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Simplify The iPhone Handling With PopSockets

Chatting with friends, taking photos, checking emails or watching videos – We mostly use our iPhone with one hand throughout the day. In the long run, this one-hand handling can become a strain on fingers. Even for iPhone users with large hands, it can get unhandy sometimes. Special gadgets such as PopSockets provide a remedy for this problem and offer a more convenient and secure handling with one hand.

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Better handling & grip

Thanks to the accordion-like construction, the PopSocket can be extended to fit between two fingers comfortably. You don’t have to actively hold the iPhone anymore. It just rests in your palm. It functions as a sort of handle, which noticeably simplifies the handling of the iPhone and gives a better grip.

PopSockets Placement on iPhone

The best position for PopSockets is the back of your iPhone or even bigger devices such as iPads.

Secure grip and better handling

Thanks to the two-stage design, you can adjust the gadget according to the size of your hand. It’s almost impossible to drop your iPhone with this tool. The PopSocket enables you to write text messages, play, or surf the internet without using any strength. As the gadget can be folded, it makes the iPhone just slightly thicker. Therefore, it will still fit into your pocket.

Flexible stand – Reading, watching videos & more

The PopSockets also are handy helpers, when it comes to reading or watching videos because you can use them as a stand. You can simply put up your iPhone to watch a movie on the couch or to read a recipe in the kitchen. Useful: The extendable part of the PopSocket is made of flexible rubber. So you can even adjust the angle of the stand in case you need a different perspective on the screen.

PopSocket as a flexible stand for the iPhone

If you couldn’t find the right position for the PopSocket the first time, or if you want to add a second PopSocket to the back of your iPhone, you can easily relocate the gadget because it uses reusable glue. The use of two PopSockets is smart, if you often play games in landscape mode, or if you’d like a great place to wind up your headset.

On the website of the producer, you have the chance to create an individual PopSocket. This way you have the option to choose the colors of the extendable part, the bottom platform, and the cover. Besides the choice of prefab designs, you can upload your own image. This way you can have a PopSocket with your own photo or logo.

PopClips – Mount for vertical surfaces

You can separately purchase the helpful PopClips, which expand the application field even further. The PopClips can be attached to vertical surfaces, such as car dashboard, fridge, mirror, or kitchen wall. Therefore, they function as a PopSocket mount. You basically clip the iPhone with PockSocket in the PopClip. This way you can use your iPhone freehands. As you can turn the PopSocket around its own axis, you can adjust the position to your needs as well.

PopClip as a PopSocket mount

With or without the PopClips – the PopSockets definitely simplify the handling of the iPhone and improve the grip of the device. The handy iPhone gadget is available for only $9.99!

Handling the iPhone without cramps in your fingers and holding it securely – The PopSockets make it possible.

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