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Send It With Effects in Your iMessage App

iOS 10 brought you a completely improved iMessage app on your iPhone. Numerous new features are now available with the new iOS version. One of the new features is the effects section that enables you to decorate your text messages and make simple messages more visible. It includes e.g. animations and screens for special occasions.  


You need at least iOS 10.0 to try this trick.

Depending on the installed version it might be necessary, that you configure your settings.

Settings > General >Accessibility > Reduce Motion (turn off, if activated)

However, Apple already announced that in the future they want to provide the effects in iMessage independent from this setting.


Send messages with effects

Open the Message app on your iPhone, choose a chat and type in a message. Do not send the message!

According to your iPhone model and if it provides 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and later), it differs in the way to find the feature.

Without 3D Touch: To send the message with an effect, hold the “Send“ button (little upright arrow). Then the available effects for iPhones without 3D Touch will be displayed.

With 3D Touch: Apple used the 3D Touch starting with the iPhone 6s. To choose the effect, you have to press and hold the blue “Send” arrow stronger.


Effects for speech bubbles

You can choose from four effects to make your message special. The text bubble with your message will change according to these options: Slam, Loud, Gentle, and Invisible Ink.

Tap on an effect to see a preview.

Once you have decided, hit the “Send” arrow again and the message will send out.


Effects for screen

Go back into the effects display.

At the top you can see the two areas to choose from – Bubble and Screen.

Go to Screen and you will be able to choose a screen animation.

Swipe left to see the five different effects: Ballons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks, and Shooting Star.

You can send the message by tapping the “Send” arrow.

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