to affordable iPhone gadgets such as headphones and cases, Mpow provides a fitness tracker. The device measures the user’s heart rate as well as the number of steps, distance and the calories burnt. Additionally it is able to monitor your sleep, provides an alarm function and informs about incoming calls or messages by vibrating slightly. It can also be used to control the iPhone camera remotely: a fast rotation of your wrist triggers the camera. The battery is fully charged within one hour and lasts up to seven days in standby mode.

The manual and regular connection disruptions had a negative impact on our test result. The manual is full of spelling and grammar mistakes and does not refer to any of the bracelet’s features. We noticed regular connection disruptions and discrepancies in measuring the heart rate.


  • Tracking of heart rate, steps, distance and burnt calories
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Vibration on incoming calls or messages
  • Remote control of the camera


  • Badly written manual
  • Connection disruptions
  • Discrepancies in heart rate measurement

Intelligent bracelet by Chereeki

Steps, distance, calories and heart rate can also be tracked by Chereeki’s fitness bracelet. Data can either be checked directly on the device or in the app. What’s very useful is that the device shows calls, messages and notifications from social media channels right away. Thanks to the calendar alert you can also manage your to-do-lists, meetings and training in the app. The bracelet vibrates as soon as you reach the preset time.

There is a “do not disturb” mode which mutes incoming calls and messages. Unlike the other devices this fitness tracker does not offer sleep monitoring. Unfortunately it can not be bought on Amazon.com.


  • Tracking of heart rate, steps, distance and burnt calories
  • Call and message notifications
  • Calendar alert
  • “Do not disturb” mode


  • No sleep monitoring
  • Not available on Amazon.com

Fitness tracker by Tigerhu

As soon as you switch it on and connect it to your Bluetooth Tigerhu’s fitness bracelet tracks your heart rate, steps and calories. You can afterwards check your data directly on the screen or in the free companion app. The fitness tracker also shows incoming calls, messages and notifications. It monitors your sleep and provides an alarm function, reminders and remote camera control.

An advantage in relation to other fitness trackers is its IP67-certification which reliably protects the tracker from water and sweat. Again the devices’ weakness is the Bluetooth connection which occasionally gets lost.


  • Tracking of heart rate, steps, distance and burnt calories
  • Call and message notifications
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Alarm function
  • Remote control of the camera
  • IP67 certified


  • Weak Bluetooth connection

Fitness activity tracker YG3 by 11TT

Just like the others the YG3 by 11TT is affordable and full of features. The device tracks steps, distance and calories. Various workouts for popular sports such as running, hiking, push-ups, skipping and basketball are pre-programmed. Furthermore, the tracker provides sleep monitoring, an alert in case you sit too long, an “anti loss alert” and remote camera control as well as call and message notifications. The heart rate can not be tracked though.

Unlike the other tracking devices, this one does not necessarily have to be charged via USB due to a charging clip installed inside of the device. The weak Bluetooth connection however is a disadvantage.


  • Tracking of heart rate, steps, distance and burnt calories
  • Call and message notifications
  • Sleep monitoring
  • “Anti loss alert”
  • Remote control of the camera
  • Various pre-programmed workouts
  • Alert in case you sit too long
  • Integrated charging clip


  • No heart rate tracker
  • Weak Bluetooth connection

Fitness bracelet by AsiaLONG

The multifunctional fitness bracelet by AsiaLONG tracks all important information and shows them on its screen. This includes heart rate, steps, calories, sleep, distance, caller ID and sitting reminder. Like the other trackers this one displays notifications such as messages, Facebook, Twitter and calls. Music on the iPhone can also be managed via this fitness tracker.

The battery is fully charged via USB charging clip within 1.5 hours. On average it runs eight days in standby mode. Its biggest weakness is likewise the weak Bluetooth connection. Like Chereeki’s fitness tracker it can not be bought on Amazon.com.


  • Tracking of heart rate, steps, distance and burnt calories
  • Call and message notifications
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Remote control of the camera
  • Alert in case you sit too long


  • Weak Bluetooth connection
  • Not available on Amazon.com


The more affordable fitness trackers are able to compete with more expensive brand articles to a certain degree. Do not expect a high-end device for less than $50 and lower your sights i.e. when it comes to the accuracy of the steps and heart rate or the steadiness of the Bluetooth connection.

iOS 11 Golden Master Released http://iphone-tricks.com/news/8518-ios-11-golden-master-released Wed, 13 Sep 2017 12:32:18 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8518 At yesterday’s “Apple Special Event” Apple did not only reveal iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X but also released iOS 11’s Golden Master, the final beta version for developers and testers. However, the Golden Master does not come as a surprise since it was already leaked last weekend and revealed many secret details about the new iPhone.

Apple did not really go into the new system software during the keynote yesterday. Only the date of the public release and some new features that come along with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X were mentioned. Developers now have one week to adjust their apps to the new system software until the final software is provided to the public on Tuesday, September 19.

Affordable Features-Rich Monster: Bluetooth Headphones August EP750 Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8511-affordable-features-rich-monster-bluetooth-headphones-august-ep750-test Wed, 13 Sep 2017 12:11:05 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8511 Affordable Features-Rich Monster: Bluetooth Headphones August EP750 TestMany manufacturers let you pay a butt-load of money for the allegedly better sound and the wider range of features. But the high-end products rarely keep their advertised promises. August, however, takes a different path with their Over-ear headphones EP750. Equipped with various features, these headphones provide a great sound and many functions (i.e. active noise cancellation) without plundering your bank account. We tested them for you and reveal how well the little features-rich monster does in practice.

Table of Content:

Assembly & Accessory

As the saying goes: The first impression lasts. This definitely counts for the August EP750. The ear-covering Bluetooth headphones score already with the good and unembellished assembly. The adjustable bracket has a thick and soft cushion on the inside. The ear pieces are covered in synthetic leather and are very soft and supple as well. A weight of 9 ounces makes it a lightweight in his category.

Although the optic and feel score, there is one little critic: The foldable ear pieces have some sharp edges so that it isn’t comfortable in the hands. However, this might not even bother you at all.

Useful: The headphones have a foldable construction so that you can easily store it in the included case for travels.

The package also includes a USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable (jack), as well as a manual.

Foldable headphone, perfect for traveling - August EP750

The August EP750 can be folded easily to transport them in the case.


In terms of wearing, the Over-ear headphones leave nothing to be desired. Because of the described features, they fit comfortably on the head and only put a medium pressure on the ears. In addition, the ear pieces provide enough room even for larger ears. If you wear them for a longer period, your ears can get pretty hot, though. But that’s something that you almost cannot avoid with Over-ears.


In contrast to other headphones, the August EP750 have fewer control elements. However, the few buttons operate multiple functions. So you can use the volume buttons for switching between songs as well. The phone button turns the headphones on and off, plays and pauses a song, takes and ends calls, and connects to a device via Bluetooth. Another button controls the active noise cancellation (ANC) that we will talk about later on. Once you got used to the different functions, the control will be easy.

Few buttons on the August EP750 headphones operate multiple features

The few control buttons operate many functions.

The pairing with the iPhone worked without problems in our tests. It took only a few seconds until the iPhone was paired with the headphones via Bluetooth. Once you turn on the EP750, it pairs automatically with the device, which was connected to them before.


The August EP750 score with a good sound while using the Bluetooth connection. The deep bass dominates the entire sound, while middles and trebles are pushed to the background a little bit. The trebles seem soft and less balanced so that the “S” sounds and sibilants don’t stand out negatively. Overall, the sound is dynamic and powerful. A little bit of transparency would be beneficial, though. If you love music like Metal, Rock, Hip Hop or Electro, you will have fun with the bass-rich sound. For audiophile ears, these headphones may be lacking in nuances and transparency. The transmission via Bluetooth 4.1 doesn’t hurt the sound experience at all. We couldn’t find a difference between the cable connection and Bluetooth connection. The battery life lasts for 15 hours and the charging time is around 3 hours.

Special features

A really useful feature is the active noise cancellation (ANC), which reduces annoying noises like loud ventilation systems or motor and turbine noises. Voices are not as suppressed as low frequencies. So the headphones might not be the best option for loud offices, but it’s perfect for relaxed traveling. If you use the ANC while listening to music, you can keep the volume down while it is loud around you.

Many features and good sound - August EP750 Bluetooth headphones

Active noise cancellation for listing to music without bothering noises.

Another feature that let the EP750 sticking out from the crowds is the Bluetooth Receiver Feature. If the headphones are paired with the iPhone and at the same time plugged into a speaker or stereo system via a 3.5mm audio cable, the played music from the iPhone will be transmitted to the stereo system. This can become handy if your sound system doesn’t have Bluetooth.

On the other hand, it allows the music sharing feature. So you can attach a second pair of headphones to the EP750. This way you can listen to the same music on both headphones. Thanks to multi point technology, the headphones can pair up with two sources – i.e. the PC and iPhone. The integrated microphone allows the hands-free feature for calls.


The Over-ear Bluetooth headphones by August are doing a great job. They provide a good sound and a variety of additional features such as active noise cancellation, Bluetooth receiver, and hands-free feature. Especially bass-rich music like Hip Hop, Electro or Metal is perfect for the EP750. The assembly is robust and the wearing comfortable – even after hours of listening to music. The price-performance ratio is amazing because it can easily keep up with more expensive gadgets from Bose or Beats. If you like wireless headphones and if you don’t have the highest expectations in sound, the August EP750 headphones are the best choice.

Check the current price for the August EP750 on Amazon!


  • Very good assembly
  • High wearing comfort
  • Good sound
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC)
  • Bluetooth Receiver feature
  • Hands-free feature
  • Price-performance ratio


  • Minor sharp-edgy feel

Jailbreak iOS 11 Instructions & Download http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8508-jailbreak-ios-11-instructions-download Tue, 12 Sep 2017 12:04:31 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8508
So far there has been no official jailbreak for iOS 11. As soon as a new jailbreak is released, we will inform you on this page and upload a guide immediately.

Jailbreak iOS 11 Instructions & DownloadSince the update to iOS 10.2.1, Apple made it impossible again to jailbreak an iPhone, even with the Beta Jailbreak from Yalu. This hasn’t changed with the Beta of iOS 11 YET. In this regard, we will always inform you on this page immediately, if things changed. If a jailbreak appears, we will naturally write instructions so that you don’t have to worry about the installation of the jailbreak.

If you haven’t updated your iPhone to iOS 11 or 10.2.1 yet and if you are still using iOS 10 to 10.2, you can find the Beta Jailbreak by Yalu HERE.

How To Find Available Parking With Google Maps http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8504-how-to-find-available-parking-with-google-maps Tue, 12 Sep 2017 11:56:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8504 How To Find Available Parking With Google MapsAre you driving in your car to another city that you don’t know? Are you wondering if you can find parking at your destination? Google Maps helps you with this problem. The app directly shows in the navigations, how good or bad the parking situation is. The feature is rolling out worldwide now. In the U.S. it’s already available for most cities, but if you’re from another country, it might just be available in certain big cities.

Open Google Maps and start a routing to your destination. In the overview at the bottom, you will find a P next to the distance (time and miles/km). It might even show “easy”, “medium“, or “limited“ next to the icon, depending on your iPhone model.

How To Find Available Parking With Google Maps

As soon as you click the P or the overview in gerneral, Google Maps provides vague information about the parking situation in the details view. Google calculates this by using certain parameters and experiences – similar to the busy hours for restaurants. However, it doesn’t give you concrete options, yet.

In the Android app, Google Maps already provides information to the parking situation on certain parking lots and parking garages. So it shouldn’t take long until the update hits the iOS version.

Tip: Do you want to get more out of Google Maps? Then we recommend this article: “10 Google Maps Features You Should Know”!

Cheap Bluetooth Headphones 4.1 By TaoTronics Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8498-cheap-bluetooth-headphones-by-taotronics Tue, 12 Sep 2017 11:40:33 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8498 Cheap Bluetooth Headphones 4.1 By TaoTronics - What Can They?The TaoTronics Bluetooth In-ear headphones are one of the best-selling sports headphones on Amazon. That’s not a surprise because they provide many features for a relatively low price. But can you actually expect a good assembly and great sound for a price below $50? We tested them.

Table of Content:

First impression

The headphones were delivered in a simple box. Besides the headphones, the package included a micro USB cable, a small pouch, and various pairs of earbuds with hooks, as well as a short manual.

Cheap Bluetooth Headphones 4.1 By TaoTronics - What Can They?

The headphones give a solid and stable impression at first glance. Taking a closer look, they have some flaws, though. The buttons, for example, are harder to press than on more expensive models. The headphones are certified with the IPX5, which makes them resistant against splashes such as rain.


  • Design: In-ear
  • Weight: N/A
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Cable connection: No
  • Cable length: –
  • Reach: N/A
  • Noise Cancelling: Yes
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Hands-free Feature: Yes
  • iPhone control: Volume & Playback
  • Certification: IPX5


The headphones can be controlled by using the remote below the right ear piece. There are three buttons that control volume, playback, and incoming calls. It takes a little bit until you figured out how to use the different features, though. In our test, we often pressed the automatic redial by accident. Therefore, you should definitely get used to the functions of the buttons before you use the In-ears. Although different tones indicate the feature, it takes time to differentiate them.

The headphones have Bluetooth 4.1 that connects fast with the iPhone. We couldn’t observe any connection errors or quality losses for the music.

The battery life is around eight hours, which is average for headphones.


The In-ears have hooks that fix the earbuds on the ear so that they hold even in intense workouts. The earbuds are soft and can be replaced like the hooks so that you can adjust them to the size of your ears. Even for heavy use i.e. biking, the In-ears don’t get loose and stay at their place. We could do every motion without feeling restricted. We only noticed the headphones when the control panel touched the skin or was hanging inconveniently. In comparison to the earbuds, the remote is big and heavy. Therefore, it often pulls the cable to the right side, especially when you abruptly look to the left.

Cheap Bluetooth Headphones 4.1 By TaoTronics - What Can They?

Especially useful are the integrated magnets at the ear pieces. They allow wearing the headphones around your neck after using them. This way the headphones are always in reach and can be carried around easily without losing them.


The sound of the TaoTronics sports headphones is very good for this price class. The middles and trebles are balanced, although you have to live without a deep bass. You cannot expect an audiophile treat because it’s not the major selling point for the TaoTronics model. If you are looking for In-ears with a sophisticated and bassy sound, you have to invest in a more expensive brand.

An advantage is the sound-absorbent technology. It almost seals off disturbing noises completely, for example, the noises at the gym.


In the end, the entire package of the Taotronics is great. For a price below $50, you will get solid and good working In-ears for sports. They fit properly and comfortable. You just have to neglect the sound for the price in case you like a deep bass.


  • Cheap
  • Adjustable to ears
  • IPX5 certified
  • Fit tight and secure
  • Integrated magnets
  • Good sound for the price
  • Noise Cancelling


  • Flaws in assembly
  • Need to get used to controls
  • Long charging time
  • Control panel too heavy
  • Weak bass

iPhone X Leak – For Those Who Can’t Wait Until 10 a.m. http://iphone-tricks.com/news/8454-iphone-x-leak-for-those-who-cant-wait-until-10-a-m Tue, 12 Sep 2017 10:00:03 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8454 Those of you who want to be surprised while watching Apple’s keynote today at 10 a.m. PDT should stop reading right now since a recent software leak reveals secret information about the new iPhone. According to “9to5Mac” and “MacRumors” the new iPhone will be named iPhone X. One of the biggest changes will be the replacement of the old Touch ID with a new 3D camera controlled Face ID as well as the ability to charge the iPhone wirelessly.

The reason for this flood of information is the early release of the Golden Master, the final version of iOS 11 which is already prepared for the new iPhone and said to be released within the next week. It confirms several rumors such as the home button being removed in favor of an edge-to-edge OLED display as well as the ability to record videos in 4k resolution. The introduction of Animoji – 3D animated emoji characters that mirror the user’s facial expressions – is one of the unexpected new features:

Primarily acting as a replacement for the old Touch ID fingerprint system to unlock your phone, Face ID can also be used to make online purchases from Apple. This video shows the setup process:

Alongside some visual changes already included in earlier iOS 11 beta versions the new iPhone X will most likely feature a new loading animation which can i.e. be seen while loading a YouTube video: the long-known circle is replaced by a new progress bar in the upper right corner of the iPhone:

Apple Keynote Via Livestream – Take Part In The iPhone 8 Live Reveal http://iphone-tricks.com/news/8433-apple-keynote-via-livestream-take-part-in-the-iphone-8-live-reveal Tue, 12 Sep 2017 07:09:02 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8433 As Apple recently announced the long awaited iPhone 8 keynote is going to take place on September 12. It will be the first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater in the new Apple Park in Cupertino, California. Those of us who can not be live on site – and that will be the majority – have other possibilities to easily watch the event on the home computer, iPad or iPod. Let’s talk about which devices you need and how it works:

Watch Apple event live at home

On Tuesday, September 12 at 10 am (PDT) Apple broadcasts the “Apple Special Event” on its official website. Apple uses the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology for this live stream. Watching the show should not be a problem if you own one of the following devices:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Safari among iOS 7.0 or newer
  • Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or newer among OS X 10.8.5 or newer
  • Computer with Microsoft Edge Browser among Windows 10
  • 2nd or 3rd generation of Apple TV with at least tvOS 6.2 or 4th generation of Apple TV

Livestream on Android or Windows

Don’t worry: Android users or users with older Windows versions also have the chance to take part in the live event. To do so you need the free VLC-Player which has to be downloaded for Windows or Android in advance. After successfully downloading the application Windows users start the program, click on “Media” → “Open Network Stream” and enter the direct link to the keynote. You can find the link through an easy Google search typing the keywords “keynote vlc link” right before the start of the event. Android users click on the antenna symbol in the app’s upper bar.

Stream Apple keynote live on Windows with VLC

Stream Apple keynote live on Windows with VLC

Music And Calls With Outstanding Sound – Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8464-music-and-calls-with-outstanding-sound-jabra-evolve-75-bluetooth-headset-test Mon, 11 Sep 2017 15:45:49 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8464 Music And Calls With Outstanding Sound – Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset TestListening to music and making calls with a maximum of sound quality are two features that don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. That’s at least what the Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth headset promises. The On-ears offer some features that create a perfect environment for working in loud offices and provide an excellent sound at the same time. Does the headset actually deliver what it promises? We tested the Jabra Evolve 75 for you.

Table of Content:

Feel & Accessories

The Jabra Evolve 75 gives a valuable impression considering the low weight. Nothing rattles and all elements sit tight where they supposed to sit. The head piece, which is made of plastic and cushion, fits around the head comfortably. The flexible ear pieces of the Jabra Evolve 75 can turn around for up to 90 degrees. In total, this headset scores with a great assembly which meets the price. The package includes a practical travel case, a charging & docking station, as well as a USB cable and USB adapter.

Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset with charging stand

Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Headset with charging stand


With a weight of 6 ounces, the On-ear headset from Jabra is one of the lightweight devices. It has a head piece, which is cushioned with a soft rubber at the peak. In addition, the ear cushions are super soft and covered in leather. They fit perfectly and only put a slight pressure on the ears. So you can wear them for several hours without an uncomfortable feeling. Although the Jabra Evolve 75 puts low pressure on the ears, the headset still fits tight and secure on the head.


The control of the Jabra Evolve 75 is intuitive and very easy from the beginning. The headset has an On/Off button, by which you also can pair the headset with the iPhone. Thanks to the Dual Bluetooth connectivity, you can even pair one headset with two devices simultaneously, which worked out perfectly in our test. The built-in microphone can be put up and down with an easy turning motion.

In addition, the headset is equipped with a button that activates Apple’s voice assistant Siri on the iPhone. Fold down the microphone, press the button and ask Siri a question.

Another button controls the active noise cancellation. The buttons on the back of the ear piece control the volume.

Nice feature: With a tap on the right ear piece, a friendly female voice informs you about the battery level of the headset.

Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth headset

The Jabra Evolve 75 is equipped with diverse controls on the ear pieces


While listening to music, the Jabra Evolve 75 provides a crisp bass, but in total it is rather reluctant so that the sound isn’t drowning in deep frequencies. The trebles are well audible and the middles are not as present as the other. In the end, the headset provides a homogeneous sound. It presents a detail-rich, powerful and transparent sound. Therefore, the headset works for diverse music genres. Friends of modern music, such as Hip Hop and Electro, as well as fans of Rock, Pop, Metal, and Classic music, should have the same fun with the Jabra Evolve 75.

The active noise cancellation (ANC) is a great feature too. You can activate it by using a button on an ear piece, which will seal off surrounding noises significantly. Noises are not coming through anymore while listening to music. This way you can suppress the voices of colleagues for an undisturbing work environment.

The only disadvantage here: The headset can only be operated wirelessly via Bluetooth. You cannot choose to connect your iPhone via cable. The Bluetooth sound quality (Bluetooth 4.2) is just as good as an analog music playback via cable, though.

Considering that the battery can last for 30 hours and only needs 2.5 hours to charge, you don’t have to worry about charging that often.

We could not confirm the advertised HD quality for calls in our tests. The voices of the callers were flat and one-dimensional. In addition, you can hear a light hiss in the background, which usually applies to an average sound quality. However, the sound quality also depends on the terminal device.

Practical: A red “busy light” for calls indicates to other people that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth headset

The “busy light”: Shines red while calling


If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset with excellent sound qualities and an outstanding wearing comfort, you cannot go wrong with the Jabra Evolve 75. You can wear the headset for hours without an uncomfortable pressure on the ears. The sound of the music playback scores and the functionality leaves no desires unfulfilled. The active noise cancellation (ANC) reduces surrounding sounds significantly. This feature allows undisturbed music listening and more concentration at work because office noises can be faded out with the Jabra Evolve 75. Only the call quality is not as expected. The advertised HD Voice left us with a little disappointment.

Check the current price for the Jabra Evolve 75 on Amazon!

Our staff says:

Christoph - staff member at iPhone TricksChristoph Kaczmarczyk: The Bluetooth headset from Jabra is a lot of fun. The sound is crystal-clear and has power. I am personally not using the headset function. As you can fold up the mic completely, it isn’t bothering at all. In addition, the headset is even comfortable after hours of wearing, which is very rare for On-Ears. All in all, I can absolutely recommend the Jabra Evolve 75, even for audiophile people.



Daniel Grzondziel - staff member at iPhone TricksDaniel Grzondziel: I am rather a cable-based headset fan, so I was disappointed at first when I noticed that the Jabra Evolve 75 doesn’t have this option. However, as soon as the music started, I was impressed: Bluetooth 4.2 offers a super good transmission so that the sound is not impaired. The HD voice feature wasn’t really noticeable for me because it just sounded as good – or as bad – as other headsets. Thanks to the extremely comfortable fit, I definitely recommend the Jabra headset in case you have the spare money to spend.

Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone! http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8449-dangerous-life-hacks-these-tricks-will-wreck-your-iphone Sun, 10 Sep 2017 12:30:01 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8449 Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone!The internet is full of tips and tricks about improving the iPhone usage in everyday life. We collected some of these life hacks in another article. Whereas these practical solutions are simplifying your life with a smartphone, there are also exceptions that can damage your iPhone or even wreck it completely. We show you the life hacks that you should be aware of!

Drilling open the jack

Did you get an iPhone 7 and want back the classy 3.5mm headphones jack that is a thing of the past now? Some time ago, a video went viral, which showed a way to bring back the jack socket to the iPhone 7 with a few manual skills. The jack is still there – that’s at least the opinion of the video maker. Only a 3.5mm drill can open up the access again. This is, of course, nonsense and only ends in a total damage of your iPhone 7. To show you how you definitely do not get back the jack, watch the video below.

iOS update makes iPhone waterproof

Thanks to the IP67 standard, the iPhone 7 is waterproof at least for a certain amount of time. This hasn’t always been the standard though and the desire for waterproof iPhones goes a long way back. Some years ago, a fake Apple info graphic led people believe that iPhones will be waterproof after the iOS 7 update. How can a software update protect the iPhone against water intrusion? You only need a minimum of technical knowledge to understand that this is a prank. Unfortunately, some (less technophilic) iPhone users sent their iPhones on a dive, though. The consequence: Immediate total loss. This tweet shows the reaction of a gullible user about his broken iPhone:

You can see a part of the manipulated ad below. A tap on the image opens the whole graphic. You should always be warned with such images, unless they are officially from Apple. Mostly these graphics are made to inspire your imagination or to prank other iPhone users.

Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone!

Fake Apple info graphic (Source: imgur.com)

Charging iPhones in microwaves

Some time ago, a fake image with the Apple design went viral on Twitter. It convinced some iPhone owners to charge their smartphone in the microwave. Although it sounds pretty cool, it turned those iPhones into expensive paperweights. After an iOS 8 update, the “Wave” feature was supposed to charge iPhones wirelessly by using the microwave frequencies. You probably can imagine the outcome for those fans of the “new charging technology”. The same advice applies here: Don’t naively trust all assertions online, it doesn’t matter how authentic they seem to be.

Wave feature - Dangerous Life Hacks – These Tricks Will Wreck Your iPhone!

False Apple campaign advertises the “Wave“ feature (source: independent.co.uk)

Dangerous retro mode

We told you about the date bug some time ago. It was supposed to be a cool retro mode, but wrecked some iPhones lastingly. The manual change of the date to 1/1/1970 and a following reboot made 64bit-iPhones useless. Instead of a secret retro design, you got a broken iPhone instead and possibly an expensive repair. However, this bug is not posing a threat anymore since iOS 9.3.

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8442-strong-sound-for-a-fair-price-panasonic-bluetooth-in-ears-rp-nj300b-k-test Sun, 10 Sep 2017 09:59:35 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8442 Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K TestHigh-quality sound, stylish design, and maximum comfort – these criteria have to be fulfilled by headphones nowadays. Bluetooth also has become a standard feature for listening to music. The Panasonic In-ear RP-NJ300B-K headphones meet these requirements. The Bluetooth headphones come without the annoying cable and are especially interesting for athletes or sports people, as well as everyone who likes to listen to music on the go. We tested the Panasonic headphones for you.

Table of Content:


The headphones seem to be assembled very well so that they give a high-quality impression. The earbuds are shaped ergonomically and can be adjusted to every ear size because the RP-NJ300B-K come with silicone buds in different sizes.

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Test

The ear buds are connected to each other through a matching cable, which has an integrated battery in the middle and the control panel on the right side. The buttons of the remote give a good impression and look like they are well assembled.


  • Style: In-Ear
  • Weight: N/A
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Cable operation: No
  • Cable length:
  • Reach: N/A
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Hands-free option: Yes
  • iPhone control: Volume & playback
  • Certification:  –


The pairing with the iPhone is super easy: Turn headphones and Bluetooth on, pair them and enjoy your favorite music.

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Test

The control works via remote, which is located below the right ear. You can control the playback and volume, as well as take, end and decline calls. After a short look into the manual, the control will be easy and intuitive.

Wearing comfort

The earbuds sit tight inside the ear without having the feeling of a foreign object inside the ears. Even the remote below the right ear isn’t bothering. The headphones only are noticeable, when the battery gets tangled in the clothes or sticks to your skin while working out. Then the cable pulls on the earbuds and even can pull them out if they don’t sit tight enough. An additional clip that fixes the earbud to the ear would be beneficial. The RP-NJ300B-K also gets a deduction of points for the missing IPX certification. Especially sports headphones should have a protection against water and sweat.


The Panasonic headphones have a 9mm large Neodym Magnet, which provides a clear and balanced sound. The middles and trebles are mixed properly and even the bass convinces. In comparison to other In-ears of the same price range, the RP-NJ300B-K offer a very good bass that is slightly deeper.

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Test

Instead of investing into an active noise cancellation, Panasonic counts on the so-called Deep Fit Design that provides proper noise insulation and that seals the headphones off the surroundings. While normal noises are inaudible, it is not working as well for loud places like the gym.


The Panasonic RP-NJ300B-K is are high-quality Bluetooth In-Ears with a great sound for a fair price. However, you still have to sacrifice some features for the price, such as the missing IPX certification and noise cancellation. In return, you will get a great and balanced sound.


  • High-quality assembly
  • Uncomplicated pairing with iPhone
  • Balanced Sound
  • Fair price


  • Battery in cable makes headphones heavier
  • Missing IPX certification
  • No noise cancellation

6 Apple Health Tricks You Should Know http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8413-6-apple-health-tricks-you-should-know Wed, 06 Sep 2017 13:36:20 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8413 6 Apple Health Tricks You Should KnowIntroduced with iOS 8, the Health app was not really a frequently used app for iPhone users. Since fitness gadgets and apps conquered the market, Apple’s health center is back in the game again. It not only counts your steps but can be a useful tool to monitor your health and fitness progress. We present 6 tricks in this article that you should definitely know.

1. Set up a Medical ID

The Medical ID can save lives in emergencies. This Health app feature contains your blood type, social security number and more. In an emergency, paramedics and doctors can access important information (such as diseases, allergies, blood type, etc.) via the Medical ID on your iPhone. If you want to set up a Medical ID, you have to go to your Health app and tap Medical ID in the bottom right corner.

Create a Medical ID in the Health app of your iPhone for emergencies

Then you can enter as many information as you want in the respective fields. You can even choose one or multiple person(s) from your contacts to be your emergency contact(s). In an emergency, they can be called from your iPhone without unlocking it.

Fill out the information for your Medical ID in the Health app on iPhone

2. Enable access to Health data in emergencies

In order to make your Medical ID accessible for first aiders, you have to enable the access to your medical data when it’s locked. So make sure that the slide button for “Show when locked” is green. In case of emergency, everyone can access it from the Lock Screen by tapping Emergency at the bottom left and then Medical ID.

Enable emergency access for your Medical ID in the Health app

By the way, strangers cannot fully access your iPhone via the Medical ID. The access is restricted to the medical information only.

3. Transfer data via app

The easiest way to transfer data to the Health app is via an app that is compatible with Apple’s app. This could be fitness apps, fitness tracker or calorie counters. They will function as the source of data and will provide information for certain categories of the Health app. Inside the app, you can select a particular app as a data source, for example, for nutrition. You will use the calorie counter app to manually enter, what you eat and the Health app automatically synchronizes the information. On the other side, Apple’s app can provide information about your daily steps and activities. The calorie counter app can use this to calculate how many calories you are allowed to eat.

Data source for your Health app

4. Add heath data manually

Of course, you can measure your health data yourself and add them manually to the app. Just go into the app and click Data in the bottom menu bar. Depending on the data you want to add open the respective section. We added, for example, the vitals. In this case, you have four data sets you can add information to: Blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate.

Add data manually in Health app

Add your information by tapping Blood Pressure and then the Plus icon. Then confirm your entry with tapping Add in the top right corner.

Add data manually in Health app

5. Add data to favorites

On the detailed screen of a data set, you can mark them as favorites so that they show in the Today tab. Just tap the button next to Add to Favorites.

Add favorites in Health app for easy overview

6. Edit source

Almost every fitness and health app can transfer data by now. Your iPhone lists them all up in the section Sources so that you don’t lose the overview. As soon as you tap an application, you will see what data it accesses or uses. You can either allow the access to all health data or select individually. You just have to use the relevant slide button.

Data source of applications in Health app

This Spy App Works On iPhones Without Jailbreak http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8407-this-spy-app-works-on-iphones-without-jailbreak Tue, 05 Sep 2017 15:54:13 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8407 This Spy App Works On iPhones Without JailbreakA spy app allows you to monitor almost every activity on a smartphone. It doesn’t matter if it’s emails, messages or WhatsApp – you can even observe nearly everything on an iPhone. The most popular and most sold software is mSpy. In contrast to other spy apps, this monitoring app works on jailbroken iPhones as well as iOS devices without jailbreak.

Note: If you are installing a spy app without the consent of the monitored person, you will be liable for prosecution.

Monitoring without jailbreak

The selection of spy apps for iPhones is manageable. The reason for this is easy to explain: Apple doesn’t allow a deep interference in the system. Therefore, you had to jailbreak your iPhone first in order to use a spy app. This is different for mSpy . The only requirement for using mSpy is an enabled iCloud account and a consistent internet connection. In addition, you need the Unlock PIN code of the SIM card (if installed), as well as the user name and password of the Apple ID. Only with this information, you can collect the data via iCloud and forward it to you. You will also need a physical access to the iPhone in case the Two-Factor Authentication is enabled.

Features of mSpy

You cannot use the full range of features for mSpy on an iPhone without jailbreak. If you are unable or don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone, you have to be satisfied with the options Apple allows you to use. The following features are supported:

  • Overview of new and existing contacts
  • Monitor outgoing and incoming calls with phone number and contact name (if saved in contacts)
  • Message history
  • Browser history
  • Events
  • Access to Notes
  • Skype
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • WhatsApp messages history
  • Photos can be accessed and saved to computer

The installation of the app only takes a few minutes. As soon as the program is activated, you will receive an online access to the call history, chats in WhatsApp or Safari history, even if the person deletes the data on the iPhone. The iPhone surveillance works for all iPhone models with iOS 6 or later.

The monitored person won’t notice the spying on his/her iPhone because there is no app installed on the smartphone. Therefore, you cannot find signs that reveal that the iPhone is monitored.

The No-jailbreak version from mSpy is available in many different packages. You can get the basic pack for only $8.33 per month (September 2017). You can decide between monthly, 3-months or annual plans.

Download mSpy without Jailbreak for iPhone Now!

iPhone Hands-Free Systems For Cars http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8399-iphone-hands-free-systems-for-cars Mon, 04 Sep 2017 07:33:14 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8399 iPhone Hands-Free Systems For CarsHands are supposed to be on the steering wheel while driving and not on the iPhone. Therefore, it is always good to install a hands-free system for the car so that we cannot get distracted by the smartphone. It connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and works like a speech reproduction for incoming and outgoing calls. We compared the four most popular hands-free systems for you.

Table of Content:

Mpow Bluetooth hands-free car kit

The Bluetooth hands-free car kit by Mpow is one of Amazons best sellers. The gadget has a practical round receiver that can be mounted almost everywhere in the car because of its 37-inch long cable. The multi-function button can take calls and control the playback. The noise isolator is especially practical because it suppresses humming noises.

Mpow hands-free car kit for iPhone

In contrast to other hands-free systems, you can connect two smartphones simultaneously. This allows listening to music while you never miss a call again. A disadvantage is that there are connection errors every now and then.


  • Long cable
  • Can be firmly mounted
  • Noise isolator
  • Pairing of 2 smartphones


  • Connection errors
  • No display

SuperTooth Buddy Speakerphone Car Kit

The SuperTooth Buddy has a mount for the sun shield of the car like many other hands-free systems. This gadget also has a noise isolation that serves for a clear conversation quality with the enhanced soft microphone.

SuperTooth Buddy Speakerphone Car Kit

The integrated battery lasts for around 20 hours with calls and 1000 hours in standby mode. It can be charged via the included micro USB cable.


  • Portable
  • Long battery life
  • Noise isolation
  • Enhanced soft microphone


  • No display

Nulaxy hands-free system

In comparison to the other hands-free systems, the Nulaxy is powered by the car battery and has an integrated display. It shows the battery voltage level, as well as the phone numbers of the incoming calls and the name of the song in case you are playing music from a USB flash drive.

Nulaxy hands-free system for iPhone

The tiny screen is connected to the car charging port via a flexible arm so that you can change the position of the Nulaxy as you wish. The integrated USB port can be helpful if you want to charge your iPhone on the way.

However, the fluctuating voice quality is a disadvantage. Depending on the noise level in the car, the quality can be good or bad.


  • Integrated display
  • Integrated car charger
  • USB port to charge an iPhone


  • Fluctuating voice quality

Jabra Freeway Speakerphone

The gadget by Jabra is the priciest in our comparison. It can be mounted on the sun shield with a clip and is way bigger than the other products. The speakerphone is equipped with three speakers and a dual microphone with noise cancellation, which provides a good voice quality.

Jabra Freeway Speakerphone for iPhone

The integrated battery lasts up to 14 hours with calls and 40 days in standby. Therefore, it has the best battery life in our comparison.


  • Multiple built-in speakers
  • Dual microphone with noise cancellation
  • Good voice quality
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive

Smartwatch Polar M600 Test: GPS Sports Watch With iPhone Weakness http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7912-testing-smartwatch-polar-m600 Sat, 02 Sep 2017 08:56:34 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7912 Smartwatch Polar M600 Test: GPS Sports Watch With iPhone WeaknessSmartwatches are very popular at the moment and it is for a reason because they are great multi-tools for smartphones. They are smartphone add-ons and keep you fit. The high-quality fitness tracker and smart watches by Polar are gaining more and more popularity lately. Especially athletes are more into this brand. We tested the M600 model according to the interface, training features and iOS compatibility and reveal if the purchase is worth it for iPhone users.

Table of Content

The first impression

At the first glance, the watch looks like high-quality. The M600 is equipped with a color touch display made of Gorilla glass and a flexible and soft wristband. Two buttons beneath and next to the display serve an easy operation while working out. The smartwatch comes with the operating system Android Wear 2.0 and is waterproof for up to ten meters according to IPx8 classification.

Smartwatch Polar M600 Test: GPS Sports Watch With iPhone Weakness

The design is simple and sporty. At first, you wouldn’t recognize the real size of the watch, but you will notice it once the watch is around your wrist. The size is probably the best for man’s arms and not so much for slim woman’s arms.


  • Sales launch in U.S.: 01/17
  • Clockwork: Digital
  • Display: Digital
  • Touchscreen: TFT Touch display
  • Resolution: 240x240px
  • Housing size: 4.5 x 3 inches
  • Housing material: Gorilla Glass, Silicone
  • Protection class: IPX8
  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Processor: MediaTek MT2601
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Operating system: Android Wear 2.0
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Connection: Bluetooth® 4.2., Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Apple Compatibility: iPhone 5/iOS9+
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Vibration motor, and Microphone
  • Heart rate: Yes
  • Features: Notifications, Music storage, Swimming metrics, Multi-sports mode, and Google Fit

Operating the M600

There are different pre-installed apps on the smartwatch, which are accessible by swiping on the display. The display has a good size and the font is easy to read. If you press the button beneath the display, you will get into the Google Fit menu, where you find your goals and your heart rate. The button on the left side opens the menu, where you can choose the type of training.

It will take a while until you encounter all features of the smartwatch. As soon as you remember, where they are, it is fairly easy to operate the watch. The individual apps load instantly without problems. The display makes a very good impression, is clear and responds instantly.

Training with M600

The smartwatch by Polar shows the best strengths while working out. At the beginning of a workout, you have to open the Polar Flow app on the watch and click “Training“. Then you can choose from different sports disciplines like Walking, treadmill training or stepper. Challenges like pushups or squats are supposed to give an additional motivation.

If you want to get precise heart rate data while working out, the smartwatch has to sit tight around the wrist behind the wrist bone. The sensor constantly has to be in contact with the skin. However, you also shouldn’t wear it too tight. Integrated GPS and Glonass record the distance and speed. Six LEDs measure the pulse on your wrist. After the training, you can loosen the armband of the M600 again so that you can wear it as a normal watch.

Smartwatch Polar M600 Test: GPS Sports Watch With iPhone Weakness

The watch is obviously made to wear in everyday life as well. The 24/7 Activity tracking counts steps and calculates burned calories, as well as analyses the sleep. The results are automatically synchronized with the Polar Flow app that you can download from the App Store. In addition, you can use the M600 as a timer, stopwatch, alarm, and even as a flashlight.

Synchronization with iPhone

If you want to use the M600 without restrictions, you should have an Android smartphone and no iPhone. The pairing of the watch and iPhone via the Polar Flow app for iOS works without problems, but the synchronization afterwards was complicated and troublesome in our test. Either the watch didn’t connect or the connection broke up multiple times. This can be annoying because you have to pair the watch with the app again and the training results are gone.

The Polar Flow app allows only a few setting changes. In order to use it nearly unlimited, you need the Android Wear app as well. Once you install this app, it synchronizes the applications that send notifications to the smartwatch. However, you cannot respond to calls, messages or email as an iPhone user.

Battery life

The battery life depends on the operating system of the smartphone that the smartwatch is paired with. While it lasts on Android phones without training for around 48 hours and 8 hours with training, the battery lasts on iPhones up to 24 hours and 8 hours. Another disadvantage of the M600 is the charging chord. It has a small round connector that is connected with a magnet on the smartwatch. The connection doesn’t hold reliably. If you touch the watch or cable in an unmindful moment, it loses the connection. This definitely needs improvement.

Smartwatch Polar M600 Test: GPS Sports Watch With iPhone Weakness


The Polar M600 is a high-quality smartwatch that athletes will love – but only if they are Android users. Around one-third of the functions are not usable with iPhones (e.g. listening to music and music streaming). Polar apparently knows this and indicates it with declaring Android devices as partners for the M600. However, they give no information, which features are available for iPhones. Therefore, you don’t really know what to expect until you have it in your hands.

Check the current Polar Smartwatch M600 on Amazon

Android Smart Watches With iPhone: Compatibility & Functions http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8386-android-smart-watches-with-iphone-compatibility-functions Sat, 02 Sep 2017 08:27:39 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8386 Android Smart Watches With iPhone: Compatibility & FunctionsApple Watch or another smart watch? Every iPhone user, who wants to buy an intelligent watch, will wonder about this question. There are many arguments for an Apple Watch, for example, the unrestricted use with an iPhone. However, if we are looking at the price, the competitor’s products with Android Wear by Google are more appealing. Can you use and control these watches with the iPhone without problems? We explain what Android Wear features you can use in iOS.

Prerequisites for Android Wear

The most popular operating systems on the current smart watch market are watchOS and Android Wear. Whereas Apple uses its own software exclusively for their watches, Google offers its competing product to big manufacturers such as Samsung, Polar, Asus, Huawei, or LG. The prerequisite for connecting Android Wear with the iPhone is a usage of iOS 8.2 or later. There are no restrictions for the smart watch. Earlier, as well as later models can be connected to iPhones.

Android Smart Watches With iPhone: Compatibility & Functions

Android Wear features on the iPhone

In order to connect an iPhone with Android Wear, you will at least need the free Android Wear app. The following features are the only ones that you can set on the smart watch using iOS:

  • Watch face: You can customize the watch face so that you can add information from apps and actions, which you can access by swiping.
  • Push notifications for calls, SMS, messages and app notifications
  • Fitness tracking: Step counter, distance meter, calorie counter and heart rate monitor for running, biking and walking, as well as fitness goals
  • Google Assistant: If you know the voice assistant from Android smartphones, you will notice the difference to the iPhone. You can only answer Gmail messages and create events in your calendar. You cannot make a call.

If you compare these features with the advertised features of your smart watch, you will realize that you cannot even use the half of the features with an iPhone. In addition, the instability of the app creates even more problems. Depending on the smart watch model, notifications appear arbitrary and regular errors happen. Besides these problems, you have to open the app on your iPhone all the time, otherwise, the watch cannot synchronize. In our own test with the Polar Watch M600, we made these experiences. Only a fraction of the features was available for iPhones.

Many manufacturers offer an own app so that you can use some more features, if available. So if you decide for an Android Wear watch, you should install both apps.

No Apple Health synchronization

The fitness tracker features can be accessed in iOS, but you cannot synchronize the data with Apple Health. Therefore, if you want to record your burned calories or traveled distances, you have to enter the data manually into the app.

Android Smart Watches With iPhone: Compatibility & Functions


If you are looking for a full-featured smart watch for your iPhone, you will not be happy with Android Wear in the long run. If you only want to use the smart watch as a fitness tracker that also can display push notifications from your smartphone, you will be fine with an Android Wear watch. The Apple Watch remains the best smart watch for iPhone users.

Quick Redial Of The Last Dialed Phone Number On iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8381-quick-redial-of-the-last-dialed-phone-number-on-iphone Fri, 01 Sep 2017 12:45:02 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8381 Quick Redial Of The Last Dialed Phone Number On iPhoneThe call history in the Phone app not only provides an overview of the incoming and outgoing calls. It also shows recently dialed phone numbers. You can even access the last dialed phone number without detours by using one click.

Quick redial

Although iOS doesn’t have an individual button for the redial, you can easily call the last dialed phone number again: Open the Phone app on your iPhone. Go to your keypad and tap the green call button.

Quick Redial Of The Last Dialed Phone Number On iPhone

It will display the last dialed phone number on top. If you hit the green button again, your iPhone will call this number.

Quick Redial Of The Last Dialed Phone Number On iPhone

If you cleared your call history, it will recover the last dialed number. This trick saves time, especially if you need to dial a long phone number that is not saved to your contacts.

9 iPhone Mail Tricks That You Should Know http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8334-9-iphone-mail-tricks-you-should-know Thu, 31 Aug 2017 11:49:09 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8334 Mail app tricks for your iPhoneThe Mail program was one of the first apps that were installed on the first iPhone in 2007. More than a decade later, the application still is one of the most important programs on the smartphone and we can’t imagine a daily routine without it. Within the past years, Apple added many useful features to the Mail app and we want to show you 9 important tricks that everyone should know.

