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Bluetooth Headphones With Heart Rate Sensor: Bose SoundSport Pulse Test

Push your workout to the next level and add your pulse to it. This is what Bose promises with the wireless SoundSport Pulse headphones. The In-ears will motivate you with your favorite workout music and at the same time assist you with important data through the integrated heart rate sensor. We tested the headphones for you.

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The SoundSport Pulse headphone make a very good first impression. The package also includes StayHear+ Pulse earbuds in three different sizes, a USB cord, and a carry case.

The pairing via Bluetooth works fast and without problems. You can control the volume and playback, as well as take calls with the inline microphone and remote. The running time for normal volume is around 5 to six hours. Especially the integrated heart rate sensor is useful because it can measure your pulse via your ear while you are working out.

Bose Connect app

The free app allows you to access all important features of the headphones. This includes a timer for automatic power-off, volume regulation or battery state, as well as the measurement of your heart rate in real time. The headphones are also usable with common fitness apps such as Runtastic, RunKeeper, MapMyRun or Endomondo.


An important quality for headphones is the comfortable fit. They have to stay where they belong while working out and they have to be comfortable at the same time. The SoundSport Pulse completely convince in both. They fit tight and comfortable in the ears without slipping out or feeling unpleasant after a while.

The headphones have specially designed StayHear+ Pulse earbuds, which still fit perfectly even in intense workouts. Waterproof material protects them against sweat and rain. Between the two earbuds, they have around 2 inches of rubberized cable that make the usual annoying cable spaghetti redundant.


Bose is well-known for excellent sound quality and of course, these headphones convince as well. In total, the sound is rich. The trebles are clean and the bass is deep compared to other In-ear headphones. However, you cannot expect a super deep bass that Over-ears provide. Background noises or general noises are not hearable. External noises are shielded in a way that you still can hear something of your surroundings outside, but you won’t be annoyed by them.


The Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones are still worth the money, despite the relatively high purchase price. The assembly is very good and the sound is convincing. Compared to the competitors, the huge advantage is the integrated heart rate sensor, which makes a heart rate monitor unnecessary. If you are working out regularly and are looking for high-quality In-ears, these will be the best choice and you will have fun with them.

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