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Easy Management Of YouTube Notifications With Activity Tab

If you get notifications about some of your YouTube subscriptions, it could happen that you lose the overview and don’t know which of the channels should send you push notifications and which ones shouldn’t. The official YouTube app for iOS now offers a new activity tab that shows missed videos of your subscriptions, activities on your own channel and reactions to your comments. You can also change important settings for push notifications.


If you want to use the activity tab, you have to install the YouTube version 12.20 or later on your iPhone. If you need to check for app updates, open your App Store and tap Updates at the bottom right.

Open YouTube activities tab and display notifications

Open the YouTube app on your iPhone. If you want to open the activity tab, tap Activities in the menu bar. The Activity icon (little bell) also shows how many notifications you have.

This page displays all notifications of your subscribed channels that you have active push notifications for. In addition, you will see activities from your own channel and reactions to your comments.

A tap on the video opens and plays it. However, this is not everything that the new Activity tab can do.

Manage YouTube notifications

Can you see the three dots next to the video? Tapping the icon will open a window with three options.

  • Hide this notification: This will get rid of the current notification but doesn’t affect future notifications.
  • Turn off notifications for: [channel]: If you are getting too many notifications from one channel or you just aren’t interested in the channel anymore, you can deactivate the push notifications for the channel. You will be asked if you are sure to turn them off, which you have to confirm again by tapping OK.
  • See all settings opens the settings for the notifications of the YouTube app.

Show all settings

On this level, you can set up, if you want to get push notifications for recommended videos, activities on your channel and reactions to your comments.

In addition, you can decide how you want to be notified.

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