Table of Content:

  1. Filter emails
  2. Unsubscribe from newsletters
  3. Save attachments to iCloud
  4. Customize the swipe gestures
  5. Send large email attachments
  6. Send an automatic blind copy to your email address
  7. Delete email addresses from Recents list
  8. Add handwritten notes
  9. Sign attachments

1. Filter emails

The filter feature is especially interesting for people who often lose the sight of their emails. The relevant button is at the bottom left of the Mail app. As soon as you tap Filtered By in the middle, you will see various filter options. Now you can choose which criteria you want to use for the filter. Your options are Unread, Flagged, To: Me, and CC: Me. You can also display only emails with attachment or emails from a VIP contact.

Filter emails in the iOS Mail app according to your needs

2. Unsubscribe from newsletters

One of the most useful features of the Mail app is to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters. As soon as you open a newsletter email, there is a bar on top with the note “This message is from a mailing list”. A tap on the Unsubscribe button below will delete your email address from the mailing list automatically. If want to know more about the faster way of unsubscribing from a mailing list, read this article.

Unsubscribe from a mailing list quicker in Mail app

3. Save attachments to iCloud

You can either save the email attachment locally on your iPhone or to your iCloud. Open a mail with attachment and click Tap to Download to load the content from the server. Then press and hold the attachment until it opens a menu.

Save email attachments to your iCloud in Mail app

Tap Save Attachment and your iPhone will provide an overview of your folders that you created in iCloud. Select one and tap Export to this location in order to save the attachment to iCloud.

Save attachments to iCloud in Mail app

4. Customize the swipe gestures

Since iOS 8, emails can be managed faster and more convenient with swipe gestures.  If you want to customize them so that they meet your needs, you can change the Settings for the Mail app. In the Mail section, go to Swipe Options. There you can change the configuration for the left/right swipe.

Swipe gesture configuration for Mail app

5. Send large email attachments

Large email attachments such as videos or photos create problems for sending them. If you want to send files up to 5GB, you can do it with Mail Drop. You don’t have to enable it. It is already integrated into iOS. So it will automatically use the service. Therefore, attach all files to the email and hit Send at the top right. iOS will suggest to send it with Mail Drop so that the files are provided via iCloud. If you use Mail Drop, the receiver of the email can download the files one by one or all together.

Send large attachments by using Mail Drop via Mail app

6. Send an automatic blind copy to your email address

If you want to make sure that an email was sent, you can set up a Bcc to yourself for every email. You can find this option in your iPhone Settings in the Mail section. Just enable Always Bcc Myself in the section Composing. From now on you will receive a blind copy of every email you send.

Send a Bcc to yourself in Mail app

7. Delete email addresses from Recents list

Do you want to send an email to a friend, but the Mail app only suggests old email addresses? You can remove those quickly and simply. Create a new email and enter any letter in the receiver box. The iPhone will suggest email addresses. Tap the info icon on the right side of an email address and click Remove From Recents at the bottom.

Remove recent email addresses from list in Mail app

8. Add handwritten notes

Since iOS 11, you can add handwritten sketches and notes to an email. Create a mail, tap the input box to open the options menu above and click Insert Drawing.

9 iPhone Mail Tricks That You Should KnowNow you can use the tools and select a pen that you want to use. The handwritten sketch will be added to the email as soon as you hit Done and Insert Drawing.


9. Sign attachments

The Mail app enables you to sign documents that you received as an attachment. Open the email that you want to sign and hold the attached file until the Share menu pops up. By clicking Markup & Reply, you will go into the editing mode. At the bottom right corner, you select the signature icon and sign by using your finger. Hit Done to finish the editing.

Sign documents with Mail app

“I’m at” Trick – Share Your Current Location http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8331-im-at-trick-share-your-current-location Thu, 31 Aug 2017 11:48:50 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8331 “I am here” Trick – Share Your Current LocationYou may know already that you can share your location with friends in the Messages app. For doing this, you have to click the info icon at the top right and then choose Send My Location. There is a faster way, though, which is directly in the chat because you just use the input field.


In order to make this trick work, you have to use the pre-installed standard keyboard. If you want to check, which keyboard you are currently using, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards.

This trick does not work with third-party keyboards.

Share your location with “I am here” trick

If you want to share your location with your contacts in the Messages app, you have to do this:

Open a chat and tap into the input field. Now enter the following phrase:

I’m at

Now you should see the suggestion Current Location above the keyboard.

 Share Your Current Location

By tapping the Current Location, it will instantly send your location to the contact without another confirmation. It should show it in a little message window inside the chat.

 Share Your Current Location

The receiver of your location can tap the message to open the shared location in a larger view so that the person can get directions to your location.

How To Delete The Entire Call History http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8368-how-to-delete-the-entire-call-history Thu, 31 Aug 2017 08:37:26 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8368 How To Delete The Entire Call HistoryThe iPhone automatically saves all incoming, outgoing and missed calls and displays the 100 recent records in the call history. After a while, it saves a lot of entries that you probably never need again. In this trick, we show you how you can delete the entire call history in a few easy steps.

Open the Phone app and go to Recents at the bottom menu bar. Then click Edit in the top right corner.

Edit your Recents in the Phone app on iPhone

The iPhone automatically selects all records. If you want to delete them, tap Clear at the top left and confirm the process afterward. This will delete the entire call history, even the records that are invisible.

Clear the Recents in Phone app by deleting the entire call history

If you only want to delete single calls, swipe the respective entry to the left and hit Delete.

Lengthen The Call History – How To Access Older Records http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8364-lengthen-the-call-history-how-to-access-older-records Thu, 31 Aug 2017 08:30:44 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8364 Lengthen The Call History – How To Access Older RecordsAre you searching a particular phone number, but you cannot find it in the call history? In this case, your iPhone probably hides the entry. Although the smartphone records every incoming, outgoing, and missed call, it only displays 100 recent calls. We show you a trick to display older records again.

In order to display older records, you have to delete recent entries. Go into the Phone app and open the call history by tapping Recents.

Lengthen The Call History – How To Access Older Records

You can delete a record by sliding the relevant call to the left. Then click Delete.

For iOS 11, it is already enough to swipe left and the entry will be deleted automatically.

For every deleted recent call, you will find an older entry again.

How To Enable & Disable Location Timeline In Google Maps http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8358-how-to-enable-disable-location-timeline-in-google-maps Mon, 28 Aug 2017 08:31:09 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8358 How To Enable & Disable Location Timeline In Google MapsDo you want to keep track where you have been on your vacation or daily life? Then the timeline feature in Google Maps is the right tool for you. Once you did the respective changes in the app, the maps service will record in the background, where and how long you stay at a location. In this trick, we will show you how you can enable and disable the feature.

Create a timeline in Google Maps

In order to create a timeline, you have to enable the location service and location history. Then Google will automatically create a timeline according to your location, search inquiries and visited websites. You can also add certain places manually.

In the Google Maps app, tap the Menu icon at the top left. Then choose My Timeline.

Where to find your timeline in Google Maps app in order to use the location history

If your Location History is disabled, you have to enable it in the settings first. Now enter a place that you want to add to your timeline, for instance, your work address or gym. Hit Save at the top right to add the location to your history.

Add a location to your location history

The place will now appear in your timeline. Tap it to edit the entry, label or delete it.

Edit the saved location afterwards in Google Maps

You can disable the timeline feature by setting the location access for Google Maps to “While Using the App” in your iPhone Settings. Then the maps app will only access your location when you open the app.

Do you want to get the most out of the Maps app? Then recommend reading our article: 10 Features Of The iPhone Maps App That You Should Know.

How To Forward Albums In WhatsApp http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8353-how-to-forward-albums-in-whatsapp Wed, 23 Aug 2017 12:56:35 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8353 How To Forward Albums In WhatsAppWhatsApp already has the feature of forwarding messages for a while now. If you receive many photos from a contact, WhatsApp combines them in an album. You can even send those albums in WhatsApp – We show you how it works!


This feature was introduced with the WhatsApp version 2.17.30. Therefore, make sure you have installed an up-to-date version of WhatsApp. Check the App Store in the Updates section for an available version.

Forward photo albums in WhatsApp

If someone sends you many photos via WhatsApp, they will be grouped to an album. Three photos are shown as thumbnails, the fourth photo reveals the number of the other photos in the album. Now you can tap every single photo and forward it individually, or you forward all at once.

Here is what you have to do: Tap and hold the album. You will see two options – Forward All or Delete All. Tap Forward All to send the whole album (all bundled up photos) to another contact in WhatsApp.

In the next step, you will have the choice to add messages, additional photos, or other photo albums. You can select the messages that you want to send by checking (blue check mark) them on the left-hand side. Once you selected all messages, click the Forward icon at the bottom left.

Forward photo albums in WhatsApp

The next step is to choose the contact that you want to send it to. Mark the contact(s) and tap Forward at the bottom right.

Forward an received album to another contact in WhatsApp

Worth knowing! The receiver of the photo album won’t see that the photos are from someone else. You may want to add this info in a respective message.

4 Gimmicks That Will Make Soccer Fans Happy http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8346-4-gimmicks-that-will-make-soccer-fans-happy Wed, 23 Aug 2017 12:31:25 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8346 4 Gadgets That Will Make Soccer Fans HappyAre you going crazy about soccer and do you want to treat yourself a little? Are you looking for a gift for a befriended soccer fan? It doesn’t always have to be the classy fan jersey or another boring merchandise product. An alternative could be a smart ball or a flash drive in a soccer ball design. We present 4 fun soccer gimmicks in this article.

Table of Content:

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

Kick like a pro – That’s no problem with the Smart Ball miCoach from Adidas. The intelligent soccer ball has an integrated sensor that collects data about speed, spin, strike point, and trajectory, and sends the kick info to the miCoach app. The application interprets the results and displays guidance for ball control with drills as well as training tips, which will improve the handling of the ball.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball - 4 Gimmicks That Will Make Soccer Fans Happy

The ball reacts like a normal size 5 soccer ball. The battery lasts for around 2000 kicks or a week and recharges within an hour.

SKLZ Soccer Trainer

If you cannot spend that much money to purchase the smart soccer ball, you could get the Soccer Trainer from SKLZ as an alternative. The gadget is made of a neoprene mount that you can fix on the ball, as well as a belt that you can attach to your body.

SkLZ Soccer Trainer - 4 Gimmicks That Will Make Soccer Fans Happy

The elastic band is the most practical part of the gadget because it connects both parts with each other. This way you can train your kicking skills without a partner and without chasing the ball all the time. The Star-Kick helps to improve proper passing, receiving, dribble, and shooting techniques, as well as to master the ball control.

Flash drive from D-Click

Another nice gimmick is the flash drive from D-Click. The tiny gadget has a capacity of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB and fits into every pocket thanks to the compact and light dimensions.

Flash Drive in soccer ball design with lawn - 4 Gimmicks That Will Make Soccer Fans Happy

The flash drive can fit all sorts of files, such as music, photos, and videos. The design was adapted from a soccer ball that has a tiny rubber piece of lawn, which protects the vulnerable USB plug.

Mini Speaker from KitSound

The soccer speaker from KitSound will provide the relevant audio input on the lawn. Measuring only 2.2 inches in diameter, the mini speaker can be attached to the key ring easily.

Mini speaker in soccer ball look - 4 Gimmicks That Will Make Soccer Fans Happy

The mini buddy has a 35mm jack plug for your iPhone. You can charge it with the included micro USB cable. If one of the mini buddy’s isn’t enough for your taste, you can attach multiple mini speakers for a more powerful sound.

The Best Smart Home Gadgets For iPhones http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8324-best-smart-home-gadgets-for-iphones Mon, 14 Aug 2017 15:25:05 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8324 The Best Smart Home Gadgets For iPhonesSince the “Internet of Things“ entered the modern everyday life of many people, the market is booming with innovative Smart Home gadgets, which automate certain areas and can be remotely controlled by an iPhone. The focus lays on the improvement of the life quality by adding comfort, security and a more efficient energy consumption. However, it is difficult for starters to get an overview of the market because there is a broad range of smart and web-connected devices. That’s why we compiled the currently most interesting Smart Home products for you.

Smart Wi-Fi clock

The smart radio clock LaMetric Time can more than just displaying the time. The smart gadget can show different information from the web such as the current weather, emails, messages, Facebook fans, tweets, events, share prices, and many more metrics. Even notifications from Smart Home gadgets like Netatmo, Philips Hue, Alexa, Sonos, and Ring, can be displayed. The digital clock shows the information on a 296-pixels LED display and is always visible at one glance.

Best Smart Home gadget - LeMetric Time

LaMetric Time – Wi-Fi clock for the Smart Home

With the scoreboard design, this gadget offers a modern and stylish presentation of information. Besides the smart features, the black box can also function as an internet radio or Bluetooth speaker that streams music via Spotify or Apple Music.

Tip: If you want to know more about LaMetric Time, read our detailed test report.

Smart Video Doorbell

Do you always want to check who is in front of your door? The Smart Video Doorbell by DoorBird makes it possible. As soon as someone presses the doorbell, you will receive a push notification with sound on your iPhone. You can talk with the visitor in real-time or open the door via your iPhone. It doesn’t even matter where you are at that moment.

Best Smart Home gadget - Smart Doorbell by DoorBird

Smart Wi-Fi doorbell by DoorBird

Thanks to the wide-angle lens (180°), you can keep an eye on the area in front of your door. The integrated motion sensor reliably captures all activities in front of the house and alerts you to detect burglars as early as possible. The app-controlled Wi-Fi doorbell by DoorBird will keep your house safe.

Tip: If you want to learn how you should protect your Smart Home devices from hacker attacks, read our article “Smart Home Security – 7 Tips Against Hacker Attacks”!

Smart Home Controller

You can control smart devices such as Smart LED lamps, heating system, and speakers with the Smart Home Controller by Nuimo without using multiple apps and menus. The tiny smart button allows a control of the connected devices via touch or swivel, as well as a touchless gesture control. The LED matrix indicates which devices you are currently controlling.

Best Smart Home gadget - Smart Control by Nuimo

Control music, lights & temperature with the Smart Button by Nuimo

The controller communicates with the Nuimo app on your iPhone via Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi. Brands like Philips Hue and Sonos are compatible products.

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Bluetooth Padlock

The Bluetooth-capable padlock by Noke is a really practical alternative to conventional padlocks. You can open the Noke Padlock keyless via the related app on your iPhone.

Best Smart Home gadget - Smart padlock by Noke

App-controlled Bluetooth padlock by Noke

In addition, you have the opportunity to unlock it for other people with a virtual key. An access history helps to determine who opened the padlock at what time. The application area for the smart lock could be bicycles, basement doors, or garden gates.

The Best iPhone Gadgets For Kids & Parents http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8315-best-iphone-gadgets-for-kids-parents Mon, 14 Aug 2017 14:03:50 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8315 The Best iPhone Gadgets For Kids & ParentsBesides special apps, there are many gadgets for the iPhone, which are tailored to the needs of young families. Entertaining, educational or simply useful – The range seems to be infinite. Below we want to show you a handful of useful and exciting iPhone gadgets that will bring excitement to kids and parents.

Tip: If you are planning to give your old iPhone to your kid, we can provide some useful tips to make it child-proof.

Headphones with volume limitation

Just like adults, kids like to listen to music and radio plays. The headphones by LilGadgets are specially designed for kids. With these, you can be sure that your kid will never listen to music too loudly because the headphones have an automatic volume control for sensitive kid’s ears. In addition, you can connect other headphones via the audio port so that your kids can share the music. Thanks to the foldable construction, the gadget can be easily stored and transported. According to the manufacturer, the headphones are made for kids between the age of 2 and 8 years.

Headphones with volume limitation - gadgets for kids and parents

The headphones by LilGadget have an automatic volume limitation

Online scale for babies and kids

As parents, you always want to stay informed about the development of your kids. The Smart Kid Scale by Withings measures babies and kids until the age of 8 years with a precision of 0.4 ounces (10g). The related Baby Companion app provides many smart features, for example tracking the growth of your child or saving information about nutrition. Display a weight curve and compare it with the standard range. This way you know if your child gains weight in the normal rhythm. The data transfer works automatically after every measurement via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Smart Kid Scale by Withings - Smart gadget for parents

Smart Kid Scale by Withings – Online scale for babies and kids

Bluetooth Toothbrush Attachment

Brushing the teeth is not a favorite activity for kids, but playing games on the iPhone or iPad. The PlayBrush, a smart toothbrush attachment for regular toothbrushes, will bring fun to the brushing situation. Kids will control a game character with the teeth-brushing motions and navigate it through different exciting worlds on the iPhone. At the same time, your kids will improve their brushing behavior and learn the right way of dental care. The built-in motion sensors and special algorithm make sure that the kid brushes the teeth appropriately and for long enough. The connection between the toothbrush and iPhone app works via Bluetooth and without an internet connection. Strenuous discussions about brushing the teeth are a problem of the past with this iPhone gadget.

PlayBrush - Fun gadget for kids to help with brushing the teeth

Fun while brushing teeth with PlayBrush

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Extra Bass At A Touch Of A Button: Sony Over-Ear Headphones MDR-XB950N1 Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8305-extra-bass-at-a-touch-of-a-button-sony-over-ear-headphones-mdr-xb950n1-test Sun, 13 Aug 2017 17:41:17 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8305 Extra Bass At A Touch Of A Button: Sony Over-Ear Headphones MDR-XB950N1 TestIn the meantime, the range of headphones became overwhelming. Some manufacturers purposely count on an extravagant design but often neglect the sound. Sony is not part of this group. The Japanese brand rolled out another model with the popular Extra Bass feature. We tested the over-ear headphones MDR-XB950N1 and tell you if the sound is as good as promised by Sony.

Table of Content:

The first impression

You will instantly notice that the headphones are a high-quality product. The assembly is spotless and makes a great first impression. This verifies by the first wearing. Sony used very soft over-ear pads, which fit perfectly on the head and over the ears. Even wearers of glasses will be able to wear the XB950N1 for several hours without an uncomfortable feeling.

Extra Bass At A Touch Of A Button: Sony Over-Ear Headphones MDR-XB950N1 Test

If you are done listening to music with the headphones, you can fold them and put them into the included textile pouch. The weight of 1.5lbs is totally okay.


  • Sales start in the US: 2017/3
  • Headphones Type: Over-ear, closed
  • Colors: Green & Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.5lbs (290g)
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz–20,000 Hz (IN) (with cable)
  • Protection: None
  • Battery size: N/A
  • Noise Cancelling: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Features: App, speakerphone function
  • Manufacturer’s list price: US$ 249


The headphones are controlled by the integrated buttons on the ear pads. An active Bluetooth connection with the iPhone allows volume and playback control, as well as taking calls. Noise Cancelling and Bass Effect can be turned on and off via the respective buttons. If you rather listen to your music via jack plug, you can use the included 3’11” long stereo mini-cable (1.2m).

Extra Bass At A Touch Of A Button: Sony Over-Ear Headphones MDR-XB950N1 Test

In the beginning, the control is a little cumbersome. As soon as you got used to it, though, it is very easy to handle. The battery lasts for approx. 22 hours and is charged within 7 hours, which is pretty long in comparison to other headphones. Especially the voice announcements that confirm every change in settings are very helpful.

Extra Bass At A Touch Of A Button: Sony Over-Ear Headphones MDR-XB950N1 Test

Like other pricey audio gadgets, the MDR-XB950N1 can be controlled by an app as well. The Sony Headphones Connect app is available for free on the App Store and allows many practical settings. This includes, for example, the adjustment of the bass level and set audio pre-settings such as Club, Hall, Stadium or Open Air Concert.


If you wonder why the XB950N1 stand out in comparison to other over-ear headphones, you probably don’t know Sony’s popular Extra Bass feature yet. It makes the bass even deeper at the touch of the button. The basic settings already have a rich and powerful bass, but the Extra Bass feature adds another level on top of that. It definitely depends on the music genre you like. If you like a deep bass, you will love this feature. The people, who are rather into an authentic sound, probably should get a different model or manufacturer. You shouldn’t have high expectations for acoustic music because the focus for these headphones is clearly the bass, which will drown the middles and trebles.

The digital noise minimization is a purchasing argument itself, though. It blocks the surrounding sounds reliably so that you can enjoy your music the fullest. The thick ear pads already seal off most noises without an enabled Noise Cancelling.


The Sony MDR-XB950N1 offers a lot. It starts with a high-quality assembly, goes over to an intuitive control, and ends with a powerful sound and a reliable Noise Cancelling. The sound is excellent, even though some people might think it is too bassy. With this model, Sony rather addresses the younger generation, who likes music with a deep bass (e.g. R&B, Electro, Techno).

Our staff says:

Marie Mertens - staff member tested the Sony MDR-XB950N1Marie Mertens: The headphones provide a great sound via cable and Bluetooth. I often listen to Pop and Dance Music, so they are a perfect fit for me. The headphones are very comfortable and block the noises from the surroundings (e.g. in the train) perfectly. The Sony MDR-XB950N1 are absolutely great and high-quality wireless headphones. 

Marie Mertens - staff member tested the Sony MDR-XB950N1Daniel Grzondziel: I liked the Sony MDR-XB950N1 very much and they were fun. They provide a rich sound that was present and powerful enough in my favorite music genre – metal and rock. However, I was a little disappointed about the Extra Bass feature. It couldn’t convince me because the sound was a lot quieter and it felt like a simple equalizer effect. The music genre is probably determining for this. All in all, the default sound is already a reason why they definitely are high-quality headphone.


Smart Home Security – 7 Tips Against Hacker Attacks http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8300-smart-home-security-7-tips-against-hacker-attacks Sat, 12 Aug 2017 08:59:44 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8300 Smart Home Security – 7 Tips Against Hacker AttacksOpen the house door via your iPhone, turn on the AirCon on the way home, or observe the house with your surveillance camera via your phone: By now there are Smart Home gadgets for almost every circumstance to make your life easier. You can control your HomeKit compatible gadgets through an internet or Bluetooth connection via your iPhone. This is supposed to make the connected home technology more intelligent as well as safer. However, the home technology is not immune to hacker attacks. Therefore, we want to give you some tips that will definitely make your Smart Home safer.

1. Don’t lose your smartphone

The loss of your smartphone is one of the biggest security risks because it controls the entire safety-relevant Smart Home system such as the lock and alarm system. Therefore, it could provide access to unauthorized holders. This is why you should always use a Passcode for your iPhone to prevent the access to your Smart Home devices and other private data.

2. Check the battery

Smart security gadgets often are run by battery. In this context, the battery life of the devices is a very important factor to ensure safety. You should pay attention if you can check the battery life via an iPhone app at any time. If the product doesn’t have this option, then keep your hands off! You cannot just rely on the manufacturer specifications for the battery life in this case.

3. Change insecure passwords

Another important and often underestimated aspect: Setting up safe passwords. Some gadgets have default passwords such as “1234” or “0000”. If you don’t change such easy password within the commissioning, the security of the product won’t be guaranteed. So change the password and make sure that it is a secure one: A minimum of 8 characters, capitals, and lower cases, as well as special characters.

Smart Home Security – 7 Tips Against Hacker Attacks

4. Install security updates

The rules for smartphones also apply to Smart Home gadgets. Regular security updates by the manufacturer protect your smart accessories against hacker attacks. In every case, it should be possible to update the software of the product for possible safety problems. If the gadget doesn’t have this option, you should look for an alternative.

5. Data encryption

You have to make sure that the communication between the devices in your Smart Home system is encrypted. If images and videos are sent unencrypted to your iPhone via the internet, it can be easily caught by someone else. Even login credentials can be read, if the encryption isn’t safe enough. If there is no information about the encryption, you could ask the manufacturer or take a look at the product description.

Smart Home Security – 7 Tips Against Hacker Attacks

6. Only download trustful apps

If an app doesn’t make a trustful impression, don’t download it. Avoid downloading apps outside the App Store. If you have installed such an app on your iPhone, it could access your entire data traffic and for example spy on the password for the controlling app of your Smart Home system.

7. Search the web for security flaws

A simple Google web search can help finding out about possible security flaws in certain Smart Home devices. Just enter the name of the product and combine it with search terms like “security” or “security hole”. Even the search for experiences and reviews in forums or shops (Amazon, etc.) can provide important information in relation to weaknesses and security flaws of the Smart Home gadget.

10 iMessage Tricks You Should Know http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8287-10-imessage-tricks-you-should-know Sat, 12 Aug 2017 08:42:38 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8287 10 iMessage Tricks You Should KnowApple’s iMessage is still treated shabbily in comparison to the other messenger services. However, there are many practical features for iMessage, which make chats more vivid. They are even more practical than the WhatsApp & Co features. We present 10 tricks in this article that every iPhone user should know.

Table of Content:

  1. Rotate message stickers & adjust the size
  2. Remove iMessage stickers
  3. Send messages with effects
  4. Send GIFs
  5. Prank: Someone is (not) typing
  6. Use multiple email addresses
  7. Disable read receipts for individual contacts
  8. Share location
  9. Forward messages
  10. Send images in low quality

1. Rotate message stickers & adjust the size

The update to iOS 10 brought the successful stickers to iMessage. Ever since the little colorful smiley packages cannot be missing in any chat. To add some fun, you can even rotate and adjust the size of the stickers. Tap and hold the sticker. Then drag it into the chat without letting go of it. Now use two fingers for assistance to change the size and position via pinch-to-zoom. As soon as you let go of it, you will send the sticker and the contact person will see it the way you dropped it.

Stickers feature in iMessage

2. Remove iMessage stickers

Is a sticker covering a message or do you dislike the sticker? In this case, you can remove stickers again. Press and hold the sticker and select Sticker Details from the menu. Swipe to the left and tap Delete to remove the sticker.

Delete stickers again from an iMessage chat

3. Send messages with effects

If stickers are not enough of a fun feature, you can also use effects on your messages. Enter a message without sending it and press the blue send arrow firmly (3D Touch) or press and hold the send arrow (not 3D Touch).

Then you can choose an effect in the next window such as effects for speech bubbles or background effects.

Send effects in iMessages

4. Send GIFs

In addition to sending stickers and images, you can also send GIFs in iMessages. Tap the arrow to the left of the input field, click the Camera icon and select the animated file that you want to send. The delivered file will be displayed as an animation for the receiver as well as the sender.

Send GIFs in iMessages

5. Prank: Someone is (not) typing

Everyone who sent a message via iMessage knows the three dots that indicate that the contact is typing. You wait and wait but don’t get a response. Wait a second – there are no three dots for typing in Apple’s messenger. It’s an iMessage prank! You can easily make someone believe that you are typing at the moment. Learn more about the trick in this article.

"Someone is typing" prank for iMessage

6. Use multiple email addresses

In iMessage, you are generally available via your Apple ID. You can, of course, add other email addresses so that you can separate work messages from private texting. Go to your Settings, choose Messages and click Send & Receive. In these iMessage settings, you can add as many email addresses as you want.

Add other email addresses for iMessages

7. Disable read receipts for individual contacts

Do you want to let a friend know, if and when you read an iMessage, but your work colleague shouldn’t know? Then you can turn of the read receipt for individual contacts. Open the chat with the contact that you want to disable the read receipts for. Click the “i” icon in the top right corner. The detail view will show the option Send Read Receipts. Turn it off by tapping the slide button. The alternative way is to read messages without sending read receipts via 3D Touch. We show you how this works in this trick.

Disable read receipts for individual contacts in iMessages

8. Share location

iMessage is working perfectly for sharing the location. Open an iMessage chat, click the “i” icon at the top left, and tap Send My Current Location. Another way is the time limited or unlimited location sharing. It is below the previous feature. Once you click Share Location, you have to determine in a new window, how long you want to share your location.

Share location in iMessage

9. Forward messages

If you want to send a message to many contacts without the annoying copy&paste or retyping, you can forward messages. Tap and hold a message (doesn’t matter if it is an own message or received). It will display a little menu at the bottom, where you select More. Then you have the opportunity to either keep the message as it is or to add another message. To forward the message(s), click the arrow at the right bottom corner. If you want to delete the message, hit the trash bin.

Forward iMessages easily

10. Send images in low quality

If you love to send photos via iMessage, you can send images with a low quality to save your data volume. Go to your iPhone Settings, open Messages and scroll down to the bottom. You will find the option Low-Quality Image Mode in the settings. Enable the feature so that your images are sent in lower quality from now on.

Send images in low quality via iMessages

iPhone 8 Concept Video & iOS 11 Preview http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8248-iphone-8-concept-video-ios-11-preview Mon, 07 Aug 2017 10:57:05 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8248 iPhone 8 mockup featured imageVarious iPhone 8 mockups have been flooding the internet for months now, ensuring that there is enough to talk about concerning apples next big thing. Some of those blueprints are based on actual rumors on the new iPhone 8 whilst others are simply a product of their creators imagination. As always, no one knows what features apples new flagship model will have to offer until its release in September. That’s why we took our time to create our own version of the upcoming iPhone 8. Watch our iPhone 8 concept video below to see what the new iPhone might look like and which mind-blowing functions it might feature.

iPhone 8 infographic

Our iPhone 8 infographic lists the most exciting features displayed in the concept video above. Just tap on the picture below to show the chart in its full size and download it to your device.

Edge-to-edge OLED display

For the first time, the new iPhone 8 offers an OLED display for richer colours, better contrast and an even higher resolution. With its new edge-to-edge screen, you will experience videos and photos more intensely and without any distracting elements above and below the screen.

Digital Home button

Bye bye good old Home button – the new and full-on virtual Home button is now integrated beneath the display and appears as soon as you approach the screen with your finger. If you want to unlock the iPhone via Touch ID, the button flashes up green if your fingerprint is recognised. If it’s denied, it lights up red.

iPhone 8 concept video showing virtual Home button


The iPhone 8 – as we imagine it – allows you to use two different apps at the same time in a new split view mode. Just swipe over an incoming notification while using another app and the screen will split up allowing you to operate both apps simultaneously without having to switch between them. Switching back and forth between different apps is no longer necessary.

Share Battery

The new and revolutionary Share Battery-feature on the iPhone 8 enables you to share or receive battery power by simply holding the device towards another iPhone. Just enable the Share Battery-feature in the Settings app and transfer battery power on the go without the need for a charging device.

iPhone 8 concept video showing Battery Share

New Notifications on the lock screen

Notifications on the lock screen now show the sender‘s profile picture as well as the app icon of the respective app. Identify incoming notifications even quicker and see who is sending you a message at a glance.

Alarm on the lock screen

You can now set the alarm right from the lockscreen. Just swipe over the time display and set the alarm to your desired time with one click.

iPhone 8 concept video – Setting the alarm on the lockscreen

Extended iPhone dock

The iPhone dock at the bottom of the screen offers you quick access to your most important apps. With a simple swipe you can now extend the icon dock with four additional apps.

New Weather App

iOS 11 brings new life to Apple’s weather app. Large background images point out the location you are currently viewing. The new overview displays weather information concerning your saved locations more vividly.

iPhone 8 infographic – Download

In our iPhone 8 infographic we show you the most important functions and features displayed in our iPhone 8 mockup video at one glance.

How To Change The iPhone Display Settings For Color Blindness http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8277-change-iphone-display-settings-for-color-blindness Mon, 07 Aug 2017 10:27:59 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8277 How To Change The iPhone Display Settings For Color BlindnessThe iPhone provides preset color filters for users who are color-blind or who have difficulties in reading the text on the iPhone display. These are supposed to help distinguishing one color from another. In this trick, we will explain how you can accommodate the display of your iPhone to your visual requirements.

Go to the iPhone Settings and open the section General. Then select Accessibility and Display Accommodations. There you will find the option Color Filters, in which you can select one of the preset filters.

Go to Display Accommodations in your iPhone Settings to adjust the display colors

Filters for different types of color blindness

Apple provides four filters on the iPhone: Greyscale, Red/Green Filter for Protanopia, Green/Red Filter for Deuteranopia, and Blue/Yellow Filter for Tritanopia. You can determine which one of the filters is the best for you by looking at the color review on top. The color filters also change the appearance of images and videos. So you only want to use it if you really need it.

Color Filter preset on iPhone for color blindness

Use filter examples

You can use the filter examples by swiping the top field to the left or right. The first one displays pens in different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown. The second filter example shows three rows to visualize the color depth. On the last example, there are vertical rows on a background of different colors for limited color perceptiveness. You have to pick the color filter that allows you to see the whole row.

If you are sensitive to colors or brightness, you can change the Color Tint of the display. As soon as you select the option, you can adjust the intensity and hue below.

Recover Lost Photos Or Videos On iPhones http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8265-recover-lost-photos-or-videos-on-iphones Mon, 07 Aug 2017 10:17:10 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8265 Recover lost photos & videos on iPhonesYou know for sure that you have taken a certain photo or recorded a video last week, but now you cannot find it anymore. No worries, this doesn’t mean that it is gone forever. You can try to recover lost photos or videos with our tricks! Just go step by step through this little guide.

Check the folder “Recently Deleted“

Since iOS 8, photos and videos that were deleted (erroneously) are not completely removed from your iPhone. Instead, your iPhone keeps them in a folder for 30 days at a minimum before they will be completely deleted automatically. Read more…

Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted

To check if you deleted a photo by mistake, open the Photos app on your iPhone and go to your Albums at the bottom right. Then select the Recently Deleted.

Lost photos & videos could be in the "Recently Deleted" folder

Tap on a photo to open it. If you want to recover it, you have to tap Recover at the bottom right.

Recover a recently deleted photo

Unhide photos

Besides the recently deleted photos and videos, it could happen that you hid them. They are not completely deleted or invisible, but they are hidden at certain places. Read more…

Photos > Albums > Hidden

You can recover hidden photos easily. Open the Photos app on your iPhone, click the Albums tab and select Hidden.

If you cannot find this album, this is not the reason for the disappearance of your photo or video you are looking for. In this case, you can continue with the next trick.

"Hidden" folder to recover photos on iPhone

Tap a photo or video to open it. Then click the Share icon at the bottom and choose Unhide from the bottom row. Now your photo or video will be visible again in all your folders.

Unhide a photo or video

iCloud Photo Library – Check the settings

If you are using the iCloud Photo Library to keep your media synced on all your devices, it can happen that photos or videos get lost because of the wrong settings.

Settings > Photos & Camera

Open the Settings on your iPhone, go to Photos & Camera, and make sure that the iCloud Photo Library is enabled. Check this on all your devices, on which some photos and videos are not displayed.

After you enabled the iCloud Photo Library, you should connect to the Wi-Fi and check after a few minutes, if photos and videos are displayed again.

iCloud Photo Library has to be enabled on all devices

You should also check if you are using the same Apple ID for the iCloud on all your devices. You can verify this by going into the Settings and clicking your name on top. Then check the Apple ID that is currently in use.

How To Get Reminders At Specific Locations http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8251-reminders-at-specific-locations Mon, 07 Aug 2017 09:44:47 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8251 How To Get Reminders At Specific LocationsDid you ever forget to do something at a specific place because you had no reminder? There is an easy trick for iPhones, which reminds you of something at specific locations. The location-dependent reminder is easily set up, you can even do it on the go. We show you how your iPhone can remind you of something at a place.

Set a location for a reminder

You have already a reminder on your iPhone and want to add a location. So tap the little blue “i” on the right-hand side of the reminder.

Start setting up a reminder for a specific location

It will open the details of the reminder. Turn on the option “Remind me at a location”.

Turn on "Remind me at a location"

Below you have to click Location so that you can set the actual place where you want to get the location-dependent reminder. Enter the location on the next screen and choose between When I Arrive and When I Leave. In case you picked the first option, your iPhone will remind you as soon as you reach the location.

Set the location for the reminder

Deep Bass guaranteed: Sony Extra Bass Speaker XB40 Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8240-deep-bass-guaranteed-sony-extra-bass-speaker-xb40-test Wed, 02 Aug 2017 18:52:06 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8240 Deep Bass guaranteed: Sony Extra Bass Speaker XB40 TestA rich, powerful sound that brings the club energy anywhere: This is the promise Sony makes for its Extra Bass Bluetooth speaker XB40. Light effects, a powerful bass, and a wireless pairing are supposed to differentiate from the competitor models. We tested the speaker for you and reveal if they keep their promise.

Table of Content:

The first impression

The XB40 is an absolute eye-catcher. It is available in red, black and dark-blue and leaves a very good, high-quality impression. The speaker is coated with a rubber synthetic that takes care of the water resistance. It is classified with IPX5. There are two built-in 61mm satellite speakers behind the metal grid. In addition, it has a multi-color light bar, speaker lighting and a strobe light that uses the beat of the song. Only the LED lights outshine the devices by JBL or Bose already.

Deep Bass guaranteed: Sony Extra Bass Speaker XB40 Test

On the backside, there are protective caps for the audio-in port, power socket, and USB port, which can charge an iPhone. The speaker has a weight of 4.2lbs and therefore it is not a lightweight. Although it is only 12.4 x 5.3 x 7.5 inches large, it is not really for the mobile use because of the weight.


  • Start date of selling: 01/17
  • System: Stereo
  • 360-degree sound: No
  • Frequency range: 2.4 GHz
  • Battery size: N/A (up to 24h of battery life)
  • Status display: No
  • Audio-in: Yes
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 12.44 x 7.51 in
  • Protection class: IPX5
  • Shockproof: No
  • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • Material: Coated
  • Power bank: Yes
  • USB power supply: No (battery powered)
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Features: App, speakerphone mode, light effects, NFC, wireless party chain


The controls of the speaker are very easy and intuitive with the buttons on top. Pressing the power button will turn the speaker on or off. A press and hold of the power button will start the pairing mode.

Deep Bass guaranteed: Sony Extra Bass Speaker XB40 Test

The other buttons for the volume, playback and call acceptance are self-explanatory. The Extra Bass button controls the bass and light effects.

Sony Music Center app

Compared to the easy speaker controls, the iPhone app is much more complicated and nerve-racking. As soon as you connect the iPhone with the XB40 via Bluetooth, it asks you to download the Sony Music Center app, which is basically unnecessary because you could use the speaker without the app just perfectly.

The application is supposed to help to control and configure all wireless Sony products in one spot. In reality, it looks different because it doesn’t work. The app recognizes the XB40, but then it freezes a few times. It took us at least 20 trials until we got into the advanced settings.

If you can start the app, you can customize the sound according to your music taste. You can use, for example, the Equalizer to adjust bass, trebles, and middle tones. However, the settings are not helpful in case it freezes again or you cannot reconnect to the app because then you cannot change them again.


Let’s talk about the most important criteria for the speaker: The sound. Bluetooth speakers of this size mostly have a bass problem because they don’t have the space for the deep tones. This doesn’t count for the Sony XB40. The Extra Bass feature of the speaker actually provides a rich and deep sound with power.

Unfortunately, the music gets lost in the powerful bass as soon as you increase the volume. That’s especially uncomfortable if you just use the speaker for the background noise. As soon as you turn the Extra Bass off, the sound becomes better because the bass isn’t as dominant. All in all, the sound quality is good and balanced with potential, though.

Light effects

Sony equipped the XB40 with a nice gimmick: Many LED lights that follow the beat of the songs. This feature can be pretty entertaining especially for parties at night.

Deep Bass guaranteed: Sony Extra Bass Speaker XB40 Test

If one will like the strobe light or not, depends on the individual taste. However, you can also turn the light off completely to save battery.

Battery life

The battery life depends on the volume and light effects. If you play music on full volume and turn the light effects on, the battery will last for around 7 hours. If you turn the light feature off and listen to music at medium volume or lower, it can last for 24 hours. The charging time is 4 hours.


Sony keeps its promise: The label “Extra Bass” fits. Fans of deep bass will love the speaker. The XB40 is also good for normal music fans, who like to turn up the bass every once in a while. The speaker scores with a modern look, a very good assembly and a long battery life. The catastrophic iPhone app is a huge flaw, though, and adversely affects the music experience with the Sony XB40 significantly because you cannot get the most out of the speaker.


  • High-quality assembly
  • Easy controls
  • IPX5 certified
  • Light effects
  • Power bank for smartphone
  • Speakerphone feature
  • Long battery life


  • Heavy weight
  • Catastrophic app
  • Bass could be too dominant for some people
Check the current price of the Sony XB40 (in red) on Amazon.

Free Music Streaming On The iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8216-free-music-streaming-on-the-iphone Sun, 30 Jul 2017 06:39:09 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8216 Free Music Streaming On The iPhoneApple Music, Spotify & Co are offering carefree packages with a tremendous amount of songs for around $10 per month. If you don’t want to invest these $120 per year, you can use free services. In this article, we want to present the best free music streaming services that allow listening to music for free on the iPhone.

Beats 1

Beats 1 - Free music streaming serviceThe Music app by Apple is preinstalled on your iPhone. If you haven’t deleted it, you should find it on your Home Screen. Otherwise, you have to download it from the App Store again. You can only take advantage of the full selection by paying for Apple Music, but you can listen to Apple’s free radio station Beats 1 for free. It is available 24/7.

Just open the Music app and tap Radio at the bottom menu bar. Then choose Beats 1 and on the next screen tap Play Now to start the radio show.

Spotify Free

Spotify - Free music streaming serviceIf you think about Spotify, you probably have the fee-based models in your head. However, you can also use “Spotify Free”, which is virtually the same. It only has commercials every now and then to fund the free service. You still have access to the 16 million songs, but you cannot select them separately. You have to browse the genres or playlists.


SoundCloud - Free music streaming serviceSoundCloud provides its users around 120 million songs of partially new and partially popular artists. The free basic version of SoundCloud is adware as well. You can create playlists, search through the music selection by genre and get music suggestions according to your taste.

myTuner Radio

myTuner radio - Free music streaming servicemyTuner Radio provides access to 30,000 radio stations from 150 countries. After selecting one country, you will see the results.

The interface is self-explanatory. You just choose a radio station that you would like to listen to. Then you can lock your iPhone and it keeps playing.

Use trials

Another good option to stream music for free on your iPhone is using trials. Most reputable streaming services (like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.) offer such trial subscriptions. This way you can mostly use the services without paying for months.

However, never forget to cancel your subscription on time! Otherwise, it will be extended automatically and you have to pay for it.

Stream your own music

In the context of free music streaming, we don’t want to keep the idea of streaming your own music from you. This saves some storage and also doesn’t cost you anything. If you like the idea, you could follow the following link: How to Stream Own Music & Save Storage Space on iPhone.

Call Via Google Hangouts In Phone App http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8210-call-via-google-hangouts-in-phone-app Fri, 28 Jul 2017 06:32:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8210 Call With Google Hangouts In Phone AppHangouts is Google’s own response to Apple’s FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls. A recent update made the app even more interesting for voice and video calls because it now supports CallKit, which is a feature that has been introduced with iOS 10. CallKit allows the usage of Apple’s Phone app for third-party providers. Therefore, you can now use Google Hangouts directly in the Phone App in order to voice or video call someone.


First, you need an iPhone with iOS 10 or later because the CallKit interface was added with iOS 10.

Then you will need the Hangouts app by Google in version 16.0.0 or later. You can download the app to your iPhone on the App Store for free. In addition, you need a Google account that you can register for here.

Activate CallKit for Hangouts

Open the Hangouts app on your iPhone. Click the Menu icon at the top left and go to the Settings.

In order to activate Hangouts for voice and video calls via the Phone app, you have to turn on the option Answer on lock screen.

Activate Hangouts for Phone app on iPhones

By activating this option, you will see incoming Hangouts calls just as normal calls on the Lock Screen. Furthermore, you can call your contacts via Hangouts in your Phone app.

Make a Hangouts call in Phone app

Prerequisite for calling someone via Hangouts is that the person needs to use Hangouts as well.

To call someone via Google Hangouts, open the Phone app on your iPhone and choose a contact.

If the Google Mail address is added to a contact in your Phone app, it will appear in the section Hangouts. Tap it to call the person via Hangouts.

Make a Hangouts call from Phone app on iPhone

Define Hangouts call as default

If you always want to call certain contacts via Hangouts, you can define this app as a default app. To learn how this works, read our little step-by-step guide in another article. Read more…

Hangouts on the App Store

Hangouts (Free, App Store) →

11 Safari Features You Should Know http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8195-safari-features-you-should-know Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:05:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8195 11 Safari Features You Should KnowAlthough there is an ever growing competition on the App Store, Safari is still one of the most popular browsers for iPhones. Its advantage: In contrast to other apps like Chrome or Firefox, Safari is integrated optimally in iOS and optimized for the system with many features. We will show you 11 features that every iPhone user should know.

Table of Content:

  1. Domain Shortcut
  2. Request desktop version
  3. Add website to Home Screen
  4. Show & manage saved passwords
  5. 3D Shortcuts
  6. On-page search
  7. Close all Safari tabs at once
  8. Sort tabs
  9. Change Search Engine
  10. Create Notes in Safari
  11. Restore closed tabs

1. Domain Shortcut

Thanks to Safari, you never have to enter domains: Enter the address and hold the “.” button. The most common domain endings like .com, .net, .de, .edu, .us, and .org will be displayed.

domain endings in Safari

2. Request desktop version

Safari automatically opens the mobile version of a website on your iPhone. Some pages, however, don’t offer the same functions on the mobile website. So you need the desktop version. Tap the Share icon at the bottom bar and swipe left in the bottom row. There you will find the icon for Request Desktop Site.

