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Never Lose Your Keys Again: Testing Bluetooth Key Finder

Are you constantly looking for your keys or iPhone? These situations will be a thing of the past with the Bluetooth Key Finders. The tiny gadgets can be attached to your key ring or iPhone and can be located via an app. We want to introduce 3 handy key finders to you so that you never lose your keys again.

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Chipolo Key Finder

The key finder by Chipolo is the most expensive in our comparison. It has a range of 180ft (60m) and its battery lasts for up to 6 months. You can modify different settings in the app such as an alarm when the gadget is out of range.

The handiest feature is the iPhone finder. If you cannot find your iPhone anymore, you can shake the Chipolo and your iPhone will make a loud noise. This way you can find it easier. It works even if you have the iPhone on silent. The key finder is available in many different colors so that every taste should be covered.


  • Wide range
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Range of features in app
  • Various colors


  • Expensive

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Tile Mate Key Finder

The Tile Mate is one of the most sold Bluetooth trackers worldwide. The small gadget can be attached to the key ring or other objects, which you don’t want to lose. The app automatically saves the last location of the object. If the key finder gets lost, you can report it as missing to Tile. As soon as a user in the community gets closer to the object, the app will inform you about the new location.

The biggest disadvantage is the short-dated battery. In contrast to the other gadgets, it cannot be changed. The alarm sound that goes off when the gadget is lost is too weak.


  • Size
  • Range of features in app
  • Large Tile community


  • Battery can’t be changed
  • Too weak alarm

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Leehur 2in1 Key Finder

The key finder by Leehur is the cheapest gadget in our comparison. Easy-to-use: Insert battery, download iPhone app and pair it. This key finder also signals with an alarm when the receiver is out of reach. This feature can be modified with the app. In addition, the application is saving the last location of the key finder and displays it with all geo data on a map.

The gadget weighs almost nothing and therefore you can put it everywhere, even in your wallet. The range is 100ft (35m) inside buildings and 150ft (50m) outside.


  • Cheap
  • Simple control
  • Range of features in app
  • Light


  • Relative short range compared to other models

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