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Polaroid Cube+ Test

In the meantime, there is a huge range of Action Cameras on the market. Even the former instant image specialist – Polaroid – strongly gets involved with its Cube. The small cube camera promises great fun, although it is only 1.4 inches (35mm) wide. We tested the Cube+ for you, which is the name of the second generation. Find out who would suit this Action Camera the best.

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First impression

The first impression of the little cube is very good. In contrast to the previous model, the Cube+ has a Wi-Fi module and can be synchronized with your iPhone via the Polaroid Cube+ app. The fabrication of it is pretty good and it is also a lightweight. The metal housing is rubberized. According to Polaroid, the Cube+ is weatherproof and shockproof so that it is the perfect Action Camera.

Operating the camera is easy and intuitive. Press the button once for recording a video, click it and it will take a photo. You may notice the recording on the little red light, which is pretty unflashy though.

The built-in and chargeable battery lasts for up to 110 minutes of continuous recording. You can charge the Cube+ with the USB cable, which is included in the package.

Polaroid Cube+ app

It is extremely convenient to use the Polaroid Cube+ app so that you can watch the videos and look at the photos on your iPhone afterwards. You can even use the app to save, print and share them with your friends.

Another great feature of the app is that you can see the camera preview, which allows you to control the camera from a distance of up to 27ft (9m). This comes in handy if you need to see the object that you are filming.

However, these are not the only features, here are more: Self-timer, time lapse, cycle recording, slow-motion video, time stamp, as well as adjustments for camera buzzer volume, recording length, and resolution.

Satisfactory photo & video quality

The little fun camera supports up to 128 GB microSD cards, records FullHD videos and takes high-resolution photos a 124-degree wide-angle lens.

The 8MP CMOS sensor can record videos in 1080p, 1440p or 720p. The clips with the highest resolution have a good quality, but start pixelating on wide screen sizes.

One disadvantage, however, is bad light conditions. Videos and photos can only be taken in high-resolution if there is enough light. Overall this is still a great quality for an Action Camera, which is only 1.4in (3,5cm) wide.

According to many reviews on the web, the Polaroid Cube+ tends to overheat pretty quickly so that it shuts down on its own.

Another disadvantage: The videos are restricted to a maximum of 5min. This means that it saves automatically new files if you are recording longer than 5min. You don’t have to press the record button again, but it can be annoying for putting together the video in the end.


The smallest camera cube – the Polaroid Cube+ – is definitely handy, no questions asked. However, the size could also be a problem, because you may misplace it or even lose it. The Action Camera can be fixated with magnets and clips. You may want invest in other accessories to make sure you won’t lose it. The range is wide: From bike mount and chest strap to underwater housing.

If you are looking for a good, small, sturdy, and cheap Action Camera and if you are not watching the HD videos on widescreen, you will have fun with the Cube+. However, it is not a true alternative to the GoPro. It’s probably good for Action Camera beginners, who record some videos with a different angle in everyday life.

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