Request desktop version of a website in Safari

3. Add website to Home Screen

Are you visiting a website multiple times a day? Then it’s worth it to add it to your Home Screen. Open the Share menu in the navigation bar and swipe left in the bottom row until you see Add to Home Screen. As soon as you click it and entered a name, the website icon will appear on your Home Screen.

Add website to Home Screen

4. Show & manage saved passwords

People who use more than one password will appreciate the automatic saving of passwords. However, the suggested passwords are not always correct. Safari offers the possibility to save credentials, as well as to change and delete them. Open the Settings on your iPhone and go to Safari. In the section General, you will find Passwords. iOS will ask you for your Touch ID or Passcode. On this page, you will find all websites that you have saved a password for.

Save and manage your password with Safari

Tap one of the entries to see the full details. Tap Edit to change the password or user name. Tap into a field to change the entry and hit Done in the end. If you want to delete an entry, you have to click Edit on the list screen. Then select the entries that you want to remove and tap Delete.

5. 3D Shortcuts

Safari offers four fast ways to start the browser on iPhones with 3D Touch. After a firm touch on the Safari icon, it opens the Quick Action menu, where you can choose between Show Reading List, Show Bookmarks, New Private Tab, and New Tab.

Open Safari with 3D Touch

Are you looking for a certain paragraph or word in a text? The search for certain terms will help. Enter the search term in the search field and check the section “On this page”. It will show how many matches were found. Tap Find “[search term]” to see the results on the page. If there are multiple matches, you can navigate with the arrows at the bottom.

On-page search in Safari

7. Close all Safari tabs at once

The more often you use Safari, the more tabs you have open. If you want to clean up the mess in your browser, you can delete all tabs at once. Click the Tabs icon at the bottom right and hold it until a small menu opens. Select Close X Tabs and all tabs will be closed at the same time.

Close all Safari tabs at once

8. Sort tabs

If you just want to get a better overview of your tabs, you can also change the order. Click the Tabs icon at the bottom in Safari. Then touch and hold one tab until the others become darker and drag & drop it to the desired location.

Sort tabs in Safari

9. Change Search Engine

You don’t want to use Google as a standard search engine anymore? Then you can change it easily. Open the Settings on your iPhone, go to Safari and choose Search Engine. Then select one of the four options: Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo.

Change search engine for Safari

10. Create notes in Safari

Another helpful Safari feature is creating Notes directly in the browser. You don’t have to leave the browser. Open Safari, tap the Share icon and select Add to Notes. In the next step, you can customize the title of the website or article and add a comment.

Add to Notes in Safari

We compiled all the Notes features in a different article. So if you want to know more about it, read “10 Things Everyone Should Know About The Notes App”.

11. Restore closed tabs

Did you accidentally close a tab and now you cannot remember the name of the website anymore? Safari will even solve this problem. Go to the tabs overview of the browser. In the middle, you will find a “+” icon that you have to tap and hold. It will reveal a list of the recently closed tabs.

Restore closed tabs in Safari

Share Instagram Live Videos In Stories http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8191-share-instagram-live-videos-in-stories Mon, 24 Jul 2017 07:31:41 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8191 Share Instagram Live Videos In StoriesInstagram finally added a long overdue feature with the version 10.26. Live Videos can now be shared into the Instagram Stories. They only used to be visible during live recording. This way you can provide your followers access to your Live video clips, which can be up to 60min long.

If you want to share your Live Video with your friends afterward, you have to tap Share on the screen. The repeat will be automatically added to your Instagram Stories and will be accessible for 24 hours. If you want that the Live Video disappears after the Live Performance as usual, you have to tap the slide button and hit Remove.

Share Instagram Live Videos In Stories

Then you can find the playback button for the Live Video in the Stories bar below the profile image. Tap the button to watch the video and see all comments and likes from the original Live Video. The number of views includes all views from the Live Video and the repeat video in the Instagram Stories.

How To Pay Via PayPal On The App Store http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8184-how-to-pay-via-paypal-on-the-app-store Mon, 24 Jul 2017 07:23:35 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8184 How To Pay Via PayPal On The App StoreApple added a new payment method that many people were waiting for. From now on, you can pay your purchases via PayPal. Downloads on the App Store, as well as iBooks, iTunes, and subscriptions for Apple Music and iCloud storage are supported by the new payment method. We will show you how you can connect your account with the payment service.

Pay via PayPal on the App Store

Go to your iPhone Settings and open the section iTunes & App Store. Choose your Apple ID and then hit View Apple ID in the popup menu. In the next step, you have to verify your identity by giving your Touch ID or entering your passcode.

Changing your payment method for iTunes and App Store in order to pay with PayPal

Now you should be on the Account screen. Tap Payment Information and select PayPal. Now your iPhone will ask you to sign in with your Paypal account. Click Sign in to PayPal at the bottom and enter your credentials in the next window. As soon as you confirm them, you will be able to pay your purchases on iTunes and App Store via PayPal.

Set PayPal as a new payment method

3 Cheap Action Cam Alternatives To GoPro http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8177-3-cheap-action-cam-alternatives-to-gopro Sat, 22 Jul 2017 10:53:39 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8177 3 Cheap Action Cam Alternatives To GoProThe GoPro cameras are considered as the “holy grail” among the action cameras. However, not everyone can or wants to afford the expensive sports camera. In the meantime, there are many high-quality alternatives on the market that are cheaper and are almost as good as the top dog. We present you three competitor models and tell you the strength and weaknesses of each.

Table of Content:

Apeman Action Camera

The Apeman action camera records videos in 4K. The camera provides a resolution of 20 megapixels that takes photos and videos at a 170-degree angle. The image quality is satisfying but not phenomenal – not comparable with the expensive GoPro.

Apeman Action Can - alternative to the GoPro

Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi function, you can transfer your recordings to your iPhone or tablet via an app. The camera features include, for example, single shots, timer shots, and loop recordings. The battery is 1050mAh large and needs to charge for three hours. According to the manufacturer, the recording time is around 120min for 1080p. However, some customers reported that they could only record for 40min.

Besides the different mounts and mounting kits, there is a waterproof case included in the package. You can dive up to 60ft deep with the case.


  • 4K videos
  • Waterproof for up to 60ft depth
  • Wi-Fi function
  • Large scope of supply


  • Weak battery
  • Average image quality

Vtin Action Cam

The action camera by Vtin is another cheap alternative to the GoPro. This one also has a 12-megapixels camera and records videos in HD quality. It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens as well. The camera with the included case is waterproof up to 60ft deep and therefore works for diving and snorkeling trips. The video and photo quality is okay for the price, but it’s only average in a direct comparison to pricier models.

Vtin Action Can - alternative to the GoPro

The battery has an average size with 1050mAh and is supposed to record videos for 90min, according to Vtin. In a test, the action cam only made it to 60min. The scope of supply includes many pieces that could be overwhelming for starters.


  • Wi-Fi function
  • HD videos
  • Waterproof for up to 60ft depth


  • Scope of supply could be overwhelming
  • Photo and video quality only average

Victure Action Cam

The cheapest camera in our comparison is the action cam by Victure. It records videos and photos with the 12-megapixels camera in Full HD and also has a waterproof case that allows dives to 60ft depth. The accessories include 25 pieces for recordings on a bike and motorbike, as well as while skiing, diving or swimming.

Victure Action Can - alternative to the GoPro

Considering the low price, this Chinese GoPro clone makes some legit photos and videos, even in motion. However, if you are watching the videos on a big screen, they look pale and coarse. The sound is okay for the price class. The battery is 1050mAh large and is exchangeable.


  • Cheap
  • Full HD videos
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Legit photo and video quality


  • No Wi-Fi function
  • Pale and coarse images on large screens

Transfer Data From Android To iPhone With “Move to iOS“ http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8173-transfer-data-from-android-to-iphone-with-move-to-ios Sat, 22 Jul 2017 10:32:35 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8173 Transfer Data From Android To iPhone With “Move to iOS“Are you planning to switch from Android to iOS but are wondering about the data transfer? Thanks to “Move to iOS”, you don’t have to worry anymore. We will show you how you can securely transfer your files from an Android smartphone to an iPhone by using the Apple app.

You can download “Move to iOS” from the Google Play Store for free. The app is supported on all smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 or later. The iPhone has to be an iPhone 5 or later with iOS 9 or later.

Before you start, you have to make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned on and that all data (including the files on your external microSD card) fits on your new iPhone. If you want to export your Chrome bookmarks as well, you have to update your browser to the latest version on your Android phone.

Transfer Data From Android To iPhone With “Move to iOS“

Transfer data from Android to iOS

  1. While you are setting up your new iPhone, you have to select “Transfer Data From Android” on the Apps & Data screen. When you are done with the setup, you have to delete your iOS device and start over with the setup. If you don’t want to erase everything and start from scratch, you can manually transfer files as well.
  2. Open the “Move to iOS“ app on your Android device and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. On your iPhone, you select “Next” and “Transfer Data From Android”. The display will show a 10-digit or 6-digit code that you have to enter on your Android smartphone.
  4. Then you can decide on your Android device what content you want to transfer. You can select photos, videos, contacts, email accounts and chat histories, as well as free apps (including Google apps). The transfer time depends on the amount of data that you want to transfer.
  5. Once the data transfer is finished, you have to confirm on your Android and Apple device. Now you can exit the setup on your iPhone.

If the process missed some files, you can manually transfer data to the iOS device. Apple wrapped up how to do this on their website.

Smart LED Lights By Philips, Osram and Co in Comparison http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8166-smart-led-lights-by-philips-osram-and-co-in-comparison Wed, 19 Jul 2017 07:32:18 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8166 Smart LED Lights By Philips, Osram and Co in ComparisonSmart LED lights that you can control with an app on an iPhone are replacing the classic lights increasingly. It’s not a surprise because the intelligent lamps can significantly more than just shine the room. They connect with the smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and allow different light scenes. We compared the most popular LEDs for you.

Table of Content:

Philips Hue

Philips Hue is one of the most popular smart light systems. Hue is an app-controlled light system that can operate up to 50 light sources and 16 million colors simultaneously – all done from an iPhone. The light can be controlled and planned from everywhere at any time. The light schedule feature of the app sets up the light so that it turns on and off in different rooms at a preset time. Stepless dimming is possible as well.

Philips smart LED lights

The Hue series can be expanded by the huge selection of bulbs, panels, and lamps. All bulbs from the Hue series are compatible with the Apple HomeKit and can be controlled by Siri. A connection to Amazon Alexa is no problem either. You can even connect the lamps via third-party apps that are HomeKit-compatible. The only disadvantage is the relatively high purchase price.


  • Huge selection of bulbs, lamps, and panels
  • Light schedule feature
  • Stepless dimming
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Control via Siri, Alexa, and third-party apps


  • High price

Osram Lightify

Osram Lightify is the smart light series of another well-known manufacturer for lamps. The free app controls connected lamps, lights, LED stripes or garden lights from the iPhone. You can individually dim the light and include light scenes, as well as control the light at your house from anywhere. This series also offers many different lamps.

Osram smart LED lights

The Lightify series is not compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, but with Alexa. On the downside, the lamps are not as durable as others so that they already die after a few months.


  • Huge selection of bulbs, lamps, and panels
  • Programming of light scenes
  • Stepless dimming
  • Connection of many lamps
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa


  • Not compatible with Apple‘s HomeKit
  • Short life

Lucero Smart Bulb

Lucero offers an affordable alternative to brand products. The light can produce 16 million colors and is controlled by app via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is not necessary to get an expensive gateway. The application features an option that allows capturing an external ambiance with the iPhone camera to set the LED according to the color on the photo. The microphone enables to use the Disco Mode. The lamp will flicker in correspondence to the music.

Lucero smart LED lights

In comparison with the more expensive product, the Lucero Smart Bulb only has one type of bulb available – E26 socket with a max of 550 Lumen.


  • Cheap
  • Dimmable
  • Connection via Bluetooth
  • Capture colors with camera
  • Disco Mode


  • No selection of different lamps
  • Not compatible with HomeKit or Alexa


MagicLight is an affordable light system as well and you can control it by your iPhone via an app. This product also uses Bluetooth so that you don’t need a bridge either.

MagicLight smart LED lights

The free app allows to set up various colors, dim the light and synch with your favorite music. The MagicLight is not compatible with Apple’s HomeKit or Amazon Alexa.


  • Cheap
  • Dimmable
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Different colors
  • Synchronization with music


  • Not compatible with HomeKit or Alexa
  • No selection of different lamps

10 Features Of The iPhone Maps App That You Should Know http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8153-10-features-of-the-iphone-maps-app-that-you-should-know Wed, 19 Jul 2017 07:05:35 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8153 10 Features Of The iPhone Maps App That You Should KnowWe admit that Apple’s Maps app had a complicated start. The app that Google Maps tried to banish from iPhones had some troubles in the beginning. Five years later, it looks a little bit different, though. Apple improved the app continuously and included many practical features. Here are 10 features that you should definitely know.

1. Show traffic information

Do you want to know how the current traffic situation in your area looks like or how it looks like at your destination? Then you should activate the current traffic report. Tap the Info icon at the top right corner and set the slide button to green for the option Traffic.

Check the traffic before you go somewhere with Apple's Maps app

As soon as you activate the feature, it will show the traffic flow in yellow, orange or red on the map.

2. Select own route

The fastest route is not always the best choice. Therefore, the Maps app offers two alternatives to each route. After starting the directions to a destination, you will see three blue lines on the map that also shows the travel time for each suggestion.

Alternative routes on Apple's Maps app

Now you can select one route. The darker blue route will be the one that is used for the directions.

3. Avoid Toll Roads

If you want to avoid toll roads, you can use the Maps app for this. Enter the destination and click Route. Swipe the button menu up and tap Driving Options. There you can select Toll Roads so that they will be avoided in the routing. You can also avoid Motorways if you want.

Avoid certain roads in the routing on Apple Maps

4. Create Favorites

You can create Favorites for every place on the Maps app. Tap the location that you want to save and open the detailed info at the bottom. Scroll down to Add to Favorites. Then you can give the place a name such as “Work”, “Home” or “Great Parking Spot”. At the same place, you can remove the Favorite again.

Save Favorites in Apple's Maps app

5. Explore categories

Instead of serching for specific places, you can also explore different categories, for example, Food, Drinks, Shopping or Travel. Just tap the search bar at the bottom and select the relevant button. There are even sub-categories to get the best results possible.

Explore areas with categories on Apple Maps

6. Start a Flyover Tour

Another great feature in Apple’s Maps app is the Flyover Tour. This option is available for big metropolis and virtually shows you the highlights of the city. You can start the Flyover Tour by searching for a city and then you will see the Flyover Tour below the name at the bottom.

Take a virtual Flyover Tour with Apple's Maps app

As it isn’t available for every region, Apple compiled all Flyover cities here.

7. Show Wikipedia information

Apple Maps shows Wikipedia excerpts for popular sights. Tap the location on the map so that the details view opens up. After a little bit of scrolling, you will find the Wikipedia section. If you want to read the whole article on Safari, you can tap Open Wikipedia on the right.

Wikipedia information on Apple Maps

8. Share location

This feature is especially practical, if you want to share your location with your friend. To share your location, you have to tap the location pin on the map. Then click the Share My Location button and select the sharing method (message, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.).

Share your location on Apple Maps

9. Mark location

The same way, you can mark your location. This could be helpful, for example, for finding your parking spot again. To mark a location, you just tap Mark My Location in the detailed view of your location. You can always remove the marker again.

Mark your location on Apple Maps

10. Using Siri

Siri doesn’t only change settings on your iPhone. Siri also can be a support for navigation. The command “Show me the traffic” will give you an overview of the traffic situation nearby. You can start getting directions by saying “Show me the way to…” or “Find me a good Italian place nearby”. Siri can also calculate the distance between two places with the command “How far is it to Las Vegas?”. If you ask her “What tourist attractions are nearby?”, Siri will list up the sights in the cities close to you.

Use Siri to help navigating on Apple Maps

WhatsApp: How To Recall Messages http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8150-whatsapp-how-to-recall-messages Wed, 19 Jul 2017 06:12:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8150 WhatsApp: How To Recall MessagesUsers of the popular messenger service WhatsApp have been waiting for this feature for a long time: Recalling and deleting messages that have been sent already so that the chat partner cannot read the message! Let’s be honest – every one of us has sent an embarrassing message before and regretted it. WhatsApp already announced this feature weeks ago, and we want to show you how to use it.

Using the recall feature for WhatsApp messages

The feature is not yet available in the current version of WhatsApp, but it will work like this:

In order to use the feature, the chat partners have to use the same WhatsApp version.

The recall feature can be used within 5min after sending the message. To recall a sent message, tap and hold the message until the black menu opens. Then choose Recall from the menu.

Note that the contact cannot read the message anymore. However, the person will see a note that says “The message has been recalled.”. It’s still not clear when the feature finally will be introduced.

How To Hide Inappropriate Comments On Instagram http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8146-how-to-hide-inappropriate-comments-on-instagram Wed, 19 Jul 2017 06:02:21 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8146 How To Hide Inappropriate Comments On InstagramInstagram is supposed to be a secure place, where everyone can express himself or herself. Unfortunately, more and more users turn away from the social photo platform because of inappropriate comments. Instagram reacted to this behavior and introduced the feature of blocking inappropriate comments and filtering spam.

In order to use the filter, open the settings menu in the Instagram app (the little wheel on your profile). Scroll down and tap Comments. Now you can activate the option “Hide Inappropriate Comments” by tapping the slide button. In future, Instagram will hide these comments right away so that you won’t see them anymore.

In the area Custom Keywords, you can add keywords that lead to an automatic blocking.

Hide inappropriate comments on your Instagram account

The spam filter blocks comments in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The filter is supported by machine learning so that it recognizes offensive comments and spam before you even see them. The tool learns independent and is supposed to become more precise prospectively.

How To Create App-Specific Passwords On iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8138-how-to-create-app-specific-passwords-on-iphone Tue, 18 Jul 2017 10:57:05 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8138 How To Create App-Specific Passwords On iPhoneSince June 15th in 2017, apps that want to connect with your iCloud account have to use app-specific passwords. This is supposed to increase the security of your iCloud account. In future, you won’t use your iCloud password for signing up for third-party app accounts anymore. Instead, you have to set up a generated password for this app. This includes, for example, email clients from the App Store such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. We show you how you can create app-specific passwords.

Requirement: Activate two-factor authentication

It is required that you are using Apple’s two-factor authentication in order to use the app-specific passwords.

To find out if you are using the secure way of signing in, you have to go to appleid.apple.com. After signing in, you can go to Security > Two-factor authentication. If it’s not activated yet, you have to do it at this point. Read more…

Create app-specific passwords

Now you have the option to generate an own password for third-party apps instead of using your Apple ID password.

In order to generate these one-time passwords, open appleid.apple.com and sign in.

In the section Security, you will find the option App-specific passwords. Click Generate Password.

Generate app-specific password

You’ll be asked to enter a password label. You can use the name of the app, for which you are generating the password (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). Then hit Create.

Create a password label for app-specific password

Highlight and copy the generated password and paste it into the password field of the app.

Generated app-specific password: Ready to copy and paste

Note, that you can use the password only once and that you have to generate a new password for every app.

Manage app-specific passwords

You can generate 25 app-specific passwords. Although you cannot see the passwords once they are created, you can see the password label. Therefore, you can check, if you still need certain passwords. Otherwise, delete them.

Doing so, open appleid.apple.com again and sign in.

Go to the section Security and click Edit at the right side. Choose View History under app-specific passwords.

Manage your app-specific passwords

This will provide an overview of your app-specific passwords.

  • You can delete single passwords by clicking the X icon at the right side.
  • You can also delete all passwords by clicking Revoke All at the bottom.

Delete unneeded app-specific passwords

If you need to enter app-specific passwords again, there is no option to show the generated passwords. You have to create a new password in this case.

iPhone Behavior Beyond The Intended Operating Temperature http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8134-iphone-behavior-beyond-the-intended-operating-temperature Tue, 18 Jul 2017 10:42:41 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8134 iPhone Behavior Beyond The Intended Operating TemperatureIn this article, we want to explain what the intended iPhone operating temperatures are and at which temperatures you shouldn’t use your iPhone anymore. In addition, you will learn in what situations it is normal that your iPhone is warmer. We will give you indicators to determine an overheating of your iPhone. In a nutshell, we will focus on the iPhone use within the intended operating temperature.

Ideal temperature for iPhones

First of all, it’s necessary to know what temperatures are the best to operate an iPhone and what temperatures are good for storing iPhones or having it on standby.

Temperature range for usage

Apple officially indicates a temperature range of 32°F (0°C) to 95°F (35°C) for operating an iPhone (and other iOS devices).

If you are using your iPhones beyond these temperatures, it can happen that they change their behavior to regulate the temperature. In this case, they could work slower or shut down completely.

Temperature range for storing

If you are not using your iPhone at the moment, but store it somewhere (doesn’t matter if it is off or standby), the ideal temperature range is between -4°F (-20°C) and 113°F (45°C). Therefore, it can be significantly hotter/colder when you are not using your iPhone than while you are using it.

In this context, it is important that you don’t leave your iPhone in the car when it is extremely hot outside (e.g. in summer), because the temperatures inside the car can be even higher than 113°F.

iPhone gets warm

If your iPhone gets warm, especially in the area around the camera on the back, you generally don’t have to worry. It is normal that your iPhone is warm in the following situations:

  • The iPhone is charging.
  • You are setting up your iPhone for the first time.
  • You are restoring your iPhone from a backup.
  • Apps analyze or indicate data (e.g. Photos app).

iPhone gets too warm

If you left your iPhone in the car on hot days or exposed it to direct sunlight while using it e.g. for GPS, it can happen that your iPhone gets too warm. In this case, you can still use it, but you will notice some changes in the functionality because your iPhone tries to regulate the temperature at the same time:

  • Your iPhone doesn’t charge further or anymore.
  • The display becomes darker or turns off.
  • The cell phone signal is weaker.
  • You cannot use the camera flash.
  • While using the iPhone for GPS, the routing keeps running in the background but the display turned off.

iPhone gets hot

If your iPhone reaches the temperature limit, you will see a warning on the screen of your iPhone and you cannot use the iPhone until it’s cooled down.

If you need more tips and tricks how to prevent overheating and what you should do when you get the temperature warning, read our article “Why Does My iPhone Get Hot? How to fix iPhone Overheating!“.

iPhone Behavior Beyond The Intended Operating Temperature

Nixon “Mission“ Test: The Smartwatch For Extreme Athletes http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8127-nixon-mission-test-the-smartwatch-for-extreme-athletes Tue, 18 Jul 2017 09:04:42 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8127 Nixon “Mission“ Test: The Smartwatch For Extreme AthletesThe range of smartwatches is increasing constantly. However, there still is a lack of smartwatches for extreme athletes, who exercise in water or snow. The watchmaker Nixon provides a robust smartwatch with its model “Mission” and we tested it for you.

The first impression

The first impression of the Mission is very good. The materials seem to be high-quality and the assembly is excellent. The design is like a normal watch at the first glance, but it is packed with smart technology. The Mission is equipped with Android Wear and works together with the companies Surfline and Snowcountry. This way you can track surf and snow conditions on your wrist in real time.

Nixon “Mission“ Test: The Smartwatch For Extreme Athletes

The watch has a water resistance of up to 10 ATM (300ft water column) and is extremely shockproof thanks to the 48mm thick polycarbonate housing. Nixon chose sturdy Corning Gorilla glass for the watch, which will brave the elements. The raised bezel of stainless steel protects the touchscreen and increases the durability. The bulky design is just a matter of taste and up to you.

The smartwatch is available in the colors black, orange and gray/blue. If you don’t want to get one of the standard models, you can create your individual watch on their website.


As mentioned before, the Mission comes with Android Wear 2.0. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 SoC Processor ensures a smooth functionality because it was made for smart accessories. Besides the pre-installed apps such as Google Fit, Google Maps, and Google Play Music, this smartwatch has a remote for photos, weather app, and flight information. The Surfline app is one of the integrated applications as well. It displays the surf weather on your wrist in real time. As soon as there are perfect surf conditions, the Mission will notify you. Ski lovers will get snow reports provided by the Snowcountry app.

Nixon “Mission“ Test: The Smartwatch For Extreme Athletes

Other features include a thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, and gyroscope. The smartwatch has no heart rate monitor, though.


The watch is controlled intuitively via the 1.39 inches AMOLED display. You can change the design of the screen. In normal light conditions, the screen is readable. In bright light conditions, you cannot read anything on the screen, even with the brightest settings. In addition, the display responds to water so that the bezel changes and programs open when there is water on the display.

Battery life

Besides the range of features and a high durability, the battery life is an important actor as well. Nixon is not making any statement about it. In a test, the watch could make it through one day with normal usage, which isn’t very long. The 400mAh Lithium-Ion battery lasts for only 14 hours with max brightness. Nixon definitely has to fix the battery life.

Nixon “Mission“ Test: The Smartwatch For Extreme Athletes

Nixon Mission iOS app

As an iPhone user, you will have to sacrifice some features. This isn’t a surprise because the Mission is equipped with Android Wear. Nixon released the iOS app in mid-2017. It only contains information about weather conditions such as waves, snow, wind, and temperatures. An export of the statistics is impossible. Therefore, you would need an Android smartphone to use all features of the Nixon Mission.


The Nixon Mission is made for rough outdoor sports and withstands every adventure. If you like to exercise in the water or snow, you will have fun with the smartwatch. Without the high durability, this watch offers nothing more than other smartwatches.

Check the current price of the Nixon “Mission” on Amazon.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Test: Is It Worth The Purchase? http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8120-ultimate-ears-boom-2-test-is-it-worth-the-purchase Tue, 18 Jul 2017 08:39:25 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8120 Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Test: Is It Worth The Purchase?The Bluetooth speakers by Ultimate Ears are in great demand. The Boom 2 is the most popular model of the brand because it promises a 360° surround sound with a clear and strong sound. We will reveal in this article if the gadget is worth a purchase.

Table of Content:

First impression

The Boom 2 is the upgraded version of the successful Ultimate Ears Boom. Like the first version, this speaker has a handy size of 7.1 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches and is IPX7 certified. Therefore, it can go up to 3ft under water for 30min. The material seems high-quality and the assembly leaves no wishes unfulfilled. The simple design doesn’t only win our hearts, but also the hearts of the iF World Design Guide jury, who awarded the UE Boom 2 in 2016.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Test: Is It Worth The Purchase?

The speaker is available in various designs so that Ultimate Ears offers the suitable model for every taste. The Lithium-Ion battery, which is chargeable via microUSB cord, lasts for up to 15 hours and is fully charged in 2.5 hours.


The power button and pairing button for the Bluetooth connection are located on top of the gadget. The volume buttons are at the front. At the same time, they prevent the speaker from rolling away when it tips over or you lay it down. The tap control is the most practical feature. You can control the playback with taps on the housing.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Test: Is It Worth The Purchase?

A tap on top of the housing starts or pauses the playback and a double-tap jumps to the next track. The AUX cable at the bottom allows a connection with devices via audio cable. There also is a sling so that you can attach the speaker to a backpack or similar.


Let’s get to the most important criterion of a speaker: The sound. The little speaker has a very good sound, which fills the whole room thanks to the 360 degrees sound. The trebles and middle tones are good, but the bass is not as deep as expected. The Boom 2 is louder than competitor products without overriding.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Test: Is It Worth The Purchase?

The higher the volume, the worse gets the bass and the more emphasis is on the middles, though. The app helps to equalize the sound and boost the bass.

Ultimate Ears app

The Ultimate Ears app will help you to get the most out of the speaker. The features include an alarm, power on and off via remote and the tap control. Another nice feature is the PartyUp mode, by which you can wirelessly connect multiple Ultimate Ears speakers at the same time.


We cannot complain about the price-performance ratio of the UE Boom 2. The speaker is high quality and provides a very good sound. Thanks to its high durability, the Boom 2 is made for beach vacations, short trips to the lake and camping. Besides that, it also does a great job indoors.

Check the current price of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 on Amazon.

Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Alternatives To AirPods http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8113-wireless-in-ear-headphones-alternatives-to-airpods Mon, 17 Jul 2017 18:54:32 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8113 Are you sick of the cable spaghetti or are you looking for an affordable alternative to Apple’s AirPods? Then get some completely wireless In-ear headphones. They will provide you the most mobility without the annoying cord.

Table of Content:

Vava Moov 20

Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Alternatives To AirPodsThe In-ear headphones Moov 20 by Vava are completely wireless and fit into every ear, thanks to the patented gel earbuds. In order to survive sweaty workouts, the earbuds have a nano-coating. They also fit well during intense workouts and don’t slip out. The In-ear headphones have additional buttons so that you can conveniently control the volume, music, and calls from the earbud. The balanced EQ settings of the Vava Moov 20 provide a perfect sound for bass and trebles.

Vavy Moov 20: An alternative to AirPods

The manufacturer indicates a battery life of 2 hours. Depending on the intensity of use, the battery can even make it up to 3 hours. Although the charging process is very fast, the short life definitely is a big flaw. In addition, the headphones have a little delay in the audio tracks. Therefore, they are not suitable for watching videos. If you are just listening to music, it will be fine, though.

Get the current price of the Vava Moov 20 on Amazon

Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX - Wireless headphones for iPhonesThe wireless In-ear headphones Samsung Gear IconX are the most expensive in our article. The ergonomic fit of the earbuds provides an optimal fit. They have an integrated Fitness Tracker with voice output, which can optimize the wearer’s workout. The IconX is equipped with an internal storage of 4GB that can save up to 1000 songs. This way the wearer always has the music on the go. Samsung originally designed the headphones as sport headphones, that’s why they have a Fitness Tracker.

According to Samsung, the battery life is only 1.5 hours and we could proof this in practice. Therefore, even the battery life is designed for sports and the short time is not a surprise considering the features of the tiny gadget. The IconX offers numerous additional functions, but you still have to answer calls on the phone and the sound is only average.

These In-ears are perfect for everyone, who doesn’t want to take many things to the gym. The IconX can track your workout without the smartphone and can recite the workout information via voice output. However, if you want to answer calls, you should have your smartphone with you.

Get the current price of the Samsung Gear IconX on Amazon

Syllable D900 Mini

D900 Mini - Wireless headphones for iPhonesThe D900 Mini by Syllable are the cheapest headphones in this article. They support Bluetooth 4.1 technology and have a range of 30ft. They come with different sizes of earbuds in order to provide the best fit possible. The In-ear headphones are coated so that they are resistant against sweat and water.

D900 Mini - Wireless headphones for iPhones

Get the current price of the Syllable D900 Mini on Amazon

How To Use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram In ONE App http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8106-how-to-use-facebook-twitter-instagram-in-one-app Mon, 17 Jul 2017 08:43:13 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8106 How To Use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram In ONE AppUsers of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are obliged to download and use three different apps on their iPhones. If you are a frequent user of all three social media services, you maybe don’t want to switch between the apps constantly. The free app “Friendly” combines Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in one single app.

Get “Friendly for Facebook“ for free

You will need the app Friendly for this trick. You can download the app for free from the App Store. It is also available for iPads.

You will need at least version 6.3 of the app in order to add a Twitter account.

Add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account

If you are opening Friendly for the first time, you have to add an account. So tap the Add Account button.

Add your first account on Friendly

As you will notice from the logos, you can pick the social media platform for your account. There are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to choose from. Tap one of the icons to add the first account.

Choose a social media icon to start adding your accounts on Friendly

Enter your user name and your password to sign in.

Once you are done with one account, you can add the next one by clicking the Profile icon at the bottom right.

Add another account by clicking the Profile icon

Then click Add Account again.

Add the next account to be able to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in one app

This way you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in one single app and you also can get rid of the three separate apps on your iPhone.

In addition, you can also use multiple Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts simultaneously. Read more…

“Friendly for Facebook“ on the App Store

Friendly for Facebook (Free+, App Store) →

Always Ready To Scan: Pen Scanner For iPhones http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8100-always-ready-to-scan-pen-scanner-for-iphones Fri, 14 Jul 2017 08:09:32 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8100 Always Ready To Scan: Pen Scanner For iPhonesAre you one of those people, who has to highlight sentences in books and documents to have the most important information easily visible later on? A pen scanner could save you the cumbersome marking because it scans the text and sends the text to your iPhone via Bluetooth. We show you three practical pen scanner gadgets.

Table of Content

Scanmarker Air

The Scanmarker Air works like a highlighter. You just go with the digital pen over the printed information in magazines, books or letters and the text will be sent to the iPhone app via Bluetooth Dongle. The pen feels good in the hand and works without huge mistakes. There are also no problems in transferring larger figures in texts.

Always Ready To Scan: Pen Scanner For iPhones

The workload reduction is huge once you know how to use it. At the beginning, you will need some time to figure out the best method, but after some practice it is easy. A disadvantage of the Scanmarker Air: If the paper is not flat or the font is too bright, the pen will not recognize the letters and you will have to edit the text. The pen supports 43 languages.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Few error transmissions
  • Supports 43 languages


  • Practicing necessary
  • Problems with brighter fonts

IrisPen Air 7

The IrisPen Air 7 works similar to the Scanmarker Air but is quite a bit pricier. The handling is also similar and you will need some practicing in the beginning as well until you found the right way to use it. Then it’s easy-to-use.

Always Ready To Scan: Pen Scanner For iPhones

The IrisPenAir 7 can either pair with the iPhone app via Bluetooth Dongle or with a USB cable to the computer, which charges the gadget at the same time. Unfortunately, there often are errors transmissions. Especially commas and special characters often are misinterpreted so that it ends in time-consuming editing.


  • Easy-to-use


  • Practicing necessary
  • Error transmissions for commas and special characters

C-Pen Exam Reader

In contrast to the other pen scanners, this C-Pen Exam Reader has a read-aloud function in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Therefore, this pen is perfect as a mobile helper for language students, who want to improve their pronunciation, and for dyslexics. The scanned text is directly displayed on the pen’s screen or you can listen to it via headphones, which are included in the pack.

Always Ready To Scan: Pen Scanner For iPhones

The 1.7oz lightweight (50gr) fits in every pocket and can be taken everywhere. The only disadvantage is the high price of the pen scanner.


  • Read-aloud function
  • Display of the text on pen
  • Lightweight


  • High price

If you urgently have to scan something on the go but you don’t have a scanner in that moment, you can find some app recommendations in this article. It will show you different apps that you can use to scan documents.

Never Lose Your Keys Again: Testing Bluetooth Key Finder http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8094-never-lose-your-keys-again-testing-bluetooth-key-finder Fri, 14 Jul 2017 07:53:02 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8094 Never Lose Your Keys Again: Testing Bluetooth Key FinderAre you constantly looking for your keys or iPhone? These situations will be a thing of the past with the Bluetooth Key Finders. The tiny gadgets can be attached to your key ring or iPhone and can be located via an app. We want to introduce 3 handy key finders to you so that you never lose your keys again.

Chipolo Key Finder

The key finder by Chipolo is the most expensive in our comparison. It has a range of 180ft (60m) and its battery lasts for up to 6 months. You can modify different settings in the app such as an alarm when the gadget is out of range.

Never Lose Your Keys Again: Testing Bluetooth Key Finder

The handiest feature is the iPhone finder. If you cannot find your iPhone anymore, you can shake the Chipolo and your iPhone will make a loud noise. This way you can find it easier. It works even if you have the iPhone on silent. The key finder is available in many different colors so that every taste should be covered.


  • Wide range
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Range of features in app
  • Various colors


  • Expensive

Tile Mate Key Finder

The Tile Mate is one of the most sold Bluetooth trackers worldwide. The small gadget can be attached to the key ring or other objects, which you don’t want to lose. The app automatically saves the last location of the object. If the key finder gets lost, you can report it as missing to Tile. As soon as a user in the community gets closer to the object, the app will inform you about the new location.

Tile Mate - Never Lose Your Keys Again: Testing Bluetooth Key Finder

The biggest disadvantage is the short-dated battery. In contrast to the other gadgets, it cannot be changed. The alarm sound that goes off when the gadget is lost is too weak.


  • Size
  • Range of features in app
  • Large Tile community


  • Battery can’t be changed
  • Too weak alarm

Leehur 2in1 Key Finder

The key finder by Leehur is the cheapest gadget in our comparison. Easy-to-use: Insert battery, download iPhone app and pair it. This key finder also signals with an alarm when the receiver is out of reach. This feature can be modified with the app. In addition, the application is saving the last location of the key finder and displays it with all geo data on a map.

Leehur - Never Lose Your Keys Again: Testing Bluetooth Key Finder

The gadget weighs almost nothing and therefore you can put it everywhere, even in your wallet. The range is 100ft (35m) inside buildings and 150ft (50m) outside.


  • Cheap
  • Simple control
  • Range of features in app
  • Light


  • Relative short range compared to other models

10 Things Everyone Should Know About The Notes App http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8080-10-things-everyone-should-know-about-the-notes-app Fri, 14 Jul 2017 07:40:18 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8080 10 Things Everyone Should Know About The Notes AppThe Notes app on the iPhone is the easiest way to save quick ideas, make checklists or draw sketches. Still, there are even more features. We collected 10 things for you so that you can get the most out of your Notes app.

Table of Content

  1. Create headings
  2. Recover deleted notes
  3. Create notes in Safari
  4. Bold, Italic & Underline
  5. Share notes
  6. Create to-do lists
  7. Using password and Touch ID
  8. Create sketches
  9. Create folders & move notes
  10. Delete text faster

Create headings

There are different options in the Notes app to format your text. If you are creating a new note, you can select the words and tap the “+icon in the bottom right corner. Then choose Aa.

Create headings and titles in Notes app

Here you can choose between Title, Heading, and Body. You can also start bulleted lists, dashed lists and numbered lists.

Recover deleted notes

Did you accidentally delete a note? No problem, because every note can be recovered within 30 days. Open the folder Recently Deleted and tap Edit in the top right corner.

Recover deleted notes in Notes app on iPhone

Now you can select the note(s) that you want to recover. Click Move to… at the bottom left and select the folder. We also explain in more details how to recover deleted notes in a different article. Read more…

Recover deleted notes in Notes app

Create notes in Safari

Another handy feature of the Notes app is creating entries in Safari and other apps. You don’t even have to leave these apps. Open Safari, tap the Share icon and select Add to Notes. It will open a popup window that shows the title of the article or website and an excerpt. You could also add a comment to the link. Hit Save to save it as a new note or add it to an existing note by clicking “Choose Note: New Note” and select one. Read more…

Save notes from another app

Bold, Italic & Underline

If you want to highlight certain phrases or words, you can make them bold, italic or underlined. Select a text and tap “BIU” in the black popup menu. You might have to tap the arrow first. Then it will show the three highlighting options: Bold, Italic and Underline.

Change the format of text in Notes app

Share notes

You don’t have to keep your notes for yourself. You can share them with friends so that they can edit the note as well. Open a note that you would like to share and tap the “profile with the +” icon on top. In the next step you can decide whether you want to send the invitation via iMessage, email or another method. To learn how you can check the editing status of the added person, read this article.

Share notes in Notes app on iPhone

Create to-do lists

The to-do list feature is one of the most popular feature of the Notes app. The quickest way to create such list is to select the rows, click the +” icon above the keyboard and choose the check mark. The highlighted rows will appear with bullet points, which you can check-mark. Read more…

Create to-do lists in Notes app on iPhone

Using password and Touch ID

If you want to protect your notes from other people, you can lock them. Tap the Share icon at the top right of a note and click Lock Note. Then you can either set a password or use your Touch ID.

Important: If you forget the password, you cannot access the note anymore. Read more…

Protect your notes with password or Touch ID

Create sketches

The Notes app can also be used for quick sketches. The fastest way is pressing the Notes icon on your Home Screen to open it via 3D Touch. Then you can choose New Sketch from the Quick Action menu. We explain this in another article in detail.

Once the Notes app opens, you can use different pens and colors to create your sketch. Read more… 

Quick sketches with Notes app

Create folders & move notes

Within an iPhone life, you will create many notes. You can only keep an overview by creating folders. You can find the feature “New Folder” in the bottom right corner of the main overview. To move notes to the new created folder, you have to tap Edit at the top right. Then select the notes and click Move to… at the bottom left. In the new window you can select the folder, where you want to move the notes to.

Organize notes in folders in Notes app

Delete text faster

Thanks to 3D Touch, you can easily delete large texts by pressing the backspace button firmly. The iPhone deletes whole words and that’s faster than the conventional method.

Deleting text faster with 3D Touch in Notes app

These 5 iPhone Gadgets Shouldn’t Be Missing On Your Vacation http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8071-these-5-iphone-gadgets-shouldnt-be-missing-on-your-vacation Thu, 13 Jul 2017 10:18:53 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8071 These 5 iPhone Gadgets Shouldn’t Be Missing In Your SuitcaseIs your next vacation around the corner and are you unsure, what gadgets you should pack? We got your back and collected practical iPhone accessories, which will become your best travel buddies. These will give you a peace of mind at beaches, cities or mountains because you don’t have to worry about the battery life nor waterproofness.

Table of Content

Anker PowerCore Power Bank

A power bank cannot be missing on any vacation because it provides your iPhone energy when there is no socket in reach. The portable batteries by Anker provide iPhones with a selectable capacity of 10000 to 26800mAh.

Power bank by Anker cannot be missing on vacation

The gadget has a high-speed charging technology that will automatically recognize the charging protocol of your iPhone in order to provide the quickest and safest charge. Each port has 2.4A or 4.8A in total. A MultiProtect security system ensures protection for you and your devices.

Check the current price for the Anker PowerCore on Amazon

Battery Case by Icheckey

If you don’t like to carry a power bank all the time, you could get a battery case like the one by Icheckey. The case is a good power reserve with its 4200mAh integrated battery and protects your iPhone against scratches.

Battery case cannot be missing on vacation

The case is made of antiskid rubber that looks great and feels comfortable in the hand. The buttons for volume and standby are not restricted in their functionality. However, you have to do it without the Lightning port because the battery case uses it.

Check the current price for the Icheckey Battery Case on Amazon

Case with credit card holder by Samonpow

When you are traveling, you only want to take the necessary. The iPhone case by Samonpow protects your iPhone and your credit cards and dollar bills.

iPhone case with credit card holder cannot be missing on vacation

The case is made of rubber in order to give your iPhone an exact fitting protection against shocks, scratches, and drops. The edges are a little bit raised to protect the display as well. All ports and buttons are still usable.

Check the current price for the iPhone case by Samonpow on Amazon

Bluetooth Speaker by JBL

If you can’t take a vacation without listening to music, you definitely should pack a Bluetooth speaker like the JBL GO. The tiny box is just as small as a pack of cigarettes and therefore it fits into every bag or pocket.

Bluetooth speaker by JBL cannot be missing on vacation

The speaker can play music for up to 5 hours and has a call acceptance feature. Like all JBL speaker, this one offers a very good sound.

Check the current price for the Bluetooth speaker by JBL on Amazon

Waterproof case by Mpow

Are you going to spend your vacation at the beach, in tropical climes or snowy areas? Then we would recommend a waterproof case for your smartphone. The case by Mpow protects your aquaphobic iPhone against the wet element. The bag-like construct will keep your iPhone dry underwater so that it can be used for many different water activities.

Waterproof case by Mpow cannot be missing on vacation

Before you use the case with your phone, you should send it on a test dive. Put a piece of paper inside, close the bag and hold it underwater. This way you can assure that there are no material defects and your iPhone will be safe as well.

Check the current price for the waterproof case by Mpow on Amazon

Snap Map: Share Your Location And Spot Friends On Snapchat http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8065-snap-map-share-your-location-and-spot-friends-on-snapchat Wed, 12 Jul 2017 07:12:22 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8065 Snap Map: Share Your Location And Spot Friends On SnapchatThe makers of Snapchat recently expanded the range of functions of the popular app and introduced Snap Map. Users can now share their exact location and experiences with their friends. It is also possible to view public snaps of other people, who are not your friends.

Snap Map is not really safe

If you want to use the Snap Map, you should be aware of the fact that Snapchat can spot, capture and send your location without asking as soon as you open the app. Therefore, you cannot decide individually, if you want to share your location in this moment or not. You should also know that the zoom function allows people to zoom into the Snap Map as close as that they can see your street number. According to Snapchat, the entry disappears after eight hours of not using the app.

Start using Snap Map - The new feature in Snapchat

How to use Snap Map

If you want to use the Snap Map, you have to activate it first. Open Snapchat and zoom out (pitch-to-zoom gesture) while being in the camera mode. It will open the homepage of Snap Map. If you haven’t used it before, you will see a little introduction about the basic functions. You can set up, if all friends or selected friends can see your location, or if you want to use it in ghost mode.

Now you will see all friends on the Snap Map that want to share the location as well. As soon as you tap an Avatar, you will see a white popup at the bottom of your screen. You can choose between Send Snap or Start Chat. In addition, the Snap Map shows blue, yellow and red areas, which are public snaps that you also can look at. It doesn’t matter if you are friends with them or not.

Snap Map - How to use it

If you don’t want to display your Avatar on the Snap Map anymore, you can change the visibility at any time. If you are on the Snap Map, you can tap your Avatar to change the visibility. Then tap the white window at the bottom where it says “Tap for Settings”.

