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Bluetooth Headphones August EP750 Review – Great Features

Many manufacturers let you pay a butt-load of money for the allegedly better sound and the wider range of features. But the high-end products rarely keep their advertised promises. August, however takes a different path with their Over-ear headphones EP750. Equipped with various features, these headphones provide a great sound and many functions (i.e. active noise cancellation) without plundering your bank account. We tested them for you and reveal how well the little features-rich monster does in practice.

Assembly & Accessory

As the saying goes: The first impression lasts. This definitely counts for the August EP750. The ear-covering Bluetooth headphones score already with the good and unembellished assembly. The adjustable bracket has a thick and soft cushion on the inside. The ear pieces are covered in synthetic leather and are very soft and supple as well. A weight of 9 ounces makes it a lightweight in his category.

Although the optic and feel score, there is one little critic: The foldable ear pieces have some sharp edges so that it isn’t comfortable in the hands. However, this might not even bother you at all.

Useful: The August headphones have a foldable construction so that you can easily store it in the included case for travels.

The package also includes a USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable (jack), as well as a manual.

The August EP750 can be folded easily to transport them in the case.


In terms of comfort, the August Over-ear headphones leave nothing to be desired. Because of the described features, they fit well on the head and only put a medium pressure on the ears. In addition, the ear pieces provide enough room even for larger ears. If you wear them for a longer period, your ears can get pretty hot, though. But that’s something that you almost cannot avoid with Over-ears.


In contrast to other headphones, the August EP750 have fewer control elements. However, the few buttons operate multiple functions. So you can use the volume buttons for switching between songs as well. The phone button turns the headphones on and off, plays and pauses a song, takes and ends calls, and connects to a device via Bluetooth. Another button controls the active noise cancellation (ANC) that we will talk about later on. Once you got used to the different functions, the control will be easy.

The few control buttons operate many functions.

The pairing with the iPhone worked without problems in our tests. It took only a few seconds until the iPhone was paired with the August headphones via Bluetooth. Once you turn on the EP750, they pair automatically with the device, which was connected to them before.


The August EP750 headphones score with a good sound while using the Bluetooth connection. The deep bass dominates the entire sound, while middles and trebles are pushed to the background a little bit. The trebles seem soft and less balanced so that the “S” sounds and sibilants don’t stand out negatively. Overall, the sound is dynamic and powerful. A little bit of transparency would be beneficial, though. If you love music like Metal, Rock, Hip Hop or Electro, you will have fun with the bass-rich sound. For audiophile ears, these headphones may be lacking in nuances and transparency. The transmission via Bluetooth 4.1 doesn’t hurt the sound experience at all. We couldn’t find a difference between the cable connection and Bluetooth connection. The battery life lasts for 15 hours and the charging time is around 3 hours.

Special features

A really useful feature is the active noise cancellation (ANC), which reduces annoying noises like loud ventilation systems or motor and turbine noises. Voices are not as suppressed as low frequencies. So the headphones might not be the best option for loud offices, but it’s perfect for relaxed traveling. If you use the ANC while listening to music, you can keep the volume down while it is loud around you.

Active noise cancellation for listing to music without bothering noises.

Another feature that let the EP750 sticking out from the crowds is the Bluetooth Receiver Feature. If the headphones are paired with the iPhone and at the same time plugged into a speaker or stereo system via a 3.5mm audio cable, the played music from the iPhone will be transmitted to the stereo system. This can become handy if your sound system doesn’t have Bluetooth.

On the other hand, it allows the music sharing feature. So you can attach a second pair of headphones to the EP750. This way you can listen to the same music on both headphones. Thanks to multi point technology, the headphones can pair up with two sources – i.e. the PC and iPhone. The integrated microphone allows the hands-free feature for calls.


The Over-ear Bluetooth headphones by August are doing a great job. They provide a good sound and a variety of additional features such as active noise cancellation, Bluetooth receiver, and hands-free feature. Especially bass-rich music like Hip Hop, Electro or Metal is perfect for the EP750. The assembly is robust and the wearing comfortable – even after hours of listening to music. The price-performance ratio is amazing because it can easily keep up with more expensive gadgets from Bose or Beats. If you like wireless headphones and if you don’t have the highest expectations in sound, the August EP750 headphones are the best choice.


  • Very good assembly
  • High wearing comfort
  • Good sound
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC)
  • Bluetooth Receiver feature
  • Hands-free feature
  • Price-performance ratio


  • Minor sharp-edgy feel

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