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Star Wars Day: 5 iPhone Gadgets For Star Wars Fans

Happy Star Wars Day! On “May the fourth“ fans around the world are celebrating the Star Wars movies and their legendary characters. We also are in Star Wars mood. So we found five iPhone gadgets for you that make the heart of every Star Wars fan beat faster. In that sense: May the gadget force be with you!

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Star Wars Thumb Drive

The thumb drives by Tribe are some of the classics in terms of Star Wars gadgets. The flash drives are a must-have for every Star Wars fan. You can get them with 8 and 16 GB capacity and in any shape of the Star Wars characters, such as Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. There are hidden USB ports inside of the rubber action figures so that you can transfer photos, videos, and data.

The Star Wars thumb drives are small and handy so that you can bring it everywhere. However, they are not really fast as they only have a built-in USB 2.0 port, but they look great on every desk or key ring.

Star Wars iPhone Cases

If we are talking about iPhone gadgets, we shouldn’t forget the phone cases. How about a silicone bumper case with the three popular droids R2D2, C3PO, and BB-8? There are obviously many other designs available, such as with Darth Vader, Darth Maul, or Kylo Rim.

The case protects your iPhone against dust, dirt, and scratches on the back. It also has a raised bumper rim that gives your screen an additional protection. This way your iPhone is protected on the back, sides, and top. The Star Wars cases are available for all iPhone models starting with iPhone 5.

Death Star Speaker

The Death Star Speaker by Hellosy is a true eye-catcher. The death star shines at night, floats, and rotates. Thanks to magnets it is floating around an inch above the station. As it doesn’t have a rear wall, the sound can travel through the room perfectly and guarantees a 360 sound experience.

The speaker can be connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth 3.0 and lasts for approx. 8 hours of playing your favorite music.

Star Wars Power Bank

Does the force weaken your iPhone battery? Then we recommend the Star Wars Power Bank by Tribe. The 4000mAh large battery is thin and light so that it fits in every pocket. The antiskid layer guarantees good grip and prevents unforeseen falls.

The Star Wars Power Bank will charge your iPhone 7 around 1.5 times and is available in the Darth Vader design.

BB-8 Robot by Sphero

Go on an exploration tour with the BB-8 Robot by Sphero. The little droid can be controlled via an app on your iPhone. You can send him patrolling or it can explore the surrounding by itself. While playing, it interacts with you, shows different emotions and recognizes your voice.

Just like the original droid in the Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”, this robot can display and play holographic videos.