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Gboard for iPhone: Google Releases Innovative iOS Keyboard

Third-party iOS keyboards mostly focus on the typing experience. Here comes a new contender for your favorite iPhone keyboard which instead aims to extend standard functionality with a web search, GIF search and emoji feature. Gboard is an exciting new swipeable 3rd-party keyboard for iOS by Google. It enables you to search directly from your iPhone keyboard.

For now, the new keyboard is only accessible in the US App Store and in English. Gboard takes away the need for switching to another app via multitasking if you simply want to look up a location, quick facts or even a GIF, website or video. Users can simply tap the Google icon next to the text suggestions and conduct a regular web search right from their keyboard without having to leave WhatsApp, iMessage or other apps. In addition to the innovative search feature, Google has included something they call “Glide Typing”, which basically resembles what Swype keyboards offer.

According to Google, only information from your search queries is retained. This means that the actual communication and text entry within apps should not end up on Google’s servers. If you’re a privacy nut and prefer watertight security, your best bet is still Apple’s default keyboard.

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