Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Review – Strong Sound For A Fair Price

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K TestHigh-quality sound, stylish design, and maximum comfort – these criteria have to be fulfilled by headphones nowadays. Bluetooth also has become a standard feature for listening to music. The Panasonic In-ear RP-NJ300B-K headphones meet these requirements. The Bluetooth headphones come without the annoying cable and are especially interesting for athletes or sports people, as well as everyone who likes to listen to music on the go. We tested the Panasonic headphones for you.


The headphones seem to be assembled very well so that they give a high-quality impression. The earbuds are shaped ergonomically and can be adjusted to every ear size because the RP-NJ300B-K come with silicone buds in different sizes.

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Test

The ear buds are connected to each other through a matching cable, which has an integrated battery in the middle and the control panel on the right side. The buttons of the remote give a good impression and look like they are well assembled.


  • Style: In-Ear
  • Weight: N/A
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Cable operation: No
  • Cable length:
  • Reach: N/A
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Hands-free option: Yes
  • iPhone control: Volume & playback
  • Certification:  –


The pairing with the iPhone is super easy: Turn headphones and Bluetooth on, pair them and enjoy your favorite music.

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Test

The control works via remote, which is located below the right ear. You can control the playback and volume, as well as take, end and decline calls. After a short look into the manual, the control will be easy and intuitive.

Wearing comfort

The earbuds sit tight inside the ear without having the feeling of a foreign object inside the ears. Even the remote below the right ear isn’t bothering. The headphones only are noticeable, when the battery gets tangled in the clothes or sticks to your skin while working out. Then the cable pulls on the earbuds and even can pull them out if they don’t sit tight enough. An additional clip that fixes the earbud to the ear would be beneficial. The RP-NJ300B-K also gets a deduction of points for the missing IPX certification. Especially sports headphones should have a protection against water and sweat.


The Panasonic headphones have a 9mm large Neodym Magnet, which provides a clear and balanced sound. The middles and trebles are mixed properly and even the bass convinces. In comparison to other In-ears of the same price range, the RP-NJ300B-K offer a very good bass that is slightly deeper.

Strong Sound For A Fair Price: Panasonic Bluetooth In-Ears RP-NJ300B-K Test

Instead of investing into an active noise cancellation, Panasonic counts on the so-called Deep Fit Design that provides proper noise insulation and that seals the headphones off the surroundings. While normal noises are inaudible, it is not working as well for loud places like the gym.


The Panasonic RP-NJ300B-K is are high-quality Bluetooth In-Ears with a great sound for a fair price. However, you still have to sacrifice some features for the price, such as the missing IPX certification and noise cancellation. In return, you will get a great and balanced sound.


  • High-quality assembly
  • Uncomplicated pairing with iPhone
  • Balanced Sound
  • Fair price


  • Battery in cable makes headphones heavier
  • Missing IPX certification
  • No noise cancellation

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