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How To Use Google Maps Directions On Lock Screen

Google Maps added a nice little feature to the app update version 4.30. From now on you can display the directions on the Lock Screen. This means you no longer have to open the app to find your way to your destination. We explain in this article how you can use the Lock Screen directions.

First, you have to add the Directions widget to the Lock Screen. Go to the widgets area, scroll down to the bottom and click Edit. Add Directions as a widget and hit Done.

If you haven’t planned any route, you can open Google Maps by tapping the widget.

As soon as you started a route, the widget will give you directions.

It will visualize them with direction arrows, as well as display the distances and street names. You can use the up and down arrows on the side to see the next and last step.

If you tap “Show more”, the widget will display the following step as well.

The directions work like in the actual app. Once you have passed the direction change, it will automatically show the next direction.

If you got lost, you can use the arrow to go back.

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