Turn off visibility for Snap Map

Another option is to go into the settings. In this case, you have to be on your profile and tap the wheel icon in the top right corner. In the section “Who can…”, you will find See My Location. Here you can either turn the ghost mode on or off.

Are you using Snapchat regularly and want to get the most out of the app? Then we can recommend Snapchat ++. This special version allows performing diverse features, which are unavailable in the normal Snapchat, for example, taking secret screenshots or creating own filters. Read more…

Bluetooth Headphones With Heart Rate Sensor: Bose SoundSport Pulse Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8059-bluetooth-headphones-with-heart-rate-sensor-bose-soundsport-pulse-test Wed, 12 Jul 2017 07:00:26 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8059 Bluetooth Headphones With Heart Rate Sensor: Bose SoundSport Pulse TestPush your workout to the next level and add your pulse to it. This is what Bose promises with the wireless SoundSport Pulse headphones. The In-ears will motivate you with your favorite workout music and at the same time assist you with important data through the integrated heart rate sensor. We tested the headphones for you.

Table of Content


The SoundSport Pulse headphone make a very good first impression. The package also includes StayHear+ Pulse earbuds in three different sizes, a USB cord, and a carry case.

Bluetooth Headphones With Heart Rate Sensor: Bose SoundSport Pulse Test

The pairing via Bluetooth works fast and without problems. You can control the volume and playback, as well as take calls with the inline microphone and remote. The running time for normal volume is around 5 to six hours. Especially the integrated heart rate sensor is useful because it can measure your pulse via your ear while you are working out.

Bose Connect app

The free app allows you to access all important features of the headphones. This includes a timer for automatic power-off, volume regulation or battery state, as well as the measurement of your heart rate in real time. The headphones are also usable with common fitness apps such as Runtastic, RunKeeper, MapMyRun or Endomondo.


An important quality for headphones is the comfortable fit. They have to stay where they belong while working out and they have to be comfortable at the same time. The SoundSport Pulse completely convince in both. They fit tight and comfortable in the ears without slipping out or feeling unpleasant after a while.

Bluetooth Headphones With Heart Rate Sensor: Bose SoundSport Pulse Test

The headphones have specially designed StayHear+ Pulse earbuds, which still fit perfectly even in intense workouts. Waterproof material protects them against sweat and rain. Between the two earbuds, they have around 2 inches of rubberized cable that make the usual annoying cable spaghetti redundant.


Bose is well-known for excellent sound quality and of course, these headphones convince as well. In total, the sound is rich. The trebles are clean and the bass is deep compared to other In-ear headphones. However, you cannot expect a super deep bass that Over-ears provide. Background noises or general noises are not hearable. External noises are shielded in a way that you still can hear something of your surroundings outside, but you won’t be annoyed by them.


The Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones are still worth the money, despite the relatively high purchase price. The assembly is very good and the sound is convincing. Compared to the competitors, the huge advantage is the integrated heart rate sensor, which makes a heart rate monitor unnecessary. If you are working out regularly and are looking for high-quality In-ears, these will be the best choice and you will have fun with them.

Check the current price of the Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headphone on Amazon.

Smartwatches For Outdoors – What Are The Different Models Capable Of? http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8049-smartwatches-for-outdoors-what-are-the-different-models-capable-of Wed, 12 Jul 2017 06:42:50 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8049 Smartwatches For Outdoors – What Are The Different Models Capable Of?Smartwatches are available on the market for quite some time now and they gained many different features. This includes smartwatches for outdoors. From activity tracker to GPS and music storage – the outdoor smartwatches by Garmin, TomTom, etc. have many great features to offer. This comparative test will show you what outdoor smartwatches are capable of.

Table of Content

Garmin Fenix 5

Smartwatches for outdoors - Garmin Fenix 5The Fenix 5 smartwatch by Garmin is the most expensive model in our comparison. It provides every sports enthusiast a great mix of real outdoor suitability with features such as GPS, as well as features of a good smartwatch, and the design of a normal watch. At the bottom of the housing, there is a heart rate sensor with Elevate Technology so that you can check your pulse regularly. The smartwatch has an antenna for GPS and GLONASS satellite reception, a barometric altimeter and a 3-axis compass for navigation.

The Fenix 5 automatically recognizes various different sports – from playing golf to paddling and skiing. It assesses statistics with the BeatYesterday function so that you can compete with yourself. In order to keep a focus on activities, the outdoors smartwatch shows notifications and can be used to control music.

Smartwatches for outdoors -

The display is always on and adjusts to the light conditions so that you can comfortably read the display in the dark as well as in strong sunlight. The app Face It by Garmin enables to change the background images of the watch display individually by using one of your own shots. The Fenix 5 works well without a touch display because the buttons on the side are all you need. Thanks to the Always-On display and the usual watch design, you can wear the outdoor smartwatch in your daily life and to the office. The battery lasts for two to three weeks, depending on the usage.


  • Waterproof up to 300ft deep
  • Watch design
  • Quick lock for armband exchange
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with many other apps (AccuWeather, Uber, etc.)


  • Expensive
  • No replying to WhatsApp messages
  • Charging port on the back side of the watch
Check the current price for the Garmin Fenix 5 on Amazon

Suunto Spartan HR

Smartwatches for outdoors - Suunto Spartan HRThe Spartan HR by Suunto has the widest range of sports disciplines with 80 different sports modes. Suunto focuses on detailed analysis of the sports activities. This is why the outdoor smartwatch has a GPS and GLONASS antenna, as well as an altimeter, heart rate monitor, and many features for outdoor sports and interval training. In order to keep the wearer motivated, they have a strong community. It helps to exchange experiences and to compete with other athletes in matches.

Navigation and sport are the two strong points of the Spartan HR. Different navigation modes can help to get to various points of interests (POI) or to walk a route that consists of breadcrumbs. The Spartan HR always measures the pulse and counts steps. It even converts steps into burned calories so that you can set a personal daily goal. Like other smartwatches, the Spartan also recognizes sports automatically and has 80 pre-installed sports disciplines, which makes it the perfect buddy even for mountain climbing, skiing, swimming or for a triathlon.

Smartwatches for outdoors - Suunto Spartan HR

The Spartan HR has a colorful touch display with lock feature and three additional buttons. The scratch-resistant display made of sapphire glass can show notifications from the smartphone so that it belongs to the smartwatches. After Suunto showed weaknesses in the software, the manufacturer improved it completely so that the data transfer and updates work perfectly now. The battery of the Spartan HR lasts for 2 weeks with an average use.


  • Waterproof up to 300ft deep
  • Wide range of features
  • Watch design
  • Exchangeable wristbands
  • Long battery life


  • Color gradation with lack of contrast
  • Bulky design
  • Updates only available via PC synchronization
Check the current price for the Suunto Spartan HR on Amazon

TomTom Adventurer Outdoor GPS Watch

Smartwatches for outdoors - TomTom AdventurerTomTom is well-known in the area navigation and so they transferred this expertise into an outdoor watch with GPS. The TomTom Adventurer cannot show notifications from a smartphone and rather looks like a very good Fitness Tracker in combination with a watch. However, it works great for the outdoors and sports usage and you can analyze detailed data via the TomTom Sports app.

The Adventurer can give you data about the distance, altitude, and speed in real time, thanks to the GPS and altimeter.  In addition, it also checks your heart rate and has different sports modes. It recognizes and tracks outdoor activities, such as hiking and skiing, and indoor activities like gym training. The Adventurer has an own storage so that you can plan trails beforehand and save them. Trail deviations are no problem for TomTom’s watch because it can just route back to the starting point. An integrated storage of 3GB for music and a pair of Bluetooth headphones give you the option to leave your smartphone at home.

Smartwatches for outdoors - TomTom Adventurer

The display of the TomTom Adventurer is made of Gorilla glass and is encased in rubber to make it more durable. All features and ports are built in a way that it can dive down to 70ft deep. An automatic recognition of light conditions adjusts the display brightness to the surroundings. The battery life of the Adventurer varies between one and two weeks, depending on the intensity of use.


  • GPS
  • Waterproof up to 70ft deep
  • Integrated music player with 3 GB storage
  • Automatic Descent Summary
  • Exchangeable wristbands


  • Sound quality of music player
  • No smartphone notifications
Check the current price for the TomTom Adventurer on Amazon

If you are already planning the next camping trip, you can check out our article about useful iPhone gadgets for camping!

Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate Sensors http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8040-check-your-pulse-with-heart-rate-sensors Mon, 10 Jul 2017 19:40:36 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8040 Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate SensorsIt doesn’t matter, if you are an athlete or just interested in your health, most people know that the pulse is an important indicator of fitness and health. You can either get it checked properly by a doctor or monitor it with an app or fitness tracker. The best result will give you a heart rate sensor around your chest.

Table of Content

BerryKing Heartbeat

Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate Sensors - BerryKing

The heart rate sensor Heartbeat by BerryKing is compatible with many fitness apps, such as Runtastic and Endomo, as well as Fitness Trackers by Fitbit, Garmin, and TomTom. The sensor is waterproof so that you could even wear it when you go swimming. However, it cannot measure the pulse underwater. The chest strap supports ANT+ and Bluetooth LE connections so that it doesn’t need a lot of energy and the battery lasts for relatively long.

The strap can be adjusted to different body sizes and forms. It fits well and tight, but it’s a comfortable wearing. However, it could be a little too loose for very thin and short people. You can detach the sensor from the strap so that you can wash the strap. The BerryKing model is the cheapest one in our article. If the strap isn’t fitting probably, you will notice a fluctuation in the measurements.

Check the current price for the BerryKing Heartbeat on Amazon


Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate Sensors - WahooWahoo released a heart rate sensor with the TICKR, which is waterproof for up to 5ft and has Bluetooth 4.0, as well as ANT+ technology. Besides the heart rate monitoring, the sensor also measures the metabolism. This feature is called Burn. Wahoo provides an own app, by which you can analyze and evaluate the fitness data. However, it is also compatible with 50 other apps. In addition to the features, the strap has two light signals, which indicate activity and the monitoring of the heart rate.

Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate Sensors

Thanks to the integrated memory chips, the sensor can even save data while it is not connected to a smartphone. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts for up to 12 months. The only bad part about the TICKR is the strap buckle, which is difficult to use and loosens quickly for some people. The analyzed data is very reliable, though.

Check the current price for the TICKR by Wahoo on Amazon

Polar Heart Rate Sensor H10

Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate Sensors - PolarThe Polar Heart Rate Sensor H10 works independent from smartphone and smartwatch, thanks to its own integrated storage for up to 40 hours of training. In addition, it can measure the pulse while swimming. That’s why the heart rate sensor is waterproof for up to 90ft depth. Looking at the previous Polar model, the buckle and the sensor of the chest strap were totally improved. Now the fit of the chest strap got attuned to the use in high-motion training.

Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate Sensors - Polar

Polar makes sure that the heart rate monitor fits every body size optimally, so there are the sizes XS-S and M-XXL. The battery life is supposed to be 400 hours according to the manufacturer and this is true for an average use. There is an app for the Polar H10, which is called Polar Beat, but the sensor is also compatible with many other fitness and sports apps.

Check the current price for the Polar Heart Rate Sensor H10 on Amazon

If you rather are looking for a Fitness Tracker, this article will help you by comparing the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Alta HR.

Apple Music For Students Only USD 4.99 Per Month http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8032-apple-music-for-students-only-usd-4-99-per-month Mon, 10 Jul 2017 19:16:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8032 Apple Music For Students Only USD 4.99 Per MonthApple Music is offering a special discount for students for quite some time now. A subscription only costs USD 4.99 per month. Although this is not a new Apple Music plan, lots of students don’t know much about it. That’s a good reason for us to show you how you can subscribe as a student to Apple Music for a monthly rate of $4.99.


The requirement for the student discount is that you actually are enrolled in a university or college. The verification of your enrollment will be done by UNiDAYS. You can find out if your university is participating in the UNiDAYS program while registering for the subscription.

Therefore, it is impossible to get the student discount for Apple Music as a non-student.

Subscribe to the Student plan for Apple Music

If you want to subscribe to a student plan, you have to open the Music app and go to For You. You will see a note that gives you the opportunity to pick a plan. Click Choose Your Plan.

Apple Music For Students Only USD 4.99 Per Month

On the next level, you can choose one of the currently three plan options: Individual, Family or University Student. Select it and click Verify Eligibility.

Apple Music For Students Only USD 4.99 Per Month

Now enter your email address and state which university you are enrolled in.

You can basically enter your private email address. Some universities, however, want you to use the university Wi-Fi network, as well as the university email address.

If you cannot find your university, yours isn’t participating in the UNiDAYS program. Unfortunately, you can’t use the student discount.

Tap Next.

Apple Music For Students Only USD 4.99 Per Month

You now are requested to verify that you are a student. It will ask you to click the link in the email that got sent to your email address.

Apple Music For Students Only USD 4.99 Per Month

It also could be that you have to go to your university’s website in order to sign in to your student account. Each university handles this procedure differently. Just follow the instructions until you can complete your Apple Music student account.

Apple Music For Students Only USD 4.99 Per Month

In order to finish the whole subscription, you have to open the Apple Music app again. Tap Start Student Plan and enjoy a broad music selection for less money.

Apple Music Student Plan

A few things that you should know:

  • Your student plan runs for $4.99 as long as you don’t cancel it.
  • UNiDAYS will proof your enrollment regularly. If you are not enrolled anymore, it will automatically switch over to the Individual plan for $9.99 per month.
  • If you are using the student plan for 4 years, it also will switch to the $9.99 plan.

WhatsApp: How To Solve Connection Problems http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8027-whatsapp-how-to-solve-connection-problems Fri, 07 Jul 2017 15:05:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8027 WhatsApp: How To Solve Connection ProblemsDo you know this problem: The connection to WhatsApp just doesn’t want to load and you are not getting any messages? This can have multiple reasons. Of course, we cannot tell you which problem you exactly have, but there are certain signs that will give you a clue, whether the deactivated mobile data is causing the issue or a blocked number, etc. We will show you in this article how you can solve WhatsApp connection problems on your iPhone.

Mobile Data deactivated

If your iPhone cannot connect to WhatsApp, the first thing you have to check should be the internet connection. So turn off the WiFi and mobile data and turn it back on. If there is no change, it could help to restart your iPhone and the router.

Do connection problems only occur when you are outside? Then your mobile data settings could be the reason.

Mobile data has to be turned on for WhatsApp

Open the Settings and go to Mobile Data or Cellular. The slide button should be green (active) for WhatsApp, otherwise, you will not be able to send or receive messages on the go.

Messages cannot be sent

You have sent a message to one of your WhatsApp contacts. After a while, you are wondering why the person isn’t responding. Besides the connection problems, it could also have another reason: The contact blocked you.

No notifications

If you are awaiting a notification for a WhatsApp message, but your iPhone isn’t showing it, it is probably caused by the wrong iPhone settings. You can check them by opening the WhatsApp settings. Go to notifications and the slide button should be green for Show Notifications. Depending on which notifications, you want to get, you can decide here, which ones you activate.

Activate notifications for messages in WhatsApp settings

Cell service provider blocks WhatsApp

If you can connect to other apps with the WiFi, but not WhatsApp, it could be that your cell service provider configured the Wireless Access Points (APN) in a way, that certain applications are blocked. In this case, you have to directly contact your cell service provider and ask, what you have to change in the access point settings in order to use chat applications. Then you will get instructions how you can manually configure your mobile data and web settings.

If the problem remains, it very likely is a problem with the WhatsApp server.

Fitbit’s Fitness Trackers – Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Alta HR http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8022-fitbits-fitness-trackers-fitbit-charge-2-vs-fitbit-alta-hr Fri, 07 Jul 2017 14:51:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8022 Fitbit’s Fitness Trackers – Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Alta HRFitness trackers are enjoying a continuously growing popularity and are gaining more features with each model. Fitbit is one of the most popular manufacturers. The company improved the Charge 2 and Alta HR through an update. Learn more about the features of the Charge 2 and Alta HR in this article.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 is the improved version of the Fitbit Charge HR. The Charge 2 got a slimmer design and gets rid of the HR in the name, which stands for heart rate. It measures heart rate, tracks activities and sleeping periods, assists with guided Breathing Sessions for relaxation and evaluates your fitness level with the Cardio Fitness feature.

The Charge 2 continuously measures the pulse via the PurePulse feature, so it provides an extensive monitoring of your heart rate. The SmartTrack feature records every movement, even if you forgot to log them. Besides counting the number of steps and tracking different sports via the Multi Sports function, it also counts the floors for climbing stairs. The Charge 2 measures sleeping periods so that you can analyze the quality of your sleep. The Cardio Fitness feature calculates the fitness level according to different indicators such as activities, calorie intake, and heart rate.

Fitbit’s Fitness Trackers – Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Alta HR

The Charge 2 also motivates to be more active via reminders, besides the different options to track activities and sports. It offers guided Breathing Sessions to allow the body to rest throughout the day. The fitness tracker has a special alarm feature that will gently wake you up.

In order to keep the focus on activities, the Charge 2 can display notes for calls, messages and events in the calendar. The time display can, of course, be changed individually.


  • All-day tracking
  • Continuous pulse measurements
  • Analysis of sleeping periods
  • Gentle wake-up alarm
  • Changeable wristbands
  • Thin design


  • Splash-waterproof, not waterproof
  • No WhatsApp notifications for iPhone users
  • No integration of other apps
Check the current price of Fitbit’s Charge 2 on Amazon

If you are a real sports enthusiast, you can purchase a special sports band for the Charge 2, which has a perforated design for improved breathability.

Check the current price of sports bands for the Charge 2

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR provides pulse measurement, SmartTrack for the automatic exercise tracking, sleep analysis and cardio fitness level in a thin design. It is the upgrade of the Fitbit Alta.

Most features of the Fitbit Charge 2 can be found in the Fitbit Alta HR. This includes the PurePulse technology to monitor the heart rate and the SmartTrack function, which recognizes motion-intense activities such as mountain climbing and bike riding. In contrast to the Charge 2, the Alta HR cannot track these automatically. You would have to start the protocol manually before. The Alta HR also can analyze the individual cardio fitness level for the user. It calculates data such as burned calories, activities and heart rate, and puts them in relation to each other.

Fitbit’s Fitness Trackers – Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Alta HR

You would also notice the few missing features in the weight. The Fitbit Alta HR is a lightweight fitness tracker with many features. The Alta HR display is pretty small because of the thin design. Therefore, four-digit figures don’t fit on the display in portrait format. The landscape format solves this problem, though.

Like the Charge 2, the Alta HR can display notifications about calls, messages, and events in the calendar as well, so that activities stay in focus.


  • All-day tracking
  • Continuous pulse measurements
  • Cardio Fitness
  • Analysis of sleeping periods
  • Clear design
  • Changeable wristbands
  • Super thin design
  • Very light


  • Splash-waterproof, not waterproof
  • No WhatsApp notifications for iPhone users
  • Shifted display of the steps number (1.000 and higher)
  • No integration of other apps
Check the current price of the Alta HR on Amazon


Buying the Fitbit Charge 2 or Fitbit Alta HR depends on the requirement and user behavior. While the Alta HR is significantly thinner in design and consequently lighter, the Charge 2 has some additional features such as Guided Breathing Sessions and the floor count for climbing stairs. There are plenty changeable wristbands for both models – different colors and materials, such as metal, leather, and sportive designs.

For those, who want to wear a discreet tracker and don’t want to do without pulse measurements, should go for the Fitbit Alta HR. For the sports enthusiasts, the Fitbit Charge 2 in combination with a sports band should be the best choice. The Charge 2 can also display the time and steps because of the bigger size.

Fitbit promises on their website that the battery of the Charge 2 lasts up to 5 days. However, continuous and intense usage will drain the battery quicker so that you have to charge it after 3 full days. The Fitbit Alta HR is supposed to make it through 7 days without charging. In this case, the battery will last for around 5 days with continuous and intense usage. The charging is very quick for both models, though. They both have a durable OLED display without touch function and the display can be activated by tapping or an arm movement.

Movies To Go: Mini Projectors For iPhones http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8015-mini-projectors-for-iphones Wed, 05 Jul 2017 12:57:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8015 Movies To Go: Mini Projectors For iPhonesYou don’t have to get a huge and expensive projector to fulfill your dream of a home cinema. There are devices available, which are small, handy and affordable. In addition, you can connect them with your iPhone within seconds. We compared four mini projectors for smartphones for you.

Table of Content

Mini projector by Artlii

The yellow-white mini projector by Artlii is the cheapest in our comparison. The device is just as small as a hand and fits in every backpack or even in the pocket of your jacket. It has a built-in speaker, as well as AV, USB, SD, and HDMI ports so that you can connect your iPhone, laptop, TV or external drives.

Movies To Go: Mini Projectors For iPhones

We could not complain about the assembly of the mini projector. However, there are noticeable differences to more expensive models when it comes to playing the movies. The images are very dark even in dark rooms and it seems blurry when you take a closer look. The cooling fan also makes loud noises.


  • Affordable
  • Compact size
  • Integrated speaker


  • Weak brightness
  • Blurry image
  • Loud fan
Check the current price of the mini projector by Artlii on Amazon

Video projector by Deeplee

The projector by Deeplee is also located in the affordable section. Despite the relatively low resolution of 640×480 pixels, the image results are very good. Thanks to the 1000 Lumen strong LED lamp, it can also clearly project videos onto a wall outside on a summer evening. The projector supports a size of 32 to 120 inches without distortion or blurring.

Movies To Go: Mini Projectors For iPhones

The projector comes with a stereo speaker and is compatible with almost all devices such as PC, thumb drive or iPhone. The downside of this device is the relatively loud cooling fan. In order to use a smartphone or tablet with the projector, you will need a wireless display dongle.


  • Affordable
  • Compact size
  • Good image quality
  • Integrated speaker


  • Loud fan
  • Wireless display dongle needed
Check the current price of the video projector by Deeplee on Amazon

LightInTheBox projector by Doogee

Square, handy, cute: These words perfectly suit the LightInTheBox projector by Doogee. The mini projector allows projections of up to 100 inches and has USB and HDMI ports, as well as an antenna port. The resolution of 1280×800 pixels is totally enough for private usage. The quality is very good and you will get a contrast-rich image.

Movies To Go: Mini Projectors For iPhones

The integrated 4800mAh battery could be used as an emergency power for the iPhone for on the go. The integrated speaker can be connected to other devices such as other speakers via Bluetooth. However, this cube projector cannot go without a loud cooling fan either.


  • Compact size
  • Antenna connector
  • High resolution
  • Contrast-rich image
  • Power bank for the iPhone


  • Loud fan
Check the current price of the LightInTheBox projector by Doogee on Amazon

Pico projector by HTLL

HTLL offers a projector for your pocket with the HD projector Pico. The device is able project an image in HD quality, which can reach up to 150 inches. It supports all plug & play media files. In comparison to the other products, this mini projector has the highest brightness and can be used at daylight as well as at night. The definition is the same in all areas of the image.

Movies To Go: Mini Projectors For iPhones

The device is just as small as a pack of cigarettes and as big as an Action Cam when it is inside the protection case. Like the competing products, this mini projector also has a loud cooling fan and it runs always under full power.


  • HD resolution
  • High brightness
  • Useable in daylight
  • Small


  • Loud fan
Check the current price of the Pico projector by HTLL on Amazon

Automatically Start Safari In Private Mode http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/8009-automatically-start-safari-in-private-mode Wed, 05 Jul 2017 08:56:07 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8009 Automatically Start Safari In Private ModeAs you probably know, you can use a private mode in the Safari browser on your iPhone so that visited websites don’t show up in your browser history, websites cannot track your activities, etc. Using Safari makes sense if you are concerned about your privacy and data protection. Unfortunately, there is no official way on the iPhone (in contrast to a Mac) to allow Safari to always start in private mode. A little trick makes it possible and we are going to show you!

Start Safari in private mode

Below you will find two tricks that allow starting Safari in private mode automatically.

Keep private mode activated

Open Safari on your iPhone, tap the Tabs icon at the bottom right and click Private at the bottom left. Read more…

Keep Private Tab open to automatically start Safari in private mode

This will activate the private mode on Safari. It will not remember visited websites, browser history, and filled-out fields.

Leave this private tab open – or in other words: Keep the private mode activated – for the next time you want to browse in Safari. Just close Safari by pressing the Home Button. The next time you will open Safari, it will automatically start in the private mode.

Tip: This also works, if you closed Safari completely – swiping the app up in the App Switcher.

3D Touch: New private tab

Another way to start Safari in private mode is 3D Touch. You can only use this trick if have an iPhone 6s or later.

Firmly press (= 3D Touch) the Safari app icon on your Home Screen to open the Quick Action menu. Tap New Private Tab to start Safari in private mode.

Use 3D Touch to start Safari in private

Until Apple finds a permanent solution to open Safari in private, you can use the two tricks as a workaround.

From Expensive To Cheap: Comparing Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/8000-comparing-waterproof-bluetooth-speakers Wed, 05 Jul 2017 08:15:49 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=8000 From Expensive To Cheap: Comparing Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakersAlways and everywhere listening to music, even with bad weather – waterproof Bluetooth speakers make it possible. They are robust, as well as compact and fit into every bag or backpack. We compared popular models from different price classes for you according to sound, battery life, and assembly.

Table of Content

Bluetooth speaker by Wirezoll

The Bluetooth speaker by Wirezoll is highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts. The box is certified with IP67 and provides a reliable protection against dust and temporary dives into the water. The rubber coating guarantees that it has a secure hold on inclined surfaces.

Waterproof Buetooth speaker by Wirezoll

The two 10W drivers and the passive bass radiator provide a great sound. The bass sounds good, but the trebles get a little distorted in the higher volume range. However, we cannot complain about the sound considering the low price of the Bluetooth speaker. The battery life is around 12 hours, which is far over the average. The package includes a 3.5mm audio cord that allows a connection to PC, laptop or tablet.


  • IP67 certified
  • Good grip
  • Good bass
  • Affordable


  • Distorted trebles
Check the current price of the Wirezoll speaker on Amazon

Ultimate Ears Boom 2

A 360° surround sound is guaranteed by the Boom 2 by Ultimate Ears. The wireless speaker provides a flawless and clear sound, the bass is deep and the trebles clear.

Waterproof Buetooth speaker by Ultimate Ear

The device is IPX7 certified and can withstand a dive into the water (3ft/1m deep) for up to 30min. Therefore, you can use it in the shower without any doubts. If the Boom 2 gets dirty, you can rinse it with warm water. Especially handy: The free PartyUp app, by which you can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers. This allows you to listen to music as if you had a sound system. The theory is wonderful, but in practice, unfortunately, the connection between the speakers breaks up too often. The battery life is perfect, though. It lasts up to 15 hours of playing music. The large color selection guarantees that there is a suitable model for every taste.


  • 360° surround sound
  • IPX7 certified
  • Connection of multiple speakers
  • Large color selection


  • App causes disconnections
Check the current price of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 on Amazon

Bluetooth speaker by CRDC Life

The Bluetooth speaker by CRDC is the cheapest in our comparison. The device is waterproof and dustproof according to its IP65 classification. The housing is made of soft silicone rubber coating so that it protects the speaker from falls, dust and wear marks. At the same time, the material provides a comfortable feel and good grip.

Waterproof Buetooth speaker by CRDC Life

Inside the box, there is a dual 5W driver that provides rich sound quality. The bass is good, but not distinct. The maximum volume cannot reach the models in this comparison. We would say that the device is good for inside and not so much outdoors. The battery life is around 8 hours with normal volume, which is below the average, compared to the other models. The speaker has a hands-free feature and an automatic switch-off.


  • IP65 certified
  • Good feel and grip
  • Hands-free feature
  • Automatic switch-off


  • Maximum volume too low
Check the current price of the CRDC Life Bluetooth speaker on Amazon

JBL Charge 3

JBL is known for great audio devices and also doesn’t disappoint with the stylish design of the Charge 3. The speaker is waterproof according to IDX7 and has a splashproof coating. The sound is balanced within the whole sound spectrum. The trebles are differentiated, the middle tones are clear and the bass is strong and deep enough – but only until medium volume. Once the volume goes higher than medium, the bass doesn’t get boosted and the sound seems distorted.

Waterproof Buetooth speaker by JBL

In comparison to the other devices, the Charge 3 is equipped with a noise suppression that guarantees clear voice quality for calls at the touch of the button. You can also connect multiple JBL-Connect-compatible speakers. The rechargeable 6000mAh battery provides enough energy for 20 hours and can charge smartphones via the USB port.


  • IPX7 certified
  • Noise suppression
  • Connect multiple devices wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Charges smartphones


  • Balanced sound only until medium volume
Check the current price of the JBL Charge 3 on Amazon

Travel speaker by DOSS

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof: The Bluetooth speaker by DOSS is made for outdoor activities. The device is equipped with 20 Watt speakers that provide a rich sound with a deep bass for up to 12 hours. Even high volume cannot harm the sound of the DOSS speaker, whereas other models show weaknesses.

Waterproof Buetooth speaker by DOSS

The integrated flashlight has four light modes from weak to strong intensity. Thanks to the shoulder straps, you can take the speaker everywhere anytime. The only downside of the DOSS speaker is the interface. In the dark, it is very difficult to find the buttons because they don’t have the haptic feeling.


  • Very robust
  • Deep bass
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated flashlight


  • Operating the speaker in the dark
Check the current price of the DOSS travel speaker on Amazon

WhatsApp Prank: Create Fake WhatsApp Chats http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7990-whatsapp-prank-create-fake-whatsapp-chats Tue, 04 Jul 2017 11:05:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7990 WhatsApp Prank: Create Fake WhatsApp ChatsDid you ever want to make your friends believe that you have chatted with a celebrity or that you had lunch with Steve Jobs? Or maybe you want to let your friend believe that he or she sent you embarrassing photos and messages when the person was drunk? There is a WhatsApp prank that allows you to create fake chats, which look remarkably real!

Get WhatsApp Prank app

There are many different free apps available on the App Store, by which you can create fake chats. The following apps pretty much do the same, so you can just pick one:

We use in this little guide the app WhatsPrank.

Create fake WhatsApp chats

In WhatsPrank you have the possibility to fake multiple chats. Just tap the Create icon at the top right.

Start creating your fake WhatsApp chat

Here you can enter any name of your chat partner for the prank. For example, you can enter the name of a friend that you want to prank or the name of a celebrity.

You can also use a photo from your iPhone that you could add as the profile photo for your contact. You eventually want the chat to look real… ;-)

In addition, there are a few visual settings:

  • The option Online sets up, if the contact should or should not be shown as online (below the name).
  • You could also activate the option Typing so that it looks like that the contact is currently writing a message.
  • And last but not least, you can add a status text, for example, the status the person uses in reality.

Confirm your edits by tapping Save in the top right corner.

Create your fake contact for your WhatsApp prank

Open the created contact.

Tap the input field at the bottom to start creating the chat. The speech bubble on the left side of the input field switches between “sent” and “received” messages.

Hit Send to send the message.

Create the fake chat with WhatsPrank

You can edit every message after sending by tapping the certain message. You can edit the text and change the type of message (sent or received), as well as changing the time stamp and WhatsApp check marks.

Make edits if necessary

Once you are happy with the outcome, you can take a screenshot of the chat.

You can get rid of these ads…

The free app has some advertisement

… by In-app purchase or editing the photo with a photo editing program of your choice.

WhatsApp Prank: Create Fake WhatsApp Chats

And we are going to look for someone that could fall for this real-looking WhatsApp prank! :-)

How To Filter Search Results In Google App http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7982-how-to-filter-search-results-in-google-app Tue, 04 Jul 2017 09:44:52 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7982 How To Filter Search Results In Google AppIf you regularly are using Google on Safari as a search engine, you should take a closer look at the official search app by Google. A new update allows filtering your search results in order to improve them to your needs. So in future, it will be possible to filter restaurants according to their reviews and museums according to the opening hours.


You just need Google – the official Search app in the version 28.0 or later.

Filter search results in Google app

Open the Google app on your iPhone. Tap the search field and enter any search term, such as restaurants or museums. You can also try more precise terms like Chinese restaurant, sushi restaurant San Francisco, etc. If you don’t specify the location, Google will use your current location and will give you the results from nearby.

Google - the official search app

Google will present you the search results in a list as usual. You can find the new filter feature below the search field. Tap Filter to show the options.

Filter your search results

If you were looking for restaurants, you can filter the search results according to reviews or price range. Tap, for example, 4 stars to display only restaurants that reached 4 stars or more in the reviews. Tap Done at the top right to apply the filter.

Apply filters to your Google search

In our example, you only see 4-star-rated restaurants in San Francisco.

Filtered search result in the Google app

A tap on a search result opens the detail view of the restaurant as usual. You can find out more information about the place, e.g. website, phone number, or you can get the directions to the place.

How To Filter Search Results In Google App

According to Google, there are coming up more and more filter options in future.

Google Search app on the App Store

Google (Free, App Store) →

Save Clips Projects & Share Them With Friends http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7976-save-clips-projects-share-them-with-friends Tue, 04 Jul 2017 08:53:12 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7976 Save Clips Projects & Share Them With FriendsIf you are using Apple‘s Clips app to create short videos, you may want to share the product with your friends on platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, or you at least want to save the video to your Photos app. You can do both, although it is kind of hidden.

Save Clips projects

If you want to save your finished clips to your camera roll, instead of just having them in the Clips app, you will have to tap the Projects icon (arrow down) at the top left of the Clips app.

Open the Clips in the Clips app in order to save and share the video

Here you will find your projects. You can click every single one to see it. To save a project, tap the Share icon at the bottom right and choose Save Video from the bottom row.

Save Clips video to Photos app

Your project should now be shown in the Photos app and should synchronize on all your devices (in case you are using the iCloud Photo Library).

Tip: If you are using Cloud services, such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive, you can also save the Clips video there. You might have to unhide the particular icon first.

Share Clips projects

If you want to share your Clips projects, you can take almost the same steps like above. Open the Clips app and tap the Projects icon (arrow down) at the top left.

Open the Clips in the Clips app in order to save and share the video

Tap the Share icon at the bottom right. This time, the middle or top menu row is interesting for you. Tap any of the displayed icons, for example, Instagram, so that you can share the Clips project in the respective app.

Save Clips Projects & Share Them With Friends

Tip: Here applies the same – You might have to display the app icons first.

Clips on the App Store

Clips (Free, App Store) →

DOSS SoundBox: Testing The Budget Speaker http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7970-doss-soundbox-testing-the-budget-speaker Tue, 04 Jul 2017 06:09:34 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7970 DOSS SoundBox: Testing The Budget SpeakerThere are as many Bluetooth speakers available as there is sand on the beach and it gets harder and harder to keep an overview. The SoundBox by Doss is one of the most popular portable speakers and wants to score with an intuitive touch control to stand out from its competitors. We tested the small gadget in terms of operation, battery life and sound.

Table of Content


The Doss SoundBox makes a good first impression. It can be operated by touch-sensitive buttons on top of the gadget. The control is self-explanatory and intuitive. A slight finger touch and you start or pause the song, skip a track and answer calls.

DOSS SoundBox: Testing The Budget Speaker

The pairing with the iPhone works via Bluetooth 4.0 and is fast as well as uncomplicated. The speaker also has a line-in port for an audio cable and a microSD card slot so that you can use different media to play music. Thanks to its compact size of 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches (168 x 74 x 69 mm), the SoundBox fits in every purse or backpack.  The package includes a waterproof pouch for the speaker so that you can take the speaker everywhere even with bad weather.

Battery life

According to Doss, you can play music for about 12 hours. In a test with medium volume, it lasted even longer. The rechargeable 2200mAh Lithium-Ion battery played for 15 hours and recharges super quickly thanks to the fast-charging function.


Small speakers, like this one by Doss, usually have a good sound, which distorts with an increasing volume. They usually lack in a deep bass because of a missing resonance body. However, this doesn’t count for Doss. The SoundBox has a dual high performance driver with a passive bass radiator that provides a good sound with a surround-sound concept.

DOSS SoundBox: Testing The Budget Speaker

The tiny speaker even impresses with the volume. It can fill a 200-squarefeet large room without a problem. The sound stays clear and without distortion even at high volumes.


The Doss SoundBox doesn’t have to hide behind the more expensive brand gadgets. The assembly is high-quality and the sound fully impresses from the beginning. Of course, you cannot compare the tiny speaker to a mini compact sound system, but the SoundBox by Doss is one of the leading products in its price category. However, if you want a great deep bass, you should invest more money and look into higher price categories.

Check the current price of the DOSS SoundBox on Amazon

Apple Music: Save Money With The Annual Plan! http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7965-apple-music-save-money-with-the-annual-plan Mon, 03 Jul 2017 12:21:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7965 Apple Music: Save Money With The Annual Plan!Until recently, you only had the possibility to choose an Apple Music subscription plan that had a period of a month. For those, who cannot benefit from the student subscription, have to pay $9.99 per month. Now you can have the individual plan as an annual subscription and it is much cheaper than the monthly payment.

Individual plan for a whole year

The annual plan for individuals at Apple’s own music streaming service costs only $99 in total. The cost for a monthly subscription for individuals is $9.99, which adds up to $119.88 for a whole year. Therefore, you can save more than $20, if you subscribe to the annual plan! The available features for Apple Music stay the same. Changing the subscription plan is still a little bit hidden. That’s why we want to show you how you can change your subscription plan for Apple Music in order to save money!

Open the App Store or iTunes Store on your iPhone and scroll down to the bottom. Click Apple ID: xxx and then View Apple ID. Enter your password or use your Touch ID to sign in.

Apple Music: Save Money With The Annual Plan

Now click Subscriptions to see all your subscriptions and select the Apple Music Subscription. You will see an overview of the different options for Apple Music. If you want to benefit from the cheaper annual plan, you just have to select Individual (1 Year). From now on, you will stream your favorite music with the cheaper plan without giving up on any features.

Apple Music: Save Money With The Annual Plan!

Get more tips & tricks for Apple Music here!

The Best iPhone Gadgets Against Burglars http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7958-the-best-iphone-gadgets-for-burglars Mon, 03 Jul 2017 11:43:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7958 The Best iPhone Gadgets For BurglarsPeople who are out of the house for longer, e.g. for work or private reason, often worry about the security of their home. Gadgets, such as surveillance cameras for inside and outside, sensors or alarm systems prevent people from getting inside the house, apartment or room unnoticed. We present you 5 gadgets that you can operate with your iPhone and will scare off burglars.

Table of Content

Outdoor Camera A7 by HiKam

The wireless security camera A7 by HiKam is great for outside. The gadget has a light sensor, infrared spotlight and IR Cut that records in colors throughout the day and at night in gray tones. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can even hear what’s going on in front of your door.

HiKam : The Best iPhone Gadgets For Burglars

After the alarm went off, you will receive a push notification on your iPhone and/or an email. If you want, you can even get a photo of the suspicious motion right away. The photos and videos are saved to a 16GB large SD card inside the camera for preserving the evidence. The camera is waterproof and dustproof and fulfills the IP66 standard.

Check the current price for the HiKam A7 on Amazon

Security Camera Netatmo Presence

The security camera Presence by Netatmo is able to distinguish people from vehicles and animals so that it can give warnings according to it. It reports motions in real time, for example, a car driving up the driveway, a person on the property or an animal in the garden.

Netatmo: The Best iPhone Gadgets For Burglars

Especially the Alert Zones feature is practical because it notifies you about changes in certain areas and about the integrated floodlight. You can activate the floodlight via the app as soon as a person, car or animal comes closer.

Check the current price for the Presence by Netatmos on Amazon

WiFi Camera by EC Technology

The surveillance camera by EC Technology will keep you up to date about changes inside your house, apartment or room. The camera can swivel 360° and can tilt 90° so that it can observe every inch of the room. As soon as the WiFi camera detects a motion, it instantly sends photos to the app or the internet.

The Best iPhone Gadgets For Burglars

Besides using the camera for security purposes, you can also use it as a baby or animal monitor. The two-way intercom allows you to contact the person(s) in the room.

Check the current price for the WiFi Camera by EC Technology on Amazon

Elgator Eve Door & Window Contact Sensor

If you want to additionally increase the security of your home, you could get the wireless Bluetooth Contact Sensor ”Eve Door & Window“ by Elgator. The gadget detects whether a window or door is open or closed, and sends push notifications to your iPhone as soon as something opens.

The Best iPhone Gadgets For Burglars

The Contact Sensor is compatible with the Apple Home Kit and can send notifications in conjunction with Apple TV while you are at work or on vacation.

Check the current price for the Eve Door & Window by Elgator on Amazon

Photographing Like A Pro: 5 Practical Camera Gadgets For iPhones http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7946-photographing-like-a-pro-practical-camera-gadgets-for-iphones Mon, 03 Jul 2017 08:42:13 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7946 Photographing Like A Pro: 5 Practical Camera Gadgets For iPhonesThe iPhone provides one of the best cameras that is built in a smartphone. However, the potential is limited when it comes to zoom and focal length. We want to present you 5 practical gadgets that will help you to take photos like a pro. These tools will help you to make the most of your iPhone camera.

Table of Content

3 in 1 Clip-On Camera Lenses Kit by VicTsing

Without a doubt, the iPhone camera is great, but it shows some weaknesses in macro photographs. The Clip-On Lenses are supposed to help with their various focal lengths. The 3 in 1 set by VicTsing comes with an 180-degree fisheye, 0.36x wide angle lens, and 20x macro lens. They can be attached to the iPhone with the rubberized clips, which won’t cause scratches.

Photographing Like A Pro: 5 Practical Camera Gadgets For iPhones

The lenses can be used with the main camera, as well as with the facial camera. By the way, the photo quality is not suffering from the Clip-On Lenses because the lens is zooming for you and not the iPhone.

Get the current offer for the 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens by VicTsing on Amazon

Telephoto Lens with Stand by Hizek

Macro photographs are one weak spot for the iPhone camera and zooming is another one, because photos get blurry when you zoom in. This will be a problem of the past with the 12x Zoom Lens by Hizek.

Photographing Like A Pro: 5 Practical Camera Gadgets For iPhones

This gadget allows you take sharp photos of objects that are far away. The telephoto lens comes with a stand so that you can fix your iPhone and the photos don’t get blurry.

Get the current offer for the Telephoto Lens by Hizek on Amazon

Phone Tripod with Bluetooth Remote by UBeesize

If you like to record videos and need your hands free, you will enjoy the Phone Tripod with Bluetooth Remote by UBeesize.

Photographing Like A Pro: 5 Practical Camera Gadgets For iPhones

The gadget provides a secure position thanks to its rubberized feet. The flexible legs allow adjusting it according to the grounds so that you can even attach it to a pole, bike or branch. The Bluetooth remote assists in taking photos or recording videos from far away.

Get the current offer for the Flexible Phone Tripod by UBeesize on Amazon

LED Selfie Flash by Bidafun

If you are a selfie fan, you will love the flash circle by Bidafun. The little white spotlight can be attached to the top of your iPhone and provides perfect light conditions for selfies. It is made of 36 small LEDs that shine in three different levels of brightness.

Photographing Like A Pro: 5 Practical Camera Gadgets For iPhones

The circle is just as wide as an iPhone so that it fits in every pocket or purse.

Get the current offer for the LED Selfie Flash by Bidafun on Amazon

iPhone Dolly Car by Ztylus

Are you often filming action-packed videos or dynamic short movies on your iPhone? Then we would recommend the light and portable iPhone Dolly Car by Ztylus.

Photographing Like A Pro: 5 Practical Camera Gadgets For iPhones

Thanks to the four inline skates wheels, the dolly is very quiet and can be precisely maneuvered for dynamic videos. As it can manage a load up to 20lbs (10kg), it is even compatible with DSLR cameras.

Get the current offer for the iPhone Dolly Car by Ztylus on Amazon

Sounds Bigger Than It Actually Is: Bose SoundLink Revolve Test http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7941-sounds-bigger-than-it-actually-is-bose-soundlink-revolve-test Mon, 03 Jul 2017 05:10:25 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7941 Sounds Bigger Than It Actually Is: Bose SoundLink Revolve TestPortable speaker mostly have this downside: They have an average sound. Only a few manufacturers manage to offer a great sound experience in a small speaker so that it could keep up with larger sound systems. Bose wants to change this with the SoundLink Revolve and in their words, they released the most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker of all time. We tested the tiny gadget and reveal if they keep their advertised promise.

High-quality assembly

The Bose SoundLink Revolve makes a great first impression. It was manufactured with a seamless water-resistant aluminum housing that got the IPX4 classification. So it provides the optimal protection in case the speaker gets wet, for example on a party. The material is high-quality and the assembly leaves nothing to be desired.

Sounds Bigger Than It Actually Is: Bose SoundLink Revolve Test

The speaker is almost as small as a regular glass and can be taken anywhere thanks to the conical design. You can even take calls directly with the box via the integrated hands-free function. It is also possible to use Siri for voice control. Operating the SoundLink Revolve is easy and the pairing with the iPhone via Bluetooth works perfectly. We can’t even complain about the battery life. With a normal volume, it lasts for 11 to 12 hours.

Small device, big sound

Despite the small size of the SoundLink Revolve, it has a great sound and takes you by the first tone. The speaker is designed in a way that the 3D sound can spread in all directions. Therefore, if you place the SoundLink Revolve in the middle of the room, everyone can enjoy the same sound experience. You can obviously place it close to a wall as well so that it reflects the sound.

