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Viewing Yelp Reviews in Apple Maps

This is a guide on how to view Yelp reviews for any restaurant, hotel, store or other place in Apple Maps. Yelp is great for getting a sense of the quality of an experience which you can get at any place, be it the food or service or overall pleasantness of a place. When using Apple Maps, you can combine the task of getting directions (here’s how to do that best) and checking out reviews. Independent users review places in short or detailed accounts of their experience, which you can access for free using either the Yelp app or by going through the reviews directly in Apple Maps.

Prerequisites: To use integrated Yelp reviews in the Apple Maps app, you will require at least iOS 9.0 or later. We recommend keeping your device up to date for reasons of having all of the latest features accessible and for security reasons. If you are constrained to using an older version of iOS, installing the separate Yelp app is a viable alternative.

How to view Yelp reviews in Apple Maps

To check out a place in Apple Maps, simply search for its name within the app or tap one of the point of interest icons on the map. Then tap the small popup tag to see more details. Typically, places with yelp reviews will display a preview of the ratings right on their tag. Information displayed on the detail page is derived from data stored in Yelp’s database and includes contact information, the full address and the opening hours, if available.

If you scroll down on this screen, you will discover user reviews including their individual scores. Checking in or writing a review is also possible from here. If you have the official app installed, there is also an option titled “Open Yelp” on this screen.

You can still tap it if you haven’t got it installed, it will take you to a Safari browser window instead and open up the Yelp website. When visiting the full yelp page via this button, you can always go back using “Back to Maps” at the top left of the screen.

Checking out the Yelp reviews for all sorts of places in a region is a great way to research your next vacation or trip to a new city.

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