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What to Do If Your iPhone Won’t Turn On

iPhone-battery-warningThe definition of a modern nightmare: Your iPhone suddenly decided that it won’t turn on anymore. This can take many shapes and forms, such as a plain black screen with no response. Or perhaps your device gets stuck at the Apple logo, during the bootup process. Maybe you simply forgot to charge it? This guide deals with solutions to iPhones that won’t turn on and tells you what to do about it.

Did you try charging your iPhone?

First off, before you try any other fixes, plug your iPhone charger into a wall socket or USB port and start charging the iPhone in question. If it doesn’t respond after a few minutes, try a different cable and power adapter, if possible.

One of the most common root causes of iPhones that don’t turn on is simply a dead battery. It can take multiple minutes for your iPhone to recover from a so-called deep discharge, so give it a little time (up to 30 minutes). Your iPhone might display a battery warning symbol and boot up by itself after a while. Also try holding the Sleep/Wake Button after a couple of minutes, to see if it will turn on and respond to input.


iPhone is not responding to input

Press and hold buttons > Sleep/Wake Button & Home Button

Perhaps your iPhone does sort of turn on, but doesn’t properly respond to input or is stuck at a gray, black or white screen after switching it on. Or is it stuck in sleep mode and the screen stays off? Easy remedy for all of the above issues: Force a reboot by holding the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button until you see the Apple logo appear. This will fully restart your device without the loss of any settings or personal data. This method is also known as a “hard reset”.

If all else fails: Try these last resorts

If you are still having trouble with booting up your iPhone, try connecting it to a PC or Mac running the latest iTunes and go for a backup and restore. That does however presuppose that iTunes is able to detect the device. If iTunes can’t find your iPhone and you tried all of the above fixes, you will probaby need to get a battery replacement or other hardware repairs. Try contacting Apple Support if still under warranty, otherwise seek the assistance of a (certified) repair shop.