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Check Your Pulse With Heart Rate Sensors

It doesn’t matter, if you are an athlete or just interested in your health, most people know that the pulse is an important indicator of fitness and health. You can either get it checked properly by a doctor or monitor it with an app or fitness tracker. The best result will give you a heart rate sensor around your chest.

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BerryKing Heartbeat

The heart rate sensor Heartbeat by BerryKing is compatible with many fitness apps, such as Runtastic and Endomo, as well as Fitness Trackers by Fitbit, Garmin, and TomTom. The sensor is waterproof so that you could even wear it when you go swimming. However, it cannot measure the pulse underwater. The chest strap supports ANT+ and Bluetooth LE connections so that it doesn’t need a lot of energy and the battery lasts for relatively long.

The strap can be adjusted to different body sizes and forms. It fits well and tight, but it’s a comfortable wearing. However, it could be a little too loose for very thin and short people. You can detach the sensor from the strap so that you can wash the strap. The BerryKing model is the cheapest one in our article. If the strap isn’t fitting probably, you will notice a fluctuation in the measurements.

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Wahoo released a heart rate sensor with the TICKR, which is waterproof for up to 5ft and has Bluetooth 4.0, as well as ANT+ technology. Besides the heart rate monitoring, the sensor also measures the metabolism. This feature is called Burn. Wahoo provides an own app, by which you can analyze and evaluate the fitness data. However, it is also compatible with 50 other apps. In addition to the features, the strap has two light signals, which indicate activity and the monitoring of the heart rate.

Thanks to the integrated memory chips, the sensor can even save data while it is not connected to a smartphone. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts for up to 12 months. The only bad part about the TICKR is the strap buckle, which is difficult to use and loosens quickly for some people. The analyzed data is very reliable, though.

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Polar Heart Rate Sensor H10

The Polar Heart Rate Sensor H10 works independent from smartphone and smartwatch, thanks to its own integrated storage for up to 40 hours of training. In addition, it can measure the pulse while swimming. That’s why the heart rate sensor is waterproof for up to 90ft depth. Looking at the previous Polar model, the buckle and the sensor of the chest strap were totally improved. Now the fit of the chest strap got attuned to the use in high-motion training.

Polar makes sure that the heart rate monitor fits every body size optimally, so there are the sizes XS-S and M-XXL. The battery life is supposed to be 400 hours according to the manufacturer and this is true for an average use. There is an app for the Polar H10, which is called Polar Beat, but the sensor is also compatible with many other fitness and sports apps.

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