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Make Siri More Human – Enhance Siri’s Voice Quality

If you wish that Siri’s voice sounds less like a computer and more like a human, we have good news for you. It is actually possible to download an enhanced voice pack for Siri. With this pack Siri will sound significantly more human and less like a robot.

Enhanced voice pack for Siri

Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices > English (or your main language)

Open the iPhone Settings and go to General. Then choose Accessibility and go to Speech. Tap Voices on this level to see the list of all languages that Siri speaks. Tap your main language (i.e. English), which should be displayed on top.

The default voice is Samantha.

Tap the option Siri Female or Siri Male, depending on which voice you prefer. On the next level you will have the option to choose the normal Siri voice pack (Siri Female or Siri Male).

In addition you can also choose the enhanced voice pack. Press the Download button (little cloud with downwards arrow) next to Siri Male (Enhanced) or Siri Female (Enhanced) to download the specific voice pack. You will need 205 MB space on your iPhone, because this will be permanently on your iPhone. The Download icon turns into a circle and shows the download progress.

Once the voice pack is done downloaded, you can activate it. For doing this tap either Siri Male (Enhanced) or Siri Female (Enhanced) – depending on which gender you chose before.

That’s it already. Siri should now sound more human than before – thanks to the enhanced voice pack.

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