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Testing: “SmartTurtle” iPhone Stand

Anyone, who ever wanted to watch a movie via iPhone on a journey or the couch at home, knows this problem with the smartphone stand. You don’t want to hold the phone, but when you lean it against something, it eventually will fall back to a flat position. The SmartTurtle makes this a problem of the past. The multifunctional smartphone and tablet holder allows positioning the device just right, without any shaking or slipping.

Useful on any ground

The SmartTurtle consists of a flexible bean bag and a nanopad. The stand can be used on any ground – smooth or uneven – it will keep its position anywhere. You can place it on hard grounds like tables or benches, as well as on soft and uneven surfaces like a couch or bed. An anti-slip honeycomb structure on the bean bag takes care of the very smooth surfaces and ensures that your iPhone won’t slip.

Unshakeable iPhone stand thanks to vacuum

The nanopad has a special surface that produces a vacuum with the back of the device. The smartphone is aspirated firmly so that it feels like it is stuck to the SmartTurtle. If you don’t need the stand anymore, you can remove the SmartTurtle without marks and put a protective plate on the nanopad. You won’t see any sticky marks on the iPhone.

After a while, it is possible that the grip feature slowly disappears, because of dust and oil from the back of the iPhone. You can clean the nanopad with water and soap to bring back the unshakeable grip.

The SmartTurtle is a very convenient gadget for everyone, who wants to watch movies or take Skype calls hands-free. You never have to worry about leaning your iPhone against something.

The stand is handmade in Austria, which is why you have to invest a little more than for regular iPhone stands. In exchange, you get a high-quality product that attaches to your iPhone safely.

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