Where To Put Your iPhone While Working Out? These 5 Armbands & Belts Will Help

Where To Put Your iPhone While Working Out? These 5 Armbands & Belts Will HelpThe iPhone is a perfect sports companion because of the available fitness apps. However, the devices got pretty large in the meantime so that it got difficult to fit them into the pocket of your sportswear. So where do you put the iPhone? We have 5 armbands and belts for you that make sure that your iPhone won’t slip out of your sweaty hands. You can securely fix your smartphone on your arm or hip with these gadgets.

Velcro armband by Porthilic

The easiest and cheapest way to protect your iPhone while working out is the waterproof Velcro armband by Porthilic. You can attach it to your upper arm. It was made for sport and protects your smartphone against shocks, drops, water, and scratches. The gadget is made of Lycra and Neoprene. These materials are soft, sweatproof, breathable and light. The triple layered armband protects the iPhone against sweat and covers the iPhone display, as well as ports and buttons.

Armband by Porthilic for your workout

The Velcro band allows adjusting according to each arm size between 9 to 14.5 inches. There is an additional small pocket for the key and a reflective stripe will help you to draw attention in the dark. You can also store your credit cards or ID in the pocket on the back.

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Elastic armband by MasterPal

If you don’t want to put your iPhone in a case while working out, we would recommend the elastic armband by MasterPal. It has a flexible silicon rubber cradle that holds the iPhone securely in place. Like the previous model, you can adjust the length with the Velcro band.

Armband by MasterPal for your workout

The armband is made for all smartphone models with a screen diagonal of 6 inches (with iPhone case). As the iPhone isn’t in a plastic case, you can operate it by tapping on the screen. However, this way it is not protected against sweat or water.

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Arm pocket by Charlemain

The arm pocket by Charlemain is great for runners. Unlike the armbands above, you will find compartments, which can be locked by a zipper. You can store credit cards, ID, keys, headphones and other things in the pocket.

Armband by Charlemain for your workout

The arm pocket is sweat-resistant and washable. It is made of durable material. Even for long workouts, it won’t draw the water into the compartments so that it keeps the iPhone dry. The armband can be fixed with a Velcro band and be adjusted to an arm size up to 12 inches.

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Hip pocket by uFashion3C

An alternative to the armband is the hip pocket, such as this one by uFashion3C. It is perfect for sportspeople, who often go jogging and want the freedom for the arm. The Neoprene band can be adjusted and fixed so that it fits perfect without shifting and loosening.

Hip band by uFashion3C for your workout

The hip pocket has some reflective details so that you are safer in the dark. It has two compartments for a smartphone and a key, ID, credit card or other items. The iPhone can still be operated through the transparent case.

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FlipBelt by Level Terrain

The FlipBelt by Level Terrain is elastic and safe. It has four pocket openings that face the inside. You can store your belongings such as iPhone, keys, money or credit cards in these pockets. The material is very elastic and stretchy but holds on to your belongings securely.

FlipBelt for your workout

The hip pocket fits around the body without shifting and shaking. However, it is not waterproof nor sweatproof.

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