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The Best iPhone Gadgets For Kids & Parents

Besides special apps, there are many gadgets for the iPhone, which are tailored to the needs of young families. Entertaining, educational or simply useful – The range seems to be infinite. Below we want to show you a handful of useful and exciting iPhone gadgets that will bring excitement to kids and parents.

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Tip: If you are planning to give your old iPhone to your kid, we can provide some useful tips to make it child-proof.

LilGadgets – Headphones with volume limitation

Just like adults, kids like to listen to music and radio plays. The headphones by LilGadgets are specially designed for kids. With these, you can be sure that your child will never listen to music too loudly because the headphones have an automatic volume control for sensitive kid’s ears. In addition, you can connect other headphones via the audio port so that your kids can share the music. Thanks to the foldable construction, the gadget can be easily stored and transported. According to the manufacturer, the headphones are made for kids between the age of 2 – 8 years.

The headphones by LilGadget have an automatic volume limitation

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Smart Kid Scale by Withings

As parents, you always want to stay informed about the development of your kids. The Smart Kid Scale by Withings measures babies and kids until the age of 8 years with a precision of 0.4 ounces (10g). The related Baby Companion app provides many smart features, for example tracking the growth of your child or saving information about nutrition. Display a weight curve and compare it with the standard range. This way you know if your child gains weight in the normal rhythm. The data transfer works automatically after every measurement via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Smart Kid Scale by Withings – Online scale for babies and kids

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PlayBrush – Bluetooth Toothbrush Attachment

Brushing the teeth is not a favorite activity for kids, but playing games on the iPhone or iPad. The PlayBrush, a smart toothbrush attachment for regular toothbrushes, will bring fun to the brushing situation.
Kids will control a game character with the tooth-brushing motions and navigate it through different exciting worlds on the iPhone. At the same time, your kids will improve their brushing behavior and playfully learn good dental care. The built-in motion sensors and special algorithm make sure that the kid brushes the teeth appropriately and for long enough. The connection between the toothbrush and iPhone app works via Bluetooth and without an internet connection. Strenuous discussions about brushing the teeth are a problem of the past with this iPhone gadget.

Fun while brushing teeth with PlayBrush

Tip: There are not just smart toothbrushes for kids, but also for adults. Read more about the Oral-B Genius

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