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How To Save Facebook Videos On iPhone

Did you ever try to save a video from Facebook on your iPhone using their app? Then you probably noticed that the official Facebook app doesn’t allow saving videos directly to your iPhone. Here’s what you can do though: Use third-party apps, such as the app Friendly. In this article, you will learn how you can save a Facebook video on your iPhone.

Get “Friendly“

If you want to use this trick, you will need to install the app Friendly – One App for Facebook and Messenger. You can download the app for free on the App Store.

Tip: You may know the app already from a previous trick, in which we showed you how to use multiple accounts at the same time on your iPhone. Read more…

Save Facebook videos on iPhone

Open Friendly on your iPhone. In contrast to the Facebook app, you can save videos that were uploaded to Facebook on your iPhone.

Choose a video on facebook that you’d like to download. Tap it and you will see the Download icon (little cloud) below the video at the right bottom.

A pop-up menu will appear where you have to choose one of the many options. You can either instantly share the video with your friends on Facebook or on other apps. You could also click Download Video to Camera Roll to save the video on your iPhone.

You will see the download progress at the bottom. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection and the video size, it can take a few seconds.

Once the progress bar is gone, you can open the Photos app. You should be able to see the video in the Videos or Recently Downloaded folder. You can obviously watch, edit or share it just like every other video.

“Friendly“ on the App Store

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