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Google Chrome On iPhone – Read Offline With Reading List

Many of you are using Google Chrome instead of Apples own browser, Safari. Similar to Safari, you can add a reading list in Chrome as well. You can drop every page in the reading list (for example articles of an online magazine). The list is always available, so you can use it offline, wherever and whenever you need it. We show you here, how you can add articles to your reading list in Chrome and how you can access them.


First check, if Google Chrome is up-to-date on your iPhone. You can do this in the tab Updates of the App Store. You at least need the version 57.0.2987.100 of the Chrome app (yes, this is indeed the designation of the version).

Add articles to reading list

Google Chrome > More > Share

You can add any page to your Google Chrome reading list. For example if you want to save an article by for later, you just tap the More icon (three dots) in the top right corner. Then you click the Share icon in the top left of the menu.

The familiar share menu opens now. At the bottom menu bar you will see a Chrome icon that says Read Later. Tap it and the menu will disappear. A bar at the bottom notifies you that the page has been added to your reading list.

Access articles of reading list

Articles of your reading list are saved locally on your iPhone. That’s why you can read them offline as well.

Google Chrome > More > Reading List

Tap the More icon (three dots) in Google Chrome again and then choose Reading List in the menu. An icon next to the option reveals the amount of saved articles. Once you have clicked it, you will see all articles, which are in your reading list. It’s divided in Unread and Read, so it even shows articles that you have read already. Tap an article to open it.

If you want to delete articles from your reading list, you can use the Edit button at the bottom right.

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