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Twitter iOS App Updated With “Messages” Button

These days, all of your apps would like to be your primary messenger and means of communication, or so it seems. The folks at Twitter added a new “Messages” button to their menu bar at the bottom of each tweet in order to highlight the private messaging feature of the shortform social network. Sending users a DM or direct message was always possible with Twitter, but this new UI update should make things more convenient for users.

A new “Messages” button aims to simplify the interaction with the official Twitter app and make things more streamlined for users who prefer to be in direct contact with people on the social network. The button is found right underneath each and every tweet, right next to the reply, retweet and like buttons. You can also use the “Messages” button at the bottom icon bar to go into messaging mode.

Twitter as an alternative to WhatsApp and iMessage?

In 2015, Twitter saw a 60% increase and thus a spike in messaging via the service. Now the company is reacting to the different way people are using the app. The number of privately shared tweets has increased a whopping 200% in the second semester of last year. We’ll see whether Twitter will rival the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage, as for now the messaging part is restricted to the userbase of the service and thusly not exactly widespread. The update containing the new feature is now available for downloading from the iTunes App Store for free.

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Twitter recently introduced a new GIF search feature that allows users to search for and use animated GIFs for expressing themselves in DMs and tweets.

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