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Sony XB550AP Headphones (Test)

A rich sound experience for on the go with a great price: These on-ear headphones keep the promise. They sit on the ear without any squeeze, and they play the bass precisely without downgrading the high tones. We tested the Sony XB550AP headphones for you and let you know if they’re worth the money.

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The first impression

The first impression isn’t disappointing at all because the headphones carry an impression of high quality. The flat cable is matt rubberized and prevents the annoying knot formation. The ear pads are swiveling and foldable so that you can store them easily on the go. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of the offered colors: Black, red or blue.

The little control unit on the cable serves as remote and microphone in one. It allows skipping songs, answering the phone and changing the volume directly on the headphones. It starts or pauses a song from the connected iPhone with one keystroke. A double keystroke changes to the next song. You can even use the VoiceOver feature of the iPhone. You just need to press and hold down the button for it.

The headphones can be connected to the iPhone via the usual jack connector or wireless via Bluetooth. The battery runs up to 18 hours and can be charged with the microUSB cable.

Wearing sensation

The soft ear pads sit on the ear well without any issues. The metallic frame can be adjusted individually so that it fits perfectly. However, wearer of glasses will have an uncomfortable feeling of pressure in long music sessions, because the ear pads put pressure on the ear and frame of the glasses. This problem exists for all on-ear headphones, though.

Sound quality

The sealed headphones cover the ear completely and ensure that the music stays inside and the interfering noises outside. The EXTRA BASS feature enhances deep frequencies so that it provides a rich sound. The sound is still pretty balanced and not too bassy, in spite of the extra bass. Even for songs a strong bass, you can hear all tones clearly. Headphones and cable are insulated well and let almost no noise in. If you want to customize and optimize the sound experience, you can download Sony’s app called Headphones Connect.


The headphones are manufactured in high quality, have a comfy sit on the ear and a balanced sound. Even the noise isolation works perfectly. Music fans won’t make a bad decision by buying the Sony XB550AP headphones.

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