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Fitbit’s Fitness Trackers – Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitness trackers are enjoying a continuously growing popularity and are gaining more features with each model. Fitbit is one of the most popular manufacturers. The company improved the Charge 2 and Alta HR through an update. Learn more about the features of the Charge 2 and Alta HR in this article.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 is the improved version of the Fitbit Charge HR. The Charge 2 got a slimmer design and gets rid of the HR in the name, which stands for heart rate. It measures heart rate, tracks activities and sleeping periods, assists with guided Breathing Sessions for relaxation and evaluates your fitness level with the Cardio Fitness feature.

The Charge 2 continuously measures the pulse via the PurePulse feature, so it provides an extensive monitoring of your heart rate. The SmartTrack feature records every movement, even if you forgot to log them. Besides counting the number of steps and tracking different sports via the Multi Sports function, it also counts the floors for climbing stairs. The Charge 2 measures sleeping periods so that you can analyze the quality of your sleep. The Cardio Fitness feature calculates the fitness level according to different indicators such as activities, calorie intake, and heart rate.

The Charge 2 also motivates to be more active via reminders, besides the different options to track activities and sports. It offers guided Breathing Sessions to allow the body to rest throughout the day. The fitness tracker has a special alarm feature that will gently wake you up.

In order to keep the focus on activities, the Charge 2 can display notes for calls, messages and events in the calendar. The time display can, of course, be changed individually.


  • All-day tracking
  • Continuous pulse measurements
  • Analysis of sleeping periods
  • Gentle wake-up alarm
  • Changeable wristbands
  • Thin design


  • Splash-waterproof, not waterproof
  • No WhatsApp notifications for iPhone users
  • No integration of other apps

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If you are a real sports enthusiast, you can purchase a special sports band for the Charge 2, which has a perforated design for improved breathability.

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Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR provides pulse measurement, SmartTrack for the automatic exercise tracking, sleep analysis and cardio fitness level in a thin design. It is the upgrade of the Fitbit Alta.

Most features of the Fitbit Charge 2 can be found in the Fitbit Alta HR. This includes the PurePulse technology to monitor the heart rate and the SmartTrack function, which recognizes motion-intense activities such as mountain climbing and bike riding. In contrast to the Charge 2, the Alta HR cannot track these automatically. You would have to start the protocol manually before. The Alta HR also can analyze the individual cardio fitness level for the user. It calculates data such as burned calories, activities and heart rate, and puts them in relation to each other.

You would also notice the few missing features in the weight. The Fitbit Alta HR is a lightweight fitness tracker with many features. The Alta HR display is pretty small because of the thin design. Therefore, four-digit figures don’t fit on the display in portrait format. The landscape format solves this problem, though.

Like the Charge 2, the Alta HR can display notifications about calls, messages, and events in the calendar as well, so that activities stay in focus.


  • All-day tracking
  • Continuous pulse measurements
  • Cardio Fitness
  • Analysis of sleeping periods
  • Clear design
  • Changeable wristbands
  • Super thin design
  • Very light


  • Splash-waterproof, not waterproof
  • No WhatsApp notifications for iPhone users
  • Shifted display of the steps number (1.000 and higher)
  • No integration of other apps

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Buying the Fitbit Charge 2 or Fitbit Alta HR depends on the requirement and user behavior. While the Alta HR is significantly thinner in design and consequently lighter, the Charge 2 has some additional features such as Guided Breathing Sessions and the floor count for climbing stairs. There are plenty changeable wristbands for both models – different colors and materials, such as metal, leather, and sportive designs.

For those, who want to wear a discreet tracker and don’t want to do without pulse measurements, should go for the Fitbit Alta HR. For the sports enthusiasts, the Fitbit Charge 2 in combination with a sports band should be the best choice. The Charge 2 can also display the time and steps because of the bigger size.

Fitbit promises on their website that the battery of the Charge 2 lasts up to 5 days. However, continuous and intense usage will drain the battery quicker so that you have to charge it after 3 full days. The Fitbit Alta HR is supposed to make it through 7 days without charging. In this case, the battery will last for around 5 days with continuous and intense usage. The charging is very quick for both models, though. They both have a durable OLED display without touch function and the display can be activated by tapping or an arm movement.

If you love sports and fitness and want to know more about your body and fitness level, try a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate even better than a fitness tracker and gives more detailed results. Bose developed headphones with an integrated heart rate monitor. For more information read our article on the headphones by Bose.

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