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From Expensive To Cheap: Comparing Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Always and everywhere listening to music, even with bad weather – waterproof Bluetooth speakers make it possible. They are robust, as well as compact and fit into every bag or backpack. We compared popular models from different price classes for you according to sound, battery life, and assembly.

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Bluetooth speaker by Wirezoll

The Bluetooth speaker by Wirezoll is highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts. The box is certified with IP67 and provides a reliable protection against dust and temporary dives into the water. The rubber coating guarantees that it has a secure hold on inclined surfaces.

The two 10W drivers and the passive bass radiator provide a great sound. The bass sounds good, but the trebles get a little distorted in the higher volume range. However, we cannot complain about the sound considering the low price of the Bluetooth speaker. The battery life is around 12 hours, which is far over the average. The package includes a 3.5mm audio cord that allows a connection to PC, laptop or tablet.


  • IP67 certified
  • Good grip
  • Good bass
  • Affordable


  • Distorted trebles

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Ultimate Ears Boom 2

A 360° surround sound is guaranteed by the Boom 2 by Ultimate Ears. The wireless speaker provides a flawless and clear sound, the bass is deep and the trebles clear.

The device is IPX7 certified and can withstand a dive into the water (3ft/1m deep) for up to 30min. Therefore, you can use it in the shower without any doubts. If the Boom 2 gets dirty, you can rinse it with warm water. Especially handy: The free PartyUp app, by which you can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers. This allows you to listen to music as if you had a sound system. The theory is wonderful, but in practice, unfortunately, the connection between the speakers breaks up too often. The battery life is perfect, though. It lasts up to 15 hours of playing music. The large color selection guarantees that there is a suitable model for every taste.


  • 360° surround sound
  • IPX7 certified
  • Connection of multiple speakers
  • Large color selection


  • App causes disconnections

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Bluetooth speaker by CRDC Life

The Bluetooth speaker by CRDC is the cheapest in our comparison. The device is waterproof and dustproof according to its IP65 classification. The housing is made of soft silicone rubber coating so that it protects the speaker from falls, dust and wear marks. At the same time, the material provides a comfortable feel and good grip.

Inside the box, there is a dual 5W driver that provides rich sound quality. The bass is good, but not distinct. The maximum volume cannot reach the models in this comparison. We would say that the device is good for inside and not so much outdoors. The battery life is around 8 hours with normal volume, which is below the average, compared to the other models. The speaker has a hands-free feature and an automatic switch-off.


  • IP65 certified
  • Good feel and grip
  • Hands-free feature
  • Automatic switch-off


  • Maximum volume too low

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JBL Charge 3

JBL is known for great audio devices and also doesn’t disappoint with the stylish design of the Charge 3. The speaker is waterproof according to IDX7 and has a splashproof coating. The sound is balanced within the whole sound spectrum. The trebles are differentiated, the middle tones are clear and the bass is strong and deep enough – but only until medium volume. Once the volume goes higher than medium, the bass doesn’t get boosted and the sound seems distorted.

In comparison to the other devices, the Charge 3 is equipped with a noise suppression that guarantees clear voice quality for calls at the touch of the button. You can also connect multiple JBL-Connect-compatible speakers. The rechargeable 6000mAh battery provides enough energy for 20 hours and can charge smartphones via the USB port.


  • IPX7 certified
  • Noise suppression
  • Connect multiple devices wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Charges smartphones


  • Balanced sound only until medium volume

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Travel speaker by DOSS

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof: The Bluetooth speaker by DOSS is made for outdoor activities. The device is equipped with 20 Watt speakers that provide a rich sound with a deep bass for up to 12 hours. Even high volume cannot harm the sound of the DOSS speaker, whereas other models show weaknesses.

The integrated flashlight has four light modes from weak to strong intensity. Thanks to the shoulder straps, you can take the speaker everywhere anytime. The only downside of the DOSS speaker is the interface. In the dark, it is very difficult to find the buttons because they don’t have the haptic feeling.


  • Very robust
  • Deep bass
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated flashlight


  • Operating the speaker in the dark

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