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How To Scan Documents With Adobe Acrobat Reader

By now there already are several apps that enable you to scan documents easily and quickly on your iPhone. In another article we have presented the best apps to scan and sign documents. The Adobe Acrobat Reader finally added a document scanner as well.


Install Adobe Acrobat Reader in version 16.11.22 or later on your iPhone, because this version has the scan function for the first time.

How to scan documents with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Open Adobe Acrobat on your iPhone. Tap the “house“ icon in the left top corner to open the menu bar and choose Scan.

Allow the app to use your camera by clicking “Ok”. Then Adobe Acrobat will start the iPhone camera and you can scan your documents.

Just follow the instructions on the screen.

You can customize the cropping tool by clicking the cropping button at the right bottom corner of the document. You can decide if it should either automatically crop or manually.

If the message “Ready to capture document“ appears in the middle of the screen, you can hit the release button. Then it will scan the document and put it into the preview folder.

On the right-hand side of the release button you can go to the preview of the scan. There you can make little adjustments with the buttons at the bottom. You can add another document, change the queue of multiple documents, or crop a document after scanning, etc.

Once you are happy with the result, tap “Save PDF“ at the right top corner.

Share documents

The scanned documents are saved to the Local folder in Adobe Acrobat. Open a document and tap the Share icon at the bottom right to see the different options for sharing the document.

Alternatives to the Adobe Acrobat app

There are numerous other apps besides Adobe Acrobat, which you can scan documents with. Some apps even allow you to sign documents or request signatures. Read more…

However, we do not want to deprive you of the relatively new option to scan documents with the Dropbox app. Read more… 

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