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Testing: Smartwatch Fossil Q Marshal

Fossil counts to one of the first watch manufacturer that brings smartwatches on the market. The Fossil Q smartwatches look like classic wristwatches but combine this with smart technology. We tested the Fossil model Q Marshal for design, customization, battery life, and iOS compatibility.

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The first impression

The smartwatch gives a great first impression. It fits comfortably around the wrist and is intuitive in usage. You will notice that this watch has been developed by a manufacturer with many years of experience with watches.

The smartwatch has a touch screen with LCD clock face, which has a round shape. The watch is certified with IP67 so that it is dustproof and temporarily waterproof until 1m depth for max. 30min.

The display appears to be sharp, although it only has a ratio of 320×290 pixels.

The only downside of the smartwatch is the cropped display because of the built-in brightness regulator at the bottom. If you are using the analog clock face, the number 6 will be partially gone. By the way, the indicated wheel around the display only is just for decoration purposes.

Customization leaves no wishes unfulfilled

The clock face can be customized on the touch screen with the 50 different designs. The watch counts steps and the burned calories, as well as notifies you about inbound calls and messages. Many functions can be controlled via speaker and microphone by using voice commands. Music control, LED flashlight and Google Maps are additional features that can be used with the smartwatch.

iOS app stable but with bugs

To be able to use all functions of the smartwatch, you have to get the free Fossil Q iOS app for your iPhone. This application allows you to change the settings, to keep track of your daily activities, and to determine which of your contacts are worth a notification. The Fossil Q smartwatches are operated by Android Wear and are compatible with iPhone 5+/iOS 8.2+. The pairing of Fossil Q Marshal and iPhone app most of the times works without problems. It can sometimes happen that the connection gets lost so that the steps counter and notifications are not completely reliable. The problem doesn’t lay on the iPhone. Android phones show this connection problem as well.

Once you have paired the smartphone with the iPhone app successfully, you almost don’t need your iPhone anymore. The smartwatch will show all notifications that are also shown on the iPhone. However, some functions are limited for iOS. You cannot send WhatsApp messages or SMS with the watch.

Overall, the Q Marshal partly reacts to iPhone directions delayed or apps load slowly.

Battery life fluctuates strongly

A big disadvantage of the smartwatch is the weak battery. The watch can be charged with a provided induction charger and is supposed to have power for up to 24 hours (depending on the intensity of use). In reality, the battery lasts for less than that. If you use it with the mode “Display permanently on”, in which the display reacts to touches, motions or button presses, the battery lasts for only 10 hours. If you don’t use this mode and have a normal daily use, the battery will last for around two days. The charging time is 3 to 4 hours.


The Fossil Q Marshal smartwatch is especially interesting for people, who‘d like to have a smartwatch, but don’t want to miss on the classic watch design. Fossil offers numerous possibilities to customize the smartwatch depending on the own preferences. This contains the clock faces on the one hand, but also ringtones and wristbands on the other side.

In the end, Fossil Q Marshal looks very good but forfeits many features that the Apple Watch has (just to name an example). However, Fossil scores with an easy and intuitive user interface, which isn’t given for every smartwatch. Another benefit is the relatively low price because it’s around one-third of the Apple Watch’s average price.

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