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These 5 iPhone Gadgets Are Perfect For Your Travels

Is your next vacation around the corner and are you unsure, what gadgets you should pack? We got your back and collected practical iPhone accessories, which will become your best travel buddies. These will give you a peace of mind at beaches, cities or mountains because you don’t have to worry about the battery life nor waterdamage.

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Anker PowerCore Power Bank

A power bank cannot be missing on any vacation because it provides your iPhone with energy when there is no socket available. The portable batteries by Anker provide iPhones with a selectable capacity of 10000 to 26800mAh.

The gadget has a high-speed charging technology that will automatically recognize the charging protocol of your iPhone in order to provide the quickest and safest charge. Each port has 2.4A or 4.8A in total. A MultiProtect security system ensures protection for you and your devices.

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Battery Case by Icheckey

If you don’t like to carry a power bank all the time, you could get a battery case by Icheckey. The case is a good power reserve with its 4200mAh integrated battery and protects your iPhone against scratches.

The case is made of antiskid rubber that looks great and feels comfortable in the hand. The buttons for volume and standby are not restricted in their functionality. However, you have to do it without the Lightning port because the battery case uses it.

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Case with credit card holder by Samonpow

When you are traveling, you only want to take the necessary. The iPhone case by Samonpow protects your iPhone and your credit cards and dollar bills.

The case is made of rubber in order to give your iPhone an exact fitting protection against shocks, scratches, and drops. The edges are a little bit raised to protect the display as well. All ports and buttons are still usable.

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Bluetooth Speaker by JBL

If you can’t take a vacation without listening to music, you definitely should pack a Bluetooth speaker like the JBL GO. The tiny box is just as small as a pack of cigarettes and therefore it fits into every bag or pocket.

The speaker can play music for up to 5 hours and has a call acceptance feature. Like all JBL speaker, this one offers a very good sound.

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Waterproof case by Mpow

Are you going to spend your vacation at the beach, in tropical climes or snowy areas? Then we would recommend a waterproof case for your smartphone. The case by Mpow protects your aquaphobic iPhone against the wet element. The bag-like construct will keep your iPhone dry underwater so that it can be used for many different water activities.

Before you use the case with your phone, you should send it on a test dive. Put a piece of paper inside, close the bag and hold it underwater. This way you can assure that there are no material defects and your iPhone will be safe as well.

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