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4 Gimmicks That Will Make Soccer Fans Happy

Are you going crazy about soccer and do you want to treat yourself a little? Are you looking for a gift for a befriended soccer fan? It doesn’t always have to be the classy fan jersey or another boring merchandise product. An alternative could be a smart ball or a flash drive in a soccer ball design. We present 4 fun soccer gimmicks in this article.

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Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

Kick like a pro – That’s no problem with the Smart Soccer Ball miCoach from Adidas. The intelligent soccer ball has an integrated sensor that collects data about speed, spin, strike point, and trajectory, and sends the kick info to the miCoach app. The application interprets the results and displays guidance for ball control with drills as well as training tips, which will improve the handling of the ball.

The ball reacts like a normal size 5 soccer ball. The battery lasts for around 2000 kicks or a week and recharges within an hour.

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SKLZ Soccer Trainer

If you cannot spend that much money to purchase the smart soccer ball, you could get the Soccer Trainer from SKLZ as an alternative. The gadget is made of a neoprene mount that you can fix on the ball, as well as a belt that you can attach to your body.

The elastic band is the most practical part of the gadget because it connects both parts with each other. This way you can train your kicking skills without a partner and without chasing the ball all the time. The Star-Kick helps to improve proper passing, receiving, dribble, and shooting techniques, as well as to master the ball control.

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Flash drive from D-Click

Another nice gimmick is the flash drive from D-Click. The tiny gadget has a capacity of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB and fits into every pocket thanks to the compact and light dimensions.

The flash drive can fit all sorts of files, such as music, photos, and videos. The design was adapted from a soccer ball that has a tiny rubber piece of lawn, which protects the vulnerable USB plug.

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Mini Speaker from KitSound

The soccer speaker from KitSound will provide the relevant audio input on the lawn. Measuring only 2.2 inches in diameter, the mini speaker can be attached to the key ring easily.

The mini buddy has a 35mm jack plug for your iPhone. You can charge it with the included micro USB cable. If one of the mini buddy’s isn’t enough for your taste, you can attach multiple mini speakers for a more powerful sound.

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