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7 Useful iPhone Gadgets For Festival Fans

The festival season has started officially. If you bought a ticket for a festival or got it as a gift from a friend, you should take a closer look at our seven iPhone gadgets for festival fans. We present you some smart products that will simplify your festival time and add some extra fun for great memories.

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EVAP Rescue Pouch

Did your iPhone fall into the water in an unmindful moment or did it get wet? Then you will need the EVAP Rescue Pouch. The special drying agent will dry your smartphone as quick and safe as possible and it only takesof 24 hours.

The first aid for a wet smartphone is – according to the producer – 700 percent more effective than rice and even absorbs extreme wetness in short time. A special humidity LED light indicates when your smartphone is ready to use again.

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Solar Light

Festival days can be long and that’s why you always should have a flashlight. The Inflatable Solar Light by Luminaid is a very durable and eco-friendly. It scores with a long-lasting battery for 32 hours.

The solar light fits in every backpack because once it’s folded it measures only 5 x 3 x 0.25 inches. Water won’t be a problem either because the light is waterproof for up to 3ft and can even flood.

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Power Bank

A power bank is a must-have for every festival person. The Venture 30 by Goal Zero is a good catch for festivals because it’s very robust and splash-proof according to the IPX6 certification. The battery is designed for outdoor use. It got rubber around the edges to make it durable against shocks, bumps, and drops.

Particularly useful: The gadget has a smart charging sequence that optimizes and adjusts the USB output of each port. It tests the parameters of the charging device and chooses the fastest charging profile. The 7.800mAh battery will charge your iPhone multiple times in the festival area. An integrated flashlight helps you to find back to the campsite in the dark.

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Clip-on Telescope

In case you didn’t make it into the first row of a concert, the Clip-on Telescope will save your day. It can be attached to your iPhone with the clip and can zoom in eight times to take photos of the bands or artists.

The lens made of high-quality glass. The zoom has a manual focus that results in even better photos.

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Mobile Hotspot Router

Do you want to upload photos to Instagram or videos to YouTube without using all your phone data? This will work with the mobile hotspot by Huawei. The little gadget is the Wi-Fi router for on the go and provides mobile data via an extra SIM card for you and up to 10 devices.

Once you are connected to the network via the browser interface, you can download with a speed of 21.6 Mbit/s and send photos etc. with 5.76 Mbit/s – thanks to HSBA+. The battery lasts for four hours with full power and 200 hours in standby mode.

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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof: The Bluetooth Speaker by DOSS is perfect for festivals. The gadget has 20 Watt speaker, which provide great sound with a deep bass – up to 12 hours.

The integrated flashlight has four modes starting at a low intensity up to a very bright light. Thanks to the two carry straps, you can take the speaker anywhere and at any time.

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iPhone Flash Drive

Your amazing festival shots can be saved to a flash drive, such as this one by HooToo. You can connect the flash drive to the Lightning port so that you have an extra storage ready for your festival memories. It can also be used for transferring data from PC or other Apple devices to your iPhone and reverse.

Thanks to the housing that is made of 100 percent aluminum alloy, the drive is very durable and perfectly protected. It has a weight of 0.25 oz and therefore it is smaller than a key and is no added ballast.

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