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Testing: Tangram Smart Rope

The Smart Rope by Tangram is the first jumping rope that can be paired with your iPhone. The innovative gadget does not just count swings, but it also displays a number of jumps in the air in front of you. In addition, it can tell you the burned calories. We tested the Smart Rope for you.

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Innovative design

The Smart Rope was awarded for its innovative design multiple times. It consists of two minimalistic handles and a synthetic rope with LED panel in the middle. At first glance, you wouldn’t assume that it’s a smart high-tech product. The rope is pretty sturdy and seems like it can withstand a lot.

The middle part, where the embedded LEDs are, is made of hard plastic. So it is stiff, heavy, and inflexible. If you trip or get out of the rhythm so that it hits your body, it can hurt. Compared to regular jumping ropes, you can notice a little imbalance because of the hard middle part. That’s why we’d say that there is still potential in the assembly for the embedded LEDs.

The luminous panel consists of 23 LEDs with a color temperature of 5600K. They display a number of jumps in the air in front of you. The LEDs adjust to the movement of the rope and start displaying the number of jumps or burned calories when it reaches a certain speed.

You can choose the displayed data (jumps or calories) by using the button on a handle. In the beginning, it can be tricky to use the button. It takes some time to figure out the multiple functions of it. Once you have found the settings you need, it will even be visible in bright rooms.

The shown information is captured by magnetic sensors in the handles. Both together have four ball bearings that ensure an easy and natural flow. Although the surface of the handles looks glossy, they have a good grip even when you sweat. The integrated lithium polymer battery can be charged with a microUSB and needs around 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Smart Gym app

People, who want to track their performance, can use the free Smart Gym app by Tangram. The application is very clear, understandable and easy-to-use. The Smart Rope can be paired with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch via Bluetooth 4.0. This way you can see all data for the jumps or burned calories. You can even start competitions with friends to motivate each other.

The pairing with an iPhone works without problems and provides informative data. The rope can also be synched with other apps such as Apple HealthKit.


The Smart Rope by Tangram is not a bargain, but it leverages the rope jumping. If you like rope jumping, you will have fun with the gadget because it provides more data about the training. For the casual jumpers, it may just be a nice, but expensive gimmick. The rope is available in different colors and four different lengths that go by body height. Our tested Smart Rope with the white handles is only available in Apple Stores other variations are available on Amazon.

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