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Share Wi-Fi Password Securely & Easy

When friends or family visits you, they might want to use your Wi-Fi during their stay. So you would share your Wi-Fi password with them. Usually you have to dig out the password first and then dictate it, so that your guests can log in. This can be a hassle. If you are looking for a less complicated way to share your Wi-Fi password with friends and family, we recommend using the Wi-Fi Widget app. This app allows sharing your Wi-Fi password easily and securely. In addition you can check the Wi-Fi signal strength and offers a direct shortcut to the Wi-Fi settings of the iPhone. Learn in this short guide how it works.


In order to use the Wi-Fi Widget, you have to have installed at least iOS 10.1 on your iPhone. You can purchase the Wi-Fi Widget app for currently $0.99 € in the App Store.

Activate the Wi-Fi Widget

After downloading the app, you have to activate the Wi-Fi Widget. Go to the Widget Screen or the Today’s View in the Notifications Center. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Edit. Then scroll down again until you see the option Wi-Fi. Click the green “+” next to the icon.

After you tap “Done” at the right top, you should be able to see the Wi-Fi Widget in the Today’s View.

The Wi-Fi Widget obviously has no automatic access to your Wi-Fi password. So you have to enter it first. To do so, click either the app on the Home Screen or tap “Show more“ and then “Tap to set password” in the widget area of the app.

By the way: If you tap “Latency: Tap to Test“, you can check the connection strength of your internet network. Here counts: The smaller the latency or the number in milliseconds, the better is the connection.

Share Wi-Fi password

If you want to share the Wi-Fi password with your guests, open the app on your Home Screen or tap the Wi-Fi Widget in the Notifications Center. Then click “Share“, so that the typical “share“ menu opens. There you can share your Wi-Fi password with others via many different services – for example WhatsApp or iMessage.

Use Wi-Fi shortcut – Check network

One tap on the Wi-Fi Widget and you are in the Wi-Fi settings of your iPhone. This way you can see to which Wi-Fi you are connected and if necessary connect to another network. So you don’t have to go through the Settings app every time.

Wi-Fi Widget in App Store

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