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Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Test – Are The Bluetooth Speakers Worth Their Price

The Bluetooth speakers by Ultimate Ears are in great demand. The Boom 2 is the most popular model of the brand because it promises a 360° surround sound with a clear and strong sound. With these promises we decided an Ultimate Ears test was in order and checked out if you should by them.

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First impression

The Boom 2 is the upgraded version of the successful Ultimate Ears Boom. Like the first version, this speaker has a handy size of 7.1×2.8×2.8 inches and is IPX7 certified. Therefore, it can go up to 3ft under water for 30min. The material seems high-quality and the assembly leaves no wishes unfulfilled. The simple design doesn’t only win our hearts, but also the hearts of the iF World Design Guide jury, who awarded the UE Boom 2 in 2016.

The speaker is available in various designs so that Ultimate Ears offers the suitable model for every taste. The Lithium-Ion battery, which is chargeable via microUSB cord, lasts for up to 15 hours and is fully charged in 2.5 hours.


The power button and pairing button for the Bluetooth connection are located on top of the gadget. The volume buttons are at the front. At the same time, they prevent the speaker from rolling away when it tips over or you lay it down. The tap control is the most practical feature. You can control the playback with taps on the housing.

A tap on top of the housing starts or pauses the playback and a double-tap jumps to the next track. The AUX cable at the bottom allows a connection with devices via audio cable. There also is a sling so that you can attach the speaker to a backpack or similar.


Let’s get to the most important criterion of a speaker: The sound. The little speaker has a very good sound, which fills the whole room thanks to the 360 degrees sound. The trebles and middle tones are good, but the bass is not as deep as expected. The Boom 2 is louder than competitor products without overriding.

The higher the volume, the worse gets the bass and the more emphasis is on the middles, though. The app helps to equalize the sound and boost the bass.

Ultimate Ears app

The Ultimate Ears app will help you to get the most out of the speaker. The features include an alarm, power on and off via remote and the tap control. Another nice feature is the PartyUp mode, by which you can wirelessly connect multiple Ultimate Ears speakers at the same time.


We cannot complain about the price-performance ratio of the UE Boom 2. The speaker is high quality and provides a very good sound. Thanks to its high durability, the Boom 2 is made for beach vacations, short trips to the lake and camping. Besides that, it also does a great job indoors.

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