Sounds Bigger Than It Actually Is: Bose SoundLink Revolve Test

The bass is powerful without being dominant or distorted. The middle tones and trebles are clear and provide a very pleasant sound. The Revolve is perfectly tuned and has the punchy sound that is known for Bose.

Bose Connect app

If you want to get the most out of the little speaker, you should get the Bose Connect app. You can use it to switch between different Bluetooth devices and pair it via stereo and party mode. In addition, the application can give you product tips so that you can use the speaker the best way.


The Bose SoundLink Revolve is perfect for everyone, who wants a speaker “to go” with a great sound. You will definitely notice that it is a premium manufacturer that is behind this little device because it stands out against competitor products with the sound and assembly. The only bad side of the story is: The relatively high price.

Check the current price of the Bose SoundLink Revolve on Amazon

How To Install Kodi (XBMC) On iPhone Without Jailbreak http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7933-how-to-install-kodi-xbmc-on-iphone-without-jailbreak Sat, 01 Jul 2017 14:27:16 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7933 How To Install Kodi (XBMC) On iPhone Without JailbreakKodi (former XBMC) is a free media player that originally was created for the Xbox. It can play all existing video formats. Although Kodi is not available on the App Store, you can use this trick to install the music player on your iPhone – for free and without jailbreak. Just follow the guide below!

Install Cydia Impactor

First, you need the current Kodi IPA File that you can get on Google or via this link.

Then you need to install the Cydia Impactor on your Mac or Windows PC. Open the following link and choose the operating system that you need:


Install the app on your Mac or PC.

Install Kodi on iPhone

Now connect your iPhone to your computer and close iTunes in case it opens automatically.

Open Cydia Impactor on your computer. Your iPhone should be displayed in the first field. If not, you have to choose it in the dropdown menu. Drag & Drop the Kodi IPA File in the window of the application.

How To Install Kodi (XBMC) On iPhone Without Jailbreak

You will be asked for your Apple ID and password. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Apple ID that you normally use on your iPhone or other iOS devices. If you have another one, you can also use that one. The Apple ID is just used to give IPA File a signature.

How To Install Kodi (XBMC) On iPhone Without Jailbreak

The installation of Kodi on your iPhone can take a moment.

How To Install Kodi (XBMC) On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Once the installation is finished, you can take your iPhone and go to Settings > General > Device Management. Tap your Apple ID under Developer App. You have to trust the application first. Click Trust “YOUR APPLE ID” and confirm in the pop-up window.

How To Install Kodi (XBMC) On iPhone Without Jailbreak

That’s it. You should now find the Kodi app on your Home Screen. Have fun with Kodi on your iPhone!

How To Install Kodi (XBMC) On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Improving Room Atmosphere With Netatmo Healthy Home Coach http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7928-improving-room-atmosphere-with-netatmo-healthy-home-coach Sat, 01 Jul 2017 09:11:41 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7928 Improving Room Atmosphere With Netatmo Healthy Home CoachThe atmosphere of a room has a big impact on our well-being. We don’t sleep as well when the temperature is too high. If a room has a high level of carbon dioxide, it is difficult to concentrate. The Healthy Home Coach by Netatmo is a smart gadget that measures the air quality, humidity, temperature and noise in the interior. It is supposed to make our surroundings healthier. We tested the gadget for you!

First impression

The thin gadget makes a great first impression. The rose gold aluminum body makes it look elegant and it will fit into every room decoration. The white stripe on the front is a bar that shines in different colors according to the state.

The installation is fast and easy. The device connects to the WiFi and the free Netatmo Home Coach app within seconds. You can connect it with the Apple Home Kit by scanning the code on the back of the Netatmo.

Improving Room Atmosphere With Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

More than a thermometer

The Smart Home gadget analyzes different invisible room attributes and sends recommendations for improving the room atmosphere to your iPhone. The right humidity and good ventilation are very important in order to handle asthma, allergies or breathing problems. A room that may feel good for adults can be too hot for a baby. The app will help with this problem. Unfortunately, at the moment the profile range is limited to “whole family”, “baby” and “asthma patient”. It would be nice if there was an option, where you can create individual profiles so that you can determine how high the temperature or humidity should be in a room.

Netatmo Home Coach app

While the Home Kit only shows certain measurements, you will get more information about all results in the Netatmo Home Coach app. If you tap a value, it will open tips and notes in order to improve the room atmosphere. They show the results on a demonstrative scale, which is very handy. You can easily see what the problematic value is to improve it early enough. If some measurements are too high or low (bad air quality, noises, temperature), the app will send notifications to your iPhone that contain tips to improve the room atmosphere and well-being. Therefore, if you want to get more information about the individual measurements, you should definitely use the Netatmo Home Coach app.


The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a great gadget for everyone who wants to analyze and improve the room atmosphere. It is high-quality and provides reliable data. Especially the clearly structured app will help you. You can understand what the reason for the bad sleep of a family member is (noises, temperature, air quality, etc.) and you will see when the humidity is too high so that mold could occur.

Check the current price for the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach on Amazon.

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7922-charging-iphone-battery-with-solar-energy-testing-products-by-goal-zero Sat, 01 Jul 2017 07:52:56 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7922 Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal ZeroIf you like to be outdoors in your leisure time, you may not want to go without your iPhone. However, it will probably be dead, when you need it the most while hiking, climbing or camping. This should be a problem of the past with the solar and battery products by Goal Zero. We tested the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel and the Venture 30 Power Bank.

Table of Content

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel: Sun energy for the iPhone

The Nomad 7 Plus is a solar panel that can charge smartphones, batteries and other USB-operated devices. And it works like this: The panel collects the energy of the sun in the solar module and either saves it to the connected power bank like the Venture 30 by Goal Zero or it directly charges the iPhone.

The Nomad 7 Plus makes a very good first impression and is a high-quality product. Thanks to the slim design and a low weight (around 500g / 1lb), the solar panel fits in every trekking pack and can be taken on every trip. The assembly of the device is carefully thought through.  You can attach an included stand to the panel magnetically so that you can place the solar panels at a 45-degree angle to the sun. The stand is a bag at the same time, where you can keep adapter, smartphones and other devices. You will also get two carabiners with the Nomad 7 Plus. This enables you, for example, to attach it to the backpack.

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero

In the panel are monocrystalline solar cells that can charge small devices with 7 Watt. It recognizes charging interruptions after a voltage drop because of sudden clouds and automatically provides the appropriate charging voltage of the USB device to prevent a surge. The four LEDs on the junction box indicate the current solar power. The more lamps shine, the more electricity you have.

Goal Zero Venture 30: The robust power bank for on the go

The energy produced by the Nomad can be collected with the Goal Zero Venture 30 and, for example, used during nights. The power bank is completely designed for the usage outdoors and has a robust rubber protection. It is classified with IPX6 so that it is weatherproof and shockproof. There is a microUSB cord around the edges, which seals both external ports at the same time. The cord enables to either charge the power bank or other connected devices.

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero

The Venture 30 can be charged by the solar panel or directly from a socket and can charge two devices with up to 2.3A on both USB ports. The charging time of the 7800mAh battery takes 8 to 16 hours with the Nomad 7 Plus and 4 hours on the socket. If possible, charge the Venture 30 before you go on the trip. This way you have a plan B in case the weather isn’t good enough to charge the power bank.

A handy feature of the power bank is the clever charging sequence. It supposed to help to optimize and to adjust the USB output power. The power bank tests the parameters of the charging device while charging and automatically chooses the fastest charging mode. Battery level and charging speed is indicated with 5 blue LED lamps. The faster they are flashing, the quicker Venture 30 charges.

At the same spot, there are 5 white LEDs for a flashlight. They can be as bright as 65 Lumen and give different levels of brightness. You can decide how bright the flashlight should be.

Charging iPhone Battery With Solar Energy: Testing Products by Goal Zero


The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus and Venture 30 are designed for going on every outdoor adventure. If you often are outside, you will have fun with both gadgets. Scratches, dust or water don’t matter for the Nomad and Venture. The only disadvantage is the high price, although it is reasonable considering the high quality of the products. It also would pay out, if you are outside very often.

Check the current prices of the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus and Venture 30 on Amazon.

Apple Music: Open & Buy Songs In iTunes http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7915-apple-music-open-buy-songs-in-itunes Fri, 30 Jun 2017 17:32:42 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7915 Apple Music: Open & Buy Songs In iTunesIf you are an Apple Music subscriber and if you like to buy music every once in a while, you will have your difficulties with Apple Music. There is no option to open and purchase a song that you like on iTunes. Instead, you have to open iTunes on your iPhone manually, search the song there and buy it. We show you a trick that makes this whole procedure easier. You will be able to directly open and buy the songs that you like on iTunes.

Install Workflow app

You will need the free app Workflow for this trick. Load and install the app on your iPhone. Read more…

Install “Open in iTunes Store“ Workflow

Open Workflow on your iPhone and tap Gallery on top. Click the search icon at the top right and search for the Workflow Open in iTunes Store. Once you found it, tap it to open the details view.

Apple Music: Open & Buy Songs In iTunes

Go to Get Workflow at the bottom to install the Workflow. Then click Open in the same window.

Apple Music: Open & Buy Songs In iTunes

You don’t have to change anything in the Workflow. Just tap Done at the top right corner.

Apple Music: Open & Buy Songs In iTunes

You only have to take these steps once. As soon as you installed the Workflow, you can open songs on iTunes the following way:

Open and buy songs on iTunes

Open the Music app and navigate to a song that you would like to purchase on iTunes. Tap the More icon (three dots) in the details view of a song.

Click Share Song. In the share window, you have to tap Run Workflow in the bottom row and then choose Open in iTunes Store.

Directly open iTunes from Apple Music to buy a song or album with Workflow

iTunes should open now and your song should show up. Here you can either buy the song or the whole album.

Workflow on the App Store

Workflow (Free, App Store) →

Easy Management Of YouTube Notifications With Activity Tab http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7905-easy-management-of-youtube-notifications-with-activity-tab Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:17:21 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7905 Easy Management Of YouTube Notifications With Activity TabIf you get notifications about some of your YouTube subscriptions, it could happen that you lose the overview and don’t know which of the channels should send you push notifications and which ones shouldn’t. The official YouTube app for iOS now offers a new activity tab that shows missed videos of your subscriptions, activities on your own channel and reactions to your comments. You can also change important settings for push notifications.


If you want to use the activity tab, you have to install the YouTube version 12.20 or later on your iPhone. If you need to check for app updates, open your App Store and tap Updates at the bottom right.

Open YouTube activities tab and display notifications

Open the YouTube app on your iPhone. If you want to open the activity tab, tap Activities in the menu bar. The Activity icon (little bell) also shows how many notifications you have.

Easy Management Of YouTube Notifications With Activity Tab

This page displays all notifications of your subscribed channels that you have active push notifications for. In addition, you will see activities from your own channel and reactions to your comments.

A tap on the video opens and plays it. However, this is not everything that the new Activity tab can do.

Manage YouTube notifications

Can you see the three dots next to the video? Tapping the icon will open a window with three options.

  • Hide this notification: This will get rid of the current notification but doesn’t affect future notifications.
  • Turn off notifications for: [channel]: If you are getting too many notifications from one channel or you just aren’t interested in the channel anymore, you can deactivate the push notifications for the channel. You will be asked if you are sure to turn them off, which you have to confirm again by tapping OK.
  • See all settings opens the settings for the notifications of the YouTube app.

Easy Management Of YouTube Notifications With Activity Tab

Show all settings

On this level, you can set up, if you want to get push notifications for recommended videos, activities on your channel and reactions to your comments.

Easy Management Of YouTube Notifications With Activity Tab

In addition, you can decide how you want to be notified.

Easy Management Of YouTube Notifications With Activity Tab

YouTube on the App Store

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream (Free+, App Store) →

Fast Document Scanning With iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7895-fast-document-scanning-with-iphone Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:29:15 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7895 Fast Document Scanning With iPhoneYou are on the go and have to scan a document, but the scanner is at home – what do you do? We have two apps for you that solve this problem because you can easily scan documents with your iPhone. You just have to allow the access to your camera and you’re good to go. You can scan, crop and even edit the text in the scans. In our test, we compare a free app with a fee-based app.


Fast Document Scanning With iPhoneYou can scan and digitalize documents, business cards and even handwritten notes with camScanner.

The scanned documents are recognized and cropped automatically. If the cropped image isn’t right, you can edit it by yourself. In order to make oblique edges work, you have 9 points to move and to adjust it properly.

camScanner - Fast Document Scanning With iPhone

If necessary, you can run your scanned document through the automatic text recognition (OCR) to digitalize the document. It doesn’t always work failure-free and most of the times you have to edit the text afterwards.

In contrast to other free apps, you can use the OCR on every scanned document with camScanner. If you want to edit the text, you have to purchase the Pro version for $4.99 per month or an annual subscription for 49.99 (state: 6/28/2017). However, the free version gives you the possibility to test the OCR beforehand.

OCR of the camScanner app - Fast Document Scanning With iPhone

The quality of the scanned documents and the scope of service are good for the free app. The automatic editing and the extra options for subsequent corrections provide a good result and the scan of the document is fast.

In contrast to other free apps, you can run an OCR program over your scans. However, you have to pay, if you want to edit the text, which would cost you $4.99/month or $49.99/year (state: 6/28/2017). The positive side is that you can test the text recognition feature first, unlike other apps.

Here you’ll find camScanner Lite.


TextGrabber - Fast Document Scanning With iPhoneIf you often have to scan documents and translate them, then TextGrabber is the best choice for you! You just take a photo of the text field that you want to scan and translate. You can also crop it to only show the important text.

TextGrabber - Fast Document Scanning With iPhone

The app will read the selected text and then you can use the translation feature. Before the app translates the text, you should check the scan for failures.

Translations of digitalized texts with TextGrabber

TextGrabber scans a photographed area fast and recognizes 60 languages almost error-free. The app, however, has a problem with identifying spaces so that you can’t go without some corrections. The translation feature with 90 languages is handy because you don’t need an additional translation tool or app. The quality of the translated text is similar to GoogleTranslate. So you should check the translation afterwards.

TextGrabber is a fee-based app and costs $5.49. If you want to use the translation feature you will have to pay another $4.49 (state: 6/28/2017). This investment would be worth it if you often need fast translations and want to avoid the detour with GoogleTranslate or another service.

Here you’ll find TextGrabber.


If you mostly need an app for scanning documents, we would recommend camScanner. The app scans even documents that don’t have a flat surface or lay flat on a table. You can crop the document accordingly. The quality of the scanned documents is even for bad light conditions good and the scanning is fast. Therefore, the app delivers what it promises.

The automatic text recognition by camScanner Pro needs some corrections, but they are easy to do and you can test the quality in the free app.

If you need to scan and translate documents into different languages, you should decide for TextGrabber. The translation feature in 90 languages is available in the app and can be really handy. The app also recognizes 60 languages and can scan texts of foreign languages. The scan works fast with TextGrabber, but the text recognition needs some corrections.

How To Set Up An Old iPhone For Kids To Play http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7890-old-iphone-for-kids-to-play Wed, 28 Jun 2017 10:44:20 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7890 How To Set Up An Old iPhone For Kids To PlayAn old iPhone doesn’t have to be a dust catcher. As a mother or father and owner of an old unused iPhone, you can make your kid happy by giving him or her a new playing console. We want to show you some important steps to make your old iPhone “child-friendly”.

Table of Content

Reset iPhone

The first step is obviously to erase your iPhone completely because it still could have some files on it (photos, credit card information, etc.). Open the Settings and go to General > Reset and then Erase All Content & Settings. You have to confirm in the next step by entering your Passcode and Apple ID password.

This will reset your old iPhone to the factory settings and all your data will be deleted.

How To Set Up An Old iPhone For Kids To Play

Remove SIM card

You probably don’t want to give your small kid an iPhone for calling and texting. That’s why you can just remove the SIM card in case you never did it before.

Get an iPhone case

You know your kids the best. If they can take care of things and are careful with electronics and toys, you maybe can do it without an extra iPhone case. Otherwise, you want to buy a cheap iPhone case that protects the screen as well. You can already purchase smartphone cases for the iPhone 4 or 4s for a few dollars on Amazon. The thumb rule is: The newer the iPhone, the more expensive can be the iPhone case.

Get games from the App Store

There are tons of child-friendly games available in the App Store. Open the App Store and then the tab Categories. Scroll down a little bit to select Kids. Now you can choose the related age group (5 & under, 6-8, or 9-11).

Download child-friendly games to your old iPhone

Design a child-friendly Home Screen

The Home Screen of your old iPhone has Messages, Settings, Wallet, etc. on the Home Screen by default. You can get rid of these to make more room for games. If you are using an older iOS version, you can put the pre-installed apps into a folder and put the folder on the second screen. Since iOS 10, you can also delete standard apps.

Enable Child Protection

There are some functions on the iPhone that your kid should not change or deactivate. That’s why you can set up a Child Protection. Open Settings > General > Restrictions and tap Enable RestrictionsRead more…

How To Use Your iPhone As PC & Mac Assistant http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7887-iphone-as-pc-mac-assistant Wed, 28 Jun 2017 10:18:17 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7887 How To Use Your iPhone As PC & Mac AssistantIf you don’t want to get rid of your beloved old iPhone and still want to use it, you can use it as an assistant for your PC or Mac. There are many different options how to use an old iPhone reasonably, for example as a keyboard, an extended monitor, or alternative mouse. We show you in this trick what options you have.

iPhone as external hard drive

If you want to make room on your hard drive and your cloud is already full, you can use an old iPhone as a mobile hard drive. The program iFunbox makes it possible. You can download it for free to your Windows PC or Mac. Via drag & drop, you can save the files from your computer to the connected iPhone. You can also copy them to the computer later if you need to.

iPhone as an extended monitor

The app GoodDual Display enables to set up your old iPhone as a second monitor for your Mac. You just have to download the free desktop streamer by Elinasoft from this website. If you connect your iPhone with your Mac via an USB chord, you can decide whether you want to use the iPhone as a duplicated or an extended monitor.

iPhone as a keyboard

There are many options to use a smartphone as a second keyboard. One of these is the free app Chrome Remote Desktop that you have to download for your iPhone and computer. Once you installed the application on both and connected with each other, you will see your desktop on the iPhone display. Then you can zoom in and out on your app, use the arrow, or the iPhone keyboard for typing. An alternative app is Remotely. In contrast to the Chrome Remote, it will not show the whole display, but the typical iOS interface, which you can use to browse through the folders.

Reply Directly And Fast To A Message In WhatsApp http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7881-reply-directly-and-fast-to-a-message-in-whatsapp Wed, 28 Jun 2017 09:57:42 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7881 Reply Directly And Fast To A Message In WhatsAppWhatsApp regularly improves the popular messenger app. In the latest update, they added a shortcut that allows you to reply directly and fast to a message in WhatsApp. Especially group chats will benefit from this feature as you can respond to a certain message faster than before. Up until now, group members could get confused because it was difficult to sort answers to the related question. This shortcut solves exactly this problem.


If you want to use the trick on your iPhone, you need the WhatsApp version 2.17.30 or later. Install the new update by going into your App Store and tapping Updates at the bottom menu. If you need to update your version, it will show here.

Shortcut: Quote a message in WhatsApp

You would usually answer to a message by using the input field at the bottom. This is still the most convenient and fast way if you are chatting with one person. In a group chat or for a response to an older message, however, it is better to quote the certain message you are responding to.

The new shortcut makes this possible without copying the text manually: Swipe the respective message to the right and let go of it.

Quote a message by swiping the message to the right and let go of it

It will open an input field that shows the message as a quote first. Now you can enter your response and send it as usual.

Directly reply to a quoted message in WhatsApp

As you can see in the screenshot below, everyone in the chat will see the quoted message on top of your reaction or answer. This way everyone or the person knows, to which message you responded.

Reply Directly And Fast To A Message In WhatsApp

Alternative: Quoting a message in WhatsApp

The old way to quote a message and respond to it still works. Touch and hold a message until you see the menu. Choose Reply and it will quote the message as well. This method always existed.

WhatsApp on the App Store

WhatsApp Messenger (Free, App Store) →

Switching From Windows Phone To iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7875-switching-from-windows-phone-to-iphone Sat, 24 Jun 2017 20:11:00 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7875 Switching From Windows Phone To iPhoneThe future prospects of Windows Phone are looking dark right now, considering they only have a market share of 0.4 percent (state: End 2016). So, if you decided for this or another reason to switch to an iPhone, you probably will ask yourself: How do I transfer my contacts? Can I import my emails to the iPhone? What happens with my photos? We want to make the switching from Windows Phone to iPhone easier for you and compiled some tips for you.

Get & install iTunes

Switching From Windows Phone To iPhoneiTunes basically isn’t necessary anymore for the installation and usage of an iPhone. However, iTunes provides useful functions such as creating local backups of your iPhone. If you have problems with your iPhone (e.g. it doesn’t start anymore), you can solve the problem via iTunes.

That’s why it is good to have iTunes installed on your computer. If you own a Mac, you will already have the program pre-installed.

For Windows PCs, use the following link to download the software:


Contacts, calendar & emails

If you have been using your Microsoft account so far to manage contacts, calendar, and emails on your Windows Phone, you can easily set up your Microsoft account on an iPhone.

Take your iPhone and go to Settings > Mail [or Contacts or Calendar] > Accounts > Add Account. Then tap Outlook and follow the instructions on the display to set up your Microsoft account.

Switching From Windows Phone To iPhone

Once the account set up completely, you will see the contacts, calendar entries, and emails in the pre-installed iOS apps on your iPhone.

Photos & Videos

You probably had a microSD card for the photos and videos on your Windows Phone. This storage option is not available for the iPhone.

Depending on the size of the internal storage of your iPhone, it might be good to save the photos and videos in a Cloud.

Apple’s own product is called iCloud Photo Library. It synchronizes the photos and videos on all your Apple devices. New photos and videos are uploaded automatically. Every iCloud account gets 5GB for free. If you want to extend it to 50GB, you have to pay an affordable price of $0.99.

Switching From Windows Phone To iPhone

If you were using Microsoft OneDrive for your Windows Phone to keep your photos and videos synced, you can keep using it on your iPhone as well. You just need to install the iOS app so that you get access to your photos and videos from your iPhone.

Besides this option, you can obviously copy the photos and videos from your old Windows Phone to your computer. Then you can transfer them to your iPhone via iTunes.

WhatsApp: Using Filters For Photos & Videos http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7870-whatsapp-using-filters-for-photos-videos Sat, 24 Jun 2017 15:53:54 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7870 WhatsApp: Using Filter For Photos & VideosIf you updated your WhatsApp to the latest version, you will be able to use color filters for your photos and videos before you send them. Up until now, you had to use third-party apps or the iOS filter. This feature enqueues with a pallet of useful photo editing features, which WhatsApp added some time ago.


To use the new color filters in WhatsApp, you will need to install at least version 2.17.30 on your iPhone. You can check in the App Store, if there is an available update by checking the section Updates at the bottom menu.

Using color filters on WhatsApp

This trick works with photos as well as videos.

Open any chat in the WhatsApp messenger.

Tap the Camera icon next to the input field to take a photo or the Plus icon to use a photo from your Photo & Video Library.

On top, you will still see the tools Crop/Rotate, Emoji, Text and Sketch, by which you can edit your image as you wish. Read more…

If you want to see the available filters, you have to swipe up from the bottom. Select a filter of your choice by tapping it.

WhatsApp: Using Filter For Photos & Videos

Swipe the photo or video down to close the filter view. Now you can edit the photo or video, add a caption and send it with a tap on the sending arrow.

This trick enables you to make your shots look nicer directly in the app, without leaving WhatsApp and without third-party apps.

WhatsApp on the App Store

WhatsApp Messenger (Free, App Store) →

How To Draw A Sketch Quickly & Easily On iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7864-draw-sketch-quickly-easily-on-iphone Sat, 24 Jun 2017 14:58:07 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7864 How To Draw A Sketch Quickly & Easily On iPhoneSometimes you just want to draw the outline of something, e.g. room layout of a new apartment, the final position of two accident cars or the connection of two events. There is no pre-installed app on the iPhone that you can just open for drawing something. Since iOS 9, though, the Notes app contains a sketch feature, but creating a sketch in the Notes app takes multiple steps. However, there is a trick that makes it much faster. We show you how you can make drawings (sketches) quickly and easily on your iPhone!


One prerequisite for this trick is that you have installed iOS 9 or later on your iPhone because the update to iOS 9 brought many new features to the Notes app.

On the other hand, you will need a 3D Touch capable iPhone (an iPhone 6s or later). They have the pressure-sensitive displays, which are needed for this trick.

Draw a sketch quickly

If you want to create a sketch quickly and very easily on your iPhone, you have to press the app icon for the Notes app firmly (= 3D Touch).

Open the Notes app via 3D Touch to quickly draw a sketch

Below the new note, you will find three shortcuts to the important features of the Notes app: New Note, New Photo, New Sketch. Tap New Sketch.

Create a sketch with 3D Touch shortcut on the iPhone

It will open the Notes app and will instantly give you a virtual pen. Now you can use different types of pens and colors to draw your sketch. We explained this more in detail in another article. Read more…

Tap Done at the top left to save the sketch.

Fast and easy sketches on iPhone

This is the fast way to draw a sketch on your iPhone with the iOS instruments!

Spotify: How To Share Songs And Playlists With Friends http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7858-spotify-how-to-share-songs-and-playlists-with-friends Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:31:24 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7858 Spotify: How To Share Songs And Playlists With FriendsWho doesn’t know the following issue: You want to share a song with a friend, but what is the best way to do it on the iPhone? The music streaming service Spotify has an answer to this question. It makes it possible to recommend a song, album or playlist to a friend and share it with the person. We show you how it works!

Recommend songs with Spotify Codes

The sharing of songs is possible with so-called Spotify Codes. These codes remind of QR-Codes, which are everywhere today (on posters, products, etc.). , or they remind of the Snapcodes of the popular instant messenger Snapchat, by which you can add friends to your contact list.

Share songs

If you want to share a song, album or playlist, you have to go to the certain track, list or album. If you want to share, for example, an album, you have to tap the three dots in the top right. It will open a new display, where you see many options, as well as the Spotify Code below the album cover. Click the album cover to increase the size of the Spotify Code. You can save this code with the respective album cover to your camera roll by tapping Save to Photos. The same way you will get to the Spotify Code for a playlist.

Spotify: How To Share Songs And Playlists With Friends

This way you can share the photo on social media so that your friends can receive the Spotify Code this way. The alternative way is to scan the Spotify Code with the Spotify app to get to the song or playlist instantly.

If you want to share a single song, you just have to select a song or click the three dots on the right side of a track in a playlist or album. Otherwise, you click the three dots next to the name on the on-demand display of the song. Then you continue as described for the album and playlist.

Spotify: How To Share Songs And Playlists With Friends

Receive songs

You have two options to receive a shared song, playlist or album of a friend: You can save the Spotify Code as a screenshot and upload it to your Spotify app. Spotify will recognize the code in the screenshot and open the song, playlist or album automatically. The second option is to scan the Spotify Code with your camera and the Spotify app.

If you want to open a Spotify Code, you have to go to the search tool in the Spotify app. On the right side of the input field, you will see a camera icon. Tap it and the camera will open. Now you have the choice to select a screenshot from your camera roll or to scan a Spotify Code. For the first option, you have tap Select from Photos. For the second option, you have to put the Spotify Code in front of the camera so that the app can scan the code.

Spotify: How To Share Songs And Playlists With Friends

Classic Watch and Smartwatch In One Piece: Fossil Q Crewmaster Test http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7851-classic-watch-and-smartwatch-in-one-piece-fossil-q-crewmaster-test Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:59:52 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7851 Classic Watch and Smartwatch In One Piece: Fossil Q Crewmaster TestSmartwatches are handy and simplify everyday life – no questions asked. However, not every model scores with the design. Some people think they are too bulky, too heavy, or just unwieldy. Especially fans of analog quartz watches miss out because most smartwatches are only available with a digital display. Fossil noticed this market niche and released the first hybrid smartwatch to the market. It combines the classic analog design of a regular watch with smart connectivity. We tested the Fossil Q Crewmaster for you.

The first impression

The Crewmaster consists of a black background with white dial and duo-color rotatable bezel. The silicone band provides a good and comfortable grip around the wrist. The waterproofness of 5 ATM allows taking showers or swimming without any problems. You have three buttons on the right side to operate the Fossil Q Crewmaster. You can assign them different functions via the app. In total, the app makes an high-quality impression and the assembly is very good.

Classic Watch and Smartwatch In One Piece: Fossil Q Crewmaster Test

In contrast to classic smartwatches, the Crewmaster gets along with no display and saves a lot of battery this way. The watch runs with a battery that lasts for up to six months. Once it is empty, you can exchange it with an included key so that the way to the watchmaker becomes unnecessary.

Easy and fast installation

The setup of the smartwatch is easy: Installing the Fossil Q app, signing up for an account and pairing it with an iPhone. The application will guide you through the installation and sets up the Crewmaster. The watch will be connected with your iPhone via Bluetooth and stays active all the time. You can configure and customize the watch to your needs via the app.

The watch can do much more than displaying the time. It has an activity tracker that counts your stepsdistance and burned calories. It also notifies about reached fitness goals by vibration or with the hand of the clock. Same goes for iPhone notifications: The smartwatch can inform you about notifications on your iPhone (like calls or messages) with gentle vibrations.

If you don’t want to get notifications about every message or app, you can set favorites. Then the watch will only inform you about important calls or notifications.

Classic Watch and Smartwatch In One Piece: Fossil Q Crewmaster Test

Alarm function, display of another time zone and tracking of your sleep quality are other smart features of the Crewmaster. The lower button can, for example, take a photo with the camera app of the smartphone or control music. If you are searching your iPhone because you misplaced it, you can let it ring via the Fossil Q.

Clear app scores

Fossil definitely scores with the app. The application works intuitive and fast. The individual settings explain themselves and perform reliably. Features, like the step counter or the notifications, work without problems and the watch informs about received emails, SMS or calls reliably. In our test, we noticed no disconnections, which usually happen on other smartwatches here and then.


The Fossil Q Crewmaster is perfect for everyone who cannot live without a classic watch design, but also want to benefit from the advantages of a smartwatch such as a fitness tracker or notifications. Although the Crewmaster doesn’t have all wide-ranging features of a classic smartwatch, it scores with high-quality and great functionality.

Instagram: Change News Feed Layout With Instagram ++ http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7835-instagram-change-news-feed-layout-with-instagram Tue, 20 Jun 2017 07:39:45 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7835 Instagram: Change News Feed Layout With Instagram ++The Home section of the photo app Instagram shows your news feed, where you can browse through the photos of your friends. You would usually scroll through the images because they are lined up in one row. We want to present you a trick that allows you to change the layout of the news feed. In addition, you will be able to switch between the layouts easily!

Get a new Home layout with Instagram ++

Before you can change the design of your news feed, you have to download the special Instagram version called Instagram ++. Read this article to learn how to get the app and how to install it. Although Instagram ++ looks like the conventional Instagram app and runs with your Instagram account, you have more options with Instagram ++ that you cannot use with the normal app – such as the news feed layout.

Once you have installed Instagram ++ successfully and signed in, you will notice that the Home menu is already different. You will now see the photos of your friends or pages that you follow in a grid of three rows (see “after” image) instead of one row (see “before”).

Instagram: Change News Feed Layout With Instagram ++

Change layout

If you are happy with Instagram ++ and the various special features, but you don’t like the news feed grid, you can switch to the standard layout easily. To display the standard layout of the normal Instagram app, you just need to tap Instagram on top and it will look like the normal Instagram app.

Instagram: Change News Feed Layout With Instagram ++

You will notice that the little circle next to the logo turns black for the standard layout. This way you don’t have to go without the additional features of Instagram ++ but you have the usual layout for the news feed. You can also switch between the two layouts as you wish to browse the news feed better. All you need to do is tapping the Instagram logo on top.

Instagram: Repost Faster Without An Additional App http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7834-instagram-repost-faster-without-an-additional-app Tue, 20 Jun 2017 07:31:24 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7834 Instagram: Repost Faster Without An Additional AppIf you want to repost a photo of your friends or another account on Instagram, you would usually need an additional app called Repost for Instagram. We show you in this article how you can repost without this additional app. The only thing you need is the special version of the popular photo app – Instagram ++, which will allow to repost directly in the app!

Share photos directly with Instagram ++

In order to do it without the app Repost for Instagram in future and repost Instagram posts directly, you have to download the app Instagram ++ before. We explained how to install the app in this little guide.

Instagram ++ looks almost like the original Instagram app and you can still use your Instagram account. The difference between Instagram and Instagram ++ is the range of features. Instagram ++ has more features that the original app doesn’t offer. Besides the integrated repost feature, you can also change the layout of the Home menu.

Open Instagram ++ like you do it with the normal app and go to any post of your choice. It doesn’t matter if it is from your news feed, profile or wherever you found it. Now click the arrow on the left below the photo. You will have many different options, including to send the photo as an instant message to your friends.


Share the photo via the conventional Instagram app means to send it to friends on Instagram

This would be in the original app. Instagram ++ will give you 4 options, though: Download, ReGram, Share with ++ and Share with Instagram. The last option is just the feature of the normal Instagram app – sending the photo to friends.


Instagram ++ has more options to share the post, such as repost the photo

If you want to repost an Instagram post, you have to choose ReGram on Instagram ++. It will instantly show the photo as a new photo posting that you can edit and add a caption as usual.

ReGram will allow you to repost a photo on your account

The advantage of this trick is that you can save the effort of reposting a photo via another app, thanks to Instagram ++. Instead, you can share the post on Instagram ++ without copying the URL and inserting it on Repost for Instagram. Besides, you will benefit from many other handy features on Instagram ++.

The Five Best Free Keyboards For Your iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7815-five-best-free-keyboards-for-your-iphone Mon, 19 Jun 2017 18:58:52 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7815 The Five Best Free Keyboards For Your iPhoneSince iOS 8, Apple allows to download and use third-party keyboards as an alternative to the original iOS keyboard. We show you how to use different keyboards in this article. You have diverse new features with these keyboards like swiping instead of typing or creating individual keyboards with different designs. We present you our five best free keyboards for your iPhone!

The top five keyboards for free

SwiftKey Keyboard

Besides the classic writing function like you are used to with the standard keyboards, the SwiftKey Keyboard offers to recognize the words by swiping over the letters instead of typing.

Free SwiftKey app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

Once you open the app, you can set up additional options. You have various languages and keyboard designs to choose from. You can also use different features like Auto-Correction. If you connect SwiftKey with your Facebook or Google account, it will adapt your writing style. In addition, the app shows your usage stats that tells you about your productivity and corrected typos, etc.

SwiftKey helps you improving your typing skills

Fleksy Keyboard

The Fleksy app makes it possible to set a language, a preferred design and additional functions such as Auto-Correction.

Free Fleksy app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

In addition, the app has special features like the heart pop, which shows hearts when you tap a letter.

Free Fleksy app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

Fleksy also has a selection of GIFs and stickers, besides the Emojis.

Free Fleksy app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

Although the Fleksy keyboard doesn’t have the swipe feature like SwiftKey, you can still swipe over the keyboard. It doesn’t work for typing but it is supposed to help to type faster. You can delete words, undo typed letters or press the space faster by certain swiping moves. The producers of the app claim to set a world record in fast-typing with this keyboard. If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you can even use a cursor via 3D Touch.

Free Fleksy app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone


The focus for Themeboard is – as the name tells already – themes. You have the choice of various free designs for your keyboard and you can also purchase new themes. You can also use different background images for the chats that are ready to download.

Free Themeboard app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

You can use features like Auto-Correction and set them up in the settings of the app.

Free Themeboard app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone


The Gboard is a keyboard app made by Google and therefore offers diverse Google features. You can use the integrated Google search tool to see results like photos or GIFs right away. The links to the results, photos or GIFs can be sent easily with the keyboard so that you don’t have to leave the chat.

Free Gboard app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

The search feature helps you finding Emojis faster and choosing GIFs from a selection.

Free Gboard app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

You can change the language settings or other features for the keyboard with the Gboard app.

Free Gboard app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

TouchPal Keyboard

Besides many different themes, you have access to different Emoji images, Kaomoji, and stickers with the TouchPal keyboard. You can obviously use the standard Emojis with TouchPal as well.

Free TouchPal app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

Like SwiftKey, you can swipe over the keyboard instead of typing. Even special characters and numbers are accessible with swiping.

Free TouchPal app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone

The settings can be changed in the app or via the keyboard.

Free TouchPal app as an alternative keyboard for your iPhone


The five presented keyboards are in general similar, but they focus on different aspects. If you are mainly looking for a new design, we would recommend Themeboard. If GIFs and stickers are most important for you to make your conversations livelier, you should use Fleksy. Swiftkey’s focus lays in fast and correct typing and therefore it doesn’t offer much design variations like Fleksy or Themeboard. TouchPal provides the swiping feature like Swiftkey as well as various Emojis and stickers. Gboard is very handy because of the integrated search tool.

In the end, it is your choice which keyboard fits your needs the most. If none of them is the perfect fit, you can search the App Store for more free keyboard apps.

LaMetric Time Test: The Smart Retro Clock For Home & Office http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7810-lametric-time-test-the-smart-retro-clock-for-home-office Mon, 19 Jun 2017 10:13:17 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7810 LaMetric Time Test: The Smart Retro Clock For Home & OfficeIt all started with a startup project at Kickstarter in 2014 and now it is a must-have for all gadget fans. LaMetric Time is a digital pixel clock, which can more than displaying time. The small gadget will give you the real time and weather forecast, it informs you about emails, tweets or follower, as well as important messages and appointments. We tested the news ticker box for the desk.

Smart pixel clock

LaMetric Time has a compact display with a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection. It measures a size that fits on every desk or on any shelf. The gadget has the shape of a clock radio and visualizes predetermined data from the internet in LED writing. The display has a LED matrix of 29×8 white pixels for the writings and 8×8 color pixels for the icons. The brightness is regulated automatically, thanks to the environmental sensor. The mix of retro and modernity wins – not just for us, also the jury of the Red Dot Award likes the product so that LaMetric Time got honored with it in 2016.

LaMetric Time Test: The Smart Retro Clock For Home & Office

Easy & fast installation

The installation is fast and easy. All you need is the free LaMetric app from the App Store. The clock has to be connected to Wi-Fi and is configured within a few minutes. Then you can customize the clock to your preferences and select from various display designs. You have the choice of a huge range of software modules. Part of this range is, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, news pages or various email provider. You can also create and add some new modules without the knowledge of programming skills. After the installation, the LaMetric works completely self-sufficient. A Bluetooth connection to a smartphone is unnecessary. There are three buttons on top of the clock. You can switch between the different displays with them. The battery of the device lasts for around four hours. However, you have to use electricity for permanent operation.

Practical IFTTT function

Another good function of the LaMetric Time is the web service IFTTT. It is an abbreviation for “if this then that“ and allows actions related to predetermined triggers. For example, if the number of Facebook followers changes, it will show it on the display and play a respective sound. In the area Smart Home, the pixel clock can also alert about important things within the own walls. LaMetric Time can be paired with Amazon Alexa and among other features, it allows you to set a timer without using a button of the gadget.

LaMetric Time Test: The Smart Retro Clock For Home & Office

Average stereo speakers

As a little bonus, the designers integrated a stereo speaker. On the sides, you will find two speakers that can play music from Spotify, Apple Music, or radio channels. A seesaw button on the left side controls the volume. The sound is rather average but totally fine for the small size of the gadget. It is still great as a background sonication.


LaMetric Time scores with diverse applications and works at home as well as at the office. The intelligent pixel clock runs without problems and shows reliable data of the digital daily life without the need to check your iPhone. It makes fun to set up the clock and to explore new modules in the integrated app store.

5 Gadgets That Charge Your iPhone Battery With Solar Power http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7802-gadgets-that-charge-your-iphone-battery-with-solar-power Sat, 17 Jun 2017 16:07:32 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7802 5 Gadgets That Charge Your iPhone Battery With Solar PowerIf you like to go hiking or camping in your leisure time, you might not want to do it without your iPhone. However, the smartphone battery is well-known to be empty when you need it the most. Therefore, you need a reliable power source for on the go. Panels and mobile charging devices with solar cells are good for outdoor trips because they can recharge without a socket. We present you 5 gadgets that charge your iPhone with solar power.

Solar panel by RAVPower

A solar panel like the RAVPower is an option to charge your iPhone with solar energy on the go. It has solar cells with an efficiency of 21.5 to 23.5 percent and performs up to 26W with enough sunlight.

Solar charging device to charge your iPhone battery outdoors

There are three USB ports connected to the solar charging gadget. They have 2.4A each or 4.8A in total with direct sunlight. The Smart IC Frequency Technology recognizes and splits the output current to the USB ports equally so that all devices will be charged equally. The panel is made of durable and waterproof nylon and is equipped with four hooks for hanging up.

Battery case by EnerPlex

The battery case with an integrated battery by EnerPlex provides enough power for your iPhone in nature. It has a 2700mAh battery and extends the iPhone life significantly. It serves the iPhone power via the solar panel on the back of the case. In bad weather conditions, it can be used as a normal power bank.

Solar battery case for iPhone by EnerPlex

The big advantage of the battery case is the automatic iPhone protection. The battery doesn’t only provide power to your iPhone. It also protects it from shocks and scratches.

Solar power bank by Akeem

The solar power bank by Akeem is a real muscleman because it has a capacity of 22000mAh. The device is equipped with 3 USB ports that have different charging speeds. The 1A port is good for iPhones and electronic devices whereas the 2A port works better for tablets.

Solar charger and battery by Akeem

There is an identification system that automatically adjusts the power and voltage, even multiple devices are charged at the same time.

PowerPort Solar charger by Anker

Spread the solar panel, connect the iPhone and charge your iPhone – this is how easy it can be with the solar charger by Anker. The gadget has the PowerIQ Technology that recognizes the used charging protocol of the iPhone. It ensures the fastest possible charging speed. It can provide 2.4A each port or 3A in total with direct sunlight. Short circuit and surge protection technology guarantee safety for your devices.

Solar charger and battery by Anker

The solar panel fits into every bag with a size of 11.1 × 6.3in (folded) and as thin as 1.1in. Thanks to the stainless steel eyelets, you can attach the solar charger to the backpack or tent. It is highly durable because of the used PET polymer plastic and the synthetic fabric. However, it shouldn’t be exposed to much water or humidity.

Solar charger by Doshin

If you don’t want or cannot carry a solar panel on your trip, but still want to charge your iPhone with solar energy, we recommend the power bank by Doshin. The mobile charger has a battery of 12000mAh and 2 USB ports with fast-charging function so that you can charge two devices at the same time.

Solar charger and battery by Doshin


The integrated flashlight helps to find the path in the dark. The power bank can be attached to a backpack by a hook so that the battery can charge by using the solar power while hiking.

Rescuing iPhone Data With PhoneRescue http://iphone-tricks.com/app/7796-rescuing-iphone-data-with-phonerescue Sat, 17 Jun 2017 12:05:18 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7796 Rescuing iPhone Data With PhoneRescueThe loss of important iPhone data can be a huge problem that users often are struggling with. A wrong click somewhere and photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes or reminders seem to be gone forever. Besides the accidental deletion of files, system crashes or broken devices can be responsible for data loss as well. The data recovery software PhoneRescue by iMobie allows rescuing lost iPhone data easily. This way you can recover the supposedly lost data with a few clicks and without any technical knowledge. It’s a fast and uncomplicated way and we show you how to do it in this little guide.

Recover 25 types of files

The practical data recovery tool PhoneRescue provides three different modes to rescue iPhone data. It helps to recover data directly from your iPhone or from iTunes or iCloud backups. The list of the recoverable files is long – photos, videos, text messages, contacts, calendar entries, reminders, and notes, as well as voice mails, ringtones, music, Safari history and many other file types. We show you in this article how to rescue lost data from your iPhone as an example.

Recover data on your iPhone

Before you can bring back deleted data from your iPhone, you have to download PhoneRescue from the iMobie website to your Mac or Windows PC.

After the successful program registration and installation, you can start using the software. Open the PhoneRescue software by double-clicking the icon on your computer and connect your iPhone to the PC via USB chord. Your iPhone usually should be recognized by the program so that you don’t have to do much at this point.

It opens a window with four options for the data recovery. Choose Recover from iOS Device on the left and then click the arrow button at the bottom right. This will start the iPhone scan.

Start the iPhone scan to recover deleted files on your iPhone

As soon as the analysis is finished, which can take some time depending on the data volume on your iPhone, you will see the scan results at a glance in the middle column. In the first instance, the program displays the current and deleted data in one list. You can display only lost items by clicking the drop-down menu at the top left of the list and choosing Only list deleted.

In addition, you can choose what types of files you want to recover. Just click the app icons in the left column. For example, if you want to recover an iMessage, you should select the icon for the Messages app and if you want to recover contacts, you should select the icon for Contacts, etc. In the right column, you will see the preview of the data that you could recover.

