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How To Filter Search Results In Google App

If you regularly are using Google on Safari as a search engine, you should take a closer look at the official search app by Google. A new update allows filtering your search results in order to improve them to your needs. So in future, it will be possible to filter restaurants according to their reviews and museums according to the opening hours.


You just need Google – the official Search app in the version 28.0 or later.

Filter search results in Google app

Open the Google app on your iPhone. Tap the search field and enter any search term, such as restaurants or museums. You can also try more precise terms like Chinese restaurant, sushi restaurant San Francisco, etc. If you don’t specify the location, Google will use your current location and will give you the results from nearby.

Google will present you the search results in a list as usual. You can find the new filter feature below the search field. Tap Filter to show the options.

If you were looking for restaurants, you can filter the search results according to reviews or price range. Tap, for example, 4 stars to display only restaurants that reached 4 stars or more in the reviews. Tap Done at the top right to apply the filter.

In our example, you only see 4-star-rated restaurants in San Francisco.

A tap on a search result opens the detail view of the restaurant as usual. You can find out more information about the place, e.g. website, phone number, or you can get the directions to the place.

According to Google, there are coming up more and more filter options in future.

Google Search app on the App Store

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