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How to Play Chess in Facebook Messenger

Here’s a top secret trick for the chess fans: How to play chess in the Facebook Messenger App. This is less of an official new feature and more of an easter egg, hence you might become one of the few who know of it after reading our article below. Using a secret command, we enable the game mode and are actually able to play chess against opponents that also use the messenger. What a nice way to spice up a conversation!

Play chess using the Facebook Messenger App

Who would have thought that the Facebook Messenger could be the first app to integrate a full chess game into the app? Facebook isn’t exactly known for being the bastion of brainy board games and fine wine. But here we are! The big advantage to this, is of course the immense reach of Facebook and its widespread adoption, which allows for a steady stream of opponents from your friend list and plenty of match opportunities.

You can play chess from within the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone, or via your web browser at from a laptop computer or any desktop.

Developer: Facebook, Inc.
Price: Free
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How to start a chess game

In order to launch a game of kings, queens and pawns in the Facebook Messenger app, we of course need to open up the app first. Then select an opponent by going into a chat conversation with him or her. Now enter the following command into the chat box to start a game of chess with your contact:

@fbchess play

Chess commands for Facebook Messenger

Your chess pieces cannot be moved by tapping and dragging them, at least for now. The implementation of the game is more old-school and uses text commands. All of the game-related commands are invoked by prefixing them with “@fbchess”.

To get a list of all available commands, type in the following command:

@fbchess help

This will provide a list with helpful commands and exambles for using the standard algebraic notation. You can also undo moves, offer a draw, resign, show your current position, stats between players and more.

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