Sort your recovery data with PhoneRescue

By default, all files have a tick so that it would recover all files in the list. You can uncheck the files that you don’t want to recover. Once you are done selecting the recovery files, you can click one of the recovery buttons at the bottom right. Those give you the option to recover the data either to your computer or iPhone. If you want to rescue files on your iPhone, you should click the button that shows a phone and arrow.

Start rescuing data on your iPhone with PhoneRescue

Before it finally starts, you will see the recovery files in a new window. This way you can make sure that you selected the right files. Click Recover to start the process.

Once it’s done rescuing your iPhone data, you should be able to access the files normally.


The data rescue software PhoneRescue by iMobie simplifies the data recovery of deleted files. You can get back files that you thought were gone forever. Thanks to the possibility of regaining files from iTunes or iCloud backup, you don’t even need an iPhone for the recovery process – as long as you made a backup before. So you could even recover your files in case your iPhone is broken or lost. The tool also worked perfectly in our test with an iPhone 7 Plus and recovered lost contacts safely.

You can download the program for Windows or Mac for a price of $49.99. Unlimited free updates and life-long free support are part of the pack. If you want to use the software on different computers, you have to buy the family license for $69.99. Since mid-June, PhoneRescue is available in a new and improved version. Besides the iOS version, you can also download PhoneRescue for Android devices.

Instagram: Who Follows Me Back? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7791-instagram-who-follows-me-back Thu, 15 Jun 2017 16:36:19 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7791 Instagram: Who Follows Me Back?The popular photo service is often not about the photos. Instead, it is about a number of followers. How do you know, though, who follows back and who doesn’t? You can usually tell this by looking at your follower list on your Instagram profile. However, this sometimes is not satisfactory. We have a better option for you to find out the answer to the question: Who follows me back?

Find out your followers with Instagram ++

If you are an Instagram user, you might have come across the Instagram users that define themselves with the number of likes and followers. You often see hashtags or comments saying “Follow for Follow” or similar. It already reached a level that you can buy followers, who will like the posts of a user. However, except the follower list on your profile, you cannot see who follows and who doesn’t. There is a little trick that you can use to easily

However, except the follower list on your profile, you cannot see who follows you and who doesn’t. There is a little trick that you can use to easily see if a user follows you back. An app called Instagram ++ makes it possible.

Instagram ++ is a special version of the conventional Instagram app that offers more features than the original one. We explain here how to install the app. Instagram ++ just looks like the normal app and you can also use your normal account.

Open Instagram ++ on your iPhone and go to any profile of an Instagram user. You will notice a note below the Follow button. It either tells you “Does not follow you” in red or “Follows you” in green.

Instagram: Who Follows Me Back?

The conventional Instagram app shows neither one nor the other option.

The conventional Instagram app doesn't show the follow note

How To Tell If A (Used) iPhone Got Stolen http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7788-used-iphone-got-stolen Wed, 14 Jun 2017 12:55:24 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7788 How To Tell If A (Used) iPhone Got StolenNew iPhones are expensive, whether you buy them with a phone plan contract or without a plan at the Apple Store. If the previous owner of an iPhone took care of it, nothing would speak against buying a used iPhone, especially because iPhones are very durable. If you decide for buying a used iPhone, you should make sure that the iPhone is not a stolen one. In this case, the iPhone is not usable and you might even be liable for prosecution if you know the origin of the iPhone.

3 hints for a stolen iPhone

If someone offers you an iPhone for a price that you cannot say no to, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the price realistic? Did you find the iPhone model somewhere else with a similar price? Is the offer too low that it stinks?
  2. How are the circumstances? Do you meet the seller after a phone call or did the person came to you in a less bustling street? It happens more often than you would think and should obviously chime your alarm bells.
  3. Do you know anything about the seller? Did you or a friend buy something from the seller before? If you buy something from a merchant online, you should read or search for reviews and testimonials first.

If the answers to these questions cause doubts in the origin of the iPhone, you should not buy it and look for a more serious offer. Otherwise, you can find out if a used iPhone got stolen with a simple trick.

Was the iPhone deleted & is it ready for a new setup?

The feature “Find my iPhone” allows to detect a lost or stolen iPhone. If you want to delete the iPhone from someone’s account (via iTunes or the iPhone settings), you have to use the associated Apple ID and password in case the “Find my iPhone” feature is active. Otherwise, you cannot reset the iPhone.

This also means that a theft or buyer of a stolen iPhone will be unable to reset the iPhone without the password of the previous owner.

Therefore, you should make sure that the iPhone was deleted before you buy it. Never buy an iPhone that is setup already! Insist on doing the installation on your own (starting at the white display where you have to type in your own Apple ID).

If you see that the iPhone is already setup (when you get to the Home Screen), ask the seller to reset the iPhone. He has to go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content & Settings. If there still is a connection to an Apple ID, he has to enter the password. If he doesn’t know it, you definitely shouldn’t buy the iPhone.

As a rule of thumb: Only buy an iPhone that is deleted and ready for a new setup!

How To Zoom In Posts & Profile Photos On Instagram http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7780-zoom-in-posts-profile-photos-on-instagram Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:25:37 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7780 How To Zoom In Posts & Profile Photos On InstagramInstagram is a free online service, where you can share photos and videos. We want to present you a trick in this article that enables you to zoom in posts. In addition, you can even share these via other apps and save the photo or video to your iPhone. The trick also works with all profile photos that are usually shown as a little circle.

Take a closer look at photos thanks to Instagram ++

With Instagram ++, you have the option to take a closer look at your own or other’s posts and profile photos. It is one of many features of the app Instagram ++, which are unavailable in the conventional Instagram app.

Instagram ++ is a special version of the popular photo sharing service and almost looks identical. In addition, you can use Instagram ++ with your normal account. In order to be able to use the various features of Instagram ++, you have to install the app. Read our little guide to install it within a few minutes.

Zoom in posts and share them

After the successful installation of Instagram ++, you can navigate yourself to any post that you like to take a closer look at. It is important that you have found the post in the news feed, Discover section or through the search function. The trick works with posts that other Instagram users posted or that you posted.

If you want to zoom in a post, you just have to tap the photo and hold it for a second. It will be displayed in a larger preview. You can even zoom in further with your fingers (pinch gestures).

Zoom in photos on Instagram ++

Now you can share it with another app or save the photo. Tap the arrow in the top right corner. If you want to close the window, hit the X in the top left corner.

Share or close the preview on Instagram ++

If you decided for clicking the arrow, you will see an app selection to share the photo. Another option in the menu is saving the image to your iPhone. However, there are easier ways to download photos on Instagram ++ and we explain this here.

Share or save the photo via Instagram ++

Zoom in and share profile photos

The whole trick also works with profile photos. Go to a profile of an Instagram user of your choice and tap and hold the profile photo for a second. Then you will see the larger preview just like above. Now you can choose if you want to share the photo, save it to your smartphone, or close the preview.

Take a closer look at the profile photo on Instagram ++

Top-class Hearing Pleasure: Beoplay H9 by Bang & Olufsen (Test) http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7775-top-class-hearing-pleasure-beoplay-h9-by-bang-olufsen-test Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:48:08 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7775 Top-class Hearing Pleasure: Beoplay H9 by Bang & Olufsen (Test)Thinking of high-quality headphones, you wouldn’t get around Bang & Olufsen. The Danish brand is well-known for devices with an easy operation and very good sound, as well as innovative designs. Bang & Olufsen sets new standards with the Bluetooth over-ear headphones Beoplay H9. We tested them for you.

Table of Content

Interface & design

The Beoplay H9 comes in a plain box with charging chord, jack chord, flight adapter, and carrying pouch. You instantly notice that it is a high-end product. Bang & Olufsen are definitely ahead in the fields when it comes to design and choice of materials. The Bluetooth headphones are no exception. The H9 were created by the award-winning designer Jakob Wagner and convince with a modern, as well as functional appearance. High-quality materials such as anodized aluminum were used for the headphones. The ear pads are made of lambskin with memory foam and the headband of cowhide leather. The headphones feel good and are stable. Nothing is loose or too tight. They are light and fit well on the head. You can easily wear the H9 all day long.

Top-class Hearing Pleasure: Beoplay H9 by Bang & Olufsen (Test)


The Beoplay H9 is packed with luxurious features. Some of them are the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, a touch interface, an exchangeable battery and the “Active Noise Cancellation“ (ANC). There are two microphones – one outside of the earpiece in high- and low-frequency and one inside the earpiece. Both together, they create an anti-noise effect. The battery lasts for around 14 hours with active ANC and Bluetooth. If that’s not enough for you, you could use the included audio cable. If you want to get the most out of your sound experience, you can connect your H9 with the free Beoplay app. You can select one of the ToneTouch profiles to modify the sound according to your activities. You can access the app via iPhone and Apple Watch.


The headphones are not just looking good, but also sound great. You will notice that these are designed by a brand, which is specialized in high-quality speakers. The sound overwhelms all along the line. The bass is deep and powerful even with loud surroundings or while walking. The middles and trebles are clear – only with Active Noise Cancellation, though. The Beoplay H9 loses in clarity and the bass becomes dominant without the ANC turned on. The headphones also score with a very good noise insulation. Other people will hear almost no music.

Top-class Hearing Pleasure: Beoplay H9 by Bang & Olufsen (Test)


A touch interface made of aluminum allows the control of volume, playback, ANC and call acceptance with a finger swipe and tap. By the way, the operation even works with gloves in winter.


The Beoplay H9 convince with the perfect assembly and an impressive sound. They are not a bargain and because of the price probably not affordable for everyone, but if you are willing to invest the money, you will have a lot of fun with the H9 headphones. If you can live with a less stylish device, you will find good headphones alternatives as well.

How To Download Photos From Instagram http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7767-download-photos-from-instagram Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:07:07 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7767 How To Download Photos From InstagramSo far Instagram users were not able to save the post of others to the Photos app on their iPhones. The only way to save photos was taking screenshots. Now there is an easier way to download photos from Instagram and we show you this trick!

Easily save posts to the Photos app with Instagram ++

If you want to save a photo from another Instagram account to your iPhone, you need to install Instagram ++. You can read here how it works. Instagram ++ is a special version of Instagram that works with your normal Instagram account. In contrast to the conventional Instagram, you can use more features such as downloading posts of other accounts.

It doesn’t matter how you got to the photo. You can either download photos from your news feed or directly from profiles. You could also save photos from the Discover section.


The conventional Instagram app displays the following features below a photo/video post: You can like the photo via the heart icon, you can comment on it, send it via instant message, or save it as a bookmark to your Instagram profile. There is no download feature.

The conventional Instagram app doesn't allow to download photo posts

Instagram ++

Instagram ++ offers more options than the conventional Instagram: Besides the standard functions, you will see two more icons next to the bookmark icon. One of them is the download feature.

Instagram ++ offers more features easily accessible below the image

To download a photo, tap the downward arrow (download icon). Then choose, in which format you want to save the photo and the folder. The photo will now be downloaded and will appear in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Download a photo from another Instagram account with Instagram ++

The alternative way is to click the sending arrow below the post. Then choose Download from the menu. You again have to select the image size and folder.

Download a photo from another Instagram account with Instagram ++

Where To Put Your iPhone While Working Out? These 5 Armbands & Belts Will Help http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7757-iphone-while-working-out-5-sport-armbands-belts Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:19:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7757 Where To Put Your iPhone While Working Out? These 5 Armbands & Belts Will HelpThe iPhone is a perfect sports companion because of the available fitness apps. However, the devices got pretty large in the meantime so that it got difficult to fit them into the pocket of your sportswear. So where do you put the iPhone? We have 5 armbands and belts for you that make sure that your iPhone won’t slip out of your sweaty hands. You can securely fix your smartphone on your arm or hip with these gadgets.

Velcro armband by Porthilic

The easiest and cheapest way to protect your iPhone while working out is the waterproof Velcro armband by Porthilic. You can attach it to your upper arm. It was made for sport and protects your smartphone against shocks, drops, water, and scratches. The gadget is made of Lycra and Neoprene. These materials are soft, sweatproof, breathable and light. The triple layered armband protects the iPhone against sweat and covers the iPhone display, as well as ports and buttons.

Armband by Porthilic for your workout

The Velcro band allows adjusting according to each arm size between 9 to 14.5 inches. There is an additional small pocket for the key and a reflective stripe will help you to draw attention in the dark. You can also store your credit cards or ID in the pocket on the back.

Elastic armband by MasterPal

If you don’t want to put your iPhone in a case while working out, we would recommend the elastic armband by MasterPal. It has a flexible silicon rubber cradle that holds the iPhone securely in place. Like the previous model, you can adjust the length with the Velcro band.

Armband by MasterPal for your workout

The armband is made for all smartphone models with a screen diagonal of 6 inches (with iPhone case). As the iPhone isn’t in a plastic case, you can operate it by tapping on the screen. However, this way it is not protected against sweat or water.

Arm pocket by Charlemain

The arm pocket by Charlemain is great for runners. Unlike the armbands above, you will find compartments, which can be locked by a zipper. You can store credit cards, ID, keys, headphones and other things in the pocket.

Armband by Charlemain for your workout

The arm pocket is sweat-resistant and washable. It is made of durable material. Even for long workouts, it won’t draw the water into the compartments so that it keeps the iPhone dry. The armband can be fixed with a Velcro band and be adjusted to an arm size up to 12 inches.

Hip pocket by uFashion3C

An alternative to the armband is the hip pocket, such as this one by uFashion3C. It is perfect for sportspeople, who often go jogging and want the freedom for the arm. The Neoprene band can be adjusted and fixed so that it fits perfect without shifting and loosening.

Hip band by uFashion3C for your workout

The hip pocket has some reflective details so that you are safer in the dark. It has two compartments for a smartphone and a key, ID, credit card or other items. The iPhone can still be operated through the transparent case.

FlipBelt by Level Terrain

The FlipBelt by Level Terrain is elastic and safe. It has four pocket openings that face the inside. You can store your belongings such as iPhone, keys, money or credit cards in these pockets. The material is very elastic and stretchy but holds on to your belongings securely.

FlipBelt for your workout

The hip pocket fits around the body without shifting and shaking. However, it is not waterproof nor sweatproof.

Instagram ++: How To Get More Features http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7749-instagram-how-to-get-more-features Mon, 12 Jun 2017 09:15:55 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7749 Instagram ++: How To Get More FeaturesInstagram is a popular instant messenger that allows sharing photos and videos. The available options can be extended with various apps such as Boomerang from Instagram. If you don’t want to have many add-on apps on your iPhone, you can use this trick, because we show you a way to use the features of different apps in only one app. The app is called Instagram ++, which we want to present in this article. We will explain how you can install the app.

Installing Instagram ++

Instagram ++ is like the “conventional“ Instagram, but you will get more features with Instagram ++, for example saving stories or repost photos without the need of an additional app. The same is available for Snapchat. We presented you the Snapchat ++ in another article. Read more…

1. Deleting Instagram

Before you can download Instagram ++, you have to delete the “conventional” Instagram app from your iPhone. Press and hold the app icon for a few seconds until the app icons on your iPhone display start shaking. You will also see the X on each app icon. Click the X for Instagram to remove the app from your iPhone. It may occur that you have to confirm the deletion in a pop-up window.

If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you can read this article to find out, how to delete apps with 3D Touch.

Deleting the original Instagram app to use more features

2. Downloading Instagram ++

Now you can download Instagram ++. Open the following website in Safari or any web browser on your iPhone: ipasigner.io.

Click Install Instagram ++ With Push Notifications to download the special Instagram app. Confirm the download by tapping Install in the pop-up window.

Download Instagram ++ to get more features

3. Trust Enterprise Developer

If you want to open Instagram ++, you will get this error message:

Error message Instagram ++

It means that you have to allow the access of Instagram ++. The app is a third-party app and that’s why you cannot open it right away. Open the settings of your iPhone and go to General. Then scroll down to Device Management and tap Translaingrupp, OOO.

Allow Instagram ++ to use more features

Click Trust “Translaingrupp, OOO“ and then Trust in the pop-up window.

Allow Instagram ++ to use more features

Afterwards, you should be able to use the app Instagram ++ like the “conventional” Instagram app. The only difference is that there are much more features waiting for you.

The new features at a glance

iPhone Backup Via Google Drive http://iphone-tricks.com/app/7742-iphone-backup-via-google-drive Mon, 12 Jun 2017 06:55:29 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7742 iPhone Backup Via Google DriveYou can save photos and files directly to Google Drive on your iPhone. In this trick, we show you some easy steps to save your files as a backup on Google Drive. This way you can access your files everywhere because the backup is always available.

Google Drive provides a desktop version as well as an app so that you can save files from any device. The Google Drive app allows accessing all files at any time. This way you can use your backup files on the go.

Saving photos with Google Drive

The transfer of photos from iPhone to Google Drive is extremely easy. You just have to create a folder, which you can name accordingly. To add photos to the folder, you have to tap the Plus icon and then Upload.

iPhone photos backup via Google Drive

Choose Photos and Videos to upload photos to your backup folder. You have to allow Google Drive the access to your photos.

iPhone photos backup via Google Drive

It will now display your photo albums from your iPhone so that you just have to pick the right album and start selecting the photos. As soon as you are done selecting photos, you can upload them to the Google Drive folder. That’s it – your photos are backed up.

Transferring files from iCloud to Google Drive

In addition to the photos, you can also transfer files from your iCloud to Google Drive. Choose the backup folder in Google Drive, tap the Plus icon and click Upload. In the menu, you can choose iCloud Drive and then you have to select the files that you want to save.

iPhone files backup via Google Drive

As soon as you selected all relevant files, you can transfer them to your Google Drive backup folder.

Google Drive (Free+, App Store) →

Controlling iPhone Alarm With Volume Buttons & Home Button http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7734-controlling-iphone-alarm-with-volume-buttons-home-button Fri, 09 Jun 2017 13:42:36 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7734 Controlling iPhone Alarm With Volume Buttons & Home ButtonIf you like to use the iPhone Alarm to get out of the bed, you will love this little trick that we’ve got for you: It is possible to control the alarm without looking at the iPhone. It uses the Volume Buttons and Home Button. In this article, you will learn how to do it!

Control iPhone Alarm without looking at it

When the iPhone alarm goes off in the morning, you can choose from the display whether you want to stop it or to put it into snooze (this will give you 9 minutes more, but you can also deactivate this feature completely). However, you have to actually open your eyes and then you may not be able to continue sleeping or snooze. Instead, you can utilize the hardware buttons on your iPhone. You can easily do this with closed eyes or in the dark.

Activate Snooze with Volume Buttons

If you want to get 9 minutes more in bed, you have to press one of the Volume Buttons (Volume up or down). The alarm becomes silent and your iPhone alarm will go off in 9 minutes again. Then you can decide again if you want to snooze it by pressing a Volume Button or stop it (read below).

Hit a Volume Button to snooze the alarm

Hint: If you completely turned the Snooze feature off, you will stop the alarm by pressing a Volume Button. In case you don’t do anything for a few minutes, the alarm will become silent and goes off again later on.

Stop alarm with Home Button

If you want to stop the alarm – instead of putting it into snooze or after the snooze – you can briefly press the Home Button once. As long as you don’t leave your finger on the Touch ID sensor (since iPhone 5s) for too long, it won’t unlock your iPhone.

Press the Home Button briefly to stop the iPhone alarm

No Vibration & Signal When Start Charging iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7730-no-vibration-signal-when-start-charging-iphone Fri, 09 Jun 2017 12:32:06 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7730 No Vibration & Signal When Start Charging iPhone When you connect your iPhone with the Lightning cord to a power source, it vibrates and you will hear a signal in case you have the iPhone on ringer. There is a little trick to avoid the vibration and signal in case you want to charge your iPhone secretly. And here is how it works…

Charging iPhone without vibration & signal

Take your iPhone and the Lightning cord. Activate the display of your iPhone by lifting it (available for iPhone 6s and later) or by pressing the Home or Sleep/Wake Button.

Swipe to the left on your Lock Screen to start the camera.

Activate camera on Lock Screen to avoid the charging signal on iPhone

Now connect your iPhone with the charging cord to a power source and you will see that it won’t make a sound or vibrate.

Now press the Sleep/Wake Button again to turn off the camera and to put the iPhone back into standby mode.

Hint: Here you will find instructions how to completely deactivate vibration for the silent mode. Read more…

7 Useful iPhone Gadgets For Festival Fans http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7716-useful-iphone-gadgets-for-festival-fans Thu, 08 Jun 2017 12:34:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7716 Useful iPhone Gadgets For Festival FansThe festival season has started officially. If you bought a ticket for a festival or got it as a gift from a friend, you should take a closer look at our seven iPhone gadgets for festival fans. We present you some smart products that will simplify your festival time and add some extra fun for great memories.

Table of Content

EVAP Rescue Pouch

Did your iPhone fall into the water in an unmindful moment or did it get wet? Then you will need the EVAP Rescue Pouch. The special drying agent will dry your smartphone as quick and safe as possible and it only takesof 24 hours.

Wet iphone emergency kit for festivals

The first aid for a wet smartphone is – according to the producer – 700 percent more effective than rice and even absorbs extreme wetness in short time. A special humidity LED light indicates when your smartphone is ready to use again.

Solar Light

Festival days can be long and that’s why you always should have a flashlight. The Inflatable Solar Light by Luminaid is a very durable and eco-friendly. It scores with a long-lasting battery for 32 hours.

Inflatable solar light as a perfect gadget for festivals

The solar light fits in every backpack because once it’s folded it measures only 5 x 3 x 0.25 inches. Water won’t be a problem either because the light is waterproof for up to 3ft and can even flood.

Power Bank

A power bank is a must-have for every festival person. The Venture 30 by Goal Zero is a good catch for festivals because it’s very robust and splash-proof according to the IPX6 certification. The battery is designed for outdoor use. It got rubber around the edges to make it durable against shocks, bumps, and drops.

Durable power bank as a perfect gadget for festivals

Particularly useful: The gadget has a smart charging sequence that optimizes and adjusts the USB output of each port. It tests the parameters of the charging device and chooses the fastest charging profile. The 7.800mAh battery will charge your iPhone multiple times in the festival area. An integrated flashlight helps you to find back to the campsite in the dark.

Clip-on Telescope

In case you didn’t make it into the first row of a concert, the Clip-on Telescope will save your day. It can be attached to your iPhone with the clip and can zoom in eight times to take photos of the bands or artists.

Clip-on telescope as a perfect gadget for festivals

The lens made of high-quality glass. The zoom has a manual focus that results in even better photos.

Mobile Hotspot Router

Do you want to upload photos to Instagram or videos to YouTube without using all your phone data? This will work with the mobile hotspot by Huawei. The little gadget is the Wi-Fi router for on the go and provides mobile data via an extra SIM card for you and up to 10 devices.

Mobile Wi-Fi router as a perfect gadget for festivals

Once you are connected to the network via the browser interface, you can download with a speed of 21.6 Mbit/s and send photos etc. with 5.76 Mbit/s – thanks to HSBA+. The battery lasts for four hours with full power and 200 hours in standby mode.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof: The Bluetooth Speaker by DOSS is perfect for festivals. The gadget has 20 Watt speaker, which provide great sound with a deep bass – up to 12 hours.

Durable speaker as a perfect gadget for festivals

The integrated flashlight has four modes starting at a low intensity up to a very bright light. Thanks to the two carry straps, you can take the speaker anywhere and at any time.

iPhone Flash Drive

Your amazing festival shots can be saved to a flash drive, such as this one by HooToo. You can connect the flash drive to the Lightning port so that you have an extra storage ready for your festival memories. It can also be used for transferring data from PC or other Apple devices to your iPhone and reverse.

Durable flash drive for iPhone as a perfect gadget for festivals

Thanks to the housing that is made of 100 percent aluminum alloy, the drive is very durable and perfectly protected. It has a weight of 0.25 oz and therefore it is smaller than a key and is no added ballast.

How To Archive Photos On Instagram http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7706-archive-photos-on-instagram Tue, 06 Jun 2017 15:01:59 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7706 How To Archive Photos On InstagramInstagram added a new handy archive feature with the update to version 10.22. So far you had to permanently delete photos from your profile, if they bothered you or if you didn’t want to see them on the profile anymore. We show you how you can use the feature.

Go to your Profile and open a photo, which you want to add to the archive. Then click the three dots on the top right side over the photo and tap Archive.

Archive photos from your Instagram profile

The photo now disappears from your profile and goes to your archive. You can look at it by clicking the little clock icon on your profile. The content, which is shown there is only visible to you.

The photos in the archive are only visible to you

If you want to revive your post and bring it back to your profile, you just need to open the photo in your archive and click the three dots again. As soon as you choose “Show on profile”, the photo will be back on your feed.

Bring an archived photo back to your Instagram feed

The new feature is interesting especially if you want to hide certain posts for a certain time period, instead of deleting it. The option to delete posts completely is, of course, still available.

Protect Photos & Files Against Hacker Attacks http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7684-protect-photos-files-against-hacker-attacks Mon, 05 Jun 2017 17:14:00 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7684 Protect Photos & Files Against Hacker AttacksIn times of increasing digital crime, most people developed a feeling for secure passwords and don’t give away account information. To protect your private photos and files against hacker attacks the best way, you can do more than that. In this article, we want to give you some tips.

Table of Content

Using strong passwords

Passwords that are easy to guess, such as number combinations like 123456, as well as names, birthdays, nicknames or easy phrases like iloveyou, are completely inappropriate and should never be used. Everything that is easy to remember, is also easy to guess for others or easy to find out via “Brute Force”!

Instead, you should use a combination of small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters, which makes no sense when you read it. This way it cannot be derived from anything (like your name, your dog’s name, etc.) and also not guessed correctly.

Many websites also ask you to use a password that is longer than 8 characters.

Never use a password twice

Once you found a secure password, you may feel tempted to use it for multiple websites. This is a problem if a hacker really finds out your password and can access multiple accounts at once. So the person might get access to all your files and photos.

Therefore, always create a new password for each login site.

Using password manager

If you created a new secure password for each login, you cannot remember all of them. A password manager can help you to protect, manage and insert passwords where needed. Most password managers work with Touch ID and copy & paste function so that they are easy-to-use and secure.

Answer security questions securely

Some websites require a security question so that you can reset your password in case you forgot it. Questions like “What is the name of the street you grew up in?” or “What is the name of your first pet?” are not secure, because they might find out this information via a simple Google search (maybe through Facebook or Twitter profile).

Hence, you should treat the security questions like passwords (in case you cannot turn them off). It means you should give an answer to them that is not researchable on the internet.

Using two-factor authentication

Most big online services are using the two-factor authentication. It sends a code to your device or to your password manager. It works like a password that you have to type in after you entered your regular password.

A two-factor authentication can be used for the Apple ID, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and Tumblr.

If you get an email, in which you are requested to click a link in order to solve a problem with your account or get a special discount, you shouldn’t click the link at all. It is most likely a phishing mail. They want you to sign into your account on a fake login page to get your login data.

Pay attention where you enter your login credentials! Most modern web browsers tell you about missing security certificates or if a page got reported as a phishing website before.

If you are using a password manager and you are on a website that is supposed to be Apple, Google, etc., but the password manager doesn’t suggest your password, you should be alarmed. It’s probably not the original website and that’s why your password manager doesn’t suggest a password.

How To Securely Use Public Wi-Fi http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7700-securely-use-public-wi-fi Sat, 03 Jun 2017 08:43:23 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7700 How To Securely Use Public Wi-FiAs you know, using the unsecured public Wi-Fi networks is risky. There are some situations, in which you cannot get around such networks, for example when you have a poor mobile service connection. For these cases, we want to give you some security tips for using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

What you should never do in public Wi-Fi networks

If you are connected to a public Wi-Fi, you shouldn’t do certain things:

  • Online shopping: It is better to order things at online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc. at home.
  • Online banking: You should never use public Wi-Fi for paying bills or transferring money. Never enter your credit card information while using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
  • Personal information: Try to avoid entering personal information on a page.

Using VPN

You can use a VPN to encrypt your activities and to make it harder to access your information for the time using the unsecured Wi-Fi connection. Your entries and queries will be redirected with the VPN server so that nobody can read your information.

How To Securely Use Public Wi-Fi

There are many different free VPN services that you can use for your iPhone. Read more…

In general, fee-based VPN services, like PureVPNHide My Ass or Private Internet Access are safer, more stable and faster than free VPNs.

Only access HTTPS pages

HTTPS pages are much safer than HTTP websites, because they are encrypted. If you are in a public Wi-Fi network and access a website, make sure you are using the secured HTTPS page. You can check this by tapping the URL field in Safari.

Use secure websites while using public Wi-Fi networks

Using two-factor authentication

Most big internet platforms (such as Apple with the Apple ID) offer a two-factor authentication. This means that you need a code besides your password to sign in. You mostly get the code via message on your phone. In other words: Even if someone spied on you and found out your password, the person still cannot sign into your account because the code is missing.

Secure your accounts by using two-factor authentication

Buy a better data plan

If you got more data to use for your mobile internet connection, you won’t need the unsecured public Wi-Fi. Check your provider for prices.

7 Handy iPhone Gadgets For Your Next Camping Trip http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7689-iphone-gadgets-for-camping-trip Thu, 01 Jun 2017 20:32:30 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7689 7 Handy iPhone Gadgets For Your Next Camping TripMost iPhone users don’t want to go on a camping trip without the beloved smartphone. It can bring us to our destination safe and sound by using the GPS and gives us heads up for on the weather situation. We found seven handy iPhone gadgets for tent & Co, in case you cannot stay a night under the open sky without your iPhone.

Table of Content

Solar Panel

A solar panel like the Nomad 7 by Goal Zero is a must-have for every camper. It collects the energy of the sun inside the solar module and saves it to a connected power bank or directly to the iPhone.

Use solar power to charge your iPhone on your next camping trip

The solar gadget comes with a magnetic stand that allows the panel to face the sun in a 45° angle. The stand serves as a bag at the same time. You can store an adapter, smartphones and other small devices in the bag. There are also two little carabiners included in the pack. This helps for example if you need to attach the panel to the tent.

Waterproof iPhone Case

To protect your iPhone against sudden rain showers, we recommend using a waterproof phone case. The transparent case by JOTO is IPX8 certified and provides a protection for your smartphone with a screen diagonal of up to 6 inches.

Waterproof phone bag as a perfect camping gadget for iPhones and documents

If you are heading to the beach or making a boat tour, you can also wrap up other documents and money in this case. So you will keep the most important things dry. An extra safety feature is the band, which can be used to put the phone bag around the neck.

iPhone Stand

A flexible iPhone stand is another useful gadget for camping fans. It can be used as an iPhone tripod on a table, wrapped around a pole, or hanging on a tree. It will guarantee blur-free photos in every position.

Flexible iPhone stand for every position on a camping trip

The gadget has a Bluetooth remote, by which you can control your iPhone camera from a distance. If you want to show your friends some videos, you can also use the iPhone stand so that you don’t have to hold the smartphone in your hands and everybody can see the screen.

iPhone Car Mount

In order to get to your campground as fast and safe as possible, it’s a must to use a car mount for your iPhone. This will be attached to the air vent of the car and fits every iPhone securely.

Car mount as an iPhone gadget for the next trip

Avolare’s mount is 360 degrees rotatable and has adjustable side-grip arms, which adapt to the width of the device. It is made of an non-skid material that leaves no scratches on the precious iPhone.

USB Car Charger

Just as important as the iPhone mount is the car charger. The tizi Turbolader has three USB ports that run with the 12V cigarette lighter socket of the car. It can charge iPhones, iPads, and other USB devices with up to 7.2A.

Quick charge up to three devices in your car

The gadget consists of an aluminum head with heat dissipation, a free-swinging rocker for secure fixing, and a high-quality ground spring. In addition, it has a protection against overtemperture and overcurrent.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker by CRDC serves with the suitable musical sonication on your camping trip. The gadget is splashproof and dustproof thanks to the IP65 certificate. The surface is made of silicone rubber and protects the box from bounces, scratches, dirt, and wearings. Thanks to the comfortable haptic, the speaker fits in the hand well.

Waterproof speaker as an iPhone gadget for your camping trip

Dual 5W driver provides a powerful bass, no matter if inside or outside. The additional AUX port makes it possible to connect other devices, such as CD player or MP3 player as well. The integrated 2500mAh battery lasts for up to eight hours.


It can get super hot in a tent in summer and that’s why we had to include the USB fan into our favorite camping gadgets. iEGrow designed a fan that is foldable and thanks to the metal clip, you can attach it to a bed, table or tent.

The helper on hot summer days: The USB fan

The USB fan has an integrated lithium-ion battery, which is chargeable via microUSB port. It takes around four to five hours to charge and lasts for two to eight hours depending on the chosen speed.

How To Remove Objects From Photos On Your iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7675-remove-objects-from-photos-on-your-iphone Thu, 01 Jun 2017 08:11:29 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7675 How To Remove Objects From Photos On Your iPhoneProbably everyone had the following problem before: You took a nice photo on your iPhone, but there is an object on the photo that ruins the whole photo. We present you the ultimate solution for removing objects from your photos so that you don’t have to delete the picture! You don’t even need a PC or Mac with an image-editing program. You can directly do it on your iPhone.

Editing photos on your iPhone – How it works:

Imagine you are on a beach vacation and made the perfect holiday photo for your friends at home. Later you notice that there is a sign on your photo that ruins the whole atmosphere of the beach photo.

How To Remove Objects From Photos On Your iPhone

However, that’s not a reason to despair – We found an easy way to get rid of such objects! You don’t even need an additional device, such as a computer in order to use Photoshop or similar image-editing programs. This trick works on your iPhone!

On the App Store, you will find many photo-editing apps that can help retouching an image. Although Apple offers many tools in the Photo app, you cannot remove objects from photos. Same goes for Instagram. In this article, we present you the app TouchRetouch, which costs 2.29€ ($1.99). There are probably many other apps that offer the same tool, but we found this app to be perfect.

Back to the vacation photo debacle: Open the image-editing app of your choice to edit the photo. You might have to allow the access to your photos. It will either ask you or you can go to your Settings > Privacy. Then you have to choose the desired photo. Click Albums and select the photo.

Start editing your vacation photo on TouchRetouch

You will see the toolbar at the bottom. Tap Object Removal and then Brush.

Use the Object Removal tool to remove the unwanted object from your photo

You may want to zoom in depending on the size of the object. Now move your finger over the object to select the whole object. It is okay if you spaciously select it. It will now be marked in green. Once you marked everything you want to get rid of, click Go.

It should now be gone completely. You can keep editing the photo until you are happy.

Mark the object to remove it from your photo

Photo-editing apps have much more features than the two tools we presented. You will find other options to retouch an image, such as the Clone Stamp and Lasso tool. Once you are done editing the photo, you can go to the Share icon at the top right corner and choose Gallery to save the edited image to the Photos app on your iPhone.

Save the edited image to your iPhone

TouchRetouch ($1.99, App Store) →

iPhone Backup Via Dropbox http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7668-iphone-backup-via-dropbox Wed, 31 May 2017 18:57:30 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7668 iPhone Backup Via DropboxDo you want to save files and photos from your iPhone to your Dropbox? We show you how you can transfer your files from your iCloud and from your iPhone to Dropbox within a few steps. It will create a backup, by which you always have access to your files – at home or on-the-go.

Dropbox offers a desktop version, as well as an app so that you can always access your saved files. You can create, rename and share folders. So you can just create a new folder for the backup, name it accordingly and you will have your backup with you at all times.

Save photos with Dropbox

Photos are easy to transfer from your iPhone to your Dropbox. All you need to do is creating a folder, in which you want to save your photos. Then click the Plus icon in the middle of the bottom menu bar. Choose Upload Photos from the menu.

Add your iPhone photos to Dropbox

Then you can select the images directly to add them to the Dropbox folder. You can also click the arrow next to the album title to get to all albums. This way you can select certain folders or all folders to add them to the Dropbox.

Select photos to upload to your Dropbox backup

Transfer files from iCloud to Dropbox

You can add various file types, such as Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, from iCloud to Dropbox. If it is a supported file format, you will see a preview of the file in iCloud. To transfer files from iCloud to Dropbox, you have to click the Plus icon again and this time you choose Create or Upload File in the menu.

Add files from iCloud to Dropbox

In the next step, you select Upload File and you will already see the option iCloud Drive. Now you just have to select the specific file that you want to save to your Dropbox.

Upload any file type from iCloud Drive to Dropbox as an backup

As soon as you transferred all important files, your backup is created on Dropbox.

iMessage – How To Rotate & Change Size of Stickers http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7662-imessage-how-to-rotate-change-size-of-stickers Wed, 31 May 2017 15:15:05 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7662 iMessage – How To Rotate & Change Size of StickersSince iOS 10, you can send stickers in Apple’s Message app. It’s a nice new way to communicate with your friends. Stickers cannot just be added to the chat by tapping or dragging & dropping. You can also change the size of message stickers and rotate them. Learn here how it works.


In order to use message stickers, you will need iOS 10 or later, because earlier iOS or Message app versions had no such feature.

Using message stickers

If you haven’t used message stickers yet, you should read our little guide “iMessage – How To Use And Delete Message Stickers“ to learn the basics.

Rotate & change the size of stickers

In the linked guide above, we show you that you can send stickers in two ways: Tapping them or via drag & drop. Only for the second option, you can also change the size of the stickers and rotate them.

This is how you do it: Tap and hold a sticker of your choice. Drag it into the chat without letting it go right away. Instead, use a second finger to change the size via pinch-to-zoom or to rotate the whole sticker.

iMessage – How To Rotate & Change Size of Stickers

Then let go of the sticker once you reached the desired size and position. The receiver will get the sticker as it is shown on your screen.

iMessage – How To Rotate & Change Size of Stickers

Spotify Premium – 3 Months For Only $0.99 http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7652-spotify-premium-3-months-special Wed, 31 May 2017 12:44:55 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7652 Spotify Premium - 3 Months For Only $0.99Spotify Premium currently is available for only $0.99 (instead of $9.99) in the first 3 months. The offer ends June 26, 2017. Learn in this article how you can use the offer and how you can cancel the subscription before you have to pay $9.99/month. The only requirement for this offer is that you haven’t tested Spotify Premium before.

Subscribe to Spotify Premium (3 months for $0.99)

Open the following URL in the web browser of your iPhone or another device:


On this screen, you should already see the Premium offer – 3 months for $0.99. Click Get Premium.

Spotify Premium - 3 Months For Only $0.99

On the next screen, you have to log in to your Spotify account. If you have no account yet, you can register there by clicking Sign Up next to the question “Don’t have an account?”.

Log in or sign up for your Spotify account

Now choose a payment method. Click the More icon (three dots) next to the credit cards and select one of the available payment methods.

Select your payment method

If necessary, click the little box to authorize Spotify to automatically charge for the next subscription. If you want to cancel the Premium after the three months, you can leave this box unclicked.

Then click Pay Now and you will be directed to Paypal or your bank’s website.

Finish the subscription for Spotify Premium

After the payment, you should get the notification that you now have a Spotify Premium account.

Cancel Spotify Premium

If you don’t want that Spotify sends you a bill of $9.99 per month after the three months are over, you can cancel the Premium contract right away. Doing so, open the web browser and go to the following website:


Spotify tells you on this page how long your Premium subscription is valid and when you have to expect the next payment. Tap Change or Cancel in the section Spotify Premium.

Cancel your 3-months Spotify Premium subscription right away

So you want to cancel the Premium subscription after you paid 3x $0.99 (for the three months so that there won’t be more costs. Therefore, you can already switch to Spotify Free to avoid the (accidental) cost. Tap Switch to Free to fulfill the cancellation.

You can do the cancellation right after signing up for Spotify Premium without losing your three months of Premium subscription.

Switch to the free Spotify subscription after signing up for Premium

Confirm on the next page by clicking Yes, cancel.

Click "Yes, cancel" to finish the switch to Spotify Free

Your Premium subscription is now canceled and it won’t automatically renewed after the three months.

We wish you loads of fun with Spotify Premium!

Spotify on the App Store

Spotify Music (Free+, App Store) →

iPhone SE vs. LG G5 SE – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7645-iphone-se-vs-lg-g5-se Sun, 28 May 2017 07:37:49 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7645 iPhone SE vs. LG G5 SE – Which Smartphone Is Better?Brand-new smartphones can be described in one word: expensive. If you have a tight budget so that you cannot afford one of the current flagships by Apple & Co, you can turn to a sister model. They are almost as good as the top smartphones but cost only a fraction of them. We compared Apple’s popular starter model, the iPhone SE, with the LG G5 SE.

Table of Content


The first big difference between the iPhone SE and LG G5 SE is the size. While the Apple phone has a handy 4-inches diagonal, the G5 SE brings it to 5.3 inches. So the LG smartphone is almost as big as the iPhone 7 Plus. The form also differs extremely: the iPhone SE looks more compact and edgier in comparison to the Android competitor. The edges of the LG phone are clearly rounded and the front and back are slightly curved.

iPhone SE vs. LG G5 SE – Which Smartphone Is Better?

The designs of both smartphones have pros and cons. Each of them is available in four different colors and offers a color tone for every taste. Users with smaller hands should get the iPhone SE because you will be able to reach every part of the display without any afford. If you like to watch videos or play games, you will need a bigger display so that you’ll have more fun with the LG.


The differences in size of the smartphones have a big impact on the display resolution. The G5 SE is equipped with a QHD display of 1440x2560px and therefore it has the same resolution as the G5 sister model. The iPhone SE, however, only has an 1136x640px display. The LG device has the IPS Technology and shows a brightness of 800 nit. It is up to 60 percent brighter than the usual displays. Another plus is the practical Always-on feature. The display shows important notifications and information in standby mode without turning it on.


The processor will be the biggest difference between the G5 SE and the G5 flagship. The LG G5 SE has the middle-class processor Snapdragon 652 with a memory of 3 GB instead of 4 GB. The iPhone SE, on the other side, has an A9 Chip, which is the same processor the iPhone 6s has. This is noticeable in the usage: the Apple phone runs smoother and faster compared to the Android competitor. Hence, the performance test wins the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE vs. LG G5 SE – Which Smartphone Is Better?


A benefit of the G5 SE is the exchangeable 2899mAh lithium-ion battery. The iPhone SE has a battery with 1624mAh, which is solidly built-in – typical for Apple. Despite the battery size differences, both batteries last for around 12 hours with internet usage. The Always-on feature of the LG is a little battery guzzler as it uses 30 percent for the display.


LG scores in the camera test. The smartphone has a 16-megapixels main camera and an 8-megapixels secondary camera with wide-angle lens. The dual camera can take photos with an angle of 135 degrees and therefore can capture more than the human eye. The iPhone SE, on the other hand, only is equipped with a 12-megapixels camera. In addition, the LG has got an extension module for photography fans. “Cam Plus” is supposed to make the LG a wholesome digicam. Besides an additional battery with 1200mAh, the module also has buttons that simplify the handling of the camera. Part of these buttons is a knob for the zoom and special release buttons for photos and videos.


Both smartphones are cheap alternatives to the big flagships but have strength and weaknesses. While LG saves costs for better inner workings, Apple equipped the iPhone SE with a great processor and battery. On the other hand, the G5 SE scores with a powerful camera and a high-resolution display.

How To Take Better Photos With Your iPhone Under Bad Light Conditions http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7638-better-photos-with-your-iphone-under-bad-light-conditions Sat, 27 May 2017 16:02:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7638 How To Take Better Photos With Your iPhone Under Bad Light ConditionsIn our article “iPhone Photography 101: How to Take Better Shots“, we gave you numerous tips and tricks that you can use to take better photos with you iPhone. In this article, though, we want to focus on a special problem: iPhone photography under bad light conditions. We will show you how you can reach better results if you are taking photos in the dark – for example on the streets at night.

Tips for better photos under bad light conditions

Take the following steps from our little guide and you will reach better results when you take photos under bad light conditions:

1. Turn LED flash off

First, you have to turn the LED flash off. Doing so, tap the flash icon on top inside the Camera app. Then choose Off.

Turn flash off for better results under bad light conditions

2. Lock focus and exposure

Then activate the AE/AF Lock. Tap and hold your object until you see the notification “AE/AF Lock” on top of the display. This means that the focus and exposure will no longer automatically adjusted. Read more…

Activate AE/AF Lock to get better photo results under bad light conditions

3. Adjust brightness

Now move the brightness icon (little sun) up or down to adjust the exposure and achieve optimal results.

Adjust the brightness to get better photo results under bad light conditions

4. Take photo

Now keep the iPhone still and press the release button to take a photo.

Optimal photo results under bad light conditions

Bad quality for Live Photos

If there are bad light conditions while you want to take Live Photos, it could affect the photo quality negatively. So it would make sense to turn off the feature if you are taking photos at night.

Download Snapchat ++ And Use Hidden Snapchat Features http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7631-download-snapchat-and-use-hidden-snapchat-features Sat, 27 May 2017 15:08:52 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7631 Download Snapchat ++ And Use Hidden Snapchat FeaturesSnapchat ++ gives you the option to use diverse features that are not available on the conventional Snapchat app! Snapchat ++ works just as the instant messenger service and is connected to your Snapchat account. The only difference is that you can use special features, such as to make screenshots in secret or creating own filters. We show you how you can download Snapchat ++!

