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How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Your iPhone

Using multiple Facebook accounts at the same time can be a hassle, at least unless you are relying on third-party tools. Otherwise you will be logging out and into accounts a lot. Having several Facebook accounts can be the result of owning a professional account, Facebook pages, a private account while having to manage them in parallel. Or perhaps other kinds of constellations. Either way, having a tool for this purpose makes the job so much easier. Here’s a guide on how to use multiple Facebook accounts or Instagram accounts without having to log out while switching between them.

Prerequisites: You will need iOS 7.1 or later to follow along with this guide, as it is the recommended minimum version for the app. Update your iPhone’s firmware if needed before continuing.

Installing the Friendly Social app

Open up the App Store on your iPhone and install Friendly Social, which is a free app that can be downloaded right away. It serves as an alternative to the original Facebook app and includes the option to link several accounts for quick switching.

Using multiple Facebook accounts on your iPhone

First off, we will have to configure the app. Launch Friendly Social and tap the Add Account button, then Facebook as your account type. Log in as you would in a browser using your login credentials for Facebook. Then allow the app access to your account when prompted.

You can pick a color for better differentiation of your accounts, which will even translate to the interface. Red is pretty cool for a fresh look at Facebook. You can even protect your accounts using a 4-digit passcode or Touch ID to make sure that no one else can access them, which is pretty handy for business users.

Hint: In order to enable Touch ID as an extra security measure, you will need to configure a passcode first.

You can now select a mode to display your feed. Either sort it by most recent or top stories, which will affect both status updates and subscriptions to pages. If you want, you can disable Facebook ads within the app.

Last but not least, we suggest allowing the app to send you push notifications, so that you’ll be informed of any important updates.

Adding further accounts to the app

Now that we’ve successfully configured the first account, it is time to add another one. Tap the Account icon in the bottom right of the screen, then swipe left. Next, simply select Add Account and go through the process of configuring your further accounts. These can either be Facebook accounts or Instagram accounts.

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