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The Best Smart Home Devices For iPhones

Since the “Internet of Things“ entered the modern everyday life of many people, the market is booming with innovative Smart Home devices, which automate certain areas and can be remotely controlled by an iPhone. The focus is on improving the quality of life by adding comfort, security and a more efficient energy consumption. However, it is difficult for starters to get an overview of the market because there is a broad range of smart home and web-connected devices. That’s why we compiled the currently most interesting Smart Home products for you.

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Smart Wi-Fi clock

The smart radio clock LaMetric Time does more than just displaying the time. The smart gadget can show different information from the web such as the current weather, emails, messages, Facebook fans, tweets, events, share prices, and many more metrics. Even notifications from Smart Home gadgets like Netatmo, Philips Hue, Alexa, Sonos can be displayed. The digital clock shows the information on a 296-pixels LED display and is always visible at one glance.

LaMetric Time – Wi-Fi clock for the Smart Home

With the scoreboard design, this gadget offers a modern and stylish presentation of information. Besides the smart features, the black box can also function as an internet radio or Bluetooth speaker that streams music via Spotify or Apple Music.

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Smart Video Doorbell

Do you always want to check who is in front of your door? The Smart Video Doorbell by DoorBird makes it possible. As soon as someone rings the doorbell, you will receive a push notification with sound on your iPhone. You can talk to the visitor in real-time or open the door via your iPhone. It doesn’t even matter, where you are at that moment.

Smart Wi-Fi doorbell by DoorBird

Thanks to the wide-angle lens (180°), you can keep an eye on the area in front of your door. The integrated motion sensor reliably captures all activities in front of the house and alerts you to detect burglars as early as possible. The app-controlled Wi-Fi doorbell by DoorBird will keep your house safe.

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Smart Home Controller

You can control smart devices such as Smart LED lamps, heating system, and speakers with the Smart Home Controller by Nuimo  without using multiple apps and menus. The tiny smart button allows a control of the connected devices via touch or swivel, as well as a touchless gesture control. The LED matrix indicates which devices you are currently controlling.

Control music, lights & temperature with the Smart Button by Nuimo

The controller communicates with the Nuimo app on your iPhone via Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi. Brands like Philips Hue and Sonos are compatible products.

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Bluetooth Padlock

The Bluetooth-capable padlock by Master Lock is a handy alternative to conventional padlocks. You can open the Master Lock Padlock keyless via the related app on your iPhone.

App-controlled padlock by Master Lock for indoor use.

In addition, you have the opportunity to unlock it for other people with a virtual key. An access history helps to determine who opened the padlock at what time. The application area for the smart lock could be bicycles, basement doors. Masterlock also offers specific locks for outdoor use.

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