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Instagram – Live Photos With Boomerang Effect

As the name implies, Boomerang allows you to upload short videos that act like a boomerang. So they return after sending out. In the meanwhile, the boomerang effect has become a part of the Instagram app, besides the independent app. In this article we want to show you, how you can turn your Live Photos into boomerangs.


First you need an iPhone that is able to take Live Photos – iPhone 6s or newer. It is also necessary that you have a Live Photo in your Photos library, because you cannot create Live Photos inside the Instagram app.

In addition you obviously have to install Instagram on your iPhone, if you have not done yet.

Add the boomerang effect to Live Photos in Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and tap the camera icon in the left top corner.

Swipe upwards to disable the camera preview in order to see all photos of the last 24 hours.

Live Photos will not be displayed as such in this preview. Hence, you should know, which one is the Live Photo.

Choose a Live Photo.

Let’s talk about the actual trick: Tap the preview firmly (3D Touch) to turn a Live Photo into a boomerang-animated photo or short video. The word “Boomerang” will be displayed for a second. And that’s actually it already.

You can post this photo to your Instagram story as usual. Unfortunately it is impossible to post Live Photos to the main feed at the moment.

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