iPhone 5S (7th generation) Summary

The iPhone 5s was released in 2013

And then there were suddenly two new models. You could say that after Apple’s presentation of the new iPhone in 2013. In 2013 Apple released two new models of the iPhone at the same time on the market. This article is about the iPhone 5S. And the iPhone 5S could not be hardly compared to the iPhone 5C, because this was the technical update the users waited for. For the first time a 64-bit chip was presented in a smartphone. It aims to provide graphics and performance noticeably faster. Also the camera got a great update, even if its resolution remains the same, an improved lens with a much higher sensitivity to light, was installed. The sensor is up to 15 percent larger than its predecessor.

But absolute technical highlight was the new fingerprint sensor. This can abolish the common passcode entry and serves as identification when making purchases on the iTunes Store. Unlike the cheaper version 5C, the 5S still got an aluminum body. But at least also the iPhone 5S could be purchased in new colors. But with space grey, silver and gold, these weren’t as bright colors as the ones from the iPhone. But this makes the iPhone 5S a modern, exclusive smartphone. And “just” something that is expected from Apple.

Special features / innovations of this model:

  • First 64-bit chip in a smartphone
  • New color selection (Space Grey, Silver and Gold)
  • Fingerprint sensor (Touch ID)

Now we can be curious, what features and technology will be integrated in the new iPhone. And which sizes can we expect, as the competitor’s smartphones got larger and larger.

Apple iPhone 4 – Technial data and specifications
ReleaseSeptember 20, 2013
DisplayRetina Display, 4 inch, 1136 x 640 pixels
CameraRear cam: 8 Megapixel (1080p Video)
Front cam: 1.2 Megapixel (720p Video)
Processor64 Bit-Dual-Core Apple A7-SOC, 2x 1,3 GHz
Internal memory16GB, 32GB or 64GB
Sensors3-axis gyroscope
3-axis accelerometer
Proximity sensor
Digital compass
Ambient light sensor
Touch ID (fingerprint sensor)
BatteryLithium-Ion, 5.73 Whr (1510 mAh)
10 hours Voice Call
250 hours standby
Data inputsDock-Connector
Multi-touch touchscreen display
Headset controls
Dimensions and weight12,38 x 5,92 x 0,76 cm and 112g
ParticularitiesPlastic housing
Available in colorful and bright colors

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