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5 Gadgets That Charge Your iPhone Battery With Solar Power

If you like to go hiking or camping in your leisure time, you might not want to do it without your iPhone. However, the smartphone battery is well-known to be empty when you need it the most. Therefore, you need a reliable power source for on the go. Panels and mobile charging devices with solar cells are good for outdoor trips because they can recharge without a socket. We present you 5 gadgets that charge your iPhone with solar power.

Solar panel by RAVPower

A solar panel like the RAVPower is an option to charge your iPhone with solar energy on the go. It has solar cells with an efficiency of 21.5 to 23.5 percent and performs up to 26W with enough sunlight.

There are three USB ports connected to the solar charging gadget. They have 2.4A each or 4.8A in total with direct sunlight. The Smart IC Frequency Technology recognizes and splits the output current to the USB ports equally so that all devices will be charged equally. The panel is made of durable and waterproof nylon and is equipped with four hooks for hanging up.

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Battery case by EnerPlex

The battery case with an integrated battery by EnerPlex provides enough power for your iPhone in nature. It has a 2700mAh battery and extends the iPhone life significantly. It serves the iPhone power via the solar panel on the back of the case. In bad weather conditions, it can be used as a normal power bank.

The big advantage of the battery case is the automatic iPhone protection. The battery doesn’t only provide power to your iPhone. It also protects it from shocks and scratches.

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Solar power bank by Akeem

The solar power bank by Akeem is a real muscleman because it has a capacity of 22000mAh. The device is equipped with 3 USB ports that have different charging speeds. The 1A port is good for iPhones and electronic devices whereas the 2A port works better for tablets.

There is an identification system that automatically adjusts the power and voltage, even multiple devices are charged at the same time.

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PowerPort Solar charger by Anker

Spread the solar panel, connect the iPhone and charge your iPhone – this is how easy it can be with the solar charger by Anker. The gadget has the PowerIQ Technology that recognizes the used charging protocol of the iPhone. It ensures the fastest possible charging speed. It can provide 2.4A each port or 3A in total with direct sunlight. Short circuit and surge protection technology guarantee safety for your devices.

The solar panel fits into every bag with a size of 11.1 × 6.3in (folded) and as thin as 1.1in. Thanks to the stainless steel eyelets, you can attach the solar charger to the backpack or tent. It is highly durable because of the used PET polymer plastic and the synthetic fabric. However, it shouldn’t be exposed to much water or humidity.

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Solar charger by Doshin

If you don’t want or cannot carry a solar panel on your trip, but still want to charge your iPhone with solar energy, we recommend the power bank by Doshin. The mobile charger has a battery of 12000mAh and 2 USB ports with fast-charging function so that you can charge two devices at the same time.

The integrated flashlight helps to find the path in the dark. The power bank can be attached to a backpack by a hook so that the battery can charge by using the solar power while hiking.

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