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The Best iPhone Gadgets Against Burglars

People who are out of the house for longer, e.g. for work or private reason, often worry about the security of their home. Gadgets, such as surveillance cameras for inside and outside, sensors or alarm systems prevent people from getting inside the house, apartment or room unnoticed. We present you 5 gadgets that you can operate with your iPhone and will scare off burglars.

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Outdoor Camera A7 by HiKam

The wireless security camera A7 by HiKam is great for outside. The gadget has a light sensor, infrared spotlight and IR Cut that records in colors throughout the day and at night in gray tones. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can even hear what’s going on in front of your door.

After the alarm went off, you will receive a push notification on your iPhone and/or an email. If you want, you can even get a photo of the suspicious motion right away. The photos and videos are saved to a 16GB large SD card inside the camera for preserving the evidence. The camera is waterproof and dustproof and fulfills the IP66 standard.

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Security Camera Netatmo Presence

The security camera Presence by Netatmo is able to distinguish people from vehicles and animals so that it can give warnings according to it. It reports motions in real time, for example, a car driving up the driveway, a person on the property or an animal in the garden.

Especially the Alert Zones feature is practical because it notifies you about changes in certain areas and about the integrated floodlight. You can activate the floodlight via the app as soon as a person, car or animal comes closer.

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WiFi Camera by EC Technology

The surveillance camera by EC Technology will keep you up to date about changes inside your house, apartment or room. The camera can swivel 360° and can tilt 90° so that it can observe every inch of the room. As soon as the WiFi camera detects a motion, it instantly sends photos to the app or the internet.

Besides using the camera for security purposes, you can also use it as a baby or animal monitor. The two-way intercom allows you to contact the person(s) in the room.

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Elgator Eve Door & Window Contact Sensor

If you want to additionally increase the security of your home, you could get the wireless Bluetooth Contact Sensor ”Eve Door & Window“ by Elgator. The gadget detects whether a window or door is open or closed, and sends push notifications to your iPhone as soon as something opens.

The Contact Sensor is compatible with the Apple Home Kit and can send notifications in conjunction with Apple TV while you are at work or on vacation.

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