1. Delete Snapchat

First, you have to remove the “conventional” Snapchat app from your iPhone. Doing so, press and hold the app icon on your Home Screen until it starts shaking and showing the X. If you have an iPhone model that allows 3D Touch, you can tap the icon slightly und delete it.

Delete Snapchat from your iPhone

2. Install Snapchat ++

Open Safari on your iPhone and visit the website ipasigner.io. Choose ”Install Snapchat ++ With Push Notifications“ to install Snapchat ++. A pop-up window will open, in which you have to tap Install to finally start the download.

Download Snapchat ++ to use special features

3. Allow access

As Snapchat ++ is an individual business app, you have to allow the access separately. Go to the Settings and tap General. Then click Device Management and TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO.

Allow the access to Snappchat ++

Then click trust “TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO“ and confirm it in the separate pop-up window by choosing Trust.

Trust the new app to use special features on Snapchat ++

Now you should be able to use Snapchat ++ just like the “conventional“ Snapchat app and benefit from the special features!

Snapchat ++: How To Take Screenshots Without Notification http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7621-snapchat-how-to-take-screenshots-without-notification Sat, 27 May 2017 14:36:43 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7621 SnapchatSnapchat ++: How To Take Screenshots Without Notification is an iOS app that allows you to send and receive photos that self-destruct within seconds. Technically. You can actually avoid the self-destruction by taking a screenshot. However, the sender will be notified about the screenshot! If you want to secretly save photos forever, you have to use a trick. The following method is also working for snaps and photos from Snapchat Stories!

Snapchat: Screenshots without notification

In order to be able to save a screenshot without sending a notification to the sender, you need a special version of Snapchat, which is called Snapchat ++.

1. Delete Snapchat

First, you have to remove the “normal” Snapchat app from your iPhone. Doing so, press and hold the app icon on your Home Screen until it starts shaking and showing the X. If you have an iPhone model that supports 3D Touch, you can tap the icon slightly und delete it.

Delete Snapchat from your iPhone

2. Download Snapchat ++

Open Safari on your iPhone and go to the website ipasigner.io. Install Snapchat ++ by clicking ”Install Snapchat ++ With Push Notifications“. A window will open, in which you have to tap Install to finally start the download.

Download Snapchat ++ to secretly save screenshots

It could be that you have to allow the access of Snapchat ++. Go to the Settings and choose General. Then click Device Management and TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO.

Allow the access t Snappchat ++

In order to be able to use Snapchat ++, click Trust “TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO“ and confirm it in a separate window by choosing Trust.

Trust the new app to take screenshots on Snapshots without notification

3. Taking screenshots

Now you can open Snapchat ++ on your iPhone. This app looks like the normal Snapchat app. Don’t open the Snapchat that you just received. Just let it load first. Once there is a red icon in front of the snap (look at the screenshot), the Snapchat is fully loaded. Before you continue, it should look like this:

Loaded and unopened snap

Open the Control Center by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen. Enable the Flight Mode by clicking the airplane. Then swipe downwards to close it again.

Now, as the Flight Mode is activated and the Snapchat loaded, you can open the snap by tapping it. Take a screenshot by pressing the Home Button and Sleep/Wake Button at the same time. Then press the Sleep/Wake Button until it shows the Power Off slide button. Tap the Home Button for a few seconds until iOS closes Snapchat ++ and you will be back on the Home Screen.

Take a screenshot in Snapchat without sending a notification

Turn the Flight Mode off and open Snapchat ++ again. You should notice that the Snapchat hasn’t been opened and even the sender will think that you haven’t seen it yet. In addition, nobody will know that you have taken a screenshot, which is saved to your photo library now.

Tip: Get a real Snapchat Pro and get to know these 8 hidden Snapchat features! Read more…

How To Dictate Messages With Gboard http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7610-dictate-messages-with-gboard Sat, 27 May 2017 14:20:32 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7610 How To Dictate Messages With GboardQuite some time ago, we presented you Gboard as a keyboard with a search feature. Within the past months, Google has expanded the range of features and now offers the possibility to dictate text messages. This feature proved to be very reliable in our test. It especially works better than the voice dictation in iOS.

Get “Gboard”

You will need the Google keyboard called Gboard for this trick. You can download it for free on the App Store. We show you in another article how to add third-party keyboards. Read more…

Dictate messages with Gboard

Wherever you can use Gboard you can dictate messages – i.e. iMessage, WhatsApp, Safari, etc.

The dictation with Gboard is extremely simple: Tap the input field so that Gboard notices that you will enter a text or type a message.

Then hold the space button of the Gboard keyboard.

Hold the space button of the Gboard keyboard in order to start the dictation feature

Similar to Siri, it will open a full-screen mode for the dictation feature. Start speaking and Gboard will transcribe the spoken words to written text.

Speak your message so that Gboard transcribes it

Once you stop talking, Gboard will close the dictation feature and the text will be inserted into the input field. Now you can make manual changes in the text (if necessary) or send it to your contact by tapping the send arrow.

Transcribed text message ready to send

In our test, the Gboard dictation feature proved to be more reliable than the iOS feature. It works more precisely and seems to have a broader vocabulary so that long words and word combinations were no problem for Gboard.

“Gboard” on the App Store

Gboard (Free, App Store) →

iPhone 7 vs. Sony Xperia XZ – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7616-iphone-7-vs-sony-xperia-xz-which-smartphone-is-better Thu, 25 May 2017 10:27:22 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7616 iPhone 7 vs. Sony Xperia XZ – Which Smartphone Is Better?As soon as Apple releases a new flagship onto the market, it mostly doesn’t take long until Sony follows suit with a new smartphone. The Xperia XZ is the response to the iPhone 7 and is supposed to win the battle with a high-resolution camera and a faster processor. Can the Android phone really keep up with the iPhone 7 or is it even better? We compared both smartphones in terms of camera, battery, and performance and tell you our results.

Table of Content

Design & Display

The first big difference is the size of the smartphones. While the iPhone 7 has a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, the Xperia XZ measures 5.2 inches. Both smartphones fit in the hand well, but the handling reveals clear differences. The iPhone 7 can be operated with one hand, whereas people with small hands cannot reach the top of the Sony display. The display resolution is HD quality on both smartphones. The Sony Xperia offers just a little bit sharper images with a 1.920 x 1.080px resolution, whereas the iPhone 7 has 1.332 x 750px.

iPhone 7 vs. Sony Xperia XZ – Which Smartphone Is Better?

Both smartphones are high-quality and appear classy in their metal frame. The Xperia XZ got treated with a new method that gives it a 3D look. Sony also gets credit for the fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone. It allows unlocking the smartphone with only one move. The iPhone 7 is ahead in the color choices, because it offers five different models, whereas the Xperia XZ only offers three. Therefore, Apple meets more design preferences.


Let’s get to one of the most important features of a smartphone: The camera. Like almost all other Sony smartphones, the Xperia XZ also has a 23-megapixels camera. The new function is a laser autofocus that helps to focus on objects faster that are up to 2m away. Another new camera feature is the RGB color sensor that helps with white balance and provides a more natural coloring of the photos. Compared to the iPhone 7 that “only” has 12 megapixels, Sony still cannot catch on. The photos of the main camera are good but not top-notch. The Xperia XZ even shows weaknesses for photographing in darkness. In those conditions, the iPhone 7 provides better results.

iPhone 7 vs. Sony Xperia XZ – Which Smartphone Is Better?


Both devices are certified with the IP standard. The Sony Xperia XZ has the IP65 protection class and therefore is dustproof and resistant against hose water. The iPhone 7 even got the IP67 and is dustproof as well, but also water resistant for a temporary period. Both are not completely waterproof.

Battery life

Sony used a quite big battery for the Xperia XZ so that it wouldn’t die too quick. The battery capacity of 2.900mAh allows a mixed smartphone usage of nine to ten hours. The iPhone 7 battery lasts up to ten hours with a smaller capacity of 1.960mAh. Therefore both devices are equally good.


Sony built in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor beneath the Xperia XZ display. The processor is clocked for 2 GHz and supported by 3 GB. This makes it to one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. The A10 Chip with an integrated M10 Motion Coprocessor provides enough power for the iPhone 7. Both smartphones are running smoothly, don’t jerk and open apps without waiting time. There are no significant differences.


The iPhone 7 and Xperia XZ are devices from the high-end section of the smartphone market. The assembly of both is high-quality, the performance is fast and the cameras provide very good photos. However, the camera is a little disappointment for the Sony smartphone, because it doesn’t offer the results it promised.

How To Delete Double Contacts On iPhone http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7599-how-to-delete-double-contacts-on-iphone Tue, 23 May 2017 04:22:26 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7599 How To Delete Double Contacts On iPhoneYou may know the situation when a friend gets a new phone number and you save it as a new contact instead of replacing the old number with the new one. So you will have this person as two (or even more) contacts on your iPhone. One day you want to call the person and you have no clue, which number is the current one. We have an easy trick for you to keep an overview of your iPhone contacts. It allows you to find the double contacts easily, merge them and delete the old number.

Phone Clean puts your contacts in order

It can happen that you accidentally saved one person multiple times to your iPhone contacts.

Double contacts on your iPhone - Same person but two entries

To put your contacts in order again, we present you a program that has a Contact Clean feature: Phone Clean. It will merge your double contacts. You will have to follow the steps below in order to use this trick on your iPhone:

1. Download Phone Clean

First, you have to download the program Phone Clean to your PC or Mac and install it. The test version is for free otherwise it will cost $20 per year. So you have to decide on your own, if it would be worth to spend money on it or if the test version would be enough. For mocking out your contacts you will be fine with the test version. The fee-based Pro version offers more features, which helps you to remove unneeded data so that you can free up some storage on your iPhone.

2. Connect iPhone to computer

Before you start Phone Clean, connect your iPhone to your PC or Max via USB cord as usual.

3. Turn off contacts for iCloud

Before you merge your double contacts, you have to turn off the automatic synchronization of your contacts for iCloud: Open the Settings on your iPhone, click your name at the very top, and choose iCloud. Then you will see a list of apps, that synchronize with iCloud automatically. Tap the green slide button next to Contacts to turn this feature off.

Turn off the automatic synchronization for your Contacts in iCloud

4. Choose ToolBox

Now open the Phone Clean program and choose the ToolBox from the top menu bar. It’s the icon that looks like a briefcase.

Open the ToolBox in Phone Clean program

5. Using Contact Clean

To merge and delete the double contacts with Phone Clean, you have to click Contact Clean.

Choose Contact Clean to merge double contacts

On the left-hand side, it will display the contacts that are currently double. On the right-hand side, you will see how it will look like once Contact Clean merged both contacts. It will save one phone number as “mobile” and the other one as “other”.

The double contacts will be merged when you select them by clicking the little box on the left-hand side. Then click the arrow button in the right top corner to merge them.

Merge the double contacts to one entry on your iPhone

6. Allow merging contacts

It should open a pop-up window that asks for permission to merge the chosen contacts. Click Yes, if your selection is correct.

Make sure that the program only merges contacts that belong together, because Phone Clean puts together all contacts that are listed under the same name. It can happen that you saved different people with the same first name and the program wants to merge them according to the same name.

Confirm to merge the contacts

You may want to check your iPhone to see the result. You will see that the program merged the two contact entries to one, just as shown in the preview on Phone Clean. The two phone numbers are divided in mobile and other under one contact.

One contact entry after merging via Phone Clean

You can, of course, merge the contacts on your iPhone manually via the Contacts app. However, this would be more difficult than using the Phone Clean program, because after downloading there are only a few clicks to bring your contacts in order again.

Shazam: Automatically Add Songs To Apple Music Playlist http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7592-shazam-automatically-add-songs-to-apple-music-playlist Tue, 23 May 2017 00:56:52 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7592 Shazam: Automatically Add Songs To Apple Music PlaylistIf you hear a song on the radio or in a club and you want to know the name of the song and the artist, you can use Shazam to find it out. If you subscribed to Apple Music or still are in the free test version, you can automatically add the Shazam songs to your playlist on Apple Music.

Connect Shazam with Apple Music

In order to be able to do this, you have to connect your Shazam app with the Apple Music app. Tap My Shazam at the bottom of the Shazam app to open your profile. Now go to the settings menu (wheel) at the top right.

Open Shazam settings to connect Shazam with Apple Music

On the settings level, you can connect your Shazam with any streaming service in the Streaming section. Besides Spotify, you can connect to your Apple Music account here. Tap Continue next to Apple Music. It requires an active Apple Music subscription.

Connect Shazam with your Apple Music account in order to add songs automatically to a playlist

In a new window, Shazam will ask you for permission to access Apple Music. Confirm with Ok.

Automatically add Shazam songs to Apple Music playlist

To identify a song with Shazam, tap the big blue icon in the middle of the main screen in Shazam. That’s it. If the song is available in Apple Music, it will be added to your Shazam Playlist automatically.

This way you will no longer forget about the songs you encountered!

Shazam: Automatically Add Songs To Apple Music Playlist

Listen to Shazam songs

Open the Music app and go to the Playlists in your Library. Then tap My Shazam Tracks and you will find all songs that you shazamed. As long as you have a subscription, you can play these songs without any additional costs.

“Shazam“ on the App Store

Shazam (Free+, App Store) →

AirPods Lost Or Misplaced? Use The “Find iPhone” Feature! http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7490-airpods-lost-or-misplaced-find-iphone-feature Mon, 22 May 2017 09:17:21 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7490 AirPods Lost Or Misplaced? Use The Search Feature On Your iPhone!Since the iOS update to version 10.3, you can search for your AirPods with the feature “Find My iPhone”. We explain in this article how you can relocate your headset in case you lost or misplaced it! The only thing you have to take care of is that your AirPods are within reach of your paired iOS device because they don’t have an own internet connection.

Find your AirPods – Here is how to do it!

The search feature works via a personal iCloud account that is connected to your Apple account. Your AirPods are automatically connected to your iCloud and other devices with the first setup. The alternative way is to connect other’s AirPods with your iPhone via Bluetooth. This is handy when you are looking for your friend’s headset. This also means that this trick will not just work on the iPhone 7, for which the AirPods were created. You can use this trick with any iPhone model that has installed iOS 10.3.

Make sure that the AirPods are not in the associated charging box or that the charging box isn’t open, because the “finding your AirPods” feature doesn’t work if that’s the case.

1. Open “Find iPhone“

First, open the app “Find iPhone” on your smartphone. You will see all your iOS devices (including the AirPods) and Macs on this list. In addition, you will see an interactive map that displays the location of the specific device. The blue dot shows the device that you are currently using for this app. You will also find the location of your AirPods on this map, but only if they are online and within reach. These are labeled with a green dot. You will also find out how far away this device is from you.

Find My iPhone 1

This feature is especially helpful when you are moving with your iPhone to find your AirPods. This way you can find out if you are moving closer or farther away from the headsets because the map will update your location.

2. Search AirPods

Tap the AirPods in the list to search them. The map zooms in to show you where exactly the headset is. Click Actions at the bottom to find the AirPods by using a sound.

Find My iPhone 2

3. Play sound on AirPods

After choosing Actions, you can play a sound on your AirPods, which makes it easier to find them. Click Play Sound to do so. You can even choose on which of the earbuds you want to play the sound. Click either Mute Left or Mute Right. This can be helpful when you are missing only one earbud.

Find My iPhone 3

Best Tips & Tricks For Apple Music http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7549-best-tips-tricks-for-apple-music Mon, 22 May 2017 08:16:39 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7549 Best Tips & Tricks For Apple MusicApple’s own music streaming service, Apple Music, is available for around 3 years now. Since the iOS 10 update, many things have changed in the app. We show you some tips and tricks in this comprehensive article, that will keep you up-to-date and present you hidden features.

Table of Content

  1. Stream music in high quality
  2. Optimize storage for music
  3. Use Siri to play songs
  4. Listen to Beats 1 shows on demand
  5. Download songs and play them offline
  6. Download complete playlists and play them offline
  7. Automatically download songs that were added to your library
  8. Play only downloaded music
  9. Set up Shuffle or Repeat
  10. Changing the order or removing songs
  11. Use hidden menu settings
  12. Like and Dislike
  13. Edit account
  14. Using For You
  15. Explore the playlists of the curators

1. Stream music in high quality

You can set to stream music in high quality on Apple Music. On the downside, you will use more mobile data volume and sometimes the playback of a song is delayed, but you will listen to songs in higher quality.

If you want to activate this feature, you have to open the Settings on your iPhone and choose Music. Then go to Mobile Data/Cellular Data.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - High quality streaming

On this screen, you will find all functions for the mobile data usage that are related to Apple Music. If Streaming is turned off, click the slide button. This will activate the streaming option for Apple Music via mobile data. A green button means that it is activated.

This will open another option: High-Quality Streaming. Do the same here. Activate this feature by clicking the slide button so that it turns green.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - High quality streaming

2. Optimize storage for music

Music can take a lot of your storage space. Therefore, Apple Music offers to optimize storage for you to leave enough storage for other things. Open the Settings on your smartphone and go to Music. Click Optimize Storage on this screen.

On the next level, you turn on Optimize Storage by tapping the slide button. This allows the app to delete music that you haven’t heard in a while in case you need more storage to download an app or more music.

In the section minimum storage, you can decide how much GB of downloaded music should remain on the iPhone. This trick helps to automatically manage storage space on your iPhone because the less-played songs will be removed. This way you have more space for new songs.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Optimize Storage

3. Use Siri to play songs

Apple Music is the only music streaming service that can be used by Siri. Start Siri as usual by holding the Home Button. Then you can command Siri to do many different things, such as playing a particular band or a specific song. The voice assistant will access Apple Music and play the desired music right away. You don’t have to do anything else.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Using Siri to play music

4. Listen to Beats 1 shows on demand

If you missed a Beats 1 show, you can listen to them later on as well. To do so, go to Radio in the bottom menu bar. Then click Beats 1 and scroll down until you see On Demand. Now you just need to choose the artist that you like to listen to. This will open a feed with all available radio sessions.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Radio on demand

5. Download songs and play them offline

Every song you are streaming, you can also download to listen to it offline via the library. First, you need to open Apple Music on your iPhone. Then go into one of your Playlists.

Download Songs 1

Choose a song that you want to download from the playlist. Click the plus icon next to the song. The chosen song will be downloaded and added to your library.

Download Songs 2

Now click the cloud icon. This will enable you to listen to the song offline. The cloud will be shown instead of the plus icon after you added the song to your library. After tapping it, the song will be fully downloaded so that it is available offline in the library.

While the song is loading, you will notice the little loading wheel. Once the song is downloaded completely, there will be no longer an icon next to the song.

Download Songs 3

6. Download complete playlists and play them offline

The same is possible for complete playlists. Open the desired playlist in Apple Music. Then choose Add to save the playlist to your library.

Download Playlists 1

If you want to listen to the playlist offline, you have to tap the cloud icon next to the playlist name. Apple Music will now download all songs from the list – so you don’t have to click them individually. When you see Downloaded instead of the loading wheel, the playlist download is finished.

Download Playlists 2

7. Automatically download songs that were added to your library

Instead of tapping the cloud every time you want to download the music, you can activate the automatic downloads. Open the Settings on your iPhone and go to Music. Tap the slide button for Automatic Downloads so that it turns green. This feature allows Apple Music to automatically download the music after adding them to the library. So you don’t have to tap twice anymore.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Automatic music download

8. Play only downloaded music

Apple Music doesn’t really have an offline mode. There is a trick, though, that allows you to play only downloaded music. Go to your Library. If there isn’t a folder called Downloaded Music, you have to activate it first. Click Edit in the top right corner and tap the circle next to Downloaded Music. This will add the folder to the Library list.

Hit Done to confirm. Then you should see the folder Downloaded Music in your library.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Play only downloaded music

Now tap the folder to go into the “offline mode”. Here you will find all the songs you have downloaded so far, which you can listen to offline. This will save you some mobile data for on the go.

Offline Mode Apple Music

9. Set up Shuffle or Repeat

You always see two options below each song: Shuffle or Repeat. You just need to tap the certain option. If one of them is active, it will appear pink, otherwise, it’s white.

If you choose Shuffle, the songs won’t be played in order anymore. They will be randomly chosen.

If you choose Repeat once, it will repeat the whole playlist after hearing it once.

If you tap Repeat twice, it will replay the song that you are currently listening again and again – like an infinite loop until you tap Repeat again to turn it off.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Shuffle & Repeat

10. Changing the order or removing songs

While you are listening to a song, you can see which one is next by scrolling down. If you don’t like the next song, you can change the order by holding the three gray lines next to the song. Then you can move the song to a different position to change the order of the playlist.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Changing order in playlist

Swipe one of the songs in the Up Next list to the left, if you want to delete the song. It will display Remove. Click it and the song disappears from the playlist.

Apple Music Tips & Tricks - Remove song from playlist

Tap and hold a song to open more options. Another settings menu will open, which shows various options for the chosen song.

Hidden Menus 1

You can call this hidden menu even for a playlist. You just need to click the three dots next to the playlist or tap and hold the playlist like you would do for a single song. It will also display an extra menu with many options.

Hidden Menus 2

12. Love and Dislike

One of the menu options is to mark songs or whole playlists with a heart. This means that you like the song. Then Apple will suggest similar music of this genre in future. You can also dislike songs by clicking the crossed-out heart. This tells Apple to never suggest similar music again. This way you can give Apple Music an individual touch with your preferences.

Love and Dislike

13. Edit account

You always have the possibility to edit your account according to your current music preferences and favorite bands.

Go into the section For You and open your account by clicking the person icon in the top right corner. Then you have different options to update your preferences.

Edit Account

14. Using For You

In the section For You, Apple suggests new music or playlists that you could like. It shows a playlist that you have listened recently and in according to this, it suggests a new playlist. On a Friday, for example, Apple will give you suggestions for songs that get you into the mood for the weekend. If you are often using Apple Music and give hearts, Apple will create a personal mix of the week for you with this data.

For You

15. Explore the playlists of the curators

In the section Browse, you can explore the new Playlists in the appropriate tab. Besides the playlist to certain activities or moods, you can also browse through the playlists of the curators of Apple Music. Doing so, you just need to tap the one that interests you. This will show various playlists of the specific curator.

Playlists curators

iCloud Photo Library vs. My Photo Stream – Choose The Right Service http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7566-icloud-photo-library-vs-my-photo-stream-choose-the-right-service Sat, 20 May 2017 03:14:27 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7566 iCloud Photo Library vs. My Photo Stream – Choose The Right ServiceIn the section Photos & Camera of the iPhone Settings, you can turn iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream on/off. Since the iCloud Photo Library was released in iOS 8.3, there is uncertainty within iPhone users about the differences between these two services. This article will provide clarification and explains the differences between iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream so that you can decide which fits your preferences better. There are also some links at the end of this article to explain more features of the services.

Table of Content

Similarity: iCloud Photo Library vs. My Photo Stream

Let’s start with the feature that both services offer: iCloud Photo Library, as well as My Photo Stream, automatically upload photos to iCloud.

The way of saving the photos & videos

The biggest difference between both services is how they save your photos and videos (only for iCloud Photo Library).

iCloud Photo Library

  • This service is using your iCloud storage. Apple gives you an iCloud storage of 5 GB for free. You can expand the storage by purchasing a storage plan.
  • If you have enough iCloud storage, all your photos and videos will be uploaded automatically to your iCloud. You can manage your iCloud storage and free up space. Read more…
  • All photos and videos will be saved to iCloud in the original format, resolution, and size.
  • If your photos and videos take too much storage on your iPhone, you can choose the option Optimize Storage in the Photos & Video section of the iPhone Settings.
  • If you edit an uploaded photo or video on one device, it will automatically apply the changes to all devices.

My Photo Stream

  • This service is NOT using your iCloud storage. The uploaded photos won’t be credited to your iCloud storage capacity.
  • iOS uploads the photos of the past 30 days or up to 1000 photos. Videos will not be uploaded.
  • Photos are loaded and displayed in a lower and optimized quality on your iPhone. On a computer, you will see them in the original size and resolution.
  • If you are editing a photo on one device, it will not apply the changes to all devices.

Compatible devicesiCloud Photo Library vs. My Photo Stream – Choose The Right Service

Another important difference is the accessibility of the photos from other devices. Here are the compatible devices:

iCloud Photo Library

  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Windows PC
  • Apple TV (4. Generation)
  • Apple Watch
  • icloud.com

My Photo Stream

  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Windows PC
  • Apple TV (4. Generation)

Supported file types

The older service My Photos Stream doesn’t support all file types that the iCloud Photo Library does. A major difference is that My Photo Stream cannot upload videos. The following file types are supported by the respective service:

iCloud Photo Library

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • RAW
  • GIF
  • MP4

My Photo Stream

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG


If you are looking for a backup solution for your photos and videos and want to save your collection permanently to your iCloud to have them available on all your devices, the iCloud Photo Library will be the best choice for you. Speaking from experience, the free 5GB will not last long and you will reach the storage limits pretty fast. That’s why we recommend expanding the iCloud storage if you are choosing the iCloud Photo Library. It only costs $0.99 per month for 50 GB.

If you are locally saving your photos and videos on a Mac or PC anyways or use another cloud service, you can choose My Photo Stream. This service is a fast and uncomplicated way to share current photos with your devices. However, there is no backup option for My Photo Stream.

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How To Make An Emergency Call With Siri http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7562-how-to-make-an-emergency-call-with-siri Sat, 20 May 2017 01:08:49 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7562 How To Make An Emergency Call With SiriDespite we all hope that we never have to use the emergency functions of the iPhone, you should still know how they work. Instead of calling 911 manually, which means you have to unlock your iPhone, open the phone app and dial the emergency number, you can ask Siri for help in case of an emergency.

Emergency call via Siri

If you are in an emergency situation, you can use Siri to call the emergency number.

  • Starting with iPhone 6s: In this case, you don’t even have to touch your iPhone, because you can start Siri by saying “Hey Siri”.
  • Earlier iPhones: You have to press and hold the Home Button to start Siri. iPhones earlier than iPhone 6s only work with “Hey Siri” when they are connected to a charging cable.

Now say the following command or a similar:


Siri will give you 5 seconds to cancel the emergency call. After 5 seconds you will be automatically connected to the rescue directing center.

How To Make An Emergency Call With Siri

You should never misuse the emergency function! Only use it when you really have an emergency and need help! A misuse is punishable.

Create emergency medical ID

To make it easier for the rescue team, you can add an emergency medical ID on your iPhone. This will give them the most important information about you.

Rename Folders On iPhone Faster Using 3D Touch http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7134-rename-folders-on-iphone-faster-using-3d-touch Fri, 19 May 2017 13:14:28 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7134 Rename Folders StartYou probably know already that you can organize your apps in folders to have a better overview on your Home Screen. Then you also know that you can give your folders names that describe the content better than the suggested name. These names can be changed later on. Since iOS 10, there is another – much faster – way to do this, thanks to 3D Touch


First, you need an iPhone, which runs under iOS 10 or later. The shortcut that we are going to use is not included in earlier versions.

In addition, you will need a 3D Touch capable iPhone – so an iPhone 6s and later, because this trick uses the Quick Action menu that is only available on later iPhone models.

Rename folders on iPhone faster

Go to the Home Screen of your iPhone to rename a folder as quick as a lightning. Press and hold one folder, which you want to rename.

rename folders 1

The Quick Action menu will open, where you choose Rename.

rename folders 2

The current name of the folder will be highlighted and overwritten as soon as you start entering the new name. Confirm the renaming by clicking Done at the bottom right of the keyboard.

rename folders 3

Rename folders without 3D Touch

All people, who cannot use this fast way because they don’t have 3D Touch or don’t want to use it, can use this way:

Tap a folder to open it.

Click and hold one of the apps inside the folder until the icons are shaking.

Now tap the field with the name. Remove the name and enter the new name. Confirm the renaming by clicking Done at the bottom right of the keyboard.

How To Display Weather Forecast In Maps App http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7069-how-to-display-weather-forecast-in-maps-app Fri, 19 May 2017 12:51:34 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7069 How To Display Weather Forecast In Maps AppIf you want to know, how the weather will be at a certain place, you can either check the weather app or you can search for the place in the Maps app. As of late, you can get the weather forecast according to places in the Maps app.


If you want to use this trick, you will need to update your iPhone to iOS 10.3 or later. You can check Settings > General > Software Updates if there are available iOS updates.

In addition, you need a 3D Touch capable iPhone, which means iPhone 6s or later.

Display weather forecast in Maps app

Open your Maps app on your iPhone and enter any place in the input field at the bottom of the screen. The alternative way would be to choose a place from the map.

The weather information at the bottom right will be updated according to the place shown on the map. Current weather conditions, as well as local temperatures, are displayed. If there is no weather information, you can try zooming in and out on the map.

If you tap the weather info icon, nothing will happen.

If you press it slightly (3D Touch – Peek), it will display the weather forecast for the current place on the map.

If you press it firmly (3D Touch – Pop), iOS will open the Weather app for you to show the current place with the detailed weather forecast.

Weather 3D Touch

This trick allows you to get a quick overview of the weather and temperatures for a place and also gives you a shortcut to the detailed weather forecast.

Pause Live Photos And Save An Image http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/6988-pause-live-photos-and-save-an-image Fri, 19 May 2017 12:32:21 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=6988 Pause live photo to edit imageThe Live Photo feature shows a 3-seconds long clip instead of a still image. So far you could not pause the Live Photo at a certain spot and save it. Instead the iPhone presets the image. The Live Photo feature is available since the iPhone 6s and it records the 1.5 seconds before and after the photo. Saving single images of the Live Photo clip was also impossible up until now. The free app Lively solves this problem for you, because you can edit the Live Photo with this app.

Edit a Live Photo with Lively

To edit an image, open Lively and choose any Live Photo from the library, so that you can start editing it.

Lively 1

The app automatically opens the GIF function. On top you see three options. Choose Frame and you will see the single frames of the Live Photo at the bottom. You can select one of them to export a single image.

When you select an image, make sure that it is sharp. Some frame images of the Live Photo are blurry. Therefore, not every image is qualified for further editing.

Lively 2

Save and share Live Photos with Lively

You can scroll back and forth in the bottom bar to see the single frames of the Live Photo. Once you have decided for one, select it and click Export Frame. You can either save the Live Photo by using the respective button or share the edited Live Photo via one of your installed app.

Lively 3

If you edit a photo with Lively, it will put a watermark in the right bottom corner. If you don’t want the watermark on your photos, you can remove it before editing the Live Photo. You just have to choose Remove Watermark and it will cost you $2.99 (03/23/2017).

Lively - Live Photo to GIF (Free+, App Store) →

Reach Contacts Faster Using 3D Touch http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/6947-reach-contacts-faster-using-3d-touch Fri, 19 May 2017 12:04:36 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=6947 Contacts 3D Touch StartIf you own an iPhone 6s or later, you probably know already a lot about the 3D Touch. Did you know yet that you can reach your contacts faster using 3D Touch as well? If not, you will learn it in this article.


You need a 3D Touch capable iPhone, which means an iPhone 6s or later. In addition you have to use iOS 10 or later on your iPhone.

Reach contacts faster

You can reach contacts faster on your 3D Touch capable iPhone by firmly pressing the contact photo or initials of the contact (in case there is no contact photo).

This trick works everywhere, where contact photos or initials are shown – for example the details view of the contact in the Contacts app, your favorites, or in the Messages app.

The shortcuts of the 3D Touch show many types of contacting. Choose Message, Call, Video or Mail to select the linked phone number or mail address. Then you can send your message, make the call or write the mail.

Contacts 3D Touch

If there are many phone numbers/mail addresses, you can select the one you want to contact by using the arrow. If you are selected another phone number than the preset, iOS will remember it and will suggest it the next time.

This way you can set a default number for calls and messages on your iPhone. Read more…

Share Wi-Fi Password Securely & Easy http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/6770-share-wi-fi-password-securely-easy Fri, 19 May 2017 11:53:23 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=6770 Wi-Fi icon for sharing the Wi-Fi password securely and easilyWhen friends or family visits you, they might want to use your Wi-Fi during their stay. So you would share your Wi-Fi password with them. Usually you have to dig out the password first and then dictate it, so that your guests can log in. This can be a hassle. If you are looking for a less complicated way to share your Wi-Fi password with friends and family, we recommend using the Wi-Fi Widget app. This app allows sharing your Wi-Fi password easily and securely. In addition you can check the Wi-Fi signal strength and offers a direct shortcut to the Wi-Fi settings of the iPhone. Learn in this short guide how it works.


In order to use the Wi-Fi Widget, you have to have installed at least iOS 10.1 on your iPhone. You can purchase the Wi-Fi Widget app for currently $0.99 € in the App Store.

Activate the Wi-Fi Widget

After downloading the app, you have to activate the Wi-Fi Widget. Go to the Widget Screen or the Today’s View in the Notifications Center. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Edit. Then scroll down again until you see the option Wi-Fi. Click the green “+” next to the icon.

Share Wi-Fi Password 1

After you tap “Done” at the right top, you should be able to see the Wi-Fi Widget in the Today’s View.

Share Wi-Fi Password 2

The Wi-Fi Widget obviously has no automatic access to your Wi-Fi password. So you have to enter it first. To do so, click either the app on the Home Screen or tap “Show more“ and then “Tap to set password” in the widget area of the app.

Set Wi-Fi password in order to share it securely and easily

By the way: If you tap “Latency: Tap to Test“, you can check the connection strength of your internet network. Here counts: The smaller the latency or the number in milliseconds, the better is the connection.

Share Wi-Fi password

If you want to share the Wi-Fi password with your guests, open the app on your Home Screen or tap the Wi-Fi Widget in the Notifications Center. Then click “Share“, so that the typical “share“ menu opens. There you can share your Wi-Fi password with others via many different services – for example WhatsApp or iMessage.

Share Wi-Fi Password 4

Use Wi-Fi shortcut – Check network

One tap on the Wi-Fi Widget and you are in the Wi-Fi settings of your iPhone. This way you can see to which Wi-Fi you are connected and if necessary connect to another network. So you don’t have to go through the Settings app every time.

Access the Wi-Fi settings with one tap

Wi-Fi Widget in App Store

Wifi Widget - See, Test, Share (Free+, App Store) →

GPS: Display Gas Stations, Restaurants & Cafés On Route http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/6719-gps-on-route-options Fri, 19 May 2017 10:17:50 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=6719 On route options for the Maps appYou probably know already that you can use your iPhone as a GPS. The Maps app, which is pre-installed on your iPhone, brings you – hopefully safely – from A to B. However, you may not know the features, which are available on route. These options give you a faster access to the nearby gas stations, cafés and restaurants. All happens on route and without ending the current route.


This trick is based on iOS 10. Older versions of the Maps app might not have some of these features.

Display options on route

Open the Maps app on your iPhone and start a route.

You will see the whole route on the map. Below the map you have a bar, which shows the arrival time, the remaining driving time and the distance to your destination. You can also end the route in this section. Tap and swipe this section upwards to see six extra buttons.

Apple Maps GPS 1

The three top buttons show the options that you can display on the route.

If you want to see food options, choose the specific button. Depending on the day time, it can be called Lunch or Fast Food. You can also display the gas stations and cafés on the route. However, it only shows the places nearby and not on the whole route.

If you choose for example Gas Stations, iOS will zoom out of the map and will display the gas stations nearby. You can either select a gas station from the list below, so that it starts a route to it, or you tap the gas station icon on the map. Click Go to start the route to the gas station.

Apple Maps GPS 2

Once you want to get back on your original route, click Resume Route to … at the top. It will end the route to the gas station and will show the original route again.

Apple Maps GPS 3

This trick enables you to easily define interim destinations within one route, in case you are hungry, need coffee, or have to refuel your vehicle.

Sort Photos By Places & Display Map http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/6694-sort-photos-by-places-display-map Fri, 19 May 2017 09:48:23 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=6694 Photos Places and Maps StartThe albums on the iPhone are a great chance to put all the photos and video collections into an order and get a better overview. Besides that, you can also sort your photos by the places, where you have taken them and let them show on a map. This way you can see on one sight, where you have taken pictures.


This trick is based on iOS 10. Some of the presented functions are not available in earlier versions.

iPhone photos sorted by places

There are two different ways to sort photos by places. One way is using the Years/Collections/Moments display and the other one utilizes the Places album.

Years/Collections/Moments display

Open the Photos app on your iPhone and tap Photos at the left bottom corner. All three displays – Years, Collections and Moments – show in each section the locations, where you took the pictures. Tap one of these locations as shown on the screenshot below.

First you will see a summary with some photos. By clicking Display All you can see all photos that have been taken at this place.

Below there is a section called Places, where a map is displayed with thumbnails of your photos. Tap Show Nearby Photos to see further pictures, which have been taken nearby.

Photos Places and Maps 1

You can also zoom out of the map to see a wider map section. Thanks to the geolocation tags, thumbnails show you, where photos and videos have been taken. Tap a thumbnail to see the related shots.

Photos Places and Maps 2

This method is great, if you want to see your holiday pictures and the photos of the whole trip. These will be shown in the Display Nearby Photos section.

Places album

The second method is using the Albums section of the Photos app. So go to the Albums and choose the Places album.

The difference is that you don’t see the location of a certain moment or collection. Instead you will see a wider map section, which you can zoom in and out as much as you want. Tap a thumbnail to see the collection of a certain place.

Photos Places and Maps 3

iMessage Group Chat – Assign Tapbacks To Certain Group Members http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/6549-imessage-group-chat-assign-tapbacks-to-certain-group-members Fri, 19 May 2017 09:00:07 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=6549 iMessage Tapback Group ChatIf you are often texting in iMessage group chats, you will know the following problem: Friends give a reaction (exclamation mark, question mark or “HaHa“) to your message and you are receiving only the latest reaction. The other Tapbacks – how Apple calls these icons – are overlapped by the latest, so that they are invisible at the first sight. We reveal a trick to you that makes it possible to assign Tapbacks to certain group members.

Assign Tapback icons to certain group members

Apple gave his message service – iMessage – a lot of new features with the iOS 10 update, e.g. screen effects or handwritten notes. Thanks to these improvements you can easily loose the overview, especially if your friends love to send dozens of stickers or Tapbacks.

If you have lost the overview and want to assign the Tapback icons to certain members of the group chat, you have to tap and hold them longer.

iMessage will open a pop-up window on top to show you the amount of the single Tapbacks and assigns them to the group members.

If you tap on of the Tapbacks, you will see which of the group members has sent this Tapback.

With this trick you will definitely not miss a question mark, heart or thump up icon anymore, so that you can react to each Tapback of your friends.

iMessage Tapback Group Chat


The Tapback icons are part of the current iMessage app in iOS 10. So you will need an iPhone that has installed the latest iOS version.

Another great and popular iMessage feature in iOS 10 is sending stickers, which you can get in the App Store. Read more about using stickers in the iMessage app…

WhatsApp – Read Messages In Secret Without Read Receipt http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/6462-whatsapp-read-messages-in-secret-without-read-receipt Fri, 19 May 2017 08:53:25 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=6462 Read messages in secret in WhatsApp messenger without sending read receiptsAs you may know already, you can turn off the read receipts in WhatsApp. With this trick the sender of a message cannot see that the receiver has read the message yet. This also works vise-versa though. So if you turned this feature off, you cannot see the read receipts of others either. There is another trick that allows you to read a message without sending a read receipt and not turning off the read receipts. Hence, you can still see, if your messages have been read.


You should install the latest version of the WhatsApp messenger. You can check for available updates in the App Store.

WhatsApp – Read messages in secret with 3D Touch

Prerequisite: You need an iPhone 6s or later for this trick, because it requires the 3D Touch feature, which earlier iPhone models do not have.

This is how you do it: It is important that you do not open the notification, once you receive a WhatsApp message, especially if you want to read it in secret. The reason is that it will open WhatsApp and show the received message, if you do so. This also means that the sender would see the read receipt.

Instead you should wait until the notification disappears on its own. The next step is to close WhatsApp completely by pressing the Home Button twice and swiping WhatsApp upwards. If you do not take this step, WhatsApp will automatically open the last received message. Now open WhatsApp and tap Chats in the bottom bar, if necessary. Now you should see a blue dot next to the received message, which shows that you have not read it yet.

Instead of tapping the message to open, you just tap it slightly (peek) to display the preview of the message. If you tap it too hard, it will open the message and the sender will see the read receipt.

no read receipt WhatsApp

WhatsApp – Read messages in secret without 3D Touch

Prerequisite: The only prerequisite for this trick is using iOS 10 or later on your iPhone.

This is how you do it: You can also read WhatsApp messages in secret by using the new, interactive notifications, which has been added to iOS 10. Your iPhone can now display the whole message besides the notification preview.

It works in the Notifications Center, on the Lock Screen, and with the incoming message as well.

Swipe downwards on an incoming notification, that notifies you about a new WhatsApp message. You can read the whole message (not the preview) without sending a read receipt.

Screenshots show how to read messages in secret without 3D Touch

In the Notifications Center and on the Lock Screen you can swipe the notification to the left and choose View to read the whole message.

“WhatsApp Messenger“ in App Store

WhatsApp Messenger (Free, App Store) →

How To Delete Apps On iPhones With 3D Touch http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7493-how-to-delete-apps-on-iphones-with-3d-touch Thu, 18 May 2017 03:42:33 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7493 How To Delete Apps On iPhones With 3D TouchIf you just switched from an earlier iPhone model to a later one, you will notice an extreme difference. The display is much more sensitive to pressure for the 3D Touch. This way you can make different actions according to the touches (read the best tips to master 3D Touch here). However, there is one action that has been working just fine on earlier models, but it seems to be missing for the 3D Touch: Deleting apps! In this article, we want to show you how you can delete apps on iPhones with 3D Touch.

How To Delete Apps On iPhones With 3D Touch

The deletion or uninstallation of apps on iPhones without 3D Touch is easy: You press and hold the app icon on the Home Screen until it starts shaking and then you tap the little X.

On iPhones with 3D Touch, it principally works the same way. However, it can happen that you call the Quick Action menu instead of the shaking icons, because of the display sensitivity.

Quick Action menu instead of shaking icons to delete apps

On iPhones with 3D Touch, tap the app icon slightly with your finger and hold it there until the icon is shaking. Then you can click the X to delete the app and confirm that you really want to remove the app and related data.

Delete apps on iPhone with 3D Touch

Adjust 3D Touch sensitivity

If you want to change the pressure sensitivity of your iPhone, because you have problems deleting apps, go to the iPhone settings. Then open General > Accessibility > 3D Touch. Move the slide button to Firm on the right side. This will prevent that the Quick Action menu opens for normal taps. Read more…

Adjusting the sensitivity of the 3D Touch

Find Out Instagram Connections Of Others http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7482-find-out-instagram-connections-of-others Thu, 18 May 2017 01:35:17 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7482 Find Out Instagram Connections Of OthersInstagram is a great way to present yourself, your work or whatever you want to share with other people. You can let them be part of your life by sharing photos or videos. Instagram also reveals a lot about its users. You can find out, what your followers and your Instagram contacts like and which accounts they follow, as well as checking the photos they are tagged in.

Activities of Instagram accounts you follow

When you are in Instagram, tap the heart icon at the bottom menu bar. You will see your likes, comments and new followers on this screen.

Tap Following at the top bar. Now you should see the activities of the accounts you follow.

Find out activities of the Instagram accounts you follow

If you are not looking for the connections, but want to check out what other Instagram accounts do, this is the place to go.

Search Followers and Following lists

Another way to find out the connections of your Instagram contacts is through the Followers and Following lists. We talk about the counter section you see on every Instagram profile. Tap the Followers or Following on any profile.

This way you will find out, which accounts your Instagram contacts follow and who follows them.

Find out who other Instagram accounts follow and who follows them

Display tagged photos

Even if Instagram users don’t upload photos themselves, they can be tagged on photos. These tags will be shown on your profile. Open an Instagram profile and tap the tag icon, which is displayed below the account description.

This tab will reveal all photos and videos, on which this account has been tagged.

Find out where other Instagram accounts has been tagged on

Add tags manually

If you don’t want that someone tags you unwanted, you can change this in the settings. Open your Instagram profile, go to the tag icon, tap the more icon (three dots) and choose Tagging Options.Turn on Add Manually to prevent posting photos you are tagged in without your permission. Read more about Instagram privacy…

Add tagged photos manually on Instagram

Instagram on the App Store

Instagram (Free, App Store) →

iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG G6 – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7477-iphone-7-plus-vs-lg-g6-which-smartphone-is-better Wed, 17 May 2017 07:19:06 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7477 iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG G6 – Which Smartphone Is Better?If you are thinking about smartphones, you might have the brands Apple, Samsung or Huawei in mind. In the past years, the LG devices are also getting more popular, though. In the U.S., for example, every fifth smartphone is from the Korean brand. We compared their latest flagship smartphone –  LG G6 – with the iPhone 7 Plus and reveal, if it can keep up with the Apple product.

Table of Content


Both smartphones are almost the same size. The LG G6 has a display diagonal of 5.7 inches and the iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inches. According to LG, the smartphone belongs to the “new generation of smartphone design” and is supposed to stand up to Apple. The Koreans count on glossy materials, a rounded glass display, a metal frame and a seamless, extra thin body.

