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How To Watch Better in Bed or on the Couch with TSTAND

iPhone Plus models or iPads are extremely convenient – no doubt. However, if you want to watch a movie on them, while you are sitting on the couch or while you are traveling, it can get a little uncomfortable, though. You have to either hold the device with your hands the whole time or you have to tilt your head in a way, that you get neck pain. The tablet stand by TSTAND is supposed to help with this situation.

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First impression

The stand makes a solid first impression. The stand consists of four wide stands with a mount for the device. The mount is foldable and flexible so that any device can be snapped into the mount. In order to not damage the smartphone or tablet, they used rubber for the inside of the mount and a rubber inlay. If you have a bigger device, you can also remove the rubber element for a perfect fit. It can fit all iPads with cases, although only horizontal. The iPad Mini and iPhone Plus models can be attached either way – vertical and horizontal.


If you take a closer look at the STAND, you will discover some flaws in the assembly and construction. The screws at the bottom partially stick out and the plastic creaks when you move the mount. If you put some pressure on the stand, it will yield and the mount will move forwards.

We also disliked the heavy weight and the unhandy design of the product. When the stand is folded, it is 28x25x5cm (11x10x2 inches). Therefore, you would need a pretty big backpack or a spacious laptop bag to carry the stand and device from one place to the other.

Another weakness of the product is the flexible mount. If you pull it all the way up, it doesn’t give a solid feeling because you can move it in any direction. If you pull too hard, the rubber can be loosened. However, once iPad or iPhone are connected to the snapping mount, it sits pretty tight and doesn’t give in because of the device’s weight.

Missing counterweight on stand

The TSTAND is supposed to be used on-the-go. According to the producer, you can put it on your chest and watch movies on the couch without getting neck pain. This works well in our test, until a certain inclination. The bigger and heavier the device, the faster the TSTAND tips to the back. The mount always has to be inclined to the front. If that’s not possible, you have to hold the stand with your hands, because there is no counterweight.


The TSTAND is rather a nice toy for leisure time at home. Therefore, it’s more interesting to people who like to watch movies with their iPhone Plus or iPads in the bed or on the couch. For the everyday use and traveling it is unsuitable because of the flaws in assembly and construction.

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