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DOSS SoundBox: Testing The Budget Speaker

There are as many Bluetooth speakers available as there is sand on the beach and it gets harder and harder to keep an overview. The SoundBox by Doss is one of the most popular portable speakers and wants to score with an intuitive touch control to stand out from its competitors. We tested the small gadget in terms of operation, battery life and sound.

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The Doss SoundBox makes a good first impression. It can be operated by touch-sensitive buttons on top of the gadget. The control is self-explanatory and intuitive. A slight finger touch and you start or pause the song, skip a track and answer calls.

The pairing with the iPhone works via Bluetooth 4.0 and is fast as well as uncomplicated. The speaker also has a line-in port for an audio cable and a microSD card slot so that you can use different media to play music. Thanks to its compact size of 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches (168 x 74 x 69 mm), the SoundBox fits in every purse or backpack.  The package includes a waterproof pouch for the speaker so that you can take the speaker everywhere even with bad weather.

Battery life

According to Doss, you can play music for about 12 hours. In a test with medium volume, it lasted even longer. The rechargeable 2200mAh Lithium-Ion battery played for 15 hours and recharges super quickly thanks to the fast-charging function.


Small speakers, like this one by Doss, usually have a good sound, which distorts with an increasing volume. They usually lack in a deep bass because of a missing resonance body. However, this doesn’t count for Doss. The SoundBox has a dual high performance driver with a passive bass radiator that provides a good sound with a surround-sound concept.

The tiny speaker even impresses with the volume. It can fill a 200-squarefeet large room without a problem. The sound stays clear and without distortion even at high volumes.


The Doss SoundBox doesn’t have to hide behind the more expensive brand gadgets. The assembly is high-quality and the sound fully impresses from the beginning. Of course, you cannot compare the tiny speaker to a mini compact sound system, but the SoundBox by Doss is one of the leading products in its price category. However, if you want a great deep bass, you should invest more money and look into higher price categories.

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