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Always Ready To Scan: Pen Scanner For iPhones

Are you one of those people, who has to highlight sentences in books and documents to have the most important information easily visible later on? A pen scanner could save you the cumbersome marking because it scans the text and sends the text to your iPhone via Bluetooth. We show you three practical pen scanner gadgets.

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Scanmarker Air

The Scanmarker Air works like a highlighter. You just go with the digital pen over the printed information in magazines, books or letters and the text will be sent to the iPhone app via Bluetooth Dongle. The pen feels good in the hand and works without huge mistakes. There are also no problems in transferring larger figures in texts.

The workload reduction is huge once you know how to use it. At the beginning, you will need some time to figure out the best method, but after some practice it is easy. A disadvantage of the Scanmarker Air: If the paper is not flat or the font is too bright, the pen will not recognize the letters and you will have to edit the text. The pen supports 43 languages.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Few error transmissions
  • Supports 43 languages


  • Practicing necessary
  • Problems with brighter fonts

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IrisPen Air 7

The IrisPen Air 7 works similar to the Scanmarker Air but is quite a bit pricier. The handling is also similar and you will need some practicing in the beginning as well until you found the right way to use it. Then it’s easy-to-use.

The IrisPenAir 7 can either pair with the iPhone app via Bluetooth Dongle or with a USB cable to the computer, which charges the gadget at the same time. Unfortunately, there often are errors transmissions. Especially commas and special characters often are misinterpreted so that it ends in time-consuming editing.


  • Easy-to-use


  • Practicing necessary
  • Error transmissions for commas and special characters

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C-Pen Exam Reader

In contrast to the other pen scanners, this C-Pen Exam Reader has a read-aloud function in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Therefore, this pen is perfect as a mobile helper for language students, who want to improve their pronunciation, and for dyslexics. The scanned text is directly displayed on the pen’s screen or you can listen to it via headphones, which are included in the pack.

The 1.7oz lightweight (50gr) fits in every pocket and can be taken everywhere. The only disadvantage is the high price of the pen scanner.


  • Read-aloud function
  • Display of the text on pen
  • Lightweight


  • High price

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