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Facebook – Display Weather Forecast

As an active Facebook user, you now have the option to display the weather forecast directly in Facebook. This new feature makes other weather apps needless, if you only want to use the Facebook feature and trust the weather forecast by, because this feature is based on its reports.

Display weather forecast in Facebook app

Open the Facebook app on your iPhone and tap the “more“ icon at the bottom right. Scroll down a little bit and choose Weather (you might have to click “Show more“). On this display you will see  a wholesome weather forecast for the next days. It is based on your current location, unless you have deactivated the location services for Facebook.

At the very bottom of the display you will see a button “See More Weather Info”, which leads you to the website.

If you want to add another location, tap the settings icon (cogwheel) at the top right. On top you will see “Current location” and underneath “Add location”. Tap this and add a location of your choice manually. If you go back to the weather forecast, it will show the weather of the added location.

At the moment you cannot switch between locations by swiping as you can do in Apple’s Weather app. So every time you want to switch the location, you have to tap the settings icon in order to choose another location.

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