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Testing: Ikea’s Smart Lighting TRÅDFRI

Ikea joined the trend of wireless light control and released their first Smart Lighting series – called TRÅDFRI. The Swedish furniture group obviously wants to offer a new alternative to the pricier lighting sets of Philips and Osram. The Smart Lighting sets consist of light solutions with a dim feature and wireless remote controls, by which you also can choose between cold and warm light.

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Instantly usable

All products of the Smart Lighting series are plug-and-play solutions. This means that you don’t need additional cables or help of an electrician. You can use them right away. The Smart Lighting series has different sets. So you can get a set with a single dimmer, as well as a set with changeable light color. Every dimmer needs a special light bulb, which is only paired with one remote control.

Fast & uncomplicated installation

The installation of TRÅDFRI products is foolproof and only takes a few minutes. As soon as you insert the battery into the remote control, you can start. The control of the single dimmer works with a small, round remote, which is available in yellow, white and black. The white remote for cold and warm light has to be paired with the light bulb before you use it the first time. You can do this with the little button inside the battery pocket. You have to hold the button for a minimum of 10sec and the remote can only have a distance of 5cm to the light bulb.

Intuitive control

As soon as the lights are connected to a remote, you can control the light sources. You can either leave the remotes on your table or hang it on the wall with the included mount. The wall mounts have magnets to attach the remote to it. They can reach the lights with a distance of up to 10m, in case they are fully charged and are not blocked by walls.

The control of both remote controls is self-explanatory and intuitive. If you turn the single dimmer to the left, the light gets darker until it turns off. If you turn it to the right, the light gets brighter. The icons on the white remote control are also easy to understand. The left and right arrow change the light color and the buttons on top and bottom change the brightness. The TRÅDFRI set can be extended to up to 10 LED light sources, which will be controlled at the same time (dim, turn on/off, change light color).

The free TRÅDFRI app can also help to set up a timer, dim the light, turn it off or on. However, you will need the TRÅDFRI Gateway and a remote in order to use the app. After the installation, you can change the lighting even when you are not home. Up to 7 devices can control one light bulb.


Ikea offers a cheaper alternative to the pricier Smart Home lighting sets by Philips, Osram or Belkin. The TRÅDFRI products are set up quickly, have an intuitive control and work perfectly.

The Smart Lighting makes sense, especially if you want to change the ambiance by changing the light color. This way you could use a certain light in the morning, another one for the night and a third one for working at home.