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Improving Room Atmosphere With Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

The atmosphere of a room has a big impact on our well-being. We don’t sleep as well when the temperature is too high. If a room has a high level of carbon dioxide, it is difficult to concentrate. The Healthy Home Coach by Netatmo is a smart gadget that measures the air quality, humidity, temperature and noise in the interior. It is supposed to make our surroundings healthier. We tested the gadget for you!

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First impression

The thin gadget makes a great first impression. The rose gold aluminum body makes it look elegant and it will fit into every room decoration. The white stripe on the front is a bar that shines in different colors according to the state.

The installation is fast and easy. The device connects to the WiFi and the free Netatmo Home Coach app within seconds. You can connect it with the Apple Home Kit by scanning the code on the back of the Netatmo.


The Smart Home gadget analyzes different invisible room attributes and sends recommendations for improving the room atmosphere to your iPhone. The right humidity and good ventilation are very important in order to handle asthma, allergies or breathing problems. A room that may feel good for adults can be too hot for a baby. The app will help with this problem. Unfortunately, at the moment the profile range is limited to “whole family”, “baby” and “asthma patient”. It would be nice if there was an option, where you can create individual profiles so that you can determine how high the temperature or humidity should be in a room.

Netatmo app

While the Home Kit only shows certain measurements, you will get more information about all results in the Netatmo Home Coach app. If you tap a value, it will open tips and notes in order to improve the room atmosphere. They show the results on a demonstrative scale, which is very handy. You can easily see what the problematic value is to improve it early enough. If some measurements are too high or low (bad air quality, noises, temperature), the app will send notifications to your iPhone that contain tips to improve the room atmosphere and well-being. Therefore, if you want to get more information about the individual measurements, you should definitely use the Netatmo Home Coach app.


The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a great gadget for everyone who wants to analyze and improve the room atmosphere. It is high-quality and provides reliable data. Especially the clearly structured app will help you. You can understand what the reason for the bad sleep of a family member is (noises, temperature, air quality, etc.) and you will see when the humidity is too high so that mold could occur.


  • high-quality manufactured
  • fast installation
  • compatible to Apple Home Kit
  • structured app

  • only 3 room profiles

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