At the first glance, there are almost no differences between the G6 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both smartphones are high-quality, fit in the hand well and give a great first impression. The iPhone 7 Plus is available in five different colors, thus covers more preferences with these variations than the three color variants of the G6.

The camera lenses on the back side of the LG model attracted our attention in a positive way. Whereas the dual camera lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus are raised, the G6 has them integrated in a flat way.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG G6 – Which Smartphone Is Better?


A significant difference is the display. The LG G6 has a larger display and a smaller frame compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. The Koreans built in a QHD+ FullVision Display with a ratio of 18:9 and a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels that provides an extremely sharp image quality. The iPhone 7 Plus, on the other hand, has a Retina HD Display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and therefore has to surrender in the display comparison with the LG G6.

Audio & video playback

LG advertises the G6 with a high-quality sound, which is supported by the two AOP microphones and a Hi-Fi playback. In real, the sound is okay but not thrilling. That’s mainly because the smartphone has only one speaker at the bottom, which isn’t producing an expansive sound. This looks different for the 7 Plus: Apple equipped the iPhone 7 Plus with two speakers – one at the bottom and one behind the earpiece. They produce a spatial sound pattern and reach a higher volume than the previous iPhone models.

In playing of videos, the LG device wins with the high-resolution display. Netflix certified the G6 as the first smartphone for high-quality streaming. In future, it will be possible to watch movies on the smartphone via the streaming service Dolby Vision.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG G6 – Which Smartphone Is Better?


In an unmindful moment, it can happen quickly that the smartphone falls to the ground. Everyone, who had to replace a display before, knows how expensive this can get. LG offers with its G6 an all-round protection that passed many US military standard 810G tests (MIL-STD) – including the Transit-Drop-Fall & Shock Tests. The iPhone 7 Plus does not have such a protection.

Both devices are IP certified and therefore water and dust resistant. The LG has a higher protection class than the 7 Plus. The IP68 allows the G6 to dive underwater constantly, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus can only resist temporary water dives.


Both smartphones have a dual camera with wide angle and standard angle lenses. The LG produces photos with 13 megapixels and the iPhone with 12 megapixels. Unlike Apple, LG doesn’t use both cameras for the portrait effect, but to switch to a wide angle mode with one tap. Unfortunately, the photo quality suffers from that under bad light conditions. Here is the iPhone 7 Plus ahead.

LG equipped the G6 with many camera features, such as the Square Camera app. This divides the screen into two parts – the upper part is for the viewfinder and the lower part for displaying the shot/recording. There also is a Double Photo Mode that takes two photos – one with the face camera and one with the main camera.

Apple goes without such photo features. The battle of the better front camera wins the iPhone 7 Plus because it has 7 megapixels, which is two more than the G6 has.


The power for the LG G6 comes with the 3300mAh battery, which brings it through the day with normal internet usage. You also don’t have to worry, if you have to charge your phone throughout the day with the iPhone 7 Plus. It has a capacity of 2.900mAh. An advantage is the Quick Charge feature of the Android competitor. It charges the smartphone halfway within 35 min.


In terms of performance, the iPhone 7 Plus is definitely ahead of the LG. The A10 Fusion Chip with integrated M10 Motion Coprocessor makes the smartphone to one of the fastest devices on the market. Even the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with four cores cannot keep up with this.


LG did a lot of things right with the G6. Especially the sharp and large display stands out from competitor devices. In terms of sound and dual camera is still potential, though. The iPhone 7 Plus scores with a very good performance and a better sound quality. Before you buy a new smartphone, you should ask yourself what features are important for you. Then decide accordingly.

If you already decided for an iPhone 7, but you are unsure which one to take, we recommend our comparative article “iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Differences – Which Should I Buy?“ You will learn which features and characteristics are different and what (dis)advantages they have.

iPhone SE vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7472-iphone-se-vs-sony-xperia-z5-compact-which-smartphone-is-better Wed, 17 May 2017 01:27:28 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7472 iPhone SE vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Which Smartphone Is Better?Current smartphones can be described with one word: Expensive. If you don’t have the budget for one of the current flagships of Apple & Co., it doesn’t mean that you have to do it without the comfort of a smartphone. More and more brands offer cheaper compact smartphones, which are just as good as the current models. We compared the most popular ones for you: The iPhone SE and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

Table of Content

Design & Display

Both smartphones have a characteristic smartphone form with rounded edges. The Z5 Compact looks a little edgier, wider and thinner in a direct comparison. The size of both smartphones is almost identical: The iPhone SE comes with a 4-inch display and the Sony Xperia Z5 a 4.6-inch diagonal. Both displays are rich in contrast and the color spectrum is good. The Z5 Compact scores with a better resolution of 1280 x 720 (HD), whereas the iPhone SE only has 1136 x 640 pixels. Very handy feature: The fingerprint sensor is on the side next to the Standby Button so that you can quickly unlock the smartphone.


The Xperia is ahead in terms of the main camera. With 23 megapixels, it outnumbers the 12 megapixels of the iPhone SE camera. It provides remarkable photos. The Z5 Compact also shows its magic in the speed test for the autofocus: Only 0.03 sec for the instantaneous release – according to Sony. Another advantage is the dedicated release button and the 5 megapixels front camera. The iPhone SE has only 1.3 megapixels for selfies.

iPhone SE vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Which Smartphone Is Better?


The batteries of both smartphones provide proper results. The Xperia Z5 Compact is equipped with a 2700mAh battery and runs seven hours with internet usage. The iPhone SE battery can last even up to 12 hours with only 1624mAh capacity. The Sony device loses one point for the missing Quick Charge adaptor. Although it has the charging feature, Sony fails to include the respective cable in the package. In addition, a high heat generation is noticeable while watching videos for a longer time.


The speed test is winning the iPhone SE. Apple equipped the compact smartphone with an A9 Chip with integrated M9 Motion Coprocessor, which is also used in the iPhone 6s. Sony, however, uses a Snapdragon 810 with a maximum of 2 GHz for the Xperia Z5 Compact. Although we didn’t notice any jerks or delays, the iPhone SE is still faster in a direct comparison.

iPhone SE vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Which Smartphone Is Better?


If you don’t want to invest much money in a smartphone, you won’t make a wrong decision with any of the two devices. You have to make some sacrifices for the price, though, but only some. Both smartphones are very fast and are almost as good as the “big” smartphones. The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact has a very good camera and is suitable for users who like to take photos with the smartphone. The iPhone SE, on the other hand, scores with a better battery and a better performance, but you’ll have to deal with average cameras.

Installing Android on iPhone (Jailbreak) http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7468-installing-android-on-iphone-jailbreak Wed, 17 May 2017 00:19:54 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7468 Installing Android on iPhone (Jailbreak)There actually are people who want to use the Android operating system on their iPhones – for whatever reasons. If you are one of this group, we have some good news for you: It is possible to install “iDroid“ on jailbroken iPhones. It is an Android version that is developed explicitly for iPhones.

Prerequisite: Jailbreak

If you want to install Android on your iPhone, you have to jailbreak the iPhone first. You will find more information about the jailbreak and which iOS versions/iPhones are possible to jailbreak in our Jailbreak section: Click here.

Install Android on iPhone

For the following steps, you should connect your iPhone to the charger.

Install “Bootlace“

Open the Cydia -Store on your jailbroken iPhone. Tap Manage > Sources > Edit > Add and enter the following address:


Confirm the input by clicking Add Source. The source should now be added. In this new source, you have to search for Bootlace and install the application.

At this point, you might have to restart your iPhone, in case the app Bootlace is not on your Home Screen. Open the app now. You will be asked to allow a restart to patch the kernel. Confirm this by tapping

Open the app now. You will be asked to allow a restart to patch the kernel. Confirm this by tapping Reboot.

After the restart, open the app Bootlace again and go to OpeniBoot > Install > Continue.

Tap iDroid > Install > OK and wait until iDroid is done installing. This process can take a while. Make sure your iPhone is attached to the charger so that it has enough power.

Once the installation is done, open the app Bootlace again and go to QuickBoot. Tap the Android icon. This way it will do a reboot and you will be able to use Android on your iPhone afterwards.

Installing Android on iPhone (Jailbreak)

How To Set Up WhatsApp Without A SIM Card Via Landline http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7461-how-to-set-up-whatsapp-without-a-sim-card-via-landline Tue, 16 May 2017 02:15:59 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7461 How To Set Up WhatsApp Without A SIM Card Via LandlineIn order to be able to use the instant messaging service of WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet, you have to have an own phone number. This number is connected to your account. Therefore you’d think that you need a SIM card for your device. This is actually not necessary. We show you in this article how you can use your landline to set up a WhatsApp account on your smartphone or tablet without using a SIM card!

Set up WhatsApp account without own phone number – Here is how!

In this guide, you will learn how to use the WhatsApp messenger on your tablet by using your landline number. It also works for smartphones that don’t have a SIM card. The trick does not work for iPads because WhatsApp isn’t available on the App Store for iPads. If you are looking for a way to use your WhatsApp on an iPad, read this article.

1. Download WhatsApp

First of all, download WhatsApp from the App Store to your smartphone or tablet. Note that you will need a WiFi connection to be able to download the app.

For doing this open the App Store and search for “WhatsApp”. Once you found the messenger, click Get or the cloud. The cloud only appears, if you already used this app on your device with this Apple ID before. Then it will install WhatsApp on your device. The download will be completed, when you can see the option Open.

2. Register for WhatsApp

When you open WhatsApp, you will be prompted to register your phone number. Now enter your landline. Please, make sure you are using the correct country code (i.e. +1 for the USA) and skip the zero for the area code (unimportant for the U.S.). In Australia, for example, the number 02 1234 5678 turns into (+61) 2 1234 5678. You can use your land line only for one WhatsApp account. You always need a new number for another WhatsApp account.

How To Set Up WhatsApp Without A SIM Card Via Landline

3. Verification

Afterwards, WhatsApp wants to verify your phone number. First, WhatsApp will try to send you a code via text message to your landline number. However, this won’t work. That’s why WhatsApp will try to call you instead to give you the verification code. It can take a while until WhatsApp notices that it cannot send text messages to this phone number.

How To Set Up WhatsApp Without A SIM Card Via Landline

When you take the call, an automated voice will recite the code. Listen properly, that you enter the right code on your smartphone or tablet.

4. Using WhatsApp

Once you entered the correct code, your WhatsApp account is verified and set up. You can go ahead and add a profile photo etc. You can use WhatsApp as usual – and thanks to this trick without a SIM card.

How To Set Up WhatsApp Without A SIM Card Via Landline

Change iPhone Alarm Sound – Your Preferred Tone For The Alarm http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7453-change-iphone-alarm-sound-your-preferred-tone-for-the-alarm Tue, 16 May 2017 00:43:25 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7453 Change iPhone Alarm Sound – Your Preferred Tone For The AlarmThe alarm feature is an extremely useful feature of your iPhone for getting up in the morning. We show you a trick how you can change the alarm sound on your iPhone. You don’t have to choose the standard melodies. You can use a different or individual alarm tone!

1. Open Clock

First, open the Clock app on your iPhone and navigate to the Alarm by using the bottom menu bar. There you will find all your alarms that you created – regardless if they are turned on or off.

Change iPhone Alarm Sound – Your Preferred Tone For The Alarm

2. Edit Alarm

If you want to change the alarm sound for an alarm, you have to click Edit. Then choose the alarm that you want to change the alarm for. Now you have the option to adjust the alarm to your needs. Besides changing the alarm sound, you can adjust the time or turn Snooze on or off.

Edit the alarm on your iPhone

3. Set alarm sound

Choose Sound to change the alarm sound.

Change the sound of the alarm in Clock settings

Then you can choose between given melodies and your own music songs. Read this article to learn more about the easiest way to set a song as an alarm sound or ring tone.

Use Buy More Tones to find more tones and sounds on iTunes, such as the breathing of Darth Vader. Afterwards, you can set it as an alarm tone.

Below you can also change the vibration of the iPhone alarm. Tap Vibration and choose either a given option or Create New Vibration. Customize your vibration alarm by tapping a vibration pattern. If you don’t like vibration for your alarm at all, turn it completely off (None at the bottom).

To change the alarm sound, you just need to tap another tone or Pick a Song from your library/playlist. It will play the tone after tapping it. If you decided for a new tone, go Back and Save the changes. From now on, your alarm will go off with a new melody!

Change iPhone Alarm Sound – Your Preferred Tone For The Alarm

If you want to change the alarm tone of other alarms, you have to duplicate this trick. At the moment, there is no option to change it for all alarms at once.

Don’t forget to turn off the alarm, if you just wanted to change the sound, but not activate it. Once you hit save it automatically turns the alarm on.

iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7448-iphone-6s-vs-sony-xperia-z5-premium-which-smartphone-is-better Mon, 15 May 2017 23:41:54 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7448 iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Which Smartphone Is Better?Every time Apple introduces a new flagship onto the market, it doesn’t take long for Sony to follow suit. The Xperia Z5 Premium is the response to the iPhone 6s. Can the Android smartphone keep up with the Apple device? Or is it even better? We compared the two devices regarding camera, performance and battery capacity.

Table of Content


The first big difference is visible in the display size. Whereas the iPhone measures a diagonal of 4.7 inches, scores the Xperia Z5 Premium with 5.5 inches like the Plus models of the iPhone 6s or 7. Both smartphones fit well into the hand and feel good, but you will notice clear differences in the operation. The iPhone 6s can easily be operated with one hand. The Sony smartphone could be difficult to operate for users with smaller hands because you cannot reach every part of the screen anymore. A plus factor for the Sony device is the fingerprint sensor on the side that allows unlocking the smartphone with one move. Looking at the size and the used materials, the Xperia Z5 Premium appears pretty massive and almost too big for the pocket in your pants.

iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Which Smartphone Is Better?


Another big difference is the display resolution. The Xperia Z5 Premium is the first smartphone with a 4K Ultra HD display and has a resolution of 806 pixels per inch. The iPhone 6s only has 326ppi. If you want to use your smartphone with VR Glasses, you should get the Xperia Z5. In everyday life, the retina display of the iPhone is totally fine.


Considering the high-resolution display of the Xperia Z5 Premium, it also has to be able to take great photos. Sony is again ahead of the iPhone in this category: It has a 23-megapixels main camera, while the iPhone 6s only comes with 12 megapixels. The big difference in megapixels is clearly visible in the photos: The Sony smartphone provides extremely sharp pictures in good light conditions. However, the iPhone 6s is ahead of the Sony in bad light conditions, although it has a smaller sensor. Both smartphones record videos in 4K.


The Z5 Premium is dust and water resistant according to its IP protection class 65/68. Therefore it can survive a 60in deep dive in fresh water for up to 30 min. The iPhone 6s is not IP protected, but still more robust related to the used material. Many users complain about the high scratch vulnerability of the Sony display and back side. Fingerprints are extremely visible on the glass surface and make the smartphone appear dirty. So a screen protection is a must for Xperia Z5 users.

iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Which Smartphone Is Better?

Battery capacity

To make sure that the Z5 Premium isn’t out of puff with 4K videos and high-resolution display, it got a capacity of 3220mAh. It will last for seven to eight hours with a mixed usage, which is not much considering the size of the battery. The device will make it through the work day, but if you need more power, you’ll need to charge it again. The iPhone 6s has a battery capacity of 1715mAh and lasts just as long as the Android competitor.


Beneath the record-breaking display of the Z5 Premium, Sony built in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 power processor, which is clocked for 2 GHz and is supported by 3 GB RAM. The Xperia Z5 Premium counts as one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. The downside is the high heat generation that occurs in high strain. The A9 Chip with integrated M9 Motion Coprocessor serves enough power for the iPhone 6s. Both smartphones run smoothly, open apps without waiting time and don’t jerk.


Both smartphones are high-end devices with strengths and weaknesses. Sony scores with a high resolution and very good camera in the Xperia Z5 Premium, while Apple bets on the comprehensive package in the iPhone 6s.

How To Post Instagram Photos In Web Browser On PC & Mac http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7438-how-to-post-instagram-photos-in-web-browser-on-pc-mac Mon, 15 May 2017 06:26:24 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7438 How To Post Instagram Photos In Web Browser On PC & MacUp to now, you could only post photos on Instagram by using the app – until now! Instagram improved the mobile website and makes it possible to upload photos on your computer. This function aims for those users, who cannot use the app on their cell phone or don’t want to install the app. We show you how it works in this trick.

Please note that this new feature is still rolling out. So it might not be available for everyone.

Post Instagram photos without app

If you want to post photos on Instagram by using your computer, you will need to go to the mobile version of the app in Chrome.

So go to instagram.com and sign in with your credentials. You should be in your feed now. Make a right click und choose Inspect.

How To View Mobile Version In Web Browser On PC & Mac

In the browser window, you will now see a console window. Now you have to choose the Device Toolbar in the upper bar of the console. Once it is blue, you can post photos from your PC.

Switch to mobile version in Chrome to upload a photo in web browser

Instagram will now open in the mobile version and looks like the app on the smartphone. Click the Camera icon at the bottom (or top) menu bar to upload a photo.

Tap the Camera icon as usual to upload a photo to Instagram on your PC or Mac

It will open a new window on your computer so that you can select an image to upload. Once you have chosen one, you will be on a slimmed “New Post“ screen.  You can rotate the image and change the format. The popular filters are missing and you cannot make markups. So if you choose to upload your photo on a computer, you have to edit it beforehand.

Uploading an image to Instagram on PC & Mac

Then click Next to add a caption to your post. Unlike the app, you will not get hashtag suggestions in this mobile version. Once you are done, hit Share and your photo will be uploaded to your Instagram account.

Share your Instagram photo on PC & Mac

The mobile version of Instagram in the web browser can be handy if are regularly posting photos that are not taken on an iPhone. It will save you a lot of time in future because you can upload the photos directly from your PC or Mac without any detours.

iPhone Doesn’t Vibrate Anymore Since The Update? This Trick helps! http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7435-iphone-doesnt-vibrate-anymore-since-the-update-this-trick-helps Mon, 15 May 2017 04:12:50 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7435 iPhone Doesn’t Vibrate Anymore Since The Update? This Trick helps!The vibration of the iPhone is one of the most important features, especially if you depend on it. Then it’s extremely annoying if the smartphone suddenly doesn’t vibrate anymore and you miss a call. It can have multiple reasons that the iPhone vibration doesn’t work anymore. We will show you in this trick how you can quickly solve this issue.

Update cripples vibration

Every iOS update makes general changes in the operating system. In some cases, the new version can cause a loss of the vibration alarm. So go into the

So go into the Settings of your iPhone and choose General. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset. In the next step, you click Reset All Settings. This way all your settings – including the vibration – will be deleted.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

Now the vibration alarm should work again. If that’s not the case, you can take some further steps before you bring your iPhone to a repair shop.

Make sure that you turned on the option “Vibrate on Silent” in the section Sounds of your iPhone settings. If it’s already activated, we would recommend restarting your iPhone. Power off your iPhone and turn it back on. Temporary software problems often are solved afterwards.

If your iPhone still doesn’t vibrate, everything speaks for a hardware defect so that you have to bring your iPhone to the repair shop.

Forgot Your iPhone Restrictions Passcode? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7424-forgot-your-iphone-restrictions-passcode Mon, 15 May 2017 01:34:16 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7424 Forgot Your iPhone Restrictions Passcode?The restrictions passcode is for the child protection on your iPhone. You can lock the access to certain apps and websites with this code. Read here how to activate and use the restrictions passcode. What happens, though, if you forgot your restrictions passcode? The only way Apple offers to reset the passcode is to reset the whole iPhone. In this article, you will learn an exclusive solution that we found to solve this problem.

Regain restrictions passcode without resetting the iPhone

There is another solution to restore your restrictions passcode besides restoring your iPhone: This specific version works for iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10. You don’t have to reset anything because the restrictions passcode can also be read. To restore your forgotten passcode, you have to take the following steps:

1. Create backup

First, you have to create a backup of your iPhone on your Mac or computer via iTunes. You have to make sure that you don’t choose that the encrypted option for the backup. You can select it in iTunes before you start the backup manually.

Backup your iPhone to regain restrictions passcode

2. Download Backup Manager

To be able to read the restrictions passcode, you have to download a specific program that allows analyzing the backup. The best program that we found is the Backup Manager iBackupBot. This program also helps to inspect the charging cycles of your iPhone. Make sure you install the right version for your PC or Mac, i.e. don’t accidentally download the Mac version for a Windows computer.

Analyze your backup by using the iBackupBot program to get back your restrictions passcode

3. Using iBackupBot

Once you open iBackupBot, it will show the data of your last backup. Go to the folder: System Files -> HomeDomain -> Library -> Preferences. There you will choose the file com.apple.restrictionspassword.plist.

Find the file for the restrictions code in iBackupBot

It can be that a pop-up window opens that notifies you about the test version. Click Cancel to close the window and to continue.

Closing window to continue finding the restrictions code

4. Find out assets

Your restrictions passcode is saved in the file com.apple.restrictionspassword.plist. However, it is encrypted. The encrypted restrictions passcode consists of two values: The RestrictionsPasswordKey and RestrictionsPasswordSalt. This combination always differs for every file and iPhone on iBackupBot. First, you will find the code of the RestrictionsPasswordKey and then the value RestrictionsPasswordSalt.

Find the encrypted values for the restriction passcode

5. Decrypt restrictions passcode

Now you need to decrypt both values to find out your restrictions passcode. Go to this website and enter both combinations in the respective fields. The decryption will work instantly in the browser via JavaScript.

Let the software decrypt the values of the restriction passcode

The search for your code starts once you hit Search for Code. While the search is going, the program will check every available number combination from 0000 to 9999. So the procedure can take a little bit.

Let the software decrypt the values of the restriction passcode

6. Get your restrictions passcode

As soon as the search is finished, a window will pop up to tell you your forgotten restrictions passcode. Now you can manage your restrictions and child protection as usual again or create a new code, which will be easier to remember for you.

Restrictions Passcode regained

iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia X – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7418-iphone-6s-vs-sony-xperia-x-which-smartphone-is-better Sat, 13 May 2017 08:10:19 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7418 iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia X – Which Smartphone Is Better?A smartphone with a great music player, high-resolution camera, and fast processor: Sony promises all this with its Xperia X. Apple holds up with the iPhone, but wants to score with a comprehensive package. We compared the iPhone 6s with the Sony Xperia X and will let you know if the Android competitor can keep up with Apple.

Table of Content


Both smartphones look alike and there isn’t even a big difference in the size. The Xperia X is only slightly larger with a screen diagonal of 5“. The iPhone 6s has a 4.7“ screen. Even the color choice is similar: Sony phones are available in Black, White, Lime Gold and Rose Gold, whereas the iPhone 6s exists in Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. The front and Lock Screen of the Xperia X have the same color as the back. The iPhone only has a colorful back side, but the front is either black or white.

The smartphones are well designed so that they fit perfectly in a hand. Both smartphones have an aluminum case, which makes them high-quality and exquisite. The display quality of both phones is very good and the user interface feels minimalistic and intuitive.

iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia X – Which Smartphone Is Better?

Camera features

Sony used a 23 megapixels camera for its Xperia X, whereas Apple counts on the 12 megapixels for the iPhone 6s. If you think that the Xperia has a better photo quality because of the high resolution, you are wrong. It cannot keep up with the top models. Especially when you take photos under bad light conditions, you will have more image noises than the iPhone 6s produces. The Xperia also reaches its limits in high contrasts. Videos are recorded in 4K on the iPhone 6s and in Full HD on the Xperia X.

In daylight, the Sony Xperia X makes great photos. In this case, the high resolution shows its strength. Other positive features are the fast autofocus and release. Selfie fans will have a lot of fun with the Xperia X because the light-intense 13-megapixels facial camera provides high-quality shots. The X model has a new feature that is called predictive autofocus. It calculates the track of a moving object to reduce the motion blur. However, the feature only works, if the object is very fast and close to the camera.

iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia X – Which Smartphone Is Better?

Sound quality

Sony always was a great choice for music fans and the Xperia X is no exception. The smartphone convinces with a great sound and comes with many extra features, such as sound improvement and a jack plug that supports headphones with digital noise suppression. Those are not part of the Xperia X package, though. The included In-ears headset offers a basic quality and doesn’t stand out. Apple goes without any audio extras with the iPhone 6s and that’s why the Sony Xperia X wins the category “Sound quality”.


If we are looking at the performance, the point will go to the iPhone 6s because of its powerful and fast A9 Chip. Sony used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor, which guarantees a smooth user experience even for graphically challenging applications. However, it cannot keep up with Apple in a direct comparison.

One day without a socket is no problem for both smartphones. The Xperia X battery is 2620mAh strong and the iPhone 6s 1715mAh. The devices can make it seven hours with normal internet usage, even though the capacity is different. They are both above average.


The Sony Xperia X is a good and trendy smartphone, but it is only one of the many smartphones on the market. The assembly is high-quality and has great music features, but the camera is disappointing. Except for the sound, Xperia X doesn’t have leading advantages compared to the iPhone 6s.

If you are mainly looking for a smartphone that functions as a music player, the Sony Xperia X is the best choice. The better comprehensive package, however, has the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s vs. Huawei P9 – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7412-iphone-6s-vs-huawei-p9 Fri, 12 May 2017 10:54:56 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7412 iPhone 6s vs. Huawei P9 – Which Smartphone Is Better?If you are looking for a new smartphone, you will be spoilt for the choice. Huawei made it to one of the most popular smartphone brands over the past years. They offer an inexpensive alternative to the pricey iPhones. We compared an iPhone 6s, which was the most sold smartphone worldwide in 2016, with the Huawei P9. We will reveal what the strength and weaknesses of both devices are.

Table of Content


The first impression of both smartphones is very good. They are high-quality and fit well into the hand. The design is almost identical. Both have the characteristic smartphone form with rounded edges. The Huawei P9 looks a little edgier than the iPhone 6s in a direct comparison. Another tiny difference is the display size. While the Huawei trumps with a 5.1” diagonal, the iPhone only has 4.7”. Taste is a matter of choice, that’s why both are even in the category “Design”.

iPhone 6s vs. Huawei P9 – Which Smartphone Is Better?


The biggest difference is the main camera. Both smartphones have cameras with a 12-megapiels resolution. However, Huawei gave its P9 a dual camera with two powerful Leica lenses with an image processing algorithm. The device takes a color photo and black & white photo at the same time and combines it afterwards. This technic is definitely visible in the photos: The images seem to be more dynamic and realistic, even in bad light conditions. The dual camera also allows taking photos in portrait mode like you know it from the iPhone 7 Plus. So the point for “Best camera“ goes to the Huawei device, also because it even has a higher resolution in the selfie camera.


Differences are noticeable in the features as well. Both smartphones have a fingerprint sensor, but the iPhone 6s has some more features than this. The 3D Touch, voice assistant, Live Photos or 4K videos are available only on Apple phones. In this case, you would notice the cheaper price, because they renounced features, that have to be developed strategically, for less price. The company rather counts on proven features that Apple introduced to the market years ago.

iPhone 6s vs. Huawei P9 – Which Smartphone Is Better?

Battery life

Apple also shows its strength in the battery life. The iPhone 6s battery with 1715 mAh is much smaller than the P9 battery with 2900mAh. However, Apple phones still last longer. While the Huawei smartphone only lasts eight hours with normal to slightly intense use, the iPhone makes it entire 24 hours. So you could definitely expect more of a large battery like the Huawei P9 has.


The performance of both smartphones is very good. Huawei used a HiSilicon 955 CPU with eight cores for its P9 to ensure a fast system. The iPhone 6s has a built-in A9 chip with M9 Motion Coprocessor that guarantees a smooth performance. Both smartphones run without jerking, apps load fast and the cameras work without waiting time.


Both smartphones are, without any doubt, high-quality devices. However, you have to sacrifice innovative features or battery life for the cheaper price of the Huawei P9. On the other hand, the Huawei smartphone scores with an outstanding great camera. So, if you are a person, that loves taking pictures, you’ll have some fun with the Huawei P9. Without the dual camera, the P9 would be just one of the many smartphones on the market.

The iPhone 6s gives you everything you would expect in a smartphone: Long battery life, good camera, and many useful features. However, you have to dig deeper into your pocket compared to the competing Chinese product. In the end, you have to decide, which expectations you have and how much you want to invest in a smartphone.

Free Hints For Kami 2 By Using A Simple Trick http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7407-free-hints-for-kami-2-by-using-a-simple-trick Fri, 12 May 2017 05:57:36 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7407 Free Hints For Kami 2 By Using A Simple TrickDo you play Kami 2 but got stuck somewhere? The color puzzles on the app Kami 2 are highly addictive, but they sometimes are not easy to solve. We have a simple free trick for you, that allows you to keep playing by getting the solutions to the Kami 2 puzzles.

Get free hints

You can get the first two hints for free on Kami 2. Afterwards, you have to pay or solve the puzzle on your own. We found a way for you that offers free solutions so that you don’t get stuck in the puzzle.

The YouTube Channel App Unwrapper offers solutions for the single pages and levels in short videos. You can find them here.

Free Hints For Kami 2 By Using A Simple Trick

iPhone 7 vs. Huawei P9 – Which Smartphone Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7401-iphone-7-vs-huawei-p9-which-smartphone-is-better Fri, 12 May 2017 02:37:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7401 iPhone 7 vs. Huawei P9 – Which Smartphone Is Better?Which smartphone should be my next one? Should I invest in an Apple device or in a phone from competitors?  Especially Huawei smartphones got more popular over time. We compared the iPhone 7 with the cheaper Huawei P9 and reveal, if Huawei is a worthy competitor to the Apple devices.

Table of Content

The first impression

At first glance, there are almost no differences between the iPhone 7 and Huawei P9. Both have a characteristic smartphone form with rounded edges. The Huawei P9 generally looks a little edgier than the Apple phone, because the edges are not as round as the ones on the iPhone 7. Both feel good in the hand and are easily operable.

The display diagonal of the P9 is 5.1“, so it is a little bit larger than the 4.7“ iPhone 7. The front and back are visually similar because microphones and cameras are in the same spots. The only difference is the second lens on the Huawei P9.


Big differences occur in the durability. The iPhone 7 is in the IP67 protection class and therefore it is dust and water resistant. It withstands a dive of 1m (3ft) for up to 30min. Huawei renounces such certification. This category obviously wins the iPhone 7 because of its great durability.

Is the iPhone 7 the better smartphone compared to Huawei P9?


When it comes to the camera, Huawei wants to score with two powerful lenses by the camera manufacturer Leica. The resolution of the main camera is for both smartphones the same: 12 megapixels. The selfie camera of the Huawei P9 got 8 megapixels, whereas Apple gave its iPhone 7 only a 7-megapixels camera. The concept of the two cameras on the Huawei P9 is working perfectly. One lens is for taking black & white photos and the other one for color shots. Leica’s image processing algorithm shall help to capture more light to make the photos rich in contrast. This definitely works out well: The photos of the P9 are very dynamic and the technic produces great photos at daylight. However, you will see big differences in photos with bad light conditions. The iPhone 7 is clearly ahead in this case. In total darkness, on the other hand, the Huawei P9 floodlights a room better with the dual tone flash.


The P9 shows its strength in the performance. The HiSilicon Kirin 955 CPU with eight cores ensures a decent power. The result is a faster and smoother system.  In our test, the iPhone 7 still performs well with its very powerful A10 Fusion processor, although it is older than the one of the P9. In the end, the performance of both smartphones is almost identical.

Is the Huawei P9 the better smartphone compared to iPhone 7?

Sound quality

The sound of the iPhone 7 is very strong. When Apple announced that they get rid of the jack plug, many people were afraid of a bad sound quality. The reality shows that the new headphones sound even better than the previous models.

The sound of the Huawei P9 convinces as well. You can hear everything very clearly when you call someone or listen to music. The included headset makes a good sound.

Battery life

The battery is the biggest weakness for the Huawei. Although it has a capacity of 2900mAh, a fully charged battery only lasts for six hours with normal to slightly intense usage. The 1960mAh battery of the iPhone lasts a whole day, though. We would have expected a longer battery life from the Huawei P9.


Both smartphones are high-end devices. In a direct comparison, the Huawei P9 scores in terms of camera and processor. The iPhone 7 wins in durability and battery life.

If you have to decide for one device, you should weigh the features for yourself. What is more important for you? The Huawei P9 is great for people who are looking for a cheaper and solid everyday life smartphone. It is available for only half of the iPhone 7 price and has many handy features like the dual Leica lenses. The iPhone 7, on the other hand, scores as a comprehensive package, which unfortunately costs more money.

Simplify The iPhone Handling With PopSockets http://iphone-tricks.com/accessories/7386-simplify-iphone-handling-with-popsockets Thu, 11 May 2017 12:54:11 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7386 Simplify The iPhone Handling With PopSocketsChatting with friends, taking photos, checking emails or watching videos – We mostly use our iPhone with one hand throughout the day. In the long run, this one-hand handling can become a strain on fingers. Even for iPhone users with large hands, it can get unhandy sometimes. Special gadgets such as PopSockets provide a remedy for this problem and offer a more convenient and secure handling with one hand.

Better handling & grip

The PopSocket can be attached easily to the back of your iPhone or even bigger devices such as iPads. It functions as a sort of handle, which noticeably simplifies the handling of the iPhone and gives a better grip. Thanks to the accordion-like construction, the PopSocket can be extended to fit between two fingers comfortably. You don’t have to actively hold the iPhone anymore. It just rests in your palm.

PopSocket on the back of an iPhone helps holding the smartphone comfortably

Secure grip and better handling

Thanks to the two-stage design, you can adjust the gadget according to the size of your hand. It’s almost impossible to drop your iPhone with this tool. The PopSocket enables you to write text messages, play, or surf the internet without using any strength. As the gadget can be folded, it makes the iPhone just slightly thicker. Therefore, it will still fit into your pocket.

Flexible stand – Reading, watching videos & more

The PopSockets also are handy helpers, when it comes to reading or watching videos because you can use them as a stand. You can simply put up your iPhone to watch a movie on the couch or to read a recipe in the kitchen. Useful: The extendable part of the PopSocket is made of flexible rubber. So you can even adjust the angle of the stand in case you need a different perspective on the screen.

Flexible PopSocket to function as a flexible stand

PopSocket as a flexible stand for the iPhone

If you couldn’t find the right position for the PopSocket the first time, or if you want to add a second PopSocket to the back of your iPhone, you can easily relocate the gadget because it uses reusable glue. The use of two PopSockets is smart, if you often play games in landscape mode, or if you’d like a great place to wind up your headset.

On the website of the producer, you have the chance to create an individual PopSocket. This way you have the option to choose the colors of the extendable part, the bottom platform, and the cover. Besides the choice of prefab designs, you can upload your own image. This way you can have a PopSocket with your own photo or logo.

PopClips – Mount for vertical surfaces

You can separately purchase the helpful PopClips, which expand the application field even further. The PopClips can be attached to vertical surfaces, such as car dashboard, fridge, mirror, or kitchen wall. Therefore, they function as a PopSocket mount. You basically clip the iPhone with PockSocket in the PopClip. This way you can use your iPhone freehands. As you can turn the PopSocket around its own axis, you can adjust the position to your needs as well.

PopClip and PopSocket together - Use iPhone freehands

PopClip as a PopSocket mount

With or without the PopClips – the PopSockets definitely simplify the handling of the iPhone and improve the grip of the device. The handy iPhone gadget is available for only $9.99!

Handling the iPhone without cramps in your fingers and holding it securely – The PopSockets make it possible.

iPhone 7 vs. Huawei P10 – Which One Is Better? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7381-iphone-7-vs-huawei-p10-which-one-is-better Thu, 11 May 2017 10:08:23 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7381 iPhone 7 vs. Huawei P10 – Which One Is Better?The iPhone 7 is seen as one of the most popular smartphones, but way too expensive for many people. A cheaper alternative is purchasing one of the Huawei smartphones. Over time, the Chinese corporation is getting stronger on the market and wants to offer an alternative to the Apple phone. We compared the Huawei P10 with the iPhone 7 and will tell you which one is better, or if switching over is worth it.

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The design of the Huawei P10 is very similar to the iPhone 7. Both smartphones have the characteristic body with rounded edges. The Huawei P10 with a screen diagonal of 5.1in is a little bit bigger than the 4.7in iPhone 7 screen. Home Button, microphones, and selfie camera are in the same spots. The back of the Huawei P10 is also like the iPhone 7. Flash, camera, and microphone are located at the same place. The only difference is the second lens of the Huawei P10. So regarding the design, both smartphones are even.


The biggest difference is visible in the durability of the smartphones. The iPhone 7 is dust and water resistant and got certified with IP67. This means that it can dive into the water (max. 1m/3ft) for up to 30min. Huawei renounces such a qualification for the P10. So the category “Best durability“ wins the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 vs. Huawei P10 – Is the iPhone 7 better?


There are also some differences in the cameras. The iPhone 7 has only one lens, whereas the Huawei P10 uses two Leica lenses. It allows, for example, the portrait mode, which you know from the iPhone 7 Plus. Both main cameras have a resolution of 12 megapixels. If you take black & white photos, the Huawei can even reach 20 megapixels.

iPhone 7 selfies can be taken with a 7 megapixels camera, while you can enjoy 2 more megapixels with the Chinese competitor.

In terms of everyday photography, the Huawei P10 takes the lead with the two Leica lenses. The colors are very rich and natural. Night photos and poorly exposed objects, however, will be better with the iPhone 7. The photo quality decreases massively under bad light conditions because of the f/2.2 aperture. The image noise level is too high. In the end, we would still call the Huawei P10 the winner of this category because of the powerful Leica lenses.

iPhone 7 vs. Huawei P10 – Is the Huawei P10 better?

Battery life

The Huawei P10 has a battery size of 3200mAh, which is significantly larger than the iPhone 7 battery of 1960mAh. However, both smartphones die on normal to slightly intensive use after a day. We would have assumed much better results by the Huawei P10 with this battery capacity.


In the everyday use, apps on both smartphones start very fast. Even the camera starts without waiting time. The Huawei P10 uses a Kirin 960 chip with eight core processors that, make this phone currently the fastest Android device on the market. The iPhone 7 still performs better in diverse CPU tests, although it has an older, but very efficient A10 fusion processor.


After comparing both smartphones, the iPhone 7 still is a slightly bit ahead but has found a worthy competitor with the Huawei P10. The Chinese smartphone has added many of Apple’s features that have been innovations a year ago, but by now they fall behind the newest technic.

Whereas the iPhone 7 wins with a powerful processor and a high durability, the Huawei P10 scores with a great dual camera and the option of using a microSD card to extend storage. If you are not sure, which one you should buy, you should ask yourself what is more important for you. Do you need a solid everyday smartphone with a good price and easily extendable storage? Then get the Huawei P10. If you have more requirements, like water resistance and a better processor, the iPhone 7 will be your best choice.

When Is It Time To Exchange The iPhone Battery? http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7376-when-is-time-to-exchange-iphone-battery Thu, 11 May 2017 05:20:54 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7376 When Is It Time To Exchange The iPhone Battery?Averagely speaking, the iPhone battery needs to be charged almost every day. Just like every other wear part, it eases in performance and capacity over time. We will explain in this article how you can solve charging problems on your own and when it is really time for a battery exchange.

Charging problems often are easy to solve. Are you mostly carrying your iPhone without a case in your pocket? Then it could be lint, dust, or small threads that got stuck in the Lightning port of your iPhone. These will disturb the connection of the cable and port. As a user, you may have the feeling that it has a loose connection because sometimes the iPhone charges and sometimes not.

Clean Lightning port

Before you clean the Lightning port, you should do a backup. Even if you are careful, it is safer to have your data saved because you will take steps that don’t comply with the daily use.

To remove the dirt from the port, you just need a toothpick. Turn your iPhone off and carefully (!) get the dirt out of the port.

Once you are done, turn your iPhone back on and check, if you can charge it again. If this trick doesn’t help (even after a few repeats), try another charging cable to test the functionality. If this doesn’t solve the issue either, it very likely is a hardware defect.

Identify battery guzzlers

The reason for the extreme battery loss can be apps, locations services, and background updates. If you want to know, which battery guzzlers your iPhone has to struggle with, you can check the settings of your smartphone. Go to Battery in the iPhone settings. There you can see the battery usage of the past 24h or 7 days. The percentage next to each app shows how much battery the specific app used. You probably won’t find iOS programs on top position, but apps like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Another battery guzzler is the background updates. Apps permanently connect to the internet and use location services to display the latest content as soon as you open the app. We show you how to turn them off here: How to Turn Off Background App Refresh on Your iPhone.

Turn background updates off to save battery

Read charging cycles of iPhone batteries

Apple guarantees around 400 to 500 charging cycles for their iPhones and a capacity of 1810mAh and 2900mAh, depending on the model. Before you head over to an Apple repair shop, we recommend you to read the charging cycles of your iPhone by using the program “iBackupBot for iTunes“. How you can use this tool is explained in our article: How to Check iPhone Battery Health.

An alternative to iBackupBot for iTunes is coconutBattery, which also shows the amount of your iPhone’s charging cycles and how much capacity is still left.

Exchange iPhone battery

If the figures of the charging cycle and capacity are below the standard capabilities, you should think about a battery exchange. You can either exchange it by yourself or go to an expert.

We recommend the last option to everyone who has no technical skills and to iPhone owners with a valid guarantee. The exchange by an expert is mostly an expensive endeavor and can cost around $100 at an Apple store. The alternative way is to use one of the unauthorized repair shops. They often repair smartphone within 48 hours and offer a guarantee of a few months.

Although it is possible that amateurs can exchange batteries with repair kits, there are many things to do wrong while opening an iPhone. This can cause more issues than you had before. So it might not be worth it to save the money for a repair shop.

Top Tricks To Decrease Your iPhone Battery Usage http://iphone-tricks.com/tutorial/7365-top-tricks-to-decrease-your-iphone-battery-usage Wed, 10 May 2017 02:25:31 +0000 http://iphone-tricks.com/?p=7365 Top Tricks To Decrease Your iPhone Battery UsageEvery iPhone user has complained about battery problems at least once! We will provide some helpful tips and tricks how you can decrease your iPhone battery usage and how you can sustainably preserve your battery. For doing this you mostly don’t have to do much. You just have to turn certain features off.

16 helpful tips to preserve your battery

Below you will find 16 easy tips that will help you to decrease your battery usage and save electricity. The tricks range from turning certain features off to using specific programs that allow monitoring the battery usage.

Top Tricks To Decrease Your iPhone Battery Usage

Tip 1: Turn power guzzlers off

You can increase the battery life of your iPhone by simply turning off power guzzlers, such as background updates of apps and location services. You should also disable the automatic downloads and other automatisms that drain your battery life.

Tip 2: Activate flight mode and deactivate other options

It is helpful to enable the flight mode on your iPhone in order to decrease the battery usage. You can easily enable it via Control Center. Some other tips to save battery are here. You should also turn off options like Location Services and others to maximize the battery life.

Use flight mode whenever you can to increase the battery life of your iPhone

Tip 3: Disable “Raise to Wake”

Since iOS 10, your iPhone 6s or iPhone SE and later has the feature “Raise to Wake“. This option allows you to see new messages and check the time without pressing a button. However, this is a huge battery guzzler. So if you want that your battery lasts longer, turn this feature off.

Tip 4: Deactivate LTE and 4G

You can also increase the battery life by decreasing the mobile data volume. So instead of working with LTE and 3G, you can select 2G. Go to Settings > Mobile Data/Cellular > Mobile Data Options/Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data [2G]/ Enable 4G [Off]. This will decrease your battery usage as well.

Tip 5: Adjust brightness

The brighter your display, the more it will drain your battery. Therefore, you might want to decrease the brightness of your display. You can either do it in the Settings app or in the Control Center. You should also turn the auto-brightness off.

Adjust brightness to decrease battery usage

Tip 6: Go without battery killers

Some apps are real battery guzzlers and use more battery than others. Using those will drain your battery quickly. Head over to this article in order to find out which apps use your battery the most. You should regularly check the battery usage of your iPhone.

Tip 7: Calibrate battery

You probably noticed that the last few percent of your battery drain faster or that the displayed battery status makes big jumps. These are hints for a necessary calibration of your iPhone battery.

Tip 8: Optimize battery life with iOS tools

Besides turning off certain features and options, you can also use the Battery section in the settings to monitor your battery usage. This has the benefit that you don’t need an app for checking your battery usage. Analyze your individual usage behavior and use it to optimize the battery life.

Monitor iPhone battery usage and optimize accordingly

Tip 9: Monitor battery life

It’s useful to monitor the battery life of your iPhone. This way you can also find out, if you have to change your iPhone battery, or if battery-draining apps are the problem. Tip 14 will explain more about battery changes.

Tip 10: Monitor charging cycles

The program iBackupBot reads and monitors charging cycles. You will need a computer to use the program, but it will provide more information about your battery so that you can use this to optimize the battery life of your iPhone.

Tip 11: Closing apps doesn’t change anything

It is a rumor that it would save battery, if you close apps completely, or turn off notifications for certain apps. That’s simply wrong. It isn’t bad for the battery to do so, but it also brings no advantage to a longer battery life. More details and other common misconceptions are listed in this article.