.99 (instead of .99) in the first 3 months. Learn here where to get it and how to cancel it." />
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Spotify Premium – 3 Months For Only $0.99

Spotify Premium currently is available for only $0.99 (instead of $9.99) in the first 3 months. The offer ends June 26, 2017. Learn in this article how you can use the offer and how you can cancel the subscription before you have to pay $9.99/month. The only requirement for this offer is that you haven’t tested Spotify Premium before.

Subscribe to Spotify Premium (3 months for $0.99)

Open the following URL in the web browser of your iPhone or another device:


On this screen, you should already see the Premium offer – 3 months for $0.99. Click Get Premium.

On the next screen, you have to log in to your Spotify account. If you have no account yet, you can register there by clicking Sign Up next to the question “Don’t have an account?”.

Now choose a payment method. Click the More icon (three dots) next to the credit cards and select one of the available payment methods.

If necessary, click the little box to authorize Spotify to automatically charge for the next subscription. If you want to cancel the Premium after the three months, you can leave this box unclicked.

Then click Pay Now and you will be directed to Paypal or your bank’s website.

After the payment, you should get the notification that you now have a Spotify Premium account.

Cancel Spotify Premium

If you don’t want that Spotify sends you a bill of $9.99 per month after the three months are over, you can cancel the Premium contract right away. Doing so, open the web browser and go to the following website:


Spotify tells you on this page how long your Premium subscription is valid and when you have to expect the next payment. Tap Change or Cancel in the section Spotify Premium.

So you want to cancel the Premium subscription after you paid 3x $0.99 (for the three months so that there won’t be more costs. Therefore, you can already switch to Spotify Free to avoid the (accidental) cost. Tap Switch to Free to fulfill the cancellation.

You can do the cancellation right after signing up for Spotify Premium without losing your three months of Premium subscription.

Confirm on the next page by clicking Yes, cancel.

Your Premium subscription is now canceled and it won’t automatically renewed after the three months.

We wish you loads of fun with Spotify Premium!

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