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Podcasts: Turn Off Notifications About New Episodes

If you are subscribed to many Podcasts on your iPhone, you might get annoyed by the frequent notifications about new episodes. One solution for this problem could be to prohibit iOS to send notifications completely. If you don’t want this, because you still want to get the notifications for certain podcasts, you could try a more subtle method. You can decide for each podcast, if you want to get notifications about new episodes or not.


This trick is based on the pre-installed Apple Podcasts app. If you cannot find the app on your iPhone anymore, because you can delete default apps since iOS 10, you can easily load it for free in the App Store.

Turn off notifications about new podcast episodes

Allow notifications to the Podcasts app

Settings > Notifications > Podcasts

Before you can decide, which of the podcast notifications you want to get, you will have to make sure that you allowed iOS to send notifications at all. So check Settings > Notifications > Podcasts, if the option Allow Notifications is turned on. Otherwise the next step won’t have any effect on the podcast notifications.

You can change the other settings on this level according to your preferences.

Turn off the notifications of single podcasts

Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone. Tap Podcasts at the bottom menu bar, so that you see a list of all your podcasts. Select one podcast, for which you want to turn off the “new episodes” notifications.

Afterwards click the settings icon (cogwheel) below the podcast title.

In the section Settings you can turn of the option Notifications. Keep activated the option Subscribed though. This way, your iPhone will still load new podcast episodes, but it will no longer send you notifications.

Don’t forget to hit Done at the top right to confirm your changes.

“Podcasts“